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To get the optimum from a satisfied and participative individual is considered to be the ultimate objective of HRM policies. The Human Resource environment as such is affected mainly by the following five factors.
Demographic: The demographic composition of the workforce like the communities involved, the caste consideration (this becomes a reasonable factor in case of some of the developing economies), the male-female composition, and the population density of the country/region also helps in devising effective HR strategies.iii. Socio-cultural: Religion and culture never tell a person to ‘not to work’, yet people of some socio-cultural background are found to be less workaholic than others. The effect of family systems like ‘Joint family system’ or ‘Nuclear family system’ become crucial factors in forming the habits of individuals and thus formulating of HR policies.
Technological: Rapid technological advancements have reduced the dependence on muscle power to a certain extent. Modernization and automation lead to increased accuracy and less redundancy in the output while increasing the comfort level of the workforce.
Politico Legal: Prevailing political situation in the country, the party in power, the ideology of government functionaries affect the business environment. Whether it’s a democracy, autocracy, monarchy, one-party system, or a multi-party system gives enough room for strategic planners to devise HR policies accordingly. The law of the land has always to be kept in mind while doing recruitments or managing human resources. For example in some countries, the formation of ‘workers union’ is not allowed while in some others it’s mandatory.
To expand the business from the UK to Russia, these very factors will prove to be a guiding force for our company. On whatever scale the company wishes to launch its operations in Russia, we need to have some&nbsp.minimum workforce. To start with the strategists can be from the UK, but the supportive HR team will be composed of a good number of Russians, as they know the country best.