Competiveness in Higher Education

In matters relating to science and technology, far Asia comprising of Japan and Korea have made tremendous steps that are attained through their institutions of higher learning. In this proposal, a perspective on competitiveness situation has been considered while it helps to lay a ground for interventions that can help our university to counter this competition.Competition is a characteristic of every sector both locally and internationally. Education is one of these sectors. On our campuses, we are facing stiff competition from other universities and colleges not only in the United States but also across the globe. Countries like Japan and China are strengthening their institutions hence are heavily attracting international students. Through an international Japanese program called JICA, the country has been able to attract so many foreign students to their universities. The overall effect on American Universities is that the student quota declines. This decline in some way is capable of affecting our campuses. To make things even more intense, the Chinese education system is coming out strongly and has been ranked highly. A survey conducted in 2012 by OECD in their program PICA that is used to rank countries according to their education system, Shanghai emerged tops while Hong Kong also did very well. On the contrary, the performance of the United States was way below many other countries (OECD 1). This is an indicator that all is not well and there is the need to up our game from the state level to the federal level.Competitiveness is evident within the states and across the entire country. Every university has been at the forefront of convincing the Americans why they should join their institutions. Intensive advertising is causing a great fortune to our institutions. Besides the amount that is spent on advertising institutions is going to developing infrastructure s and programs.