Critical analysis of the Sorrowful Woman

Despite her success in getting what she wanted the protagonist could not enjoy and take in it fully. She searches for her identity and ends up being nothing as she gives up on her search soon. Author Gail Kathleen Godwin is a prominent short story writer and American Novelist. The woman author is passionate about writing on topics that touch womanhood and has been successful in bringing out the different dimensions of woman through her writings. All of her novels have a touch of woman trying to come out of a restricted environment and live the life on their own way. The writings describe her personality at large and she was the National Book Award finalist for one her well-known book. She has passed through some of the restrictive periods for woman and this must have been the reason that drove her to write on that line. Godwin’s novels generally have female protagonist and her books every piece of emotions that are involved around woman, especially on those whose lives are confined or limited to a particular direction. If we get into the short story, A Sorrowful Woman, the author has managed to effectively bring out the inner hidden feeling of self that is found in every human being. A happily ever after note is not the case for the entire woman who get married and have children. The story brings out that there are woman who get sick of the restrictive life that they get to have after the marriage. In this story, the protagonist, a woman, gets gloomy after marriage and the author manages to bring out it in the beginning chapter itself. Though there is no explicit mention about her childhood, the author has provided few statements which bring out the fact that the woman had a rather happy life then (Godwin, 1996). Gail Godwin has brought forth the transition of the protagonist’s character in a smooth and effective way. Soon after the marriage she gets into a lot of responsibility of a married woman where she had to take care of the husband’s needs and look after his comfort. This is when the first feeling of difference starts. It grows further when she attains motherhood and she felt that her identity is completely lost and all she gets to do is to care for her children and husband. The husband and children treat her in a lovely way and the husband is loyal and sincere towards her. Still, she feels that the spark is missing in her life. The author has managed to bring out the true hidden feeling of the protagonist in an interesting narrative. A lot of intricacy is involved in describing the way the author feels and how it takes out to be. Dissatisfied protagonist of Godwin decides to shun her husband and children from her life and wants to take up a life on her own where she could reinvent herself in a better way. Her decision is followed by her moving into the white room which is set up exclusively for her. Godwin’s protagonist starts to spend life all to her, taking away even the slightest connection she has towards her family. The author takes us through the pendulum of thoughts that are going on in the mind of the protagonist whose ideas changes quite often. The story’s focus turns out solely on the protagonist once she decides to move to the white room and the author has managed to cover all the possible feelings that comes out of loneliness and isolation. Godwin has also brought out the uncertainties that are generally