Computer Historical and current impact on the economy etc

Nevertheless, the focus has shifted to instruments that do not just make physical labour easier, but instruments that “modify and classify” information rather than merely transmitting it or protect it.” Computers help perform errands efficiently and effectively so that human error can be evaded. Even though computers were first used for big businesses and governments, it is currently common for private computers to be used on a regular basis. The shift caused by the use of personal computers has wedged the world in numerous different ways. There have been economic and social impacts that have impressively shifted the way the present-day American lives her or his life. There have been several influential and immense impacts on society because of the progress of the computer (Teich, 2008).
Computers have had an incredibly positive effect on society. Because of the advancement of computers, space survey happened, vehicles were designed differently, the entertainment world became more engaging, and medical science made more therapies for diseases. The computers wedged society in numerous ways. Life became promptly easier. Some people say that computers are purging manpower, and that may be true, but computers did make the somewhat impossible possible.
One area the computer wedged on is the commercial area. Business uses computers to keep track of money, accounts, and inventory. Another area the computer wedged is the entertainment industry. Computers made it possible to improve special effects and graphics. &nbsp.