Dashiell Hammetts The Maltese Falcon

From this research, it is clear that according to certain ethical theories, the behavior of an individual should meet the standards of universal applicability. Spade has defined himself in the novel. The actions of an individual should be applicable for all people. That is what ethics is all about. Spade has met these standards in his role as a detective. His definition of himself as a detective includes the universal characteristics of a detective. If detectives catch criminals and make them go for other reasons, law enforcement would fail completely. The self-definition of Spade includes the importance of implementing universal ethics. The words of Spade is part of the code as a detective. In the novel, we find that Flitcraft defined himself as a successful businessman and a committed husband. This very definition does not change even if he changes. He changes his place. he changes his wife. He is, however, the same person. Even though he sought a better life and changed few things, the definition of his life did not change.
This paper makes a conclusion that Sam Spade also remained in the same definition. Sam Spade’s secretary, Effie Perine accepts him for what he is.
Individuals do have a definition. When a person has defined himself he cannot change easily. No matter he changes his place and circumstances he is the same person. Even if he changes his surroundings and the relationships he cannot be a person of the new definition. Transformation as a different personality is impossible.