Causes and Prevention of Obesity in College Students



This essay "Causes and Prevention of Obesity in College Students" outlines the reasons for the obesity among students, its danger, and the methods how to stop the growing number of obese college students. Many countries are seeking solutions and creating awareness on the fact that obesity is becoming an issue of national concern. There have been numerous studies focusing on obesity in children and teenagers as well as adults. In many of the studies, college students have been included in the adult group (Archer, 2013). Therefore, there are different factors that trigger the development of obesity among college students. These reasons are unique and are different from those increasing the susceptibility of other groups to obesity this necessitates a study, which focuses on the causes of obesity among college students and the potential solutions that can help them address the issue. This study seeks to understand the unique factors that contribute to increasing obesity rates among college students. College students have a unique lifestyle, tastes, and prevalence, which may make them more vulnerable to developing obesity. Moreover, it is possible that factors that contribute to the increasing rates of obesity among college students are different from those associated with obesity in teenagers and children. Notably, college students are adults who can make their own decisions with minimal influence of others especially their parents. Moreover, most of the college students stay away from home and have to make decisions about their diets and lifestyle.