The Secret History of Hacking

The Secret History of Hacking Today nearly everyone familiar with computers is familiar with the notion of hacking. Strictly speaking hacking refersto the process where an individual gains illegal access to a computer network through manipulating computer code. Hacking, however, has increasingly come to refer to broader ranging notions of a computer subculture. Indeed, one […]

Principles of Detail Design

Clements et al differentiate architectural design from detailed design in a uniquely interesting way. He alluded that architecture could be defined as a form of design yet the reverse was not possible. The interpretation is that design is not within the realms of architecture since the end of any masterpiece can be manipulative. There is […]

Outsourcing IT Servises

Another form of outsourcing is based on salary cost arbitrage that takes place between national economies when a company will seek to contract with another business abroad where the labor costs are cheaper, so that cost savings will be gained in the overall organization. Some companies may establish overseas branches of their company and hire […]

Internet and Electronic Marketing

E-Commerce is a traditional and important part of Internet marketing. In addition, Internet marketing has currently expanded into many different business areas beyond e-commerce. For instance, online banking has been provided by the growing number of banks that offer very useful services to their clients 24 hours a day no matter where they are. Selling […]

Robots Cooperative Control with Disturbance Observer

They comprise one of the largest and most diversified classes of machines that are able to autonomously interact in an industrial environment. Additional challenges arise when programming for complex or specific processes between multiple robotic systems, for which many solutions exist modeled after both high-level human-interactive robotics and biological systems. Observing and controlling disturbance in […]

Colours R Us’ Case Study

Programming, on the other hand, is the actual implementation of the HR plan. Programming involves recruitment, training, and lay-offs (Bateman and Snell, 2007, p.332). The third stage, which is the evaluating stage, measures the effectiveness of HR plans in producing the results needed to contribute to the organization’s business plan. It measures such indicators as […]

Needs Analysis of Microsoft Corporation

At the point when the event is harmful, some inspiration or objective of the hackers must be determined and addressed through the most appropriate measures. For example, the goal could be aimed at upsetting ordinary business operations, consequently denying information accessibility and production.Microsoft has been a leader in the design and programming of computer software, […]

Cross Cultural Management

Corporations are currently enjoying the benefits of globalization. Companies now have a large consumer base and a wide supply of labor. However, globalization has resulted in a series of new challenges. Cultural conflict is one of the major challenges facing managers today. The issue of culture is a relatively modern problem arising from the rapid […]

To begin assignment read Henry Mintzberg’s article (enclosed) The Fall and Rise of Strategic Planning (Harvard Business Review JanuaryFebruary 1994)

One weakness with strategic planning is that it is comprised of a calculated approach which is fixed towards attaining a goal in contrast to strategic thinking which is committed to encompass other people’s views in attainment of that particular goal. Strategies are only effective if committed people infuse them with their energy directed at achieving […]

The Impact of Television Advertising of Food on Children

A common concept that is used within society is the use of eating food and the different habits that it promotes among children. It is known from parents and the medical community that the advertisements that are a part of some of the food campaigns have the ability to change the healthy eating habits of […]

Critical diference between java and C#

loper the earlier sentence could be explained as ‘a short description of the Java language and platform’ instead the words C# and the .NET platform were replaced with words Java and the Java platform ( Obasanjo, 2007).C# is developed by Microsoft as part of the .NET initiative and later got consented as a standard by […]

EU Policy in the Area of Communications

As set forth by the TVWFD, access to information is to be enforced such that all citizens may enjoy on free television the major sports and cultural events, or at least the public extracts featuring highlights of such events, that are of high public interest. Also, the Directive mandates Member states to ensure freedom of […]

Planetarium summary out of class

Sur Lecturer Planetarium Summary: Outside Today we visited Ritter Planetarium and we had the chance to view a show on space mirrors, a sky tour, and time cubes. We even watched, though through a telescope, at the Sun. We confirmed that Ritter Planetarium is indeed an art full-dome immersive imagining theatre that uses the projection […]

A Knowledge Management Framework for Expert Decision Making

tructured analytics provides a repository of structured data in the form of presentable reports and charts which facilitates easy decision making .Off late organizations use variety of tools and methods to perform analysis on structured data as per their requirements in various fields like finance , supply chain management , forecasting etcData is available for […]

(Business information system) DIRECT LINE reviews and system aquisition

Beal’s (the IT director for the company) strategy the company focuses on building software systems in house rather than outsourcing the development. Therefore, according to his vision the company can do much better by developing products in house. It enables them to get a better understanding of the work domain and the exact requirements of […]

Career Competency Model

The knowledge an individual to know how to tackle the problem and make a positive change where necessary. To see the progress and development in the profession, building an individual career competency model and a career ladder/lattice will help. The process will identify the knowledge, abilities, and skills that are important to perform critical functions […]

How Marketing Is Done On an International Scale

This paper illustrates that culture is the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one group or category of people from another. It is a phenomenon that involves the values, ideas, practices, artifacts and other meaningful symbols that enable people to understand each other for easier communication. Culture in itself also encompasses […]

Manipulating Data

Manipulating Data Introduction A programming paradigm is a form of computer programming in which the elements and structureof computer programs are built. The programming languages are determined by the programming paradigms that they support. In the past 60 years, there have been many different ways through which programming has evolved in collective grouping and manipulating […]

Stat 2

STATISTICAL PROGRAMMING Pure integer programming problem is a linear programming whereby all the variables are required to be integers (Render, et al. 2012). The Linear programming problem below is a pure integer LP problem but also has mixed sets of integers, thus mixed integer linear programming.Minimize Z=8X12+4X1X2+12X22Subject to: 6X1+X2≥50 X1+X2≥40A statistical programming that uses a […]

Introduction to computing

f software programs that run on a much deeper level than these surface uses that are essential to the usability and accessibility of any of these other programs. This type of software is called system software, without which the computer would be a nearly useless collection of plastic, metal and wires. This software governs everything […]

Class Discussion cis 242

Discussion Making Decisions in C++ using Conditions, Operators and Values Please respond to the following: Explain how decisions are made in C++ programming using conditions, operators, and values. Give a coded example to support your response. Define the significance of Boolean operators and explain how they relate to the conditions in your discussion. Give an […]

Strengths and Limitations of Regression Analysis Using Linear Programming

An individual will collect data parting the question at hand and thereafter employs regression to estimate the quantitative effect of a causal variable in comparison with the variable that they directly or indirectly influence their performance, (Wendorf, 2004). This method of data analysis has been in operation for an extended period especially in the economic […]

What Am I Doing Wrong?This Is The Assignment Below Team

Week3 ) Week 4.pyWeek 4Q1: ProjectWeek 4.pyprint ( ‘Welcome to the Team Manager’ )selection = Noneroster = Nonewhile selection != ‘9’ :print( ‘==Main Menu=print(‘1. Display Team Roster’ )print( ‘2. Add Member’ )print( ‘3. Remove Member’ )print(‘4. Edit Member’ )print( ‘9. Exit Program’ )selection = input (quot;Selectiongt; quot;)12if selection == ‘1’:for x in roster:print (x)15elif selection […]

I Need Assistance With

In [3] : import sqlite3 as dbimport pandas as pdfrom datetime import datetimefrom collections import defaultdictdisk_engine = db. connect ( ‘ file: prob0 . db?mode=ro’, uri=True)def load_data( ) :df = pd. read_sql_query ( quot;SELECT * FROM soccer_resultsquot;, disk_engine)return dfIn [4]: # Test: Exercise 0 (exposed)df = load_data ( )assert df . shape [ 0] == […]

Can You Help Me Write Java Class Called

Areawith three overloaded static methods forjavac Area. javajava AreaEnter radius of circle : 100Area of circle : 31415.926535897932Enter length of rectangle : 10Enter width of rectangle : 20Area of rectangle : 200.0Enter base 1…Java Programming

Use Python Programming

Write a program that takes two text files as arguments and outputs the number of tokens theyhave in common. Here is an example of input/output:Input file 1:We reviewed the trip and credited the cancellation fee. The driverhas been notified.Input file 2:If a trip is cancelled more than 5 minutes after the driver-partnerhas confirmed the request, […]

Create A Subclass Of The Class

JPanelnamedDisplayArea. An object of thepackage waste;import java.awt.Color;import java.awt.Dimension;import javax.swing.JPanel;/**** @author*/public class DisplayArea extends JPanel {public static final int DISPLAY_SIZE = 500;…Java Programming

This Is A Program I Am Doing

#Convert US measures to metric system measures #Get an Question This is a program I am doing; #Convert US measures to metric system measures #Get an input from user (William) to convert miles to kilometers #Store the input value in a variable Miles=float(print(‘William, please tell me how many miles you want converted to kilometers: ‘)) […]

Conceptsarraylist Collectionssortingenhanced For Loopcollections

Question Concepts ArrayList – Collections Sorting Enhanced For Loop Collections Class Add 5 names to the collection. Bob Susan … Output the Strings onto the console using the enhanced for loop. 2. Sort the list using the method Collections.sort. Output the sorted List. Shuffle the list, and output the shuffled list. Note that Collections (with […]

1 Write A Program Named Filemaker Py

that will be used to store the first name and age of somewhile True:name=str(input(‘Enter first name of friend or press Enter to quit: ‘))if not name :print(‘File was created’)breakage=int(input(‘Enter age (integer) of this friend: ‘))if not age :…Python Programming

Television and Media

Television and media Nowadays, competition in broadcasting has achieved its zenith, especially at prime-time nightly line-ups, which are to helpAmerican workers distract from their problems and have a rest. Prime-time is the most favorable broadcasting period, as the majority of Americans usually watch TV between 8 and 11 p.m. Such TV-business-giants as CNN and NBC […]

Television and Media

Television and media Nowadays, competition in broadcasting has achieved its zenith, especially at prime-time nightly line-ups, which are to helpAmerican workers distract from their problems and have a rest. Prime-time is the most favorable broadcasting period, as the majority of Americans usually watch TV between 8 and 11 p.m. Such TV-business-giants as CNN and NBC […]

Television and Media

Television and media Nowadays, competition in broadcasting has achieved its zenith, especially at prime-time nightly line-ups, which are to helpAmerican workers distract from their problems and have a rest. Prime-time is the most favorable broadcasting period, as the majority of Americans usually watch TV between 8 and 11 p.m. Such TV-business-giants as CNN and NBC […]

Television and Media

Television and media Nowadays, competition in broadcasting has achieved its zenith, especially at prime-time nightly line-ups, which are to helpAmerican workers distract from their problems and have a rest. Prime-time is the most favorable broadcasting period, as the majority of Americans usually watch TV between 8 and 11 p.m. Such TV-business-giants as CNN and NBC […]

Television and Media

Television and media Nowadays, competition in broadcasting has achieved its zenith, especially at prime-time nightly line-ups, which are to helpAmerican workers distract from their problems and have a rest. Prime-time is the most favorable broadcasting period, as the majority of Americans usually watch TV between 8 and 11 p.m. Such TV-business-giants as CNN and NBC […]

Television and Media

Television and media Nowadays, competition in broadcasting has achieved its zenith, especially at prime-time nightly line-ups, which are to helpAmerican workers distract from their problems and have a rest. Prime-time is the most favorable broadcasting period, as the majority of Americans usually watch TV between 8 and 11 p.m. Such TV-business-giants as CNN and NBC […]

Television and Media

Television and media Nowadays, competition in broadcasting has achieved its zenith, especially at prime-time nightly line-ups, which are to helpAmerican workers distract from their problems and have a rest. Prime-time is the most favorable broadcasting period, as the majority of Americans usually watch TV between 8 and 11 p.m. Such TV-business-giants as CNN and NBC […]

Television and Media

Television and media Nowadays, competition in broadcasting has achieved its zenith, especially at prime-time nightly line-ups, which are to helpAmerican workers distract from their problems and have a rest. Prime-time is the most favorable broadcasting period, as the majority of Americans usually watch TV between 8 and 11 p.m. Such TV-business-giants as CNN and NBC […]

Television and Media

Television and media Nowadays, competition in broadcasting has achieved its zenith, especially at prime-time nightly line-ups, which are to helpAmerican workers distract from their problems and have a rest. Prime-time is the most favorable broadcasting period, as the majority of Americans usually watch TV between 8 and 11 p.m. Such TV-business-giants as CNN and NBC […]

Television and Media

Television and media Nowadays, competition in broadcasting has achieved its zenith, especially at prime-time nightly line-ups, which are to helpAmerican workers distract from their problems and have a rest. Prime-time is the most favorable broadcasting period, as the majority of Americans usually watch TV between 8 and 11 p.m. Such TV-business-giants as CNN and NBC […]

Television and Media

Television and media Nowadays, competition in broadcasting has achieved its zenith, especially at prime-time nightly line-ups, which are to helpAmerican workers distract from their problems and have a rest. Prime-time is the most favorable broadcasting period, as the majority of Americans usually watch TV between 8 and 11 p.m. Such TV-business-giants as CNN and NBC […]

Television and Media

Television and media Nowadays, competition in broadcasting has achieved its zenith, especially at prime-time nightly line-ups, which are to helpAmerican workers distract from their problems and have a rest. Prime-time is the most favorable broadcasting period, as the majority of Americans usually watch TV between 8 and 11 p.m. Such TV-business-giants as CNN and NBC […]

Scrutiny of Property as an Investment Class

The theory of risk and return are vital to investment theory and practice. The more the anticipated risk, the greater is generally the return called for. Risk is a calculation of what is anticipated to occur but not what is really happening. Investment determinations nevertheless need the inference of an unidentified future return, which is […]

Cyber Crime and Information Systems Security The Concept of Phishing

Users can log in to their banks’ website, credit card site, or share markets for any online transactions. No doubt, this provides convenience but it also comes with its own price of managing the security of the transactions. Crimes against Information systems is a growing concern amongst the Cybersecurity experts and Federal Law agencies as […]


Weaknesses are happening on a couple of fronts. On the content development front, the DVD authoring front, we continue to see extreme price pressure in authoring services. The price of DVD authoring software has come down. The fact that more and more people are doing it puts incredible pressure on the production community to develop […]

How an iPod works

The Ipod: Inside Out The Ipod is the most pervasive piece of technology ever to enter the American culture. They are everywhere and everyone either owns one or knows someone who does. For many people it is hard to imagine life after Ipod. It goes everywhere, is ready on a moment’s notice, and provides pleasure […]

Experience as a Mechanical Engineer

I have performed robotics and automotive engines jobs. This gave me exposure when it comes to handling matters of the same nature. I am trained to fix a single component of an extremely large system. Therefore, finding effective and efficient solutions has been nurtured in the course of my career. Either alone or as a […]

Develop a partial risk and mitigation plan

These are the malicious programs that are spread via the internet which damage stored information in the computers. High Attack by the malicious programs would lead to loss of information that is stored in the computers which results into a significant loss for the company. The first impact would be loss of documents while the […]

Linear Programming

It is evidently clear from the discussion that since resources are scarce there are limitations on what can be achieved for example if materials and machine time are in short supply. Output, therefore, will be limited by the availability of these resources. It is a Constrained Optimization Problems arise from applications in which there are […]

The biology of belief by Bruce h Lipton

He realizes that, contrary to popular belief, life is determined more by the environment than it is by our genes. In this book he argues that the DNA is actually controlled by outside signals that are beyond the cells, together with vigorous and persuasive messaging from our positive and negative thoughts. By examining the way […]

District Budgetary Overview

The schools in the district would require to prepare a budget for the period of July, 1 to June, 30 and submit the same for sanction of the governing body by July, 15. The three generally accepted accounting practices include the incremental budgeting, the zero-based budgeting, and the planning, programming, budgeting system. The incremental budgeting […]

Clarks University IT

Admissions Essay. As the first member of my family to attend college, I am deeply conscious of the vast difference that education can make in one’s life. My parents have made several sacrifices to ensure that my sisters and I have received the best possible education. After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Electronics at Osmania […]

Television and Media

Television and media Nowadays, competition in broadcasting has achieved its zenith, especially at prime-time nightly line-ups, which are to helpAmerican workers distract from their problems and have a rest. Prime-time is the most favorable broadcasting period, as the majority of Americans usually watch TV between 8 and 11 p.m. Such TV-business-giants as CNN and NBC […]

Becoming agile through mindfulness

Organizations dealing with information systems development (ISD) have started shifting to agile methods. This has been necessitated by the fact that the previous traditional methodologies, such as waterfall methodology, have been restrictive in terms of processes and extensive planning (Lee amp. Xia, 2010). The agile manifesto has been derived from the following four main tenets. […]

Individual Assessment (Part 2)

9 2250 Programming is the act of original formulation of processes and steps within the tendering process. The definition is applicable to both the private and public sector when it comes to tender submission. Programming is a process involved with identifying the mission, objective, procedures, rules, and the manipulation of human capital of an organization […]

Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age

1 250 The end of the war opened new opportunities in the civilian sector for the professor. She would become an employee of the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation. Hopper made valuable contributions to the development of programming languages and applications for the UNIVAC computer. She developed a compiler which helps to act as an interface between […]

“Management Science &amp

System"The cost of the rooms was £120 per room per night. They would book the accommodation but if they found out a week in advance that they were not going to make the trip, they would cancel at a cost of 10% of the total value. If they cancelled one (1) to three (3) days […]

“Major differences between NEC3 &amp

JCT SBC 2011"The provisional sum for the JCT SBC 2011 contract is not mandatory like the case of NEC3 contract. The project manager is usually at pains to decide whether to adopt the discrepancies manifest in cost estimation for a project. The variations negate the principle of cost control in NEC3 contracts. The variations also […]

One might argue that a shift in television programming from the wholesome shows of the 1950s and 1960s to the negative reality programs today has resulted in a youth culture of violence and selfishness Do you agree or disagree Provide concrete examples

Viewers of the past left the sofa with a clear mind and consent in contrast to audience of the present age, whose mind is crowded with negative messages and darkness of the reality. In fact, it would not be wrong to state that issues are exaggerated to make them sound more violent and aggressive to […]

The Main Character of Castle

That includes being ready to put her emotions on the line and accept the love being offered to her by a man who has stood by her for the past 4 years of her life. It was important to me, as a person who believes in the healing powers of psychiatry, that the episode portrayed […]

Genetic Predisposition to Alcoholism

Genetic Predisposition to AlcoholismIt is a mysterious fact that some people begin to drink alcohol and become dependent to an extent that they cannot perform tasks or feel comfort without taking alcohol, while others begin to drink but remain independent. This mystery has triggered a lot of research into determining the causes of the difference. […]

History of Computers

The study would even outline trend of computer science profession in next 10 years.The beginning stage of computers has its roots in 19th century. Its history is closely knitted with an English mathematics professor called as Charles Babbage. He was able to frame the design of an analytical machine. On basis of this framework computers […]

Human Rights and Development

equality, freedom from discrimination and torture and equality in accessing fair trial, health, education, and housing (Australian Council for International Development 2010, p. 1-2). The elements of human rights-based approach include international human rights framework, transparency, empowerment, participation, and partnerships (Australian Council for International Development 2010, p. 5). Ideally, human rights-based approach applies in development […]

The Future of Advanced Business Application Programming

ABAP is a fourth generation language which utilized for the thousand small embedded programs known as transactions that structure the application.&nbsp. ABAP is a code written in a language like COBOL that is also known as interpretive language in syntax.&nbsp. The language is able to be coded to appear almost like COBOL.&nbsp.Its application permits SAP […]

Software Engineering What Makes It Run

The paper mainly consists of what is in each column of the sub heading and how it aids to boost up our knowledge.A non-profitable society formed in US in 1963 under government acceptance to set international standards which otherwise serves as a leading technical authority in Science and Technology departments such as Biomedical engineering, Electric […]

Computer Programming

The “implements” keyword is used by a concrete class to indicate that it implements the interface and that each method in the interface is declared with the signature specified in the interface declaration.Note that we use an interface class instead of an abstract class since there is no default implementation to inherit as would be […]

Teaching English as a Second Language Role of the ESL Teacher

8 2000 The ultimate aim of the ESL programs is to improve the English language proficiency of the identified ESL learners and to make them competent enough to communicate with their peers and their teachers, participate in the classroom activities and to achieve learning outcomes as the first language learners. This paper seeks to explore […]

Using Word Press Create a Home Page for a business or student club or nonprofit organization

Hans IT Solution Hans IT website The Hans Website is a business website based on Hans IT solutions multinational information technology firm. It consists of five navigation web pages namely home, about, services, contact information and specialization.Company descriptionHans IT solution is a multinational information technology firm specialized in artificial intelligence, programming, security, networking and frameworks. […]

Media and its influences on Culture

Media and its influences on Culture Arabic culture is closely related to and often seen within the context of Islamic culture. all the laws, rituals, practices attached to the Islamic religion are adhered to within the geographical location of Arab states. Here it is not the individual but the society that holds prominence and the […]

International Relations Structures of International Governance

Global governance seeks the change in the politics and administrative terms, however, the paradigm is deeply embedded in the traditional intergovernmental framework. They see global governance as a form of supranational organization in which governments “sacrifice their authority to a higher supranational authority” (Sandler, 1997). Using this approach, global governance is viewed primarily in terms […]


Java Programming al Affiliation Java Programming The term structured programming in the simplest and most basic sense refers to the subset of procedural programming that are modified and enforced in a logical manner and structure. The aim and objective of structured programming is to enable the program to be more effective, efficient and for the […]

Business Operations and the Influence of Development of Technologies

Supply chain management integrates the key business processes, from end-user through original suppliers. Companies and corporations involve themselves in a supply chain by exchanging information regarding market fluctuations and production capabilities. Technology can be used effectively to enhance the performance of the supply chain to ensure value propositions at all points of the supply chain. […]

Using Nintendo Wii in Library Programming for Young Adults

(MacKenty, 2006)One of the most controversial issues that are highly associated with playing video games is the common perception that that these games could promote a culture of violence among the American youths. (Lieberman, 1998) In line with this matter, many studies have shown that playing violent video games is considered as one major factor […]

The Impact of Culture on Business and Management in Different Cultural Contexts

Identification of cultural diversity has opened up new avenues and challenges for business and provided wider space for management researchers and psychologists to understand human behavior in relation to business and management.&nbsp. On this concept, Dowling et al’s (2008) elaboration on international HRM deals with three perspectives. firstly cross-cultural management and human behavior. secondly, different […]

Training of IT Professionals

The results of the research showed that information technology is an ever-growing professional field which has increased the demand of IT professionals all over the world. Information technology is one of the most progressive professional fields of the present world. It mainly refers to the use of computer systems and networks for storing, processing, and […]


[School] Number] September 9, Real Life Application of Arrays An array in programming is a series of objects which are of the same size and type. They allow one to store groups of items of the same data type in memory. These phenomenon can be applied in real life situations. First example is this is […]

Sunshine Lives In Black and White

Sunshine Lives in Black and White Your School Sunshine Lives in Black and White When television first arrived en masse to American households, the family often gathered around the set to watch the news and a few variety shows. The novelty of television was what made it entertaining. As the media advanced, situational comedies and […]


First Last Number: Programming and Culture in Architecture Way MAJOR FUNCTIONS OF THE SITE Guatemalteca Bakery Restaurant, in the form of a site, is surrounded by beautiful environment as well as transportation facilities that prove to be highly conventional for the customers to visit the same. One of the major functions of this site can […]

User Interfaces

As an operator settles on the kind of interface to use they should endeavor to make it easy, enjoyable and efficient.There are three main types of user interfaces including web based interface, which requires for the user to accept the input and provide the output, the command line interface where the user offers inputs by […]

Business Personality of Mark Zuckerberg

He is one of the youngest billionaires within America and indeed the entire world. His wealth has been exponentially increasing since he has hit the nail on the head by launching Facebook – a website that is loved by millions worldwide. Mark Zuckerberg is a success story because he has made things happen, and that […]

Java Programming

import java.awt.BorderLayout.import java.awt.Color.import java.awt.Container.import java.awt.FlowLayout.import java.awt.Font.import java.awt.GridLayout.import java.awt.Window.import java.awt.event.ActionEvent.import java.awt.event.ActionListener.import java.awt.event.WindowAdapter.import java.awt.event.WindowEvent. import javax.swing.JButton.import javax.swing.JDialog.import javax.swing.JFrame.import javax.swing.JLabel.import javax.swing.JMenu.import javax.swing.JMenuBar.import javax.swing.JMenuItem.import javax.swing.JPanel.import javax.swing.JTextArea.import javax.swing.JOptionPane. public class Calculator extends JFrame implements ActionListener{ // Variables final int MAX_INPUT_LENGTH = 20. final int INPUT_MODE = 0. final int RESULT_MODE = 1. final int ERROR_MODE = 2. int displayMode. boolean […]

Analysis of Refactoring

Analysis of RefactoringIt is usual that existing code needs to be maintained–usually to fix bugs or introduce new features. Sometimes, it is not feasible to do this to large programs without restructuring major parts of the code. The existing rode can also have very low readability and be overly and unnecessarily complex, whereby the task […]

The Pros and Cons of Different Scripting Languages

The fundamental challenge of Web page development is that while it is easy to create a Web page, it is more difficult to create an attractive and exciting one.HTML, the markup language that describes the appearance of a page, is easy to learn, and requires no background in programming. HTML has undergone several revisions in […]

United Holidays

It is considerably easy to carry out. DisadvantagesIt is time consumingWritten sources3 b. Discuss the purpose and features of a CASE tool, which could support the development of the required system for United HolidaysPurpose:They enhance software development. They generate codes automatically and also used in normalization. Diagramming tools are used to draw the system models […]

The Point of Making People and Organizations More Accountable

For example, in an international session that looked at accountability across all sectors involved in HIV, including community, government, and UN, a reporter reported that –The movement is now fragmented. There are some new voices but it’s not representative of everyone. And ever since treatment became accessible, the sense of urgency is lost. Many activists […]

Technologies for Business

It is critical to note that the success and failure of such technologies also depend upon the way you project yourself and your company. Normally, small and start-up businesses are largely dependent upon the person who is running the whole show, therefore, the business vision as well as the strategic direction of the company which […]

Advancement Of Structured Information Standards

Grid computing increases the throughput of a networked system. Various heterogeneous but networked resources across administrative boundaries can be modeled into virtual computer architecture for resource sharing. The concept of grid computing is to solve complex computational problems that can not be solved by the limited resources of a single computer or group of computers […]

Media’s Effect on Children

Media’s Effect on Children In an article by Earles, Alexander, Johnson, Liverpool, and McGhee (2002) d "Media influences on children and adolescents: Violence and. sex" the researchers established a strong correlation between violence on television and aggressive behavior. The study was able to elicit aggressive behavior from children after showing them a video in which […]

Spyware and Implementing Network Security

More malicious variants attempt to intercept passwords or credit card numbers as a user enters them into a web form or other application.The scourge of spyware is going to be here for quite a while, simply because the attacker make so much money from it. An attacker can make a dollar or more per month […]

Ethical Hacking

ETHICAL HACKING Ethical Hacking According to Raymond, the term ‘Hacker’ has a dual usage in the computer world. Originally, the term was defined as:HACKER noun 1.A person who enjoys learning the details of computer systems and how to stretch their capabilities-as opposed to most users of computers, who prefer to learn only the minimum amount […]

A Career in Accounting

The stockholders suffered in untold misery because the Enron executives acted maliciously in cohorts with the auditors while the swindled investors of Madoff trusted overly in the financial statements which were twisted and distorted by the accountants of the alleged fraudster. In the international landscape, the recession started in the United States of America. First, […]

Appropriate Advertising

AUDIENCE APPROPRIATE ADVERTISING Lesson 7 October 17, 2006 Audience Appropriate Advertising During any one of the hundreds of PG movies shown on television, there is a risk that nearly naked women with unrealistic bodies will suddenly parade across the TV screen. Advertisers hold their audience fixated with their minimal use of underwear when words begin […]

An Overview of InCar Information Systems

However, these devices, which have little to do with the actual driving of the car, are becoming more and more advanced – presenting many problems for designers and users alike. The permanently increasing complexity of in-car electronics and the rapidly growing amount of sensors, actuators and electronic control units, make the data increasingly more difficult […]

History of Google

Being the gateway to the web for more than hundreds of millions of people globally, Google can utilize using more than 100 languages (Vise, 2006). In fact, its brand has already been officially listed as a verb in the Webster’s Dictionary (Vise, 2006). Indeed, Google is growing faster and bigger than its competitors.Given the success […]

A Linear Programming

In mathematics, linear programming (LP) problems involve the optimization of a linear objective function (i.e., maximize profit or minimize cost) subject to linear equality and inequality contraints. {"Linear Programming." Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia}.Since the problem involves a production and distribution system, use of the Transportation Method in Linear Programming is the best way to solve […]

Wiki Blog and Podcast analysis

Such a transition may require one or more strategies from the following as defined by Ballard (2008):This presentation is pertaining to the feasibility analysis of Wiki, Blogs and Podcasts for Smith Systems Consulting for the purpose of two way interactions with the customers. The paper is presented in the form of feasibility study and proposal […]

Mass Media and Its Role in Society

About 5,000 AM and 5,000 FM stations are broadcasting in local communities as are 1,550 commercial and 350 educational television stations (Hiebert 2001). All citizens are heavily exposed to mass media, but how is this enormous amount of ready information impacting society? Does it influence opinions or reflect society’s thoughts, and feelings? Obviously, mass media […]

The Microsoft trial the Pro an Cons

Microsoft countered that innovation and competition were not unlawful, and that the browser and the operating system were inseparable as the browser was not a separate product but a feature of the operating system. Microsoft purported to demonstrate this in court by showing a video of the sluggish performance and increase in errors that would […]

Remote temperature sensor

Instrumentation and control are a vital part of any feedback automated system. Research and control data must be collected frequently and recorded as soon as it is collected in order to draw conclusive results from it. The results obtained can be used for controlling and monitoring of many industrial applications or may give results towards […]

Importance of Spreadsheet Models in 21st Century

The concept of an electronic spreadsheet was first outlined in the 1961 paper "Budgeting Models and System Simulation" by Richard Mattessich. A spreadsheet program is planned to carry out general computation tasks using spatial relationships rather than time as the primary organizing principle. Many programs designed to perform general computation use timing, the ordering of […]

Violent Culture

Media Violence Adolescent violence has become a major issue in today’s society and "can take many the form of nonphysical (verbal harassment, verbal intimidation, blocking one’s access to escape) and physical (hitting, choking, biting, sexual abuse, use of a weapon, murder, suicide) (Greydanus, 2000-2005)." Violence has lead to deaths in teens ranging from age 15 […]

History of fox news

The Fox News Channel (FNC) is available to a little more than 85 million households in the United States, and even more internationally. The network is based in the U.S. and broadcasts primarily out of its studio in New York City. The Fox News Channel is currently the highest rated cable News Channel. Initially founded […]

System Programming of Tools and Applications

Without a doubt, at the present, operating systems come with a wide variety of tools and applications which&nbsp.have been more and more improved with the passage of time so the need to write scripts to assist in performing tasks and operations on computer systems has been significantly reduced. However, it has not been eliminated. In […]

International Students Problems

Schlossberg Theory of Transition is a model of psychosocial advancement that analyzes life occasions which influence different parts of a singulars life and their societal parts. The individuals’ observation of the move is as critical to see how an individual is influenced by his/her changing life occasions to the extent that the sort, setting, and […]

Distributed system

A distributed system is structured by numerous self-directed computers that communicate throughout a computer network. In addition, the communication systems cooperate with each other to attain a common objective/goal. Moreover, a computer program that executes in a distributed system is acknowledged as a distributed program, and distributed programming is the procedure of writing similar programs […]

My Desire to Enter to Wake Forest University

Since my original application to Wake Forest I have continued to pursue my dream of becoming a CPA by improving my IT skills, increasing my fluency in the English language, and completing prerequisite coursework through my current program at UNCC that has better prepared me for entry into WFU’s MSA program. I am dedicated to […]

The Content of Childrens Programs and Advertisements

It was revealed that the advertisements had significant effects on the children, such as attracting them and altering their behaviour. The controversies emerged due to the fact that advertisements and programs just like all other aspects of the media could impact on children’s eating habits, inflict negative stereotyping, and mislead the potential buyers into buying […]

Information System Development Blog

Physical, Perceptual, and Conceptual Components of a User Interface A perceptual component of user interface refers to series of elements that conforms a visual language. This has however evolved to show information that is stored in computers (Marcin, 2009). This has made it easier for those with little skills in computer to use and work […]

JFK assassination

The sheer emotion and rawness of the coverage appealed to people’s senses that brought the people closer to the news. It was also by no means dismissible that at the heart of the breaking news were America’s affable and media-savvy president and the grief-stricken first family devastated by a tragedy. Overnight, the mostly newspaper-reading and […]

Java technology related to this tool

Lecturer Money Tracker Advantages of Java I would like to begin by pointing out that the most appropriate tool to use while designing a money tracker is java. In the first place, java is a very reliable programming language which can be much suitable for this tool. Unlike other software, java has a fully equipped […]

Experience as the Part of a Team

Reflection Paper For this reflection paper, I will be describing my experience as part of a team that completed the several required tasks in the Introductory Programming and Modeling project, which was concerned with the development of a Use Case diagram and the completion of a simple working version of a system that used Java. […]

Exhibition/Programming Catalogue

In addition to this, the demand market will be given ample information in regard to the films. This will give the themes, plot and setting of the film. As such, the market will be familiar with both the description and information connected to the film. This will reflect the films as products that are known […]

Advertisings Effect on Childrens Nutrition

Research regarding the behavioral outcomes of television advertising found that it is a significant factor in determining the specific items, including food items, children’s requests. Although it was recognized early on that advertising would generate most of the operating revenues for television programming, it wasn’t until the 1960s that advertisers began creating commercials targeted specifically […]

Using Nonlinear Programming and Queuing in Quantitative Decision Making

102500 The subsection on Forecasting has a detailed discussion on forecasting techniques. The subsection on Queuing tackled different queuing systems. The subsections end with the author’s take on how managers can benefit from each model and how the particular methodology addresses actual real-world situations. Managers have the daunting task of making a multitude of decisions […]


Computer Science &amp. Information Technology: Stage 5 The proposed technology aims at improving services offered using technology. The project tends to apply the knowledge, skills and techniques of information technology to achieve the business goal through effective and efficient execution in the organization. This will enable Hometown Deli deliver it best to clients thus provide […]

Discussion Question 2 Week 7

Discussion Question 2 Week 7 Discussion Question 2 Week 7 The product one chose is the custom designed jewelry.The distribution strategy that one will use for this product is the use of the internet. One will market the product by creating a website for the product. Aside from that, pictures of the jewelries will also […]

“Pro &amp

Cons of Social Media" Module Social Media Measurement Describe the social media measurement process. Social media measurement is in its early stages, therefore, it is projected to evolve as time goes by and marketers figure out a way to evaluate the data produced by the social media interactions (Truste Whitepaper 2). The social media measurement […]

Objectives of Promotional Strategy of Plush Karaoke

During my internship at Plush Karaoke, I had a special focus on acquiring knowledge on the different strategies employed for marketing and promotion of services in the organization. To ensure this was effectively understood, I had to partake in the numerous marketing and promotion activities of the organization, among which were advertising, sales promotion, selling, […]

Introducation to computer science assingment

Introduction to computer science Q5. The multi stage programming language enables the programmers to use the mechanism of abstraction such as the modules, functions and the objects. The array of the pointers that are capable of being inter-linked to different structures helps the programmer to avoid having accidental captures as the bound variables are always […]

The Financial Reporting of ITV plc

ITV plc is a company established in the United Kingdom in the communication &amp. media industry. The company has captured and penetrated television market to the tone of becoming UK’s biggest commercial service broadcaster. Broadcasting companies such as ITV are highly dependent on advertising revenues. The company has various digital channels as well as a […]

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller

It looks at the inputs, and either turns its outputs on or off. To be able to work, the PLC first monitors different conditions. Basing on these conditions, an outcome is determined. The next step of PLC operation is the creation of logical rules by use of programmable software which allows for adaptability. The final […]

Technological innovation

Technology and innovation has helped the globalization movement in a lot of ways. One of the aspects in which globalization has benefited a lot from technology is in terms of communication. The telephone allowed people to communicate from long distances. During the last decade there has been a proliferation worldwide of cellular phones as prices […]

The Desire to Be Own Boss

Resume /Interview I was born in the south of Bulgaria, in a small called Smoljan. I am the youngest child in a nuclear family. My education life started in this city, and continued up to the high school level. After high school, I enrolled into Technical University of Gabrovo, taking computer science program. The program […]

Software Quality Assurance

This had been worsened by stiff competition from Vader Aircraft’s Vader XX8 and their yet to be launched Vader XX9 aircrafts. Nonetheless, Maxil has been a model aviation firm, until the recent tragic incident that involved one of their aircrafts, the recently launched Maxil FBW1. This report presents an analysis of the events leading to […]

Graph Theory in Computer Science

&nbsp.The first major application of graph theory to operational research was the theory of network flows developed by Ford and Fulkerson in 1956. Graph theory was motivated by the application of interconnection networks that is in the network topology properties like distance, connectivity, and regularity. Thinking about the applications of graph theory in computer science, […]

Silicon Tehnronics Development

Two of the ethical considerations contained in BCS code of conduct would be identified and discussed, with reference to persons who had violated them.You shall carry out work or study with due care and diligence in accordance with the relevant authority’s requirements, and the interests of system users. If your professional judgment is overruled, you […]

Report on Design Methods and Technology Project

Security nowadays has become complicated due to the increase in criminal activities that have prompted the use of technology in countering them (Angelo 2007). The robots use only the battery and there are obedient to their programming and instructions given to them by the specialized technicians. The robots therefore enable the employment of specialized individuals […]

Artificial Intellengence

Introduction to Computer Literacy-INF 103 Jacqueline Minor Victoria L. Holland 01 of Research Paper: Artificial IntelligenceSince inception mankind has aimed at making life easy and for this purpose it has created and computers to the benefit of human beings. It can also be defined as designing of intelligent agents. This is achieved through programming of […]

Strategic Audit

i. Customers are increasingly looking at Smart Technology, such as one-touch programming for spas and baths. heated, self-cleaning and self-closing toilets. washers and dryers with humidity sensors and steam cycles, which provides an opportunity for Lowe’s to sell product upgrades. ii. China is providing a potential market, as that country has new laws that ease […]

The sucess of women in engineering programs

Upon the arrival to higher education the female students are recruited and enrolled in the engineering field. There are several established mentoring programs that are offered to the female students so that they start well, maintain the interest, maintain a high Grade Point Average (GPA), remain in the engineering field, graduate successfully from their undergraduate […]

The Base of Software Development and WEB

This results in a program that is fast in its responses and free of errors. Also, a Unified Modeling Language (UML) will be used to study use requirements in the system and identify possible cases for users at various levels. Use Case diagrams in UML will allow us to establish behavioral patterns for the users […]

A New Housing Development in the North Essex

A different types of property mix found in these areas, whether the property infrastructure differs between these areas, the cost comparison of different properties in these areas and any interesting aspect near these areas that can add value to the aforesaid property and finally what are the issues how the total pricing of a property […]

Working with Budgets

Budgets Budgets There are a number of budgets that an organization may adopt in planning for its future activities as well as for monitoring performance and evaluation of different areas within the organization. Myself, for instance, work with different types of budgets for planning and monitoring activities within the organization. The first budget I work […]

Letter of Intent

Your full full October 04, Letter of Intent Please write here I am a software engineer pursuing my master’s degree in the field of computer science. I want to apply for the university’s full summer work program because I want to get some international work experience that will help me gain success in my professional […]

Evaluate a research source

Evaluating a Source Current studies have substantiated the assumption that building meaningful teacher-student relationship will facilitate English instruction and learning. Robert Jimenez and Brian Rose are one of those researchers who support such assumption. In their 2010 article Knowing How to Know: Building Meaningful Relationships through Instruction That Meets the Needs of Students Learning English […]

Psychological Stress and Depression and its Treatment

Students with emotional disturbance frequently require services from counseling that apply different eligibility criteria. The teenagers of the age of David are quite diverse in terms of their needs and strengths. The students present with a complex range of disabilities, from conduct disorder to schizophrenia.Counseling centers in the school campuses endeavor to support the personal […]

MySQL program

MySQL program Executive Summary This is a discussion paper that analyzes the importance of MySQL progam in an organization. To discuss the paper strategic role of the system to a company, business needs driving the need of the system and the information used in the system are analyzed. IntroductionA database system is a kind of […]

Programming the technology

The availability of customers’ information at numerous sources initiated concerns about its privacy. Customers began to worry about the theft of their information and also about its usage for different purposes. There are many sources of data from where the security breach may initiate and privacy of the individual may be threatened. Kahn (2010) stated […]

this is a python programming

I Have Your answer to this problem in thequot;Millen. pyquot; like !`Recall that amp; Python list can contain any type of element , even another list. As a result, we can have list of lists, licks of listsof lists , and so on . with ever- increasing levels of nesting . This problem intends to […]


1. Happy Dog Inc. produces three types of dog food. PuppyBlend is produced for dogs that are less than a year old,Adult Blend for dogs between 1 and 8 years old, andGeriatric Blend for dogs older than 8 years. Each blend,sold in 5-pound bags, has a unique recipe that requires,among other ingredients, exact quantities of […]

Describe how

catching exceptions can help with file errors. Write three Question Describe how catching exceptions can help with file errors. Write three Python examples that actually generate file errors on your computer and catch the errors with try: except: blocks. Include the code and output for each example in your post. Describe how you might deal […]

Need help with that lab java programming Need help

Task 1 . Define an elegant classDesign an elegant class for pupils who are goodat arithmetic operations , such as additionsubtraction multiplication , and division . Thedata type of operands may be integer or float .For example , the add methods can be defined asfollowing . They are overloading methodspuPUblic int add intox into the […]

Python Question on the following Inputs

Item Name Item Cost Life itemName= input(quot;Enter the name of item purchased: quot;)yrPurch = int(input(quot;Enter the year purchased: quot; ))estCost = float(input(quot;Enter cost of item: quot;))estLife =… Python Programming