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Video3750 Podcasting and other forms of New Media distribution Podcasts can be viewed as a digital or video file that comes in episodes. it is downloadable, program-driven, has a host and a theme, very convenient for the user and usually comes through an automated feed with computer software. Podcasts come in two formats. they can be audio or video. They are free and can be accessed by anyone with a pod catcher (Zuniga, H.Veenstra, Vraga, amp. Shah., 2010). The first podcast I listened to is an audio podcast called grammar Girl’s quick and dirty Tips for Better writing. This podcast offers tips and ideas on how to use various aspects of grammar. It also provides writing tips to individuals. This podcast comes from thousands of audio books that can be listened to online. The primary aim of this podcast is to individuals with an easy to understand message using varied words and humor to bring out the message (GG, 2011). This podcast contains very interesting episodes that are very educative. The advantage of it is that it comes from well researched materials and books and therefore gives credible information. Many people have subscribed to it because of the simple language used to express ideas. Secondly they like it because of the humorous words that are used to express ideas (GG, 2011). The second podcast is listened to, is the Mighty Mommy’s Quick and Dirty Tips for parenting provided by might mommy at audio podcaster. This series unfortunately ended but it is a series that offers parenting tips. It aims at educating the parents on that best ways to take care of their children. it also offers tips on how couples can stay together in peace. It comes from audio books about parenting and communicates the message in simple words coupled with lots of humor to educate and to entertain (MM, 2011). Many people have also subscribed to the mighty Mommy because of the very educative materials that their audio podcasts provide. It also comes from books that have been broken down into audio files that can be listened to on the go. This podcast is liked by many because of the humor used in expressing ideas, the simple words that are used in giving practical examples that work for both couples and children and the expert opinions that are given to people in order to be that perfect parent. This has given it a large subscriber base (MM, 2011). The last podcast is a video called Keith and the Girl. This podcast is a comedy produced by Jason. It majorly talks of various issues but brings them out in the form of comedy. This podcast has been liked by many people because of the humor used. It is funny to watch and very educative too (Jason, 2007). I liked the podcasts because (1) they are very entertaining especially the comedy, it gets you to laugh as it is very funny (2) they are very educative especially the first two audio podcasts which derive their content from books and experts (3) they are very convenient as they are easily available and can be easily downloaded for free. I had an experience I have not had before with the podcasts and they made me want to go back again and listen to more. Definitely I will be going back to subscribe to them and get to watch and listen to some that I have found very informative. The two technologies are very similar in many ways as they are all episodes derived form a given series. The only difference is that one can be seen while the other is just sound. The advantage of the video podcast is that the message is actually greatly understood because of the pictures that enhance it. The advantage of the audio is that it is very small such that it can be easily carried and listened to on the go. The disadvantage with video podcasts is that some of them are big and therefore require time to download before they can be played. The disadvantage of audio podcasts is that the message is not enhanced and therefore we only form a mental image of what the person is talking about. These new technologies have influenced our culture in a variety of ways. First these technologies are very convenient such that an individual is able to listen to or watch episodes of his or her favorite series on the go. They can be downloaded at any one time and stored on our players and used at the most appropriate moment for the user. The podcasts for example can be automated such that they are able to update themselves and in this way the user gets the latest episodes without having to search for them. They have thus brought the content to the people thus influencing the way people access and receive information (Hall, 2005). The second reason is that these technologies have actually brought informative content and entertainment to the people. People do not have to look for information about a given series that they like. They only subscribe to the feed and are able to receive free content whenever they are. They have thus transformed the way people receive information as they have changed the culture of waiting for the media to transfer information to us. They have shortened the route for us as we are able to receive content the moment it is generated (Hall, 2005). The third reason is that the technologies have also impacted on our reading culture, such that before people would round on the internet surfing for information or updates from their favorite websites. Surfing for and checking updates form 20 websites would take an individual a great deal of time and they may not do anything. But with the advent of RSS it is very easy to get updates from these websites especially if an individual has subscribed to them (Hall, 2005). These technologies have been very successful because they are simple to use for example the podcasts only require an individual to download the pod catcher and the podcasts will be coming direct into it. Secondly they are very convenient as people can use them anywhere and on the go. For example it is easy to listen to an audio podcast of your favorite series or a read an update from a website on your phone as long as you have subscribed to the feed. Thirdly they provide varied content that suit different audiences and therefore everyone has a chance to experiment with whatever they like. All these have made these technologies very successful since the tie they were introduced (Zuniga, H.Veenstra, Vraga, amp. Shah., 2010). Unfortunately I have not used any other form of new media distribution. The forms discussed actually exhaust the list of these new forms of media distribution. References GG. (2011). Grammar Girl’s Quick and diirty tips for better Writing. Retrieved October 19, 2011, from Podcast: Hall, P. (2005, septemeber 15). Keeping it Really Simple. Retrieved October 19, 2011, from The courant: Jason. (2007, October 10). Keith and the Girl. Retrieved October 19, 2011, from Podcast Alley: MM. (2011). Mighty Mommy Quick and Dirty Tips for better Parenting. Retrieved October 19, 2011, from Podcast: Zuniga, G., H.Veenstra, Vraga, A., amp. Shah., D. (2010). Digital Democracy: Reimagining Pathways to Political Participation. Journal of Information Technology and Politics, 7(1):36-51.