Cause and effect of having a cell phone

Cause and Effect of Having A Cell Phone The cellular phone has created vistas of communication avenues, and has enabled all who choose to own one, to never be out of touch again. Amazingly, it has

encapsulated the entire spectrum of communication by empowering individuals to speak,

text, or transmit pictures (video or still), by merely punching keys on the pad. Obviously,

the opportunity to hold such a functional instrument in the palm of one’s hand represents

an facilitator for business, a mitigator for crime and the capability to save lives. However,

the cellular phone also has downsides for the general health and environment of its users.

The cellular phone serves as an extension and a facilitator for business. No longer

is it necessary for the sales person to go back to the office to place an order into the

computer. The doctor is never too far away from a phone .Cellular phones are becoming

an integral part of the business world. The application of the cellular phones to business

applications are endless.

The cellular phone has even serves as a crime deterrent. In Dade County Florida,

a nine month study in 11 neighborhoods showed a tremendous decrease in burglaries,

robberies, and thefts. This decrease was due to the use of cellular phones by the

neighborhood crime watch groups.

The Richmond Times Dispatch in a reported article stated that, "Emergency call

placed on cellular phones are rising rapidly. People are reporting drunk drivers and

staying a safe distance behind them to lead the police to the exact location..

The Virginia State Police reported 100 calls to 911 in a single day back in June 1997.

These calls consisted of reports of traffic accidents, drunken driving, vehicle and brush

fires, and some crimes in progress..

A woman involved in a car accident was hanging upside down in her car by her

seat belt. Being in that position, she could not reach her cell phone to call for help.

Fortunately, two men showed up at the scene with cell phone and summoned help.

Obviously, the list of advantages for the cellular phone could run on ad infinitum,

for the causes and effects could also be customized for personal usage. Hereon, I have

attempted to deal with the more far reaching causes and effects. In so doing, there are

some far reaching downside effects of the cellular phone as well.

Cell towers to me are the disadvantage of the cellular phone system. Concerning

the effect on the beauty and health of its surrounding areas, the towers come in all shapes

and sizes. The towers have to be a set distance from one another to maintain clear and

reliable service. Mountain tops across the country are being invaded by these towers

reaching heights of 250 feet. More than 13 acres of Sandia Crest, a mountain top in New

Mexico’s Cibola Forest is covered with more than 65 steel towers. An estimate by

communication experts says over 120,,, more antennas will be built in the future to

provide complete telephone coverage. All these antennas in remote areas have an adverse

affect on the environment due to the destruction of trees for the building of roads to reach

these secluded areas.

Also some people are claiming that the use of cellular phones are causing brain

tumors. However, the long term effects of this exposure remain unknown to scientists.

Since the 1990’s cell phones have made fast inroads into the modern world. Times

were when automobiles and television transformed not just lifestyles but cultures. These

days the cell phone is doing likewise. Technological progress is irreversible. Once it

becomes available, new technology never dies. We have to admit that the inroads into our

lives by cell phones are inevitable and tackle the challenge of minimizing their