Paradise Lost in Context

The first part is the status of England during the 17th century. The second part is a brief biography and the early works of John Milton. The third part consists of an overview and a plot summary of Paradise Lost. The fourth part is a brief comparison of Paradise Lost from Genesis chapters one to […]

In Support of the Death Penalty

The death penalty creates a balance between the offender and the victim, his life forfeited to insinuate the balance between his crime and his punishment.The global community does not have political support for the death penalty with very few states using this form of punishment. However, the United States has a strong support of the […]

Teen Court Program in Teenage Rehabilitation

Teen courts have attempted to resolve this problem in recent years. Originally established as a means for teens to try teens, it has evolved into a compassionate system that believes teens should be given a second chance. Based on a philosophy of restorative justice and rehabilitation, it offers the teen an opportunity to reflect on […]

Issac Newton

There are, however, many facets to this man’s life, other than being a scientist, that are worthy to know. Perhaps that is what truly causes mankind to label an individual the greatest. Possessing not only scientific prowess but also religious and philosophical ponderings, Newton is still a focus of conversation in academic and theological circles […]

Civil society

Locke however, believes that rights and obligations are the main propellant of problems that civil society faces while working under a given government. Moreover, Locke provided wide analysis on the state of nature in his second treatise which had an impact on the civil government. His work was written in the year 1680, the time […]

Apologists and the History of Apologetics

This line of thinking treads on dangerous ground, reviving an old argument which debates whether or not there can be absolute or universal truths outside the revelation of the Christian scriptures. The point of Augustine’s whole treatise De Doctrina Christiana, for example, was to remind Christians that the knowledge and eloquence of the classical poets […]

Third Wave Feminism and Sexuality

Women were made to realize that they should not accept being inferior to men and exist only for men’s pleasure and convenience. They should nurture their self-worth and realize that they, too, have to meet their own need for validation as respectable human beings (Dicker amp. Piepmeier 32). All three waves of feminism share the […]

Daoism Growth of a Religion

Quest of Western materialism for peace has also provided Daoism with the opportunity for huge appreciation as a philosophical discipline. According to Eva Wong Many people will experience, at least once in their lifetime, the urge to venture beyond the everyday world of the mundane into the world of spirit. These journeys into the spiritual […]

Mercantlism and capitalism

Mercantilism and Capitalism Q1: Both capitalism and mercantilism are economic systems whose make focus are on making profits though they differ in wealth accumulation. Capitalism philosophy stresses on the importance of wealth creation as a tool for pursuing a nation’s economic growth (Degen 13). On the contrary, mercantilism philosophy emphasizes on wealth accumulation and believes […]

Private Language in The Philosophy of Wittgenstein

In the Tractatus Wittgenstein argued that there is much deeper connection between words and the world than that the mere notion that words stand for things. Wittgenstein saw a structural similarity between language and the world, so that the structure of reality could actually be read off the structure of language. The notion of correspondence, […]

Fords Control Mechanisms

About one hundred years ago, demand could be easily matched to supply particularly in the rural agricultural areas, and the existence of production and consumption was in a closed loop supply chain, therefore, goods were predominantly manufactured and used as required.The just-in-time approach to manufacturing adopted by Ford presents a return to this form of […]

Portfolio of Coaching Profession

Coaching philosophy covers one’s purpose as a coach and how he will approach player development and winning. One’s coaching philosophy is made up of the primary objectives, beliefs, and principles that one adhere to in order to achieve his goals. (Barbour, 2011, p. 203)One’s coaching philosophy will guide him on how to behave as a […]

Annotation / Tao Te Ching / Lao Tzu

Annotation: Lao Tzu- Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu is one of the greatest Chinese philosophers who lived in the 6th century B.C, although this has been subject for debate in modern philosophy. He is known to have authored many poems, which today, comprise of the great book known as Tao Te Ching. a collection of […]

Developing Thinking Skills

Research exists to support these advantages. Oxford-based SAPERE, which conducted the Philosophy for Children™ programme in schools of Clackmannanshire, reported (Topping 2005) an average 6-point increase in cognitive abilities among all students. increased level of classroom participation. increased display of reasoning skills among students. an increase in communication skills. Two years after the programme, the […]

Letter to the ceo

The Chief Executive Officer Chief Information Officer Benefits of CMM Approach CMM or Capability Maturity Model describes the overall process involving the practices of software process maturity. Basically developed to refine the process of software development within the organizations, CMM model follow the basic philosophy of improving the software development process in order to achieve […]

The End of Public Culture by Richard Sennett

l personage who offers them his intentions, his sentiments, rather than his acts, for their consumption. (1977: p 261) He also emphasises on the nature of and needs for the intimate relationships among the individuals by making a comparison of present-day intimate socio-cultural relations with those of the past. The writer vehemently sustains the very […]

Bowen Family Systems Therapy

Unlike normal family development, in which families learn to differentiate parts of them when interacting on an emotional level and set healthy boundaries, enmeshed families become overly involved with each other, increasing the chances of anxiety and conflict. Lack of differentiation occurs due to the inability to separate their emotions from their reactions. What they […]

Athnasius On the incarnation

…………… Commentary: Athnasius, On the incarnation This article seems to be written more to refute the philosophy of the incarnation’s ideals than to describe the incarnation’s doctrine. God made the world from the pre-existent matter. Man started worshipping idols instead of the true Creator. God sent men from His side to spread truth and awareness […]

The Philosophy of Pastoral Work

The basis directs the thesis that the church as an organization evolution today is deviating from the core purpose and failing as the expectation of Christ would be2. The organization structures, the leadership and pastors’ role in the church, in addition to the family involvements, and challenges in the ministry are causes to the deviation […]

Describing Hulga

of the of the The Hulga holds no meaning and the only reason why Joy chooses it is becauseit sounds ugly. The name itself is symbolic to Joy’s character. Just like she has a weak body and heart, similarly she possesses an ugly soul. She holds no compassion for anyone including her mother towards whom […]

Communication and motivation skills related to coaching

In the ordinary and natural sense or aspect, visionary and pragmatic leaders play a vital role in the aspect and sphere of coaching. This is to since they ought to be alive to the fact that the direct outcome of the coaching process would be dependent on the ability of the leaders or the coach […]

How Pulp Fiction can be read as postmodern

The term post-modernist, often used to refer to art and architecture, was applied to this film, and there was even a new word made specially to reflect this, namely pulpmodernist.1 The phrase pulp fiction refers to popular novels which are bought in large numbers by less well educated people and enjoyed for their entertainment value. […]

My Education Philosophy

A ment describing your background, observational experience, reasons for wanting to be a teacher, and your educational philosophy. Be sure to also note any special interests or competencies you may possess.My zeal to implement to understand the true essence of harnessing the growth of students has been always the catalyst towards my dream to become […]

Compare and Contrast Religion

Christian Theism is the classical Christian philosophy of 17th century. The word theism is derived from the Greek word theos which means God. The word was first used in this context by Mr. Ralph Cudworth in the 17th Century. Literally speaking, Christian Theism is, in fact, propagation of Monotheism which means that there is only […]

Sofia Petrovna by Lydia Chukovskaya

Sofia Petrovna Critical Reading The key question that the addresses is the necessity and importance of women to carry out socially useful work (Chukovskaya, 87). The circumstances within the life of Sofia Petrovna brought to life the Russian mindset reality during the Stalin purges. According to the author, the character of Sofia is demonstrated to […]

PHL #6

Theory of the Mind Unit Aristotle was a Greek philosopher born in Macedon but spent most ofhis life. His philosophy was mostly based on the concept of the mind. Such writing was contained in his literary works known as the ‘De anima’ which focused on the issues of the soul. He also included in most […]

Matrix and Descartes’s Conclusions about the Dreaming

The movie The Matrix depicts a future, whereby, most humans see reality as a simulated reality made by sentient machines to subdue and pacify the population of humans (Spencer and Tani 07). Energy is produced by heat from their bodies and electrical activities are used to produce energy.When Neo, A computer programmer, learns this, he […]

Management Challenges for Social Enterprises

From the point of view of asset management, a social enterprise can increase the overall diversification of the portfolio while, at the same time, add more ethical trading and investing philosophy into the overall portfolio management also. It is believed that portfolio managers may have only to invest in the commercial entities to generate more […]

Aircraft Maintenance Control

One of the key roles of maintenance controllers includes setting departmental goals and developing effective strategies to meet those goals. Aircraft maintenance and aeronautical repair are the two major functions of aviation maintenance controllers and these tasks are necessary to ensure the unit’s readiness to perform its mission. Another key function of maintenance controllers is […]

Why did Kofi Annan title his memoir Interventions

Kofi Annan d his book interventions for many reasons. First and foremost, the interventions called for social reform that plagued humanity underhis vision. Interventions was to root out the corruption that plagued his society. Additionally, interventions is to truly facilitate the cause of human rights in this pluralistic society. The main debate is to Anan […]

University of San Francisco Application

My life principle is based on the belief that our purpose as human beings is to improve the quality and add value to the lives of other people and the environment. Since I was a child, my parents brought me up in a catholic home and endeavored to instill Christian teachings in me so I […]

The Four Methods in Lincoln Electric

Secondly, it was the Ramp.D efforts of its founders and its proactive stance that made it a success over its competitors, even though it had shared technology during the Second World War for the benefit of the USA. The company setup was planned and organized with very few levels of management. Workers had a right […]

Confucian elements

Confucian Elements Confucian is a principled and philosophical system developed from the teachings of the Chinese philosophernamed Confucian. The elements of both ethical and philosophy acquired from the Confucian are regarded as Confucian elements. These elements comprise of moral, political and social aspects that influence history besides culture of respective individuals, for instance, those from […]

The Founding and the Constitution

1. Article V of the Constitution of the United s defines the procedure for altering the document’s contents, primarily consisting of the proposal of an amendment followed by its ratification. Two ways of proposing amendments are described in Article V, the first being the normal procedures of any lawmaking in the legislative branch. In this […]

Evil in St Augustine’s Confessions

He proposed many interesting arguments. This theme was important for Augustine as he was very sinful until realized the essence of God and religion. His theory is very valuable as it serves as the basis for Christian knowledge. However, as every theory, the ideas of Augustine is not fully accepted and actively criticized.The presence of […]

Media Culture and Modernity

And, there is a proportion among filmmakers who bring these situations and incidents into a cinematic form, replicating exactly or using a fictionalized version of the real life happenings. These attempts by the filmmaker to ‘picturize’ the real life happenings, always comes loaded with fetes and critics.More than fetes, these attempts to create real life […]

FedEx Corporation

The company realizes the importance of impeccable customer service and has tried to satisfy the needs of its customers in a superior manner. FedEx had, in collaboration with Motorola, developed pocket PC for couriers to enhance customer service (Editors, 2002) FedEx also has a foolproof complaint management system where consumer complaints are speedily handled. Organization […]

Tyler Durden

His ability to recall murky information about his past experiences depicts the sharpness of his mind. The examples of his ingenuity are numerous, like for instance The Paper Street Soap Company. It was a project which he initiated, in which soaps were manufacture in a rather unusual way. The soap was made from human fat […]

Personal though

1. There are different ways through which children learn including observing, positive models, play, suggestions as well as they learn from peers. Since children are considered as one of the best observers, it is often suggested that the best way children actually learn is through observation and watching others. My role as a teacher therefore […]

What are the limit of your Knowledge

The Limits of My Knowledge Many of our beliefs are rooted in faith. When we were young, we usually believe what grownups tell us. In earlier times, especially during the time of our great philosophers, most people believe that reality is about God. Nowadays, these beliefs are starting to erode. Today, many are what we […]

Anishinaabe People

The people could shelter these women and their children but they did not have similar positions with children born with Anishinaabe fathers in the society. Doodem which is their word for clan was borrowed from the English word totem. The clans which are mostly based on animals are very instrumental in conventional occupations, marriages and […]

What is the relation between reason and ethics

Relationship between Reason and Ethics Many philosophers have been making attempts of developing arguments that link reason to ethics. Therefore, each of the philosophers has developed a form of relationship of the linkage between reason and its effects on ethical values. Reason denotes the act of making a rational judgment while ethics refers to the […]

What is the relationship between philosophy and the good life

Relationship between Philosophy and Good Life In order to understand the relationship between philosophy and good life, one must know what philosophyis and also what constitutes a good life. Philosophy is a Greek word which means ‘the love of wisdom.’ It can be defined as the pursuit of a meaningful life. Since a meaningful life […]

It Is A Study That Reflects Human Life Culture Trends And Ideas Of The Time As Well As It’S Relation To Our Life Today

major Western Philosophers from the early Greek thinkers to the famous philosophers of modern times, with Question the major Western Philosophers from the early Greek thinkers to the famous philosophers of modern times, with an emphasis on their attempt to answer the BIG, seemingly unanswerable questions humans have asked since the beginning of time — […]

The Transcendentalism

There was a resurgence of the Idealist Movement at the turn of the 19th century that took the name Transcendentalist Movement. During the first half of the 1800s, the Transcendentalist Movement unveiled its new name and has persisted, in some form, as one of the most important spiritual movements in the history of the United […]

Eddington and Everyday Experience

Often though it is something that is lacking a foundational source, the idea, ‘it is there because it is’ often falls into place, especially in a philosophical sense. For example Arthur Eddington’s interpretation of the existence of the world is a key interpretation of this type of thinking. In his following statement it is obvious […]

Community Counseling

An important aspect of modern counseling philosophy is that the clients remain in control of their own treatment program. This is a recognition of the importance of cooperation in the counseling relationship and gives the client a sense of responsibility in there own lives. This freedom of choice for the client increases their stake in […]

How writing influences and changes a society

Many literature analysts believe that while looking at only one dimension of writing interchanges, educational, institutional, professional, and social settings limits the potentiality of writing discourse and the means through which writing enters into the dynamic unfolding of situations and events. To understand various modes in which writing possess an influence on our minds, we […]

Person Centered Counseling

His professional struggle against orthodox psychiatry has reminded a scholar of Martin Luther’s stand against the catholic church. Roger’s person centered approach (to psychotherapy. to education. to small encounter groups. and to larger groups assembled for the purpose of improving transitional understanding, exploring intergroup conflicts, and learning the nature of culture and its formation) has […]

Trust A Necessary Compromise Between Vulnerability and Security

Thesis ment Trust is a necessary exercise in learning to balance personal vulnerability with personal security. Outline I. Operational definitiona. trust is the acceptance of one’s vulnerabilityb. trust is the acceptance of another’s powerII. What is trust likea. trust is like an open doorb. trust is like money III. What is not trusta. trust is […]


There are five ecopsychological principles that guide the practice of DreamTending:Dream images do not correspond only to the neurotic structures of the past, but they are also positioned in our personal and collective human experiences (Aizenstat, 2007). The strange, horrific and beautiful visitors at night Aizenstat (2007) calls beings of the world dreaming. Each of […]

Relationship Marketing and Customer Service

The trends and developments in the market put strong pressure on companies and put into spotlight relationship marketing. Relationship marketing is an idea which dates back as far as the 1960s evolving from direct response marketing during the period. Its re-emergence in the 1980s is prompted by the initial research done by Leonard Berry and […]

Flannery O Connor Stories

In the end, both are faced with realization and a costly price to pay, and that is the lives of those around them (Cook).In the grandmother’s confrontation with the Misfit, she insisted in the hope and belief that a good man must come from nice people (qtd. in O’Connor). Later, she learns that reality and […]

Moral and Ethics in Philosophy

The mind-body problem according to Descartes the human bodies were likened to machinery that worked on their own rules taking no lead from anything else. This he explained giving an example of the involuntary actions that make the body get into action. He pointed out the reflex action of a human being could not have […]

Human Resource Management in the Hotel Industry

The more surprising aspect is that the service industries like for e.g. hotels depend much more than manufacturing industries on their human capital for the quality of service being delivered by the intangible interface between the staff (the service provider) and the customer. The reason for this could be that the ‘services sector’ is not […]

Philosophy of Leadership in Schools

The concept of leadership in a school requires the principal (administrator) to be able to improve the students’ performance and introduce various positive changes into the schooling system. All in all, the school’s administrator should manage the school in a way that ensures its survival and development.All the actions and risks of a school administrator […]

Simone de Beauvoir

Running Head: SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR, THE SECOND SEX Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex Simone de Beauvoir was one of the greatest French existentialists, philosophers and writers of last century. She was born on January 9, 1908 in Paris to Georges Bertrand de Beauvoir and Franoise (ne) Brasseur. Simone de Beauvoir was one of few […]

Analysis of Multinational Computer Technology Corporation Microsoft

Microsoft has a very friendly and supporting approach in the routine ways that staff at the company behave towards each other, and towards those outside the company that can make up the ways people do things. The control systems and measurements are constantly under the management review to monitor the efficiency of the staff and […]

Hospitality Service Management

Innovation is the key focus to excel in this industry. Utilizing service management for proper handling and delivery of services is the aspect which the services industry must set a priority in their areas of concern for promotion and company’s growth – including industries in health care, caterers, manufacturers and suppliers, tourism and financial services. […]

Organizational Behavior WalMart

Structures and systems should not merely be consistent with each other, but also consistent with the environmental context in which the company operates and the corporate strategy in the international environment. Wal-Mart stores are committed to EDLP (every day low prices) strategy, thus becoming a cost-, and efficiency leader among international retailers (Hitt et al, […]

Philosophy Token vs Dualism or New Theory

In recognition of the mental states in relation to the brain, the Token Theory of mind upholds the analogy of realizations and supposes that the individual thought is identical with the individual brain state in which it corresponds. This philosophy reasoned that if mental states is a cacophony of thought processes then most likely it […]

Fuel Price Increase in US

The thrust at accomplishing set goals in pursuing the ‘green world’ philosophy and theory much based on the need to curtail the towering global climate upheavals has seen the emphasised shift in policy in various industry and agriculture fronts. The soaring fuel prices owing to the volatility of the oil prices have spurred government and […]

College Education

Please your reasons for transferring to Penn. If this is not your first change in colleges, explain your reasons for the previous transfer. An evaluation of your college education to date and why your educational goals may be better served at Penn should be addressed. If you have not been enrolled in school continuously since […]

Letter from Mahavira

By enduring all sorts of calamities, I was given this name Mahavira, which means great hero or brave and courageous.You have to learn how to conquer your desires and feelings, not be conquered by them. The only way to liberate yourself from all the pain is learning about the right faith (samyak-darshana), right knowledge (samyak-jnana), […]

Murphy’s Philosophy of Life in the Light of Existentialism

In the novel, Beckett portrays Murphy’s desire to move from the self to madness, to escape the reality and the world around him. At stake here is an experiment, one in which Murphy attempts to enter self-consciously into a state of madness. In terms of existentialism, Murphy creates his life and his happiness. Beckett creates […]


FREEMASONRY AND THE BREAD AND WINE AS SYMBOLS Many people have so long wondered about the existence of freemasonry. But to formally define freemasonry, we can in short define it as free workers like free gardeners or free fishers and so on. But the word in itself can be just defined as workers. We should […]

Habermas Political Philosophy

The Habaermas discourse ethics theory attempts to elucidate the inference of communicative rationality in the light of moral basics and normative validation. This is an extremely intricate effort for theoretically formulating the fundamentals given by Kant’s deontological ethics particularly in terms of break-up of communicative structures. In other words it attempts to explain the universal […]

Romantic art movement and Science

During this movement, reactions leveled against the philosophy of enlightenment increased. This philosophy established its grounds on coherent thinking, pragmatic evidence, and science in general. Romantics revolutionized the ideas of science by admitting that reason and rational thinking was not enough to establish certain ideologies about life and its great mysteries . Some of these […]

Review on Two Paintings of Monet

The House seen from the Roses Garden The House seen from the Roses Garden Claude Monet was among the founders of French Impressionist paintings. He was an active part of the Impressionist movement and applied its philosophy of depicting one’s views of nature in his landscape paintings. In fact, the term Impressionism originated from Monet’s […]

Un Chien Andalou by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel

The purpose of paper Un Chien Andalou by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel is to investigate how the corresponding philosophical position of postmodernism influences the aesthetic values of the work of art, the film Un Chien Andalou. Surrealism, which is a part of the philosophy of postmodernism is defined as psychic automatism in its pure […]

The Determinism and Freedom Philosophy

This paper illustrates that the first group of philosopher does not know what the thesis of determinism is. So, the first group is quite clear in its mind on the issue and does not wish to venture any further. The second group of philosophers is divided in its opinion. So, this group is divided into […]

Personal Values and Motivation

My personal philosophy towards work always remained focus on the aspect of achieving the superior performance while at the same time managing highest ethical standards to work. This means that what motivated me most is not just the monetary reward the job offers but also as to how the job will actually help me to […]

Community Policing and Problem Solving

Reactive policing is essentially police work which takes place after a crime has taken place: investigative work, building a case, targetting a suspect, arrest and eventually court. Pro-active policing focuses more strategically on preventative strategies which include a community focus. Yet, defining community-oriented policing may be perceived as more of a philosophy than an approach […]

The Philosophy of Epicurus

The essay The Philosophy of Epicurus discusses the Epicurus’s thoughts regarding the capability of everyone for seeking wisdom, the happiness to be the ultimate objective of studying philosophy and concerning religion.At the beginning of the first paragraph of his Letter to Menoeceus, Epicurus says that everyone either young or old should study philosophy because it […]

Key Consumer Psychology &amp

Buying BehaviorThis essay stresses that marketers view each consumer as a single decision-making unit. They collect information relating to a product or service from various sources and through various dimensions analyze it. The decision resulting from their analysis is the buying or rejection of the product. Marketers look to understand the types of stimulating information […]

Childrens and Families Social Care

The local authority has the responsibility to facilitate the upbringing of needy children within families by providing a wide range of services to satisfy children’s needs.There are several principles that strengthen the act and are listed in the third part of the act. First, it is the responsibility of the state through local authorities to […]

Biography of the Jesuit Saint Francis Xavier

In accordance to the Spanish tradition of the moment, which kept the family name of either parent optional with kids, he was named after his own mother. the most excellent authorities inscribe Francisco de Xavier (Latin Xaverius) instead of Francisco Xavier, as Xavier was initially used as a name of a place. In 1524 he […]

Philosophy of Time

On the other hand, Isaac Newton defined a number of significant ideas including that of time. Even though he understood that clocks were imperfect and measuring time was subjected to human fault, he believed that absolute time was comparable to a worldwide, supreme God-like time, one similar to everyone, in all places. people would experience […]

Plato St Thomas Descartes

The aim of this paper is to critically differentiate between the concepts of human person by Plato, St. Thomas and Rene Descartes. Plato believed that human person is basically a soul because it’s the most strongest of all and remains immortal. This clearly creates the relationship of mind and body to be of significance of […]

About the provided story

All these family excursions were great, but I had always wanted to visit California – Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, San Francisco…Alcatraz! I just don’t know that I was ready to completely move there. When I began at the school I struggled to meet new people and find my way within the school structure. I was convinced […]

The Subordinate Role of Reason in Hume’s Moral Philosophy

Hume thought that what we perceive become images, and these images or pictures of reality are manipulated by reason. But, there is no manipulating these perceptions without the prior perceptions or sensations first: I shall endeavor to prove first, that reason alone can never be a motive to an action of the will. and secondly, […]

Nursing Leadership Styles And Management

Nursing leadership styles and management In the world of nursing, leadership capability is a must in order to keep everything tight, efficient and prepared, especially when emergency response is needed and necessary. Since the job of a nurse is to care for or take care of people, this is tenfold the pressure and responsibility for […]

Internet Culture Is a Good Thing for Pop Culture

These communications are either formal, informal or for purposes of entertainment. Although internet use is yet to hit all countries in the world, it registers significant influence on many modes of lifestyle either directly or indirectly. Indeed, internet use has no age restrictions, is largely accessible, is authoritative, and comes at a reasonable price. Internet […]

Alexander The Great

The reason for the choice of Alexander the great is the success that he achieved during his reign which in incomparably to any other king in the ancient history, he is also considered a genius of all the time in military because he was able to conquer the Persian empire which was the strongest empire […]

Defending Descarter’s Cogito Ergo Sum

Hence, we should, I think, recognize that it is possible, to a certain extent, to think of things, which certainly do not have a physical form. The justification for my argument is grounded mainly on Descartes’s Meditations. He decisively focused on the argument, as seen in the beginning of Meditations on First Philosophy, confidently carved […]

Classical Era Reflection

The major theorists of scientific (management) perspective believed there is one best way to do everything – and that is the most efficient way Those theorists believed they could determine that method via whatever means they were using or purported was the best method to study the task. Those theorists of the scientific perspective discussed […]

Selfreflective report

The abundance of advice on management techniques, approaches to business and organizational leadership, and even instruction manuals for achieving personal and business success implies that there are no immediate, quick-fix solutions to ensure that the individual becomes a successful, effective manager. New, radical, exciting approaches are published on a regular basis, and it is difficult […]

Silentos Criticism

Answers In the present age, philosophers tend not to stop with faith and instead keep moving further. The audience assumes that the philosophers do have faith, and thus, allow them to go on their track. It was not so in the time of Descartes. In olden times, faith like doubt was understood as a skills […]

MBTI Analysis

For instance, extraversion versus intraversion determines the level to which a person is predicted to be more social or withdrawn. Each of these traits have an opposite personality trait and the strength of each is determined by a higher score for each type on the MBTI. RESULTS OF MBTI The results of the MBTI indicated […]

Humanities/ Sociology

Adler as a perrennialist believed that it is vital to educate young people in things that would be important in the long-term to everyone, everywhere (Adler, 69). It was Adler’s belief that it is these important topics that improve a person to become a better version of them and this vital topic is philosophy. Philosophy, […]

Equity as a Framework of Law History of Equity Jurisprudence

The author provides an intensive discussion of equity by placing the law within the wider context of the changes it has gone through throughout history. This book compares equity and modern law, which is relevant to this discussion, especially in considering the various conflicts, which are present. Dixon M, Contemporary Perspectives on Property, Equity, and […]

Booker T Washington and Education

For instance, Washington accepted segregation of the races, his outward humility, and his opposition to black militancy (Rutkoff and Scott). For this reason, many black intellectuals from Washington’s time were shy about placing him as the spokesperson for the struggle for social recognition. Regardless, Washington’s thoughts on education have remained within the public’s consideration for […]

Rene Descartes in Philosophy

The book contains six different meditations and opens with Descartes discarding away all information and knowledge he had ever known before. This laid ground for him to begin a new search for knowledge and wisdom. The distinction between mind and body and the existence of other material things is the last piece of meditation in […]

Globalization The Eclectic Paradigm and WTO Governance Likelihood

One of the primary aspects of how globalization impacts international business is the inter-dependency of international trade. Whereby historically economies were limited to geographical boundaries, having economic systems wholly contained within a national infrastructure, today with the presence of global product trade, it is altering the global economy. For instance, this can be witnessed in […]

The Defeat in Vietnam Showed the Limits to American Power

A product of justifications stemming from the Cold War, anti-communism sentiments, Vietnam became the benchmark by which American military limitations can be measured. Following the American victory over Japan in 1945, the U.S. and the Soviet Union became engaged in a battle over political ideology and power that played out on a worldwide scale, the […]


For instance, Immanuel Kant is opposed and condemned on the basis of his notion that only humans serve as the object of honor. The critics argue that Kant does not present anything in favor of displaying kindness towards animals, nor does he condemns exercising butcheries on the creature that is unable to speak or deliver […]

Becoming a Subject of Truth

Becoming a of Truth There have been wide explanations to the of truth and its meaning. Many philosophers have devised theories with an aim of explaining this topic. Ideally, philosophers have disagreed on very fundamental aspects of human life and their beliefs. However, there is no universal definition of truth and its meaning. In evaluating, […]

Literature Paper choose 1 from 1)Daoism and Confucianism in Writing 2)Confucianism in Cultural Studies 3) Traditional China (4) Yingying and Decima

His writings deal primarily with individual morality and ethics, and the proper exercise of political power by the rulers.Confucianism is a philosophy of living rather than a religion and may guide ones life while one practices other religions without contradiction. Confucius was a Chinese scholar and statesman who lived over 2000 years ago. He established […]

Platos detailed description

Response paper about Plato’s detailed of how it should be decided who will rule. To adequately respond about who should rule and have political power according to Plato’s perspective, it would be necessary to recall his philosophy about meritocracy and leaders in his celebrated work The Republic. In the book, Plato outlined who, what and […]

International Ethics

International Ethics Three of the important issues faced by the current international community according to me are humantrafficking, torture and illegal immigration. Human trafficking is the trade in humans for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or for extraction of body organs (Scarpa, 28). This is one of the major ethical dilemmas of the […]

Existentialism According to Two Philosophers

&nbsp.The reader realizes immediately that what is important about this character is not his actions, so much as his thoughts. Actions – if any – are the result of a decision, a choice. Even when he hands ‘the prisoner’ a glass of tea, or takes a pot of ink from a drawer, Daru does so […]

The Critical Success Factors to Send an Appropriate Marketing Message

Consumers over the age of 50 comprise a significant portion of today’s total national consumer count, between approximately 12.2 and 18.2 percent of the population in the United Kingdom and the United States (Henslin, 2003). These percentages are projected to grow dramatically as more consumers approach the age of 50, and while older consumers are […]

The Stoics believed that it was important that one’s emotional state not be impacted by one’s circumstances whether they be good or bad Why did they feel this way What is a possible benefit of living this way What is a potential pitfall

Your full full September 25, Philosophy – Emotional Stoicism is an ancient school of philosophy the roots of which date back to the 3rd century BC. The believers of this school of philosophy believed that it is important that ones emotional state should not be influenced by his/her circumstances regardless of the nature of those […]

Ideology and Social Movement in China

This interrelationship is of great significance in the development of Chinese culture, social movement and modernization. Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to investigate what happens to ideas and ideologies when they are transplanted to settings other than their own original time and context. The main focus will be on Confucianism applied to […]

Discourse Community Analysis

The language used in neighborhoods is quite different from other discourse communities. The neighborhood community which I am going to discuss here is of my childhood which brings back my thoughts about how I developed as a mature individual. It was through our usage of language that people knew as to which neighborhood we belonged […]

Influence of HK movies

Therefore, it should be claimed that Hong Kong movie genres has combined centennial values of Chinese nation and transferred them to the contemporaries in an “easy-going” and comprehensible manner. Key words: kung fu movie, gangster movie, comedy/action comedy movie. Introduction Hong Kong cinematograph is often compared and contrasted to Hollywood cinematograph. Still, there is a […]

Growing into an online business shoes online shop

The online store will have the option to expand as needed to various regions without adding in extra prices with brand name shoes. This alternative will assist in changing the available fashion for shoes that are within the region. Business Philosophy The philosophy of “If the Shoe Fits” will be to provide high quality shoes […]

Global Humanitarian Assistance of UAE

Abu Dhabi serves as the capital of the United Arab Emirates thus making it the center of the state’s political, industrial and cultural activities. In terms of governance, the United Arab Emirates is a Federal Monarchy while its political system draws its formation from the state’s constitution of 1971, which consists of several intricately related […]

Utopian literature through the time of World War II

This research will begin with the definition of utopia, by the very sense of the word, is the fantasy of a non-existent society and it could not have crept into literature as far it did without the help of its pivotal device called ‘science fiction’, which, in the words of Darko Suvin, is characterized by […]

Chinese Intellectual History

The thinkers had developed their thoughts by using their individual philosophy. They suggested their own ideas about the military, political as well as economic policies to make a single ideal monarchy. They inferred that a strong centralized ruling system can only solve the prevailing problem in the country. This will end the continuous war among […]

Ethical Manuscript

10 2500 Nursing care is given to people in all health care surroundings. Increasing difficulties and rapid changes in health care arises the need to develop patient care, technical advances, revolutionize the practice of nursing and so on. Nursing theories do not give direction on how to care for the adults and elderly, or on […]

Sun Yat Sen and Democracy in China

With these ideas in mind Sun set out with the task of materializing his ideas of establishing democracy in China. Commonly recognised as the “Father of Modern China” Sun was successful in neutralizing the power of the Qing dynasty and was elected as the President of the Republic of China and later became the forerunner […]

Impact of Financial Meltdown on Luxury Fashion Goods Market

. 17 4. Research Methodology…………………………………… 17-18 4.1 Research Philosophy………………………………….. 18-19 4.2 Data Collection……………………………………….. 19-20 4.3 Credibility and Verification…………………………… 20-21 5. Findings and Analysis…………………………………….. 22 5.1 Case Study……………………………………………… 22-23 5.1.1 Global Recession and Luxury Market…………… 24 5.1.2 Philip Rocou and his Strategies………………….. 25 5.2 Primary Research on Luxury Goods………………….. 26.-32 5.3 Primary Research on Online Selling […]


From the case, eco-feminism is displayed from the protests of the women who pushed the government into reconsidering their lagging policies. Ecofeminism, generally, uses similarities between the oppression of women and that of the natural world in analyzing ecological issues. Ecofeminism advocates for a fundamental shift, from the constructions of the dominant groupings within the […]

Feminism and Femininity over lifespan

14 3500 This paper focuses on the notion of feminism and femininity over lifespan in its core. In the initial stage highlight is made on the different aspects of feminism and a brief discussion about femininity. Then the paper shifts its focus on the theories developed by two eminent psychologists Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud […]

Business entities

The former is considered to be a prescriptive approach, and the latter an explanatory, descriptive, or predictive approach. Normative business ethics is the domain of philosophers and theologians, while empirical business ethics is considered to be the domain of management consultants and business school professors. Scholars who represent these different domains are said to be […]

Big Fish

Lecturer Big Fish – Series of Paragraph Topics Question Re-read the four (4) chapters en d “My Father’s Death Use two (2) examples from one of the chapters, to demonstrate how William Bloom is becoming a better story teller as the novel progresses. You may want to consider literary elements such as tone, metaphor, simile, […]


The objectives, goals and targets of marketing have to be monitored and met. The competitor strategies must be evaluated, estimated and exceeded. It is only through the effective use of market and its research that an organization can identify its customer’s needs and wants and try to deliver the value its customer wants .It is […]

Franchising in Indonesia

The term franchising may be defined as a business process where an established business (known as franchiser) licenses its trademarks for products and services with tried and proven methods of doing business to a franchisee (generally an aspiring entrepreneur) in exchange for a recurring payment, and usually a percentage of gross sales or gross profits […]

Mental Health Counseling Field (Social Work perspective)

Mental Health Counseling Field Mental Health Counseling Field Part A. Q 2 The Causes and Consequences of Poverty From a Marxist point of view, people are poor because of class inequality that exists in the society. The more advantaged in the society oppress the poor by exploiting them. In the mid-1800, the rich people utilized […]

Speech on anorexia

Whatever the influence, it is clear that Anorexia can be influenced by external forces and these forces must be addressed immediately in order to create a healthier citizen population.Contemporary marketing theory generally describes the utilisation of celebrity endorsements as a means to build consumer loyalty towards a particular product. Advertisements often display well-known celebrity women, […]

NCAA Principles of Conduct and Divisional Philosophy

Drug Policy NCAA has prescribed a policy to prevent athletes from using prohibited drugs. This policy is communicated to athletes through education, professional guidance, and drug testing procedures. In order to comply with this regulation, Duke College has given all the information regarding the issue on their site under a link called Drug testing Policy. […]

Toyota Production system

TPS is an integrated socio-technical system developed by Taiichi Ohno, Shigeo Shingo, and Eiji Toyoda. This system includes its management philosophy and practices. It assists Toyota in organizing its manufacturing activities and logistics and in effective interaction with suppliers and customers. The major objectives of TPS include resolution on the overburden, inconsistency, and elimination of […]

Mike Daisey’s American Utopia

Mike daiseys American utopia Show Utopia is a fantasy place or an illusion of things in which everythingis perfect, idealistic and is grounded on a utopian ideology. It is can also be referred to or dismissed as naivety or utopian. Mike Daisey a performer of American utopias, the master storyteller. His show is rich in […]

In two paragraphs compare and contrast rationalism and empiricism

Rationalism and Empiricism Rationalism adopts the position that knowledge is innate and a priori. According to this position, the mind can generate knowledge on its own without any external support. The underlying assumption in the rationalist position is that people are born with the natural capacity to generate knowledge. The rationalist’s method is the appeal […]

Why incentive plans cannot work

We will be summarizing the main points of the article below.The article by Kohn (1993) questions the assumption that rewards or incentives can do no good for the performance of employees. The article is not accepting the basic psychological assumption that underlines any incentive plan, and an explanation is given as to why incentive plans […]

Theoretical Perspectives on Marriage and the Family

The book will serve as a good source of information for sociological students and researchers as it discusses manifold issues pertinent to their field of study. The first chapter ‘Family commitments: making choices in a changing society’ has great relevance in the current day global perspectives on marriage and family. The second chapter ‘American families […]

What should OSU freshman be reading

 What should OSU freshman be reading? If I were asked about what literary work every freshman at OSU should be reading, I could suggest that every first-year student should study the Odyssey written by Homer almost three thousand years ago. It is in fact a work of high artistic merit, which rises such important […]

Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Berkeley

His arguments especially the “master argument” for material substance invites us to think deeply and conclude that ideas built by means of someone’s sense, memory and imagination are the only tools to create the presence of a material substance. By studying the arguments of Berkeley, one learns to incorporate the ideas of different senses to […]

The Highest Good and Justice The Role of Philosophy

As a preliminary matter, it is important to note that Socrates’ teachings were mostly directed at the individual. The highest good, therefore, was a condition that each individual was capable of attaining. however, this highest good could only be known through reason and knowledge of one’s self. Socrates equated this highest good with knowledge and […]

Greek and hellenistic religion

22 October Ways to the Center: Greek and Hellenistic ReligionThe chapter was primarily focused on the significant changes in Greek religion that took place during the Hellenistic Period. It describes how religion in Greece today were influenced by the consolidation of external religions that Greece. The change in the Greek religion came about as a […]

Burnout on the workplace

…………………. College/ ………….. …………. BURNOUT IN THE WORKPLACE Have you ever been burnout due to the excessive demands of the organization? If yes, how did you overcome this stress? What impacts did it have on your followers? Burnout happens to an employee when the tasks being assigned to him become no longer meaningful to him. […]

Film review in mythic and propagandistic aspects

8 2000 This was a period of incertitude for the Russians, during which communism was still unstable and so was the new Russia, hence the profound motivation for the Russian government’s use of propaganda to instill its political ethos in the Russian population. The film’s director Eisenstein takes great liberty and makes significant alterations to […]

Samoa (American Samoa Paradise Lost)

American Samoa: A Paradise Lost Discuss the dilemmas posed by implementing tourism in a traditional community. The film American Samoa: A Paradise Lost was released in 1969 in hue color. It revolves around the traditional life of the Polynesians of American Samoa. The Polynesians of that region are being challenged by the US who has […]

Schooling as Growth

But the present trend seems to be upbeat on everything else except in the field of education. Education today is based and defined more in terms of stringent testing and examinations and a person is valued according to the number of qualifications he/she has.Airing his views Anron Falbel stated that, “Today our social environment is […]

A Comparison of the Religions of India

Comparing and Contrasting the Religions of India Comparing and Contrasting the Religions of India India is believed to be the birth place of many religions. The main religions that arose and are practiced in India are the Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and the Buddhism. These are the main religions with the highest number of followers in […]

The essential tension Tradition and Innovation in Scientific Resarch

Reading Log: “The Essential Tension: Tradition and Innovation in Scientific Research” Summary Kuhn (1991) in “The Essential Tension: Tradition and Innovation in Scientific Research” states that the basic scientist should not have prejudice so as to be able to recognize obvious and facts or concepts without having to accept them, and this is in effect […]


Travel is much more than just a leisure activity. Ultimately, travel can have a great number of benefits upon the individual besides merely helping them to fill a photo album with interesting and exotic pictures and places. All too often, the definition and understanding of travel has been categorized as a process by which an […]

4 Discussion

Conscience for me is the ability that assists me in distinguishing whether ones own actions are right or wrong. When an immoral action or deed is committed then this leads to the feeling of remorse and similarly the feeling of rectitude when individual action conforms to moral values. Such moral judgments are based on reason […]

Philosophy on how you will teach students who have autism

Teaching using visual aids is the most effective means of teaching autistic student. This is because students with this disorder are visual thinkers. they rely heavily on pictures to comprehend something. Pictographic and written cues assist these students learn and communicate (Arwood, Brown and Kaulitz 2009).The main advantage of using visual aids is that, an […]

Comparing three poems in the book The Rose of Time written by Bei Dao

In Bei Dao’s poetry, the presence of ‘nature’ is essentially affected and afflicted by the poet’s oppressed self. but since Bei Dao rarely mentions the reasons of his discomforted and distressed soul explicitly in his poems, his poems turn to be emblematic of some meta-reality. Unlike Du Fu, Li Po, and Wang Fei’s poetry, Bei […]

Human Resource Management Ethics and Social Responsibility and International Strategic Management

Ethics is a subsidiary part of moral philosophy that is closely concerned with the behaviors and morality of individuals towards others.&nbsp. Social responsibility is related to ethical responsibility of any entity no matter if it is government, organization, corporation or individual. Each one of these entities has some responsibilities towards society. Ethical issues arise when […]

Exploring Innovation for Ryanair Airline

By virtually every measure, Ryanair has managed to develop positive leadership innovation, process innovation and product/service innovation by creating new business models and business structures designed to bring long-term value to the business. This report identifies Ryanair’s strategies in innovation, an assessment of these innovations, and also a description of how the author of this […]

American Art in the Early 20th Century

Guernica is a perfect example of cubism, a style that Pablo Picasso was a pioneer in, combined with such genres as classicism and surrealism. As a prototype of cubism, each of the objects in the painting is broken, analyzed individually and brought together in an abstract form. This avant-garde style then shows a story through […]

Critical Reaction

Critical reaction Prehistory and the Rise of Civilization in the Near East and Egypt The rise of the human ancestors is a matter of just recent development, compared to when the planet earth came into being. The first human ancestors were hunters, and they only applied stone tools (Matthews, Noble and Platt, 7). The civilization […]

Five Types of Customers in the Retail Setting

01 December 2008 Five Types s in the Retail Setting Knowing can propel a business organization to success. This is the philosophy which we live by everyday in the workplace. My assignment to the retailer outlets where our products are marketed has its advantages. For one, it enables me to meet a lot of people. […]

Natural Philosophy Of Cause And Chance by Born Max

Investigation Casual relationship illustrates that change in a given variable leads to an effect on the other variable. Independent variable causes the change, while the dependent variable illustrates the effect. Room light level is the independent variable, while myopia is the dependent variable (Born, 2009). 2. This investigation type is research. This is because it […]

Credible Ethics

Task: Credible Ethics A morally right decision would be the transition point between two extreme points. the deficiency and excess. An action or the choice of the action meets the threshold of being morally right if it would develop a character that is of moral righteousness. This is according to the virtue theory of Aristotle. […]

Need questions filled out for me

Literature Assignment Is Confucius stressing on the importance of actual ritual or the inner attitude (P.1334) No, Confucius fails to address on the importance of actual ritual or the inner attitude by multiple justifications. First and foremost, Mozi one of the Confucious critic justify the failure by stating that Confucious is a helplessly outdated or […]

Humanities is enjoyable

Humanities Is Enjoyable Q1 I came to appreciate my decision on taking humanities. The discipline entails learning about human culture. My interest on exploring on the relationship of human beings and their environment remained a success. The field of humanities is distinct from other disciplines. It requires application of various learning techniques of analyzing human […]

Comparison of the Concept of Self in Christianity and Buddhism

Christianity and Buddhism, both of the religions, occupy a great number of followers worldwide. As religions, both are ancient and incarnation of orient and occident faith and culture. The noteworthy or more interesting feature or even a parameter to draw the similarity between both the ancient religions of the world can be on the fact […]

Gustav Mahler Biography and Professional Activity

Mahler entered the Vienne’s Conservatory. Mahler also entered Vienne’s University, studying philosophy and literature. At the Conservatory, he became friends with the future composer Hugo Wolf. Mahler graduated from the Conservatory but failed to achieve the prestigious silver medal The family of the Composer was very poor. His father Gustav Bernhard Mahler was a traveling […]


Question One The Shewhart charts are tools used to determine if a business or manufacturing process is, in a statistical control. This was discovered by Walter A. Shewhart in the 1920s. Control charts are graphs used to study changes in processes over a period of time.Question Two Indiana State University (ISU) is one of the […]

The imitation Game

The imitation Game Turing test refers to the proposal made by Alan Turing in response to the question whether machines have the capability to think. The tests suggests that instead of focusing on the question whether machines can think, we can instead seek to find out if a digital computer can actually imitate a human […]

The Imperfections of Human Life

This paper would, however, move forward with narrowing its focus on epistemology, which is concerned about the sources, nature, and limitations of knowledge. Moreover, epistemology also attempts to look at the process of acquiring knowledge, differentiating between reliable and unreliable knowledge, nature of the knowledge and all other factors involved in the process. Epistemologists differ […]

Critiqing a research article / using MCMASTER framework

sment of literature concerning quality care demonstrates that nurses do not often get involved in the development or definition of improvement initiatives intended for quality of care.The main aim of the study was to report the meaning of quality nursing care for practicing nurses since quality of healthcare increasingly remains to be at the centre […]

Intro to Political Science Quiz #1 Review

Characteristics of the scientific method (4 Empirical-Facts or information based on direct observation by an individual. 2. Systematic-Carefully planning of research. 3. Replication-Repeating of experiments or studies in order to compare results.4. Search for Causes-The belief that everything in the world has a cause, and to search for causes in studies and research.5. Provisional­­-Scientific conclusions […]

Biography Assignment

d as a Prime Minister for two different periods including the 11 year period starting from 1966 and ending in 1977 and then she held the office of Prime Minister for a 4 year period ranging from 1980 to 1984. She was still holding the office when she was removed from the face of the […]

Answer the questions (N)

Questions Humans should be able to control their nature. Although it is the hardest thing on earth being in conflict with nature, but for those who have fallen in their lives multiple times due to their nature, must think about changing it or dealing with it. This world is for those who believe in survival […]

Ethics Case Studies

Ethical Case Studies: Questions and Answers in Research Ethics In this paper, the answers some questions regarding the ethicality of three experiments: the Tearoom Sex Study, the Milgram Experiment, and the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. In all three experiments, the principles of voluntary participation and risk minimization were violated in various degrees. On a broader level, […]

Asian philosphy

Other (s) Asian Philosophy Yoga Sutra is regarded as one of the major ical works ofIndian philosophy that is dated between 2nd and 3rd century CE. Although little is known about Patanjali, its author, it is certain that Yoga is not the first texts in the Indian philosophy (Ranganathan 1). In my opinion, Yoga Sutra […]

ANALYTICALLY Compare The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald and Ceremony by Leslie Silko and how they pertain to the so called American Dream

(Taylor, 1998) It is pertinent here to understand the genesis of the American dream. Warshauer (2003) defines American dream, “Traditionally, Americans have sought to realize the American dream of success, fame and wealth through thrift and hard work. However, the industrialization of the 19th and 20th centuries began to erode the dream, replacing it with […]


New Documentary This documentary introduces the reader to look at new ways in which theorization of documentary films has been used currently from the 1980’s through 1990’s. Although the nonfictional material is examined, the main goal is to look at the background of modern work. There are many reasons for the biases of modern work […]

The New Paradigm for Human Resource Management

Rather than dictating instructions, quotas, and goals from above, human resource managers follow the philosophy that includes employees in strategic decision-making. Human resource management forms the backbone of any establishment as it channels its human resources to fulfill customer and employer expectations while respecting the legal rights and privileges of employees. With human resource management, […]

3 Theories of Morality

Theories of Morality Theories of Morality The three main theories of morality include Aristotle’s, Kant’s, and Mill’s. According to Aristotle, morality and ethics should be concerned with the possession of one’s capability to be virtuous or to be in possession of virtues. Being virtuous is associated with character, which involves ones possession of excellent behavior. […]

Answering questions based on the case study

n business model, franchisees are provided with ample start-up support and training by the franchisor and the company maintains an established brand (Ramirez-Hurtado and Quattrociocchi 2009).From the Snap Fitness’ perspective, there is significant cost savings by having an independent investor take on the franchise. It spares the franchisor of the expenses of rentals or new […]

Leadership Style of Googles CEO Larry Page

&nbsp.Larry Page has worked for the Google Company since its inception, a factor that gives him the advantage of understanding the company’s operations very well. He has a unique leadership style that explains why the company has proven to be highly successful. This paper will highlight the critical aspects of Page’s leadership style. Over the […]

African Philosophy

It was the subsequent disorder after the first breach. This production breached the principle of duality too. Amma united with the earth again after a single jackal was produced. This time, twins were born, which settled the principle of duality that is necessary for the existence of things on earth. These twins were called the […]

American Education

Western, Eastern and Native North America have different cultural perspectives, thus, views on education are expected to be diverse. Western education is focused on democracy, individualism, and reason. Its perspectives are rooted deep from the classical schools of thought in philosophy, which progressed from the naturalism to rationalism to individualism. This indicates that Western culture […]

Richard Branson Leadership Style and Business Philosophy

5 1250 The present research has identified that over the years the Virgin Group has always been famous for their focus on customer service. However, Branson’s theory asserts that their highest priority is in making their employees as comfortable as possible. The reasoning behind this theory is that when a company has happy and satisfied […]

Three Tenets of Thought in Latin America

Latin American adoption of European philosophy conquered barriers between European and Latin identities rationalizing a type of acceptable colonization through the use of Positivism. While Latin America leaders pushed this philosophy throughout Latin America with the best of intentions achieving great triumphs and social reform, I believe there was also some intentional means for control […]

As in many pieces of literature an entourage of minor characters accompanies Candide and assists and/or hampers his journey Voltaire has these characters express his personal ideas and criticisms of contemporary French society and politics Discuss how

As in many pieces of literature, an entourage of minor characters accompanies Candide and assists and/or hampers his journey. Voltaire has these characters express his personal ideas and criticisms of contemporary French society and politics. Discuss how any one of these minor characters acts as a spokesman for Voltaire’s complaints about French politics, society and […]

Teacher’s interview

12 September Teachers interview The teacher has been teaching for almost 8 years. Hehas done Bachelor in Administration. 1st Question: Teacher’s AnswerMy philosophy about the guidance of children’s behavior in the classroom is that it is consistent with the behavior of the teacher. When the teacher is teaching some quality-stuff, children find interest in the […]

Explain in your own words the difference between the three paradigms

Paradigms Affiliation: A number of paradigms influence nursing practices. In particular, human needs, interactive process, and unitary process paradigms inform diverse and dynamic nursing practices. Human needs constitute a critical factor in the nursing setting. Patients or clients in the nursing environment require effective and efficient care that enhances their overall quality of life. In […]