Cultural Economical and Political Control Systems along with Screen Quotas in the Film Industry

Film industry relentlessly indulges in multifaceted research that encompasses social science in a broad context embracing economy, socio-cultural aspects and politics. Abolition of local screen quota will lead to absolute domination in the global film industry by the big American film industry tycoons.Owing to the free trade ambience the American film industry is expanding rapidly over its borders. Adopting with great ease to the local condition and culture. they are drawing greater local audience than the indigenous films. Since people are prone to follow what they visualize in a movie in terms of social and cultural practices. this raises the issue that the American film industry may influence many forms of local socio-cultural life patterns. Global platforms like APEC, ASEM, GATT, and NAFTA are also boosting this intention of socio-cultural or economic domination of other nations by America. Again any kind of screen quota acts as a barrier against the international free trade policy and can be a disincentive towards the competitive maturity of local film firms. At this background a burning question emerges. do we need to have screen quota, in order to have a buffer for the local film industry against the aggression of power monger American film firms.

This thesis will investigate how local screen quota system in overseas market can tame the aggression of the American film industry. It would be interesting to note the economic impact of local screen quota on the American film industry.

This thesis plans to integrate theories of media imperialism (Boyd-Barrett and H.I. Schiller), cultural industry (Theorists Adorno and Max Horkheimer) and local film policy regime (Jiangsu Kim).&nbsp.