Business math

Find thestandard deviationof the CEO salaries, in thousands of dollars, rounded to 2 decimal places. Do not use a dollar sign. Note: $177,760 should be recorded as 177.76.

The Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Global Warming

Scientists have long blamed global warming for significant changes in the form of global rainfall causing flooding in some areas and extreme drought in others. Many of these changes are considered to be man-made as humans are directly responsible for pumping large quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere. CO2 is a pollutant inducing global warming. […]

Water Quality and Contamination

The most common ground water contaminants come from human activities that involve dumping of waste materials in the environment which eventually seeps into ground water reserves. Ground water is contaminated by constituents have the ability to either come into direct or indirect contact with this water. From this background, the experiment designed to test the […]

Inquiry into Media

It was at 11:40 pm in the night on 14 April. As usual, Frederick Fleet was on the look out when he saw the iceberg and reported immediately to the bridge. However, it was too late to steer around the iceberg because the Titanic was already struck. This caused the hull plates of the ship […]

The Hidden Power of Oprah Winfrey

The American Dream has often been defined as America’s promise of success and great wealth to anyone who is willing to work hard enough for it, regardless of their circumstances or the way they started out in life. If anyone can claim that her life epitomizes the American Dream, it is Oprah Winfrey. From her […]

Characters personality

Vonnegut believes of love as a principality to survival. He depicts that love makes an individual’s life meaningful and worth recounting. Moreover, affection that one possesses towards another can be treasured and expressed in many ways. In his short story, ‘A Long Walk to Forever’, Vonnegut portrays how conflict, sensitivity, and essential decency depict an […]

Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping after Birth

Sometimes immediately after the birth of a child, in most cases, the umbilical cord connecting mother and infant is clamped and cut. This can take place as early as one minute (what is called immediate clamping) or as late as five minutes (what is called delayed clamping). Once the cord is clamped, it is cut […]

Live literary reading

I go there sometimes myself, outside of school assignments. It is a rather large library, which has a great coffee shop. I usually get a cup of Java and a sweet roll, then look around for a comfy chair. With book in hand, I then settle in and before long, in my mind, I am […]

Human and Animal Interrelationships in Alices Adventures

The author has brilliantly utilized this scope of human-animal interaction throughout the story. These are the reasons why I chose the book ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ for this particular assignment.Alice gets tired of sitting by her sister who has been reading a book. Alice cannot comprehend the fun of reading a book which does not […]

Standards for Outdoor Recreational Areas in the USA

A city should have a regional park that is bigger outside the city for recreational activities. However, even this area can be said to be inadequate unless the tracks’ locations have a clear plan, and meet their needs. They should also be exceptionally well managed and developed.Recreational standards have been there for a long time, […]

Toxic Leadership Process

A multidimensional framework addresses toxic leaders’ intentionality, their destructive behavior, the types of dysfunctional attribute that drive their actions and decisions, the impact of their actions, and the intensity height of their toxicity.Intentionally, toxic leaders deliberately injure others and enhance themselves at the expense of other. Unintentionally toxic leaders cause significant negative effects out of […]

The Issue of Global Warming

No matter what its causes are, there is evidence that global warming has serious consequences related to wildfires, coastal erosion, the spread of diseases, and a decline in biodiversity. Measures such as using cleaner sources of energy, stopping deforestation, upgrading buildings, and many others can be taken against global warming. Knowing what the causes of […]


Victor Turner evolved an idea of liminality, this idea was the correlation between the vexed, non-dualistic and shifting nature of identity. Bhabha confirmed that Liminality is regarded as the influence of cosmic eddies on the routine affairs of human society, and therefore the notion of culture is not defined holistically but as enunciation. The concept […]

Sprays and Droplets Dynamics in Fuel Injector Combustion Applications

Combustion helps in ensuring safety and efficient energy utilization and in understanding the mechanics behind pollutant destruction and formation. Combustion dynamics is the area that has recently received fresh emphasis. This is because of advancements in the efficiency of energy, in low emissions combustion system for the aerospace power plant and the ground base. The […]

Showdown With Iran

In the report Showdown with Iran, FRONTLINE undertakes an important assessment of how the U. S. efforts to install democracy in Iraq have served to strengthen Iran’s position as an emerging power in the Middle East. In this report, FRONTLINE examines how U.S. efforts to install democracy in Iraq have served to strengthen Iran’s position […]

The Roots of the IsraeliSyrian Conflict

With encouragement from the United Nations, three world powers namely. the Soviet Union, the United States, and Great Britain acted as mediators and attempted to divide the territory but rather than resolve issues it only made matters worse. A number of wars followed namely, 1956 Suez War, the 1967 Six Day War, the 1970 War […]

The Camp David Accord 1978

The Camp David Accord 1978 was once thought to be a sway of fresh breeze under the hot weather in the wake of extremely stressed situation between Arab countries on the one hand and Israel on the other. The Camp David Accord was declared to be a failure by the future analysts. It was a […]

Moral Intelligence Development

This paper is an analysis of my main personal strength and weakness in relation to moral intelligence, as well as an analysis of my personal ethical code that serves as a guide for me to resolve future ethical dilemmas.In analyzing my personal moral strength it is important first of all to consider the moral competency […]

The Effects of Fair Trade on the Third world Countries

The former group or the group belonging to the orthodox though are known as the liberalist and the second group which is strictly against the free trade and in favor of protection are known as protectionists.1. Free trade encourages the international division of labor. It implies that free trade promotes specialization according to comparative advantage […]

Hughes Nature Imagery

Ted Hughes’s nature poems include Wind, Rain, October Dawn, and November. The wind is a wholly descriptive poem. It describes a storm . The description and the fierce mood nature is beautifully recorded in it. The portrayal of a tremendous dramatic picture of a landscape severely affected by weather is fully packed with imagery. The […]

Edgar Allen Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado

Montresor avenges some unspecified insult inflicted on him by Fortunato and thus buries him alive. Significantly, the cause for the murder is rendered insignificant and the maneuvers and the actual execution of murder gain prominence in the story. The paradigm of sacrifice enters the story in the instance where Montresor warns Fortunato against staying in […]

International Fast Food CompanyMcDonalds

In 1953, McDonald’s Fast Foods’ most successful restaurant in Arizona was franchised. Similarly, the restaurant located in California was franchised. The outright success of the McDonald’s was with the entry of Ray Kroc who entered into a partnership with Mac and Dick (Love, 2008). He was given the right to expand the franchise. Owing to […]

Surfactant Polymer Flooding for Enhanced Oil Recovery

In this study, a sandstone core sample with measured porosity and permeability is implemented underwater flooding process and the result was analyzed by the SENDRA simulator, later on, the SP flooding process carried out and the data analyzed by the UTCHEM simulator .this is a laboratory-based experiment. Brine which is used in this experiment is […]

Effects Of Organic Waste Pollution On The Natural Environment

Water cycle that consist of material flow on earth’s surface to water masses are some of the causes of water pollution as the flows collect materials into water bodies and are vulnerable to intentional pollution through domestic and industrial waste disposal. This paper discusses environmental effects of organic waste pollution and reviews an article that […]

Why the Allies Won

This research tells that at the beginning of his book, Avery makes the point that one of the key issues which led to the victory of the Allies was the material advantage they had over the Germans. For instance, in 1943, the allies were able to produce 151,000 aircraft against the Germans 43,000 aircraft. This […]

Cost Analysis for Decision Making

will continue making the containers and performing maintenance.) Alternative B: Liquid Chemical Co. will continue making the containers, but it will outsource the maintenance to Packages, Inc. Alternative C: Liquid Chemical Co. will buy containers from Packages, Inc., but it will perform the maintenance. Alternative D: It is completely outsourced. Packages, Inc. will make the […]

Impact of Financial Crisis on UK Economy

Banks which had lent money to them, could not recover their assets and their capacity to lend too dried up. Consumer demand plummeted and this affected producers of goods and services. The result was a decline in the US economy accompanied by a sharp increase in unemployment. The impact of the loan defaults was felt […]

The Strategic Importance of the Battle of Fort Donelson

John Thayer became the leader of the Nebraska regiment. The regiment spent time in Missouri with General John Fremont in preparation for the war. The regiment marched directly through St. Louis where it was reported that several people thronged by the road to witness their hero. In December, the troops were under a constabulary duty […]

Lake Mungo (Australia)

Presently the main attraction of the Mungo National Park, described the landscape as being stark, silent, desolate and often eerie sand sparse only resurgent vegetation and the spiny hard pitted crinkled and fluted dunes and ridges can look like a moonscape. (Cited by K.K. Hirst, The lakes dried up around 14 000 years […]

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Algorithms

In particular, the class prediction problem attempts to establish differences between the different classes. Knowing these differences allows the system to predict the type of cancer a patient has before any other tests are made.It should be noted that the class prediction problem is composed of two distinct phases. The first step is supervised learning […]


The government Bills are customarily introduced in the House of Commons, with approved drafts going to the House of Lords and then to Monarch for the subsequent assent. While such a procedure creates necessary checks and balances system in order to prevent the possible implementation of hastily approved Bills, it still limits the powers of […]

Explain the difference between a change in demand and a change in the quantity demanded List and discuss at least 5 factors tha

Thus the factors that determine demand can broadly be categorized into two categories. price determinants and non-price determinants. Presence of these two distinct determinants of demand gives rise to two different but equally important concepts. change in quantity demanded and change in demand. 1. Change in Quantity Demanded. A change in quantity demanded refers to […]

Construction Contract

According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that during the period of work in progress, the architect finds that cladding materials used are of an inferior quality not in compliance with specifications of the designs and contract documents. This is violative of most of the conditions of clause 8.1 and its sub-clauses. […]

Digital Evidence &amp

Legal Issues51250 The innovative ways of gathering digital evidence are so diverse that the structures created for the conventional investigations usually no longer work for the new (Richard, Golden, amp. Roussev, 2006). For instance, rules that are applied by criminal investigators when confronted with privacy versus security scenarios relative to physical crime probes, usually results […]

Sunspots and Sun Storms

Sunspots occur in groups and appear and disappear at certain times. The sun could have hundreds of them sometimes and at other times only have a few. A sunspot can last between one and a hundred days. When they appear as a group, the sunspots can last approximately 50 days. Compared to the average surface […]

To Build a Fire and Young Goodman Brown

Another interesting point is that Hawthorne makes sure to clarify that the journey which Goodman Brown makes into the forest is done at night and not during the day. If any trespasser were asked what comes to his mind with the thought of a dark forest, it can safely be assumed that by and large […]

Behavior Change amd the Environment

.. Personally, I consider this idea as an expression of Pollan’s sense of responsibility toward the environment that primarily focuses on individual, conscientious action toward environmental welfare. This is because, throughout the article, Pollan provides suggestions on how to reduce one’s carbon footprints such as having a garden in the backyard. Pollan also suggests, in […]

Film comparison

One particularly important factor to note, with regards to the differences exhibited in style between Hollywood blockbusters and new wave films of the 1960s and beyond, is the freedom of expression and experimentation that is oftentimes exhibited within such new wave films. As Hollywood is creating films on a profit basis and positioning and/or advertising […]

Crime and punishment

However, in a revocation hearing, guilt has been established so therefore some rights and rules of evidence are more relaxed. Even though the rights of a defendant in a criminal trial are more structured and strict than those of an offender whose probation is being revoked, the offender will always have the right to defend […]

Beauty and the Beast

The focus in this paper is on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as probably one of the most unforgettable theme songs in one of the greatest Disney classics of all time. The movie has been well loved and is, to put simply, an enchanting treat to audiences that have seen it. The movie has offered a […]

Big Greetings and Copyright in Barney

In Preist v Last, it was held by the court that the purpose for which the goods had been bought could be either express or implied. Another important condition is that if the goods sold can be utilized only for some specific purpose, then there is no necessity for the purchase of such goods to […]

Consistency of the ClientCentered Approach of Dr Rogers

The therapist’s clients can pose vast resources for altering their self-concept, self-understanding, self-directed behavior attitudes. To access such resources, the clients are required to have a definable counseling facilitation climate whereby the therapist is more of a counselor or a friend who encourages and listens. Such a therapist is required to be understanding, warm and […]

Asthma as a Chronic Inflammatory Disorder

It is suggested that 90% of the deaths caused by asthma can be prevented if proper measures are taken without wasting time(Anderson et al., 2007). In the United Kingdom, the overall percentage of the asthma patients has slightly declined, however, the number of patients has increased. This is because the population continues to increase, and […]

Effect of Regulation/Deregulation

This paper illustrates that the 1994 Interstate Banking and Branching Act allowed banks and other financial institutions enter into interstate banking transactions. Prior to the act, Mr. Glaeser reiterated the banks and other financial intermediaries were prevented from legally entering into any interstate banking agreements. The act significantly allowed the increase of interstate mortgage credit […]

The Twelve Apostles

The present research has identified that Philip was twenty-seven years of age when he joined the apostles. he had recently been married, but he had no children at this time. He was not necessarily dull, but he lacked imagination. This lack of imagination was the great weakness of his character. Philip, the onetime steward of […]

When Love Hurts

When Love Hurts Walther von der Vogelweide’s poems entitled Blissful He lay and How Beautiful Her Form and Face, both exemplify the aforementioned pains experienced by the lovers. The first poem speaks about the pains of love and parting while the other speaks of the pains of unreciprocated love and devotion. In Blissful He Lay, […]

Theories in Counseling and Therapy

It also deals with the significance of early experiences and family constellations in the life of an individual. The Gestalt approach emphasizes the improvement of the whole rather than enhancing separate parts of the individual to help people cope with their problems. Similarly, it aims at incorporating feelings, cognitions, beliefs, and perceptions and past, present […]

The Challenge Of Prison Gangs

Prison gangs have mutated from a small entity to something monumental with ideas that are philosophical and fundamental. The number of gangs and team members continues to grow in the United States. This has been the case in the last two decades of the 20th century. A study carried out in 1999, in the United […]

A Linear Relationship

The politician wants to reduce the independent variable in order to achieve a desired dependent variable. The dependent variable, on the other hand, is the increase in crime. The increase in crime is the dependent variable in this situation since its results depends on the independent variable of early release of prison inmates. The dependent […]

Grimm Fairy Tale

Then as we learnt to read and write we began to go through the stores ourselves. Later the fairy tales were replaced by Enid Blyton and still later Nancy Drew and Alfred Hitchcock found pride of honor on our selves. In all this the fairy tales of the early years lingered in our subconscious and […]

Rousseau’s Philosophical Ideas

Hobbes, on the other hand, sees man as fearless and bent on attacking and fighting every chance he gets. Conditions have not really changed since then.The contemporary man is a hybrid of man from the eyes of Rousseau and Hobbes. The arms race, the never-ending struggle for supremacy in arms and military power, is an […]

Money Market Violations

Money laundering refers to the process of concealing the sources or ways by which money is acquired. These processes of money laundering are varied and can be very much sophisticated depending on the intelligence level of the perpetrators. As such, criminals who carry out black market activities always undertake money laundering. Actually, virtually every country […]

Starbucks Coffee and Its Target Audience

According to the Italian tradition coffee houses are like a place for conversation and that provides the customers with a sense of community. From the very beginning Starbucks has been a very different company. The company has not only celebrated the coffee and rich tradition but also successfully brought a feeling of connection. The company […]


Should Immigrants Leave or be Allowed to Stay in the United s Your Full Your Institute’s Should Immigrants Leave or be Allowed to Stay in the United States Imagine coming to live in a new house. Imaging you have dug deep into your life’s savings: sold your home. pawned your car in to raise the […]

Causes and Effects of Teenage Abortion in the US

When a teenage pregnancy is the result of incest, the other parent of the unborn baby is either the father of the teenager, her brother or an uncle. Similar to rape, incest often comes without the consent of the other person. Sexual abuse can also be brought on by a male family member, but the […]

Depreciation of Lewis Driscoll and Delta Cargo

The depreciation of crane has been calculated using the Straight Line method (SLM), Double Declining Balance (DDB). The impact of the depreciation expense on the earnings of the company has been shown. The depreciation as per tax-based modified accelerated cost-recovery system (MACRS) has also been computed. The impact of depreciation expense under the two methods- […]

Near Failure at Nagasaki

The same problem is observed relating to Sweeney’s relation to flight engineer Kuharek such that when the latter firstly identified the lack of proper fuel in the tanks, Sweeney declined from communicating with Kuharek and moved over to Tibbets for gaining advice. Sweeney also reflected lack of self-confidence that is a significant necessity for a […]

Critical Incident Analysis Definition Models and Frameworks

In doing critical incident analysis, several models have been offered. Models serve as frameworks that will guide the person in analysing the event. It is the paradigm in which the event is made understandable. In other words, model is the lens that people use as they try to understand and make sense of their experiences […]

A Look into Judith Ortiz Cofers Quinceaera

This is due to the fact that the celebrant’s mother and all of her previous ancestors were also able to celebrate the occasion, and they also had a chance to think about the possible things that could happen to them after they reach adulthood. It is also a known fact that the younger generation seems […]

Royal National Lifeboat Institute

It is a charity which saves the lives at sea around the coasts of Great Britain, Ireland, and the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man as well as on the selected inland waterways. It was founded by Sir William Henry on 4th March 1824. It was started with the name of National Institute for […]

Newjack By Ted Conover

Firstly, Conover proves that where there is a will, there is a way. And secondly, his example through this book creation shows that whatever happens to a human being happens for a better cause. The author’s proposal of profiling a new recruit for journalistic purposes was first rejected, which prompted him to apply for the […]

Types of Learning

According to the findings, single-loop learning is indeed the repetition of attempts with regards to a problem at hand and there are no other variations in place to tackle the same since the goal behind this is never solicited. On the other hand, double-loop learning is that type of learning which aims to explore the […]

Insurance Firms Against Insolvency

This still did not prove to be sufficient to set the company in a stable position. The government had, therefore, to dig in deeper and provide some $150 billion. Other major insurance firms have been reporting some big losses which have been largely attributed to the ongoing financial crisis. Insurance company insolvency would result from […]

Bereavement and 9/11 Phone Calls from the Towers

Several models have been proposed within the 20th century that has brought more attention to the matter and have improved awareness of the need for sensitivity towards individuals suffering from grief after recent bereavement or diagnosis with a terminal illness. These models have also illustrated the need for grief as part of the bereavement process.The […]

Nephrotic Syndrome/Renal Failure

In other words, nephrotic syndrome is an indication of presence of a disease or various diseases, which are damaging the kidneys or in particular a group of vessels which filter the blood. The main cause of nephrotic syndrome is the damage to the filtering section of the kidneys which may result from another disease or […]

Nitric Oxide in Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Ovarian Cancer is a type of cancer that arises in the ovaries of the female. The ovaries are the reproductive organs that produce ova which later help in the production of fetal when it contacts with the sperm of the male. Ovaries are a pair of small organs that produce human eggs or ova and […]

Theoretical Perspective Conceptualization

Relative to Ms. Client’s situation, the whole idea is related to her situation and the therapy can be used as an appropriate intervention. In addition, according to this therapy, unrealistic and negative thoughts are believed to be the main cause of distress and then later on result into problems. Like Ms. Clients, reaction towards her […]

Lease assingment

The first item that appears uncomfortable is leasing the bedroom apartment because I am not allowed to use any other part of the premise. Flexibility should be enhanced to all tenants by the proprietor in terms of using other sections of the premises (Jacobus 282). Another problem in the lease is that the contract runs […]

The Cross Cultural Issues in Marks &amp

Spencer CompanyMarks amp. Spencer is an international company operating in the retail sector with 718 locations around 34 countries. It is the largest clothing retailer in the UK and it also deals with many other items like foods, gifts, home furnishings and footwear. Globally, in half of the overseas stores, they work by franchises with […]

Brand Architecture WALLS

Walls also pay a lot of attention to BTL activities and we can see them sponsoring many events. Even on lower levels Walls always is interested to sponsor College events and they also used to conduct TTL activities earlier such as WALLS carnival.Walls distribute strategic merchandise to retail outlets and shops which sells their products, […]

Bureaucracy in Housing and Support Organisations

Bureaucracy can be developed either in the context of the state or in the context of an organization. in the first case, bureaucracy is established through a bureaucratic agency while in the second case the framework through which bureaucracy is promoted is known as a bureaucratic enterprise (Calhun et al. 2007, p.264). The value of […]


I will look at the stylistic devices in more details to bring out the characters used and what the author talks about in the poem. In the poem, the author uses characterization uniquely considering how short the poem is and that the only person the mirror talks about is the woman. He shows the different […]

Credit Default Swap

Someone borrows a loan from Bank (A) who then goes to Bank (B) to seek protection from the risk of C defaulting on the loan. B sells protection against default to A (the protection buyer) in return for half-yearly payments. B receives monthly coupon payments from C. If C defaults then A will get the […]

Human Resource and Organizational Behavior

The bureaucratic organization approach suggested the importance of employee empowerment for managers (GRIFFIN, 2010, p.455).Personality is referred to as the actions exhibited by individuals and the way an individual thinks about the world due to his/her experiences (GRIFFIN, 2010, p.67). Perception is the procedure through which an individual analyzes the stimuli available in the world […]

Pursuing Career in Homeland Security

The United States Department of Homeland Security came into existence in 2002 as a consequence of the Homeland Security Act. The Federal Homeland Security is responsible for coordinating the activities of roughly 187 Federal agencies dealing with varied aspects of US security. The job of Homeland Security is to prevent terrorist attacks on the US […]

Developing Personal Profile

The various results of analyzing instrument give me an idea of my strength and weaknesses. Upon this assessment, I can empower my strength and sharpen my weaknesses. First of all the Kolb LS has revealed my strength to be intellectual competency while my weakness is disruption of creativity in me. In the same manner, other […]

The book of Nightmare By Galway Kinnell

The book contains ten poems. It is possible to single out two poems which reveal the main themes articulated in the book: Under the Maud Moon and Little Sleep’s-Head Sprouting Hair in the Moonlight. Under the Maud Moon is the first poem presented in the book. It is possible to regard the poem as an […]

Construction of the Past Produced by Those in Power

The views about the Chinese spread in Europe, views that portrayed the Chinese as rampant baby-makers who practised bad medicine and perpetrated a trade imbalance with the rest of the world. Women were largely ignored, or, if they are mentioned at all, were subsumed under the analyses of men during any given period. These were […]

The Heiress and the Sociopathic Gold Digger

The exchange of smiles and sweet words had created a romantic environment, though no one could assess the real and invisible feelings prevailing in the depths of hearts. One of these lovers was called Brian, a twenty seven years old man with medium height, stout physique, stiff facial expressions, narrow eyes, flat nose, straight hair […]

Leadership Theories the Absolutes of Leadership

There have been a number of different theories and approaches that have been developed in the past by various authors and experts in the field. This section will detail the various theories which will allow getting a clear understanding of the concept. The various authors and their theories are as follows:Daniel Goleman’s approach consists of […]

Reviewing Decisions in a Court

Administrative Review Tribunals do not have the power to review every administrative decision2. Where a tribunal is asked to review a decision on merits, it can intervene only in instances where specifically provided for by statute.3 Moreover the Tribunal must also have the necessary jurisdiction conferred on it. But there is much wider scope provided […]

Increasing Service Quality at a Nationwide Restaurant Chain

Simply put, quality of service is the customers’ expectation and evaluation of the level of ease and comfort he is supposed to have while enjoying or operating the products or services of the providing organization. For example, if a restaurant chain is classified as having a four or five star rating, not only would it […]

Periimplant Disease

Certain complications have been identified with such treatments. One of the most important of these complications is the loss of alveolar bone that surrounds the implant.The disease peri-implant derives its name from the pathological inflammatory alterations which happen in the tissue which encapsulates the load-bearing implant. Peri-implant diseases are by nature, infectious. There are two […]

Arbitration Provisions For International Oil And Gas Agreements

The oil and gas industry is complex, hazardous and capital intensive and all these features make it different from other industries1. There are various different technologies that are involved in the industry that may range from seismic shoot up to drilling and then to the refining of the final product. Since there are so many […]

Defending in and around the Penalty Area

Liverpool had a different strategy from the one Real Madrid had, and definitely, the team with the best strategy has an upper hand in winning. Real Madrid emerged the winner over Liverpool by a 3-0 victory margin. But how did they outclass Liverpool? This is a question that will be analyzed in this paper taking […]

Situational Crime Prevention Techniques

For punishment to attain its end, the evil which it inflicts has only to exceed the advantage derivable from the crime… Applying this theory, it will thus be noted that when benefits outweigh costs, the offender’s motivation to commit a crime will increase. however, the prospect of punishment functions as a deterrent, undermining the offender’s […]

Recruitment and Selection

Thus, the principle guidance policy of the Recruitment and Selection process is the merit principle, requiring that the process should be done on the basis of merits, by ensuring that the candidates are selected based on their suitability for the job vacancy, without any favoritism or discrimination of the candidates based on any other factors. […]

Constructivist Accounts of Learning and Development

The definitions of constructivism are very simple but for a better understanding of constructivism, we need to know different aspects of constructivism.Personal constructivism can be summed up by the following statement of Jean Piaget‘Knowledge is actively constructed by the learner, not passively received from the environment. Radical constructivism adds the second principle to trivial constructivism, […]

Jehovah Witnesses Religion

The first misconception that I had about Jehovah’s Witness congregation members is that they were forced to knock on people’s doors and witness to them all of the time. This always gave me the impression that they were very aggressive individuals. I do not mind meeting with people in my home to talk about my […]

African American contribute for NBA

The game that was once played dominantly by whites has seen roles reversing, with 75% of the NBA players being African American. The game is nowadays associated with the Black Americans culture, especially those in the lower classes insides cities of Americai. In regards to basketball and African Americans, one team is outstanding in both […]

Investment Portfolio for Investors and Executives Analysis

From the data, volatility is a measure of variation in the average trajectory leading to a risk. BOQ stocks have the highest variation at 27.08%. This implies that there is an increase in the interests hence the frequency of financial data is high leading to high volatility. HVN stocks have high volatility, as well. There […]

Segregation in Golf

In 1896, Black-American John Shippen became the first of his race to play in the United States Open. Although he was doing relatively well during his first two days, his luck did not hold as the game progressed. One of the worst incidents of his game was when he took 11 strokes to complete his […]

Interpretation of Hamlet

It is evidently clear from the discussion that Hamlet becomes the object of counter-revenge, Laertes seeking requital for the murder of his father. By the last act of the play, after his adventures at sea, Hamlet is utterly convinced of the rightness of his cause and necessity of killing Claudius, whom he describes as cancer […]

The Language of Coaching

In addition, due to these positive and negative effects of self-talk on athletes performance, a lot of investigation and critical interest has been shown towards the topic of self-talk by various researchers over the last years (Yang, and Mengze 357). Indeed, self-talk may defined simply as an internal dialogue where an individual interprets his or […]

Standards of Steel Construction

The steel industry is known to be a very dynamic field in terms of the country leading in production as well as the range of products. Analysis of the steel industry indicates that from the period starting 1910 till the year 1960, the first position in terms of production of steel in the world was […]

Behavior and manners

These events leave a strong impression upon one’s mind, which cannot be forgotten easily. Although I have proven to be a very good boy throughout my life, yet there is a regretful experience when I punched a person who was misbehaving with me. I ended up at police station. This experience is important for me […]

Using Cell Phones While Driving

Driver attention is affected by cell phone usage. In a 2002 study done by Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, empirical evidence supports that young adults using cell phones while driving are comparable in attention span to sleepy senior citizens over 70. Their reaction time to brake lights, as well as their reacceleration time, was a […]

Commercial Space Exploration

The year 1957 signaled the dawn of what is termed as the space age. At this time, the world’s powers were involved in a bitter battle to establish supremacy and control over other nation. The result was a race in almost all crucial sectors that involved world affairs. A German, Krafft Ehrike, came up with […]

Admissibility of Evidence in the Widdowson

The two accused persons are said to have paid Mr. Widdowson a visit at his home. An altercation arises, and Mr. Widdowson is allegedly beaten up by his visitors and abandoned in the bathroom in an unresponsive state.The two accused persons are said to have paid Mr. Widdowson a visit at his home. An altercation […]


Crop protection products are basically used by the farmers to protect the crops from insects and other harmful diseases and unwanted weeds as well. There are basically three kinds of categories, i.e. herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Notably, the crop production yield in Australia increases by almost 40% each year as a result of the usage […]

Group Dynamics and Decision Making Process

In cases where decision making involves technical aspects, tools and applications come in handy to the group members, whereas in situations that warrants identifying potential issues and challenges, brainstorming and discussions play an important role. How do groups arrive at decisions that are mutually understood and accepted? What are the different dimensions involved in the […]

The progression and its significance in the story Zaabalawi

The narrator does not receive any concrete help from these people regarding the whereabouts of Zaabalawi. However, each of them confirms the existence of the holy man and avers that he is difficult to locate. Finally, the narrator encounters an old landowner, who insists that he joins the man for drinks before discussing anything. The […]

Authentic Assessment and Rubrics

Undeniably, a symbiotic relationship exists between assessment, teaching, and learning, as well. However, assessment has been sidelined, ignored, misused, and misunderstood for many decades until the recent emergence of importance assessment can play in the role of learner improvement and achievement other than the use of standardized scores for comparison or placement purposes.The rationale behind […]

Compare and Contrast Neolithic and Paleolithic Era

Contrasts Between the Neolithic and Paleolithic EraIn the Paleolithic Era, people lived in a roaming way of life with a couple of individuals living in a cavern. They depended on chasing, angling, and assembling wild natural products.During the Neolithic Era, people found farming, which allowed them the chance to settle in one explicit zone. The […]

Oxygen the Ubiquitous Element

Priestley and Lavoisier had made this gas first by heating mercury oxide (HgO) and subsequently by heating many other oxides. In fact, Antoine Lavoisier used these reactions to establish conservation of matter during chemical reactions.Oxygen is the second most abundant element in the atmosphere after nitrogen. It is approximately 21% by volume. It is a […]

Significance of Identifying Different Phases of Negotiation

Donelon and Kolb (1997) state, the requirements for getting work done reside less in the exercise of authority and more in the ability to communicate and negotiate with a wide variety of members of an organization (Cited in Spangle amp. Isenhart 2003, p.276). This self-evaluation is part of negotiation planning which is also the most […]

Female Characters in Othello by Shakespeare

Moreover, in the court, he also denies the murder. Using already existing plot, Shakespeare makes substantial changes to the play so that rather ordinary adventurous and criminal story becomes a serious tragedy.Instead of a crime novel, Shakespeare creates a story of the person who differs from the others not only by his skin color (I […]

Major Allegorical Themes in Everyman

By paying careful attention to the way in which the action takes place, the author has ensured that linguistic issues are correctly interpreted to mean what he intended for them to mean. These concepts are reinforced by yet further lexical means that support and underlie the main concepts or allegories as they are intended. The […]

Lufthansa Going Global but How to Manage Complexity

In 2005,Lufthansa acquired the Swiss International Airlines with the purpose of saving it from the aggressive takeover by British Airways, which is one of the major competitors of the company. Lufthansa does not prefer to get too much involved with other members of the Star Alliance. This is basically a part of the company’s strategy […]

Importance of Immigration in the Development of the U S Culture

During the early part of the 20th Century, the U.S. experienced a surge of immigration where more than 25 million people came to America, again mostly from Europe but a majority of this wave consisted of people from the Southern and Eastern regions of the continent such as Italy and Poland. The immigrants had jobs […]

Routines and Capabilities of Warner Brothers Entertainment

The finances that contribute to Warner Brothers are based on selling the entertainment products that are a part of the corporation. Each time that the movie, on-demand video, TV program or other entertainment is bought or used, the corporation receives a portion of the profit as a license owner of the entertainment. This is followed […]

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

According to the research findings, whilst the cultural references and importance of representing the turbulence in Afghanistan and the American immigrant experience cannot be ignored, the often secular narrative of the book is precisely what resonates with the reader, who can relate to the central issues dealt with in the book. In particular, the references […]

The Use of Size as a Metaphor in Gulliver’s Travels

The research paper The Use of Size as a Metaphor in Gulliver’s Travels analyzes the use of metaphors in the story Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift. One of these metaphors is the varying size of the title character Gulliver as he travels throughout the world. From being a giant among the Lilliputians to being an […]

Anne Bradstreet and Michael Wigglesworth

It is evidently clear from the discussion that Michael Wigglesworth (1631-1705), a New England Puritan minister, and a contemporary of Anne Bradstreet, was a poet whose work reflected New England Puritanism. He examined the dogmas of his time and used them for admonishing and consoling mankind through poetry. Wigglesworth is well-known for his poem The […]

The Eucharistic Ecclesiology of Henri de Lubac

Lubac’s first book known as Catholicism (1938) showcases in 3 seminal structures his basic theological beliefs, where he accentuates on the fact that it is the entire community which as a whole takes part in the process of attaining salvation. However, his fame as a scholar was ascertained with the publication of two books, Surnaturel […]

Organizational Behavior Domino’s pizza

The company has large economies of scale, and their average revenue over the past five years is $1.675 billion USD. The target of the organization is to be an exceptional franchisee and be the best pizza delivery company in the world. Dominion Pizza appreciates and respects the culture of its contributors, customers, employees and even […]

The Screwtape Letters by C S Lewis

Screwtape suggests that since Wormwood has already provided worldly pleasures to the patient, there is need to delay as much as possible the pleasures so that the patient does not get to realize that such pleasures are unrelated to his or her faith. According to Screwtape, as long as people are interested and absolved of […]

Water Treatment Plants and Disinfecting Water Uses of Chlorine

Guidelines set forth for water treatment professionals illustrate the process of using chlorine gas in a treatment plant (Kerri, 1989). Chlorine gas is fed into the water treatment system under vacuum supplied by various types of induction equipment. The entire chlorination piping system should be under vacuum to ensure safety. Chlorine tanks have a system […]

Anatomy of the Endocrine System

The only exception lies for the pituitary gland, where the signals are sent by the hypothalamus to the pituitary gland in the form of a releasing hormone. As a result, a stimulating hormone is released into the circulation. This then stimulates the target gland to release the required amount of the hormone. When the required […]

Jihad in Relation to Other Islamic Tenets

Defense and vengeance on behalf of their Muslim brethren – would have been noble, were it not contrary to what Islam and jihad are really about – that is, it places greater focus on peace and self-improvement than on armed conflict. Thus, this paper’s content will delve into the Islamic faith, specifically, the concept of […]

The Disease Leukemia

Leukemia occurs when white blood cells transform into their DNA. Other alterations in the cells that are not even fully understood also causes leukemia. These abnormalities make the cells grow and multiply causing the normal cells to die. The formation of leukemia depends upon some factors like the age of the patient, the type of […]

Has Anti Globalization Become Mainstream Politics

The movement of capital from where it is available abundantly to places where it has a high demand has always been associated with regulations, albeit new forms of regulation, that reflects the hegemonic power of that capital. An insight about the kind of changes brought forth by this flow of capital in locales that are […]

Land Use for a New Sustainable Community

The research will first assess the traditional approaches to the use of land. For a community to develop, the paper looks at some zones that guide the development of a community such as residential zones, civic zones, commercial zones, agriculture land zones and open-source zones. The paper will discuss the zones in detail and they’re […]

Alkali Flies in Mono Lake

The lake provides saline and alkaline conditions that favor the alkali fly to a great extent while disfavoring many organisms that may otherwise compete with the flies for food, space and other resources. While they are not subject to much competition in their natural habitat, the alkali flies are food to predators such as birds […]

Foreign Direct Investment and Forwarding Contracts

There are various approaches to deal with exposures and risks associated with foreign exchanges. Hedging is used by companies to limit (reduce) or eliminate financial losses caused by foreign currency exchange risk. Hedging refers to financial instrument deriving value from core assets. Forward contracts, currency swaps, and currency option are major types of hedging commonly […]

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein is a collection of parts from other people, but as he matures he starts to realize that emotions go along with his instinct for survival. According to Hume, who emphasized the personal and the unique nature of each individual’s intellectual position by claiming that every opinion and value judgment was based not on reason […]

Slumdog Millionaire Idea and Execution

The drama/romance movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire was directed by Danny Boyle and co-directed by Loveleen Tandan in India. It mainly stars newcomer British actor Dev Patel, playing the title role of Jamal Malik, and another relative newcomer Freida Pinto playing Jamal’s love interest, Latika. The supporting cast in this movie includes Anil Kapoor playing the host […]

Realizing fate and responding

Every human being eventually gets to know what fate there is for his life. However, a person always has choices as to how to live life in the light of a known fate. Depending on how freedom of choice is exercised, and whatever decisions and risks are taken, something good or bad can take place […]

Analysis of The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bear by Dinaw Mengestu

He decided to seek the shores of America for peace and tranquility once the intolerable limits of conflicts engulfed the society in Ethiopia. Soon he found that America too was in desperate search of precious human assets. This is revealed in the story through his interactions with other characters in the neighborhood. The halo of […]

Sexual Harassment of Children

Strauss outlines some impacts of sexual harassment such as suicide, behavioral, and emotional toll. This is an important source that helps to identify cases of sexual harassment. In addition, this book discusses practical steps that can be taken to combat sexual harassment among the youth. The book is fairly current and is thus a clear […]

Strengths and Weaknesses of Hamlet’s Character

This assignment will begin with the statement that Hamlet is one of the most popular novels written by Williams Shakespeare and equally as popular is Hamlet, the tragic hero of the play. There are many dimensions of Hamlet’s personality, some good, and some not-so-good. An in-depth analysis of Hamlet’s character speaks of the fact that […]

Itinerant Methodist Preacher

Combined with the fact that Mary Evans was a respected scholar, and not simply a bored housewife who wrote a story, has led me to suspect that the assignation of Dinah to her particular religious practice was an intentional device in the story, and not merely a by-product of George Eliot’s aunt being a model […]

Death of A Salesman by Arthur Miller

In the play Death of A Salesman written by Arthur Miller, Willy feels that his sons are not as successful as they should be for their age and that they lack vision and that they should be more aggressive in their search for success citing himself as an example of a man to look up […]

A Character of Tita in the Novel Like Water for Chocolate

However, her natural passion for working in the kitchen with her hands limits the role of femininity by the burden of tradition. Though submissive to the authority meted out by her dominating mother, Tita understands that this is not what she bargained for in life. Tita lived with Mama Elena and her two elder sisters […]

Cushings Syndrome

Definition Cushing’s Syndrome is a disorder involving the hormones and is particularly caused by an abnormal increase in the amount of the hormone cortisol or other glucocorticoid hormones in the blood (Nieman et al., 2008). In the case of an overactive immune system, glucocorticoids usually turn down the inflammation system as a sort of negative […]

Masters of the Dew By Jacques Roumain

After working for 15 years in Cuban cane plantations, Manuel returned to Haiti only to discover that the people his part of, has been suffering from extreme poverty because the land was no longer as productive as before he left. The streams that watered the farms were drying up and the harvests were not enough […]

The Gods Are on Earth

As the word ‘monomyth’ suggests ‘mono’ means ‘one’ or ‘single’ and according to Gerard Naddaf(2000), the Greek word ‘myth’ (original ‘muthos’ or ‘mythos’), ‘word’,’advice’or ‘ a story’( Translator’s Intro).So, monomyth means ‘the single myth’ or ‘the same myth’ behind all the myths in the world, as William Indick(2004.p71-72)observes:The universal quality of mythology is revealed in […]

The Time and its Significance in Catch 22

Yossarian deletes parts of speech like modifiers and adverbs and the narrator says That erected more dynamic interlinear tensions, he felt, and in just about every case left a message far more universal (Heller, p.16). Reading between the lines, it is clear that Heller here is warning the reader that the story which follows will […]

Fatigue in relapsingremitting multiple sclerosis patients

2006, p. 58)Fatigue is very common among patients with multiple sclerosis and yet is it a symptom that is quite poorly defined. (Flachenacher et al., 2002). This very fact makes evaluation of fatigue as a symptom of multiple sclerosis difficult. And yet, since it is such a common complaint of patients with this condition, its […]

Equality and Rights

Equality and Rights Constitutional perspective defines equality as that which ensures that every individual within a particular context has an equitable opportunity to get the most from their time of existence and the talents at their disposal (Vandenhole 15). Equality seeks to ensure that no individual lead a poorer life simply because of where, what […]

Asteroid Impact Discussion

Asteroid Impact Discussion I am now in charge of the Near Earth Object (NEO) which identifies any object with a diameter of ½ km. in size or larger that crosses the Earths orbit, so we need now to make a list of things we should or could do if a NEO was going to impact […]

Self harm and suicide

Self-Harm and Suicide Self-Harm and Suicide Self-harm and suicide leaves a lot of pain in the society when it happens. Suicide isa problem that is becoming a major issue worldwide. Everyday there is an individual who dies by suicide every sixteen minutes. Nurses are in close contact with the patients who commit self-harm and suicide […]

Use of Gestures in Daily Life

According to the findings, it can, therefore, be said that the most obvious gesture that I witnessed is laughing which is an affect display of emotion motivated by fun. Laugh conveyed fun and happiness and familiarity with the person we are with which is why we laugh a lot when we are together. I can […]

The Comprehensive Meaning of Yoga

It may be compared with the Trojan War or War of Troy in Greek mythology. During war Lord Krishna was the charioteer of Arjuna, who was a great warrior and the most skilled person in archery. It was a time when he had to wage the dreadful war against his own siblings and his close […]

A Study of William Shakespeare’s Othello

A study of William Shakespeare’s Othello Othello is a ical play written by the famous William Shakespeare. The play’s context is in Venice and Cyprus. The main characters in the play are Othello. the play is named after him, Iago, Desdemona, Emilia and Cassio. On the other hand, the supporting characters are Roderigo, Bianca, Brabanzio, […]

Ethical Concerns in Addressing Elder Abuse

It should be noted that it is not only what is done, but also the failure to do what should be done that can count as elderly abuse. consider situations where the elder is neglected, unfed, and untreated for sickness. This happens in reality, whether done purposefully by the caretaker or merely due to neglect. […]

Methods available for the assessment of alcohol abuse

neurotransmitters like the opioid systems, dopamine, serotonin and gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA) and their interactions are most affected (Chastain 2006). Being volatile, alcohol can be inhaled during ingestion and freely diffused into the airways (George, et al. 1996). This property became the basis for the breath test for estimating levels of blood alcohol (Hlastala 1998). Changes […]

Perspectives of Sexuality

as one of the ‘driving force’ of sexual behavior, cognitive perspective that explains the brain cognitive activity of brain towards sexual response and learning perspective that explains how the extent of sexual behavior reflects experience.Intimacy refers to being emotionally close to our partner such that we are able to share all our feelings and experiences […]

Rationalism skepticism and romanticism were three primary philosophicalschoolof thought during the Enlightenment How does Voltaire relate to these notions(if at all) in Candide

He strove for impartiality in his writings. Although put in exile from Paris severally, his life in the end became renowned as one of the greatest thinkers in France. He fought for values such as freedom and progress, which lay the basic assumptions characterizing the modern Western civilization. This paper shall discuss how Voltaire relates […]

American Government Branches

American government branches The American government system, based on the doctrine of separation of power, is organized into three branches, the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary. Each branch plays its distinct roles and is, formally and informally, representative of the American people. This paper seeks to explore the representative roles of the branches of […]

Examples of Real Life Markets

Assignment Assignment A monopoly market refers to a market form where a single firm has absolute monopoly over n number of consumers. this means that the product being sold is being sold only by that particular firm and no else and thus there is no competition in the market for that particular commodity. The firm […]

Enviromental issues (carbon footprints)

According to the American Meteorological Society (AMS, 2007), the direct human impact on the climate change is through the enhanced concentration of trace gases such as carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and water vapor which, collectively, are known as the greenhouse gases. With the enhanced amounts of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere, […]

Korean comfort women during Japanese occupation of Korea

ge of these women volunteers as Japan rapidly expanded its control over Asia, to such a point that local women in colonized areas had to be coerced to serve in the so-called comfort stations (Yoshimi 100). Most scholars agree that the number of these women is somewhere around 200,000. It is believed that women from […]

Classical Conditioning How It Works With Examples

Pavlov who trained dogs to salivate in response to two stimuli, noise or light, and food or a sour solution. John B. Watson, considered as the father of behaviorism, conducted an experiment with an 11-month-old child, Albert. He presented the child with a loud frightening bang and a rat at the same time. After six […]

Benjamin franklin testimony against the stamp act

The document d Benjamin Franklin and the Stamp Act Crisis gives a summary and transcript of an important historical event in the late 1700s involving one of Americas founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. The Stamp Act was one way in which Great Britain wanted to impose taxes on the colonies of what would become the United […]

What Causes Forest Fires

Most of such human-induced forest fires are caused due to the setting up of the campfires and through cigarette stubs that are carelessly thrown within the forests. Apart from this other natural causes like the occurrence of earthquakes, lightning and erupting volcanoes can also play a very important role in initiating the forest fires. ( […]

The Masque of the Red Death

Prince Prospero was the only place that the prince and his nobility friends and guest would feel safe, since there was security against any external intrusion, even the intrusion of death. The inside of the castle’s wall was characterized by happiness, while the outside was characterized by sadness, pain and death. Inside Prince Prospero’s castle, […]


23 February Conclusion Strain measurements were obtained at the top of a cantilever beam. Strain gaugeswere used to obtain these strain measurements. In addition, the Poisson’s Ratio and the modulus of Elasticity of a material were utilized in the cantilever beam. They were from the strain measurements on the beam surface. It was possible to […]


Inwood: Why eBay was not held liable for the infringing sales made by users Why eBay was not held liable for the infringing sales made by usersWhile e-commerce has contributed to the immense increase in trade globally, it has also come with its challenges which has minimized its rapid growth. One of the major challenges […]

Beneth the serface of developmental dyslexia

Beneath the Surface of Developmental Dyslexia Beneath the Surface of Developmental Dyslexia Frith U, 1985, Beneath the surface of developmental dyslexia, Surface Dyslexia, 32, pp. 301-330, viewed 10 February 2015. Frith (1985) illustrates the meaningfulness in comparing between acquired and developmental disorder. The article commences by defining developmental dyslexia as a disorder where there is […]

How Southwest Airlines Soars

: How Southwest Airlines Soars.1The leadership theories and concepts contributing to Kelleher’s success are varied and the first one is the situational theory, which proposes that leaders should desire the most excellent course of action based on the situation variables (Northouse, p19). When the cost of fuel rose, Kelleher wrote a memo to employees warning […]

Good bye Greek

Good bye Greek? Affiliation) The MU’s Council Leadership is a cohesive body elected by the fraternity to representtheir issues. Furthermore, the Council also aims at developing and promoting leadership abilities amongst the students. Accordingly, the leadership structure helps students with leadership qualities to have an opportunity to develop and practice their abilities within different capacities. […]

Comparative Book Review (Carl Ernsts and Mona Siddiquis book)

n several controversies have emerged to challenge the relevance of the Islam religion the books seek to shed light on some of the central aspects of the religion. This paper will contact a comparative book review highlighting the themes discussed in each of the books.Carl Ernst, the author of ‘Following Muhammad: Rethinking Islam in the […]

Downstream Processing of Recombinant Proteins in E coli

From this study it is clear that hence for the high recovery of the active protein molecule, solubilization and refolding parts must be of high precision. Inclusion bodies consist of polypeptides of the recombinant protein. They are the inactive secondary –like structures. Thus, the isolation and purification of the protein are simple. The activity of […]

The Roles Played Since High School

The Roles I Have Played Since High School I greatly appreciate the fact that being idle is not good for personal development. This being the case, Ihave always sought something constructive to do every time I have time to spare. From the time I finished high school, I have been engaged in a raft of […]

Biosocial Development of 45 Year Olds

I avoided observational bias by not speaking with the child before or during my observations and restricting myself to simple questions when speaking with him. By avoiding contact until after the observation periods, I avoided any attempts on my part to influence the outcome of this study by trying to manipulate the child into behaving […]


do you have to love yourself in order to love othersLove has been the prescribed remedy for most of the problems that people confront with in their daily life. Love was interpreted by many. we all experience it, share it, long for it. yet know little about what actually love is. Generally, people think that […]

Country size

Country size South Korea is found in East Asia in the south of Korean peninsula. South Korea covers anarea of 38, 023 square miles (98,500 kilometers), with 148 miles coast line. South Korea has an estimated population of 51,170,969 people. South Korea is bordered by North Korea virtually in all directions to the north, Sea […]

Scales of Measurement for Human Intelligence

The average variability of all the scores will be 15 meaning the interval between one and measure, and the next is 15.Measurement of IQ in this study will use the interval scale of measurement. Measurement of scale is appropriate because the IQ test satisfies the identity, magnitude and equal intervals properties of scale measurements. The […]

Appraise Areas of Early Childhood Development

From birth to the early childhood, a child is most vulnerable to the required changes in the personality and mind set. After the childhood, the habits may develop and then it is difficult to change these habits.Most of the other experts give equal importance to the language development in the children. Language is the basic […]

Acting style

Introduction Acting can only be understood after it is first accepted as a creative medium demanding an original act. Brander Matthews remarked, The actor needs to have under control not only his gestures and his tones, but all other means of stimulating sensibility and these should be ready for use at all times, wholly independent […]

Comparison and contrast

This is due to various reasons to be covered later in the paper.In this paper, we shall compare and contrast variations between the Twilight book by Stephanie Meyer and the twilight movie. The twilight saga is a series of young fantasy of a young girl who falls in love with a vampire. It was in […]

Prerequisite for vision

Prerequisite for Vision Prerequisite for Vision The main prerequisite for vision is light and light sensitive surface. This is because our eyes belong to a group known as camera-type eye. They do not utilize film like automatic cameras but instead they focus light on retina, which is a light sensitive membrane. The cornea in the […]

Topic of your choice

The resulting electron radiation is released in bundles of light energy which travel at a speed of 299792458 m / s, equivalent to the speed of light, as quantized harmonic waves. This electromagnetic waves are grouped according to their wavelength and the this results in the electromagnetic spectrum. The resultant magnetic and electric waves move […]

Critical Review of Robert Dreyfuss’ Devil’s Game

The book review Critical Review of Robert Dreyfuss’ book Devil’s Game analyzes the presented facts that fetched to that the United States helped to unleash the fundamental Islam.In their mission to wipe out communism from the face of the earth, America began to distinguish nationalist groups as ones who were potential groups to advocate communalism. […]

Comparison between Confucius and Lao Tzu

The teachings associated with Confucius can be considered as concepts of human activities and they contain five fundamental messages. The initial message demonstrates two key components which are Zen and li. The concept of Zen points toward humanity and benevolence while li addresses rules and decorum. According to Confucius, li was the greatest manifestation of […]

Teachers Perception of Leadership

d be to understand and subsequently work on factors that satisfy teachers-those who have been in the profession for a long period of time as well as those who are now about to board on this particular journey in life.What then are the factors, which satisfy teachers? Researchers have discovered many issues, which influence teachers’ […]

Response to the movie Trading Places

Response to the movie Trading Places A very strong message in the movie Trading Places is that money lends an individual all the power in this world.As the brothers Randolph Duke and Mortimer happen to be two callous millionaires, they are shown to play with people’s lives and fates. They use their money to put […]

Interact between acient Mesopotamia and theis enviroment

Interaction between ancient Mesopotamia and the environment The Mesopotamian civilization had a very close connection with nature and environment. They believed in gods of different elements of environment including the god of sun, and the god of winds. The Mesopotamian civilization thought that people on fed on natural diet were physically stronger as compared to […]

Enthalpy of Neutralisation

Experiment 4: Neutralization reaction Using a calorimeter, the experiment sought to determine the het of enthalpy for tworeactions. NaOH to HCL and NaOH to CH3COOH. Temperature measurements were taken at intervals of 30 seconds and were used to generate graph time against temperature in each case. It was established that the heat of enthalpy for […]

Physiological responses in crosscountry sprint skiing

a in regulation, control and homeostasis. (1500 words)One of the changes that promote greater oxygen diffusion is the contraction of the muscles takes a lot of oxygen because the oxygen is needed to replace Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) that has undergone the process of hydrolysis at the time relaxation of muscles. Therefore, relaxation of muscles is […]

Borderline Personality Disorder

The presence of the stressor as part of the diagnosis differentiates PTSD from other disorders and makes it a uniquely complex phenomenon. (page number) persistent (more than one month) re-experiencing of the trauma (this category of symptoms is titled intrusive memories in Johnson, 2004), persistent (more than one month) avoidance of trauma-associated stimuli and suppression […]

Wall Street Journal Article

Assignment 14 October 2009 Option grants draw scrutiny The article Option grants draw scrutiny was published in Wall Street Journal on October 13, 2009. (Maremont) The article is about the criticism that the executives of target companies in a merger-acquisition deal are provided with large stock options right at the time the deal gets confirmed. […]

A Website Usability Test

The most accepted and recognized methodology of identifying important usability issues with the end user remains usability testing with actual representatives. It is possible to evaluate how users respond when they try common responsibilities on the company site and site using face-to-face test session moderated using the purpose built usability testing stations (Ward, Shadle, and […]