Child observation paper

The room has a big glass window wherein, children can easily view the farm. That Laboratory School has a small farm behind for children to roam around and exploration of nature.
During the day, there are enhancement activities and training given to children to facilitate their learning and help them grow smart and healthy. Children use to play with each other, solve physical problems using interactive games and materials, and do creative works and taking appropriate responsibilities to develop personal discipline and responsible behavior. Here, children learn to mingle with one another. and "my child" is one of them.
My child is a 4 year-old boy. He attends day in a day care at our community college. He seems to be healthy physically and emotionally and is quite well adjusted showing no sign of any developmental concerns. He is pretty doing well in a day care. he interacts normally with other children and seems rather smart as he knows his way around a computer screen already. He is curious on anything new to him and is always willing to try or investigate objects that catch his attention. He always finds things very interesting although the toys he plays on are already old. He is active, likes to play and look tireless all day.
As I observe, my child seems to manifest both the physical and emotional healthy condition as he has no problem in interacting with others and is showing quite remarkable positive attitudes towards everything which a normal healthy kid would likely to have.
Over-all Impression of His Development
My child is quite following a normal developmental stage. He seems to be excited on new things and his mind full of wonderful imaginations of things that are not there. This manifests in his works of arts like drawing, painting, and building blocks. He is a bit intelligent, he likes doing things on his own with out asking the help of the teacher. He is excited to find out what will happen after trying to fix one object to another, he is very independent. While other kids are roaming around their teachers to explain to them what to do, my child easily get the instruction from the teacher and start doing it all by himself with no fear of mistakes.
His positive interaction with others as I observed him, show no sign of developmental concerns or problems. He interacts casually and participates well in the group. He is confident in himself and is rather smart in doing the right thing. He even suggests something to his playmates what to do to make the game really much interesting. This positive social attitude of my child may not simply part of the developmental process but I guess, a manifestation of advance intelligence for a four year old kid, maybe a normal reaction of a growing child being curious about many things.
Inside the room, the children have all the opportunity to interact with other children and adults. In this case, I saw my child intermingle with other kids of his age and with his teachers. My child seems to have developed a good self-esteem. he did not have difficulty adjusting with the new environment as well as with his interpersonal relationship. He is well-adjusted despite new faces and authority. My child, in my observation, feels a sense of belongingness and quite confident about his accomplishments for the day. Other kids would show