ComputerMediated Communication Trends

The paper shows the advantage of receiving a real-time response from the recipient but only if the intended party is online. With the help of webcams, this technology allows communicators to see one another in real-time making messages more precise and understandable. It, however, has the disadvantage of not facilitating communication between individuals when one is offline.
E-mail is a communication method that involves the exchange of messages of digital nature from one author to single or numerous recipients. E-mails have the advantage of storing and forwarding messages, this, therefore, implies that both the sender and the recipient are not required to be online simultaneously to communicate. This was not, however, the case at the inception of e-mails when communication could only occur if both parties were online at the same time, more of what is presently the case with instant messaging. It has the advantage of storing information for future reference purposes with e-mails being used as evidence of communication if that need arises. The main advantage of e-mails, however, is the inability to receive instant responses especially if the recipient is offline.
Chat Rooms
Unlike e-mails and Instant Messaging, this technology enables individuals to share information with multiple users at the same time. This is unlike instant messaging where communication is on a one on one basis. Users in chat rooms usually have common interests and that makes sharing of similar information among many realistic. In as much as chat rooms allow people to communicate with multiple individuals of identical interest, it has posed a moral dilemma with users using these rooms for sexual purposes giving birth to sexual predators who hide their real identities to advance their evil sexual agenda (Thurlow, Tomic, &amp. Lengel, 2004). Some of these rooms are moderated but the most used have no moderation whatsoever, which is a disadvantage since users could be underage individuals who should not under moderation be allowed to access the rooms, especially those of sexual interests.
Technology is advancing with new trends incorporating all the above CMCs. Presently, through an individual’s e-mail address. one can chat with more than one user with the option of using a webcam to see their images. Emerging trends in social media are such that instant messages can be stored for later access if the recipient is offline at the time of their sending. There is, therefore, a very thin line between the above CMCs which is both good and bad as it merges the above advantages and disadvantages.