Applying Learning Theories

The Behavioral Theory or behaviorism stresses on the learning of facts and skills as stated by the authorities. For example, school board and the teachers. Behaviorist believes the environment is a great influencing factor in the process of learning. The theory of behavioral learning also contends that contiguity and reinforcement, whether positive or negative, are […]

Studying the Motivation According to the Gender

Instead of focusing on how behaviors are developed about achievement motivation, there is a current trend of finding out the why behind achievement-related behavior. Among the variables correlated with motivation, gender appears to yield inconclusive yet insightful results. This chapter will highlight literature related to the study of gender and motivation among students. It will […]

Hamlet the characters and how it leads to the downfall of the Kingdom

Hamlet’s characters are subject to some of the most dishonest acts. They lie and act to be something they aren’t. The plot involves ample amounts of revenge, sexuality and uncertainty and this open deception is what ultimately leads to the kingdom’s downfall. The story of Hamlet is set in Denmark. Claudius had murdered his brother, […]

Million American Jobs

MANAGEMENT Which alternatives to increasing American based jobs and prosperity are better? I.Steer more students into technical schools .There are more jobs that do require technical training. This includes professional cleaners, paralegals, welders, medical technicians and welders. Most students should engage in this trainings because there is a gap and this will generate more workers […]

Programming and Data Types Considerations

Programming affiliation Programming Factors that programmers should reflect on when selecting between data types Brian (1999) argues the considerations that should be made when choosing a data type. The author argues that programmers are advised to consider the condition of their gadgets or the direction in which they are supposed to direct their gadgets when […]

Math Project

Using logarithms, find how long we left the money in the bank (find t). Round your answer to the hundredths place.4) For a fixed rate, a fixed principal amount, and a fixed compounding cycle, the return is an exponential function of time. Using the formula, , let r = 8%, P = 1, and n […]

Confounding Variables

Confounding Variables Scenario chosen: Scenario h An elementary school teacher wants to show that parents’ involvement helps their children learn. She randomly chooses one half of the boys and one half of the girls in her class and sends a note home with them. The note asks the parents to spend more time each day […]

A beautiful mind

His self-awareness is what returns him to his normal life, although he also took medicine to subdue the symptoms. In the movie, the psychological symptoms commendably express the hurdles in the separation of the subliminal arrangements in the mind.Primarily, Nash is unable to separate his delusions from reality. One moment he is ecstatic, the next […]

Integrating Language and Mathematics Learning

Apart from acquiring oral, written, and reading skills in English, they also need to learn to use these skills in content areas like mathematics and science.Mathematics is defined as The study of the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities and sets, using numbers and symbols or a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with […]

Human Needs in Organizational Settings

Personal qualities which are encouraged are punctuality, good individual organization, motivation, ability to deal ethically with people and leadership qualities. Any career success incorporates three variables – knowledge of the career desired, the ability to devise a plan and the motivation and devotion to put the plan into action. On the way along the career […]

Rocket Fuel Inc Company

It then, afterwards, bids on the brands in order to reach those users. In order for the company to monitor these results, the software studies and advances with every operation by use of machine-learning systems. It can be viewed as a twenty first century one of the major contribution to the revolution in the tech […]

How Do I Solve This Position/ Minimum And Maximum Function

AP Calculus Problem Set 2911/9/12Upon completion, circle one of the following to assess your current understanding:Completely understand Mostly understandSort of understandDon’t understand1) A particle travels along the x-axis according to the position function x(t) =43 -2t2 + 20t-2during the interval [2, 6] where t is in seconds.At t = 3, is the particle traveling to […]

Let N∈N N≥1 And Let F

be a field. Consider the vectorspace F^nover F. For 1≤i≤n, let ei∈ F^nbeb. suppose 9 6162, by,- – book Span Phwhere man -1lien by deletion theoren , then the teThe b2, 63,.-. but has a subset ASuch that A s tto basis of finWere fore heintz , es – -.. eng ,…Math

Find Sem Of Parametric Equations And Symmetric Equations Of The Line That Passes Through The Given Point And Is Parallel To The Given Vector Or Line

Find sem of parametric equations and symmetric equations of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the given vector or line. (For each line, write thedirection numbers as Integers.)Point Parallel to (-4.6,3) 131=L31=z—5 (a) parametric equations (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) (b) symmetric equationspl x+4 _ [—6 _z_3 […]

3 …

For this question consider: P : R2 → R2 given by orthogonal projection onto the line y = 3x and S : R21)Given map is T : P3 R P3 is defined as T p x p 3 2 xp ‘ x where p’ x denotes the derivativeof the polynomial p x a )Let p, […]

Please Help Me To Solve 4 And 5

4. Where in the proof of Theorem 2.3.3 did we use the following?(a) The least upper bound axiom(b) The assumption that {x } is bounded(c) The assumption that {x } is increasing5. Prove that a bounded decreasing sequence {xx } converges by9(a) using the result proved in the text for increasing sequences;(b) using the amp; […]

Financial Decisions

– We have many options for how to save, invest, or allocate our money.SomeShare/IRA CertificatesProductAPR*APY3 month (90 days)0.90%0.90%6 month (180 days1.40%1.41%1 year (365 days)1.90%1.92%18 month (545 days)1.95%1.97%2 year (730 days)2.00%2.02%3…Math

Please Help Solve This Study Question By Guiding Me Through

The London Eye is a large Ferris wheel that is a famous landmark of London. The function belowen on the Eye.odels a person’s height above the ground (in feet) as a function of the number of minutes they’vef(t) =-221cos( # t) +221What is the amplitude of f and what does this value represent in the […]

Since F(X) And G(X) Are Continuous Function

2. Let f and g be functions from D – R. Now, define the functions max{f, g} andmin {f, g} from D – R bymax{f, g}(x) = max{f (x), g(x)}, min{f, g}(x) – min{f(z), g(x) }.Assume that f and g are both continuous on D.(a) Show that max{f, 9} := }(f +9) + 2f -gl(b) […]

A=[9 6 6

9,-9,6] Find bases of the kernel of A (or the linear transformation # 1this means quot; Rz is replaced mp R 2-R,quot;review row reductionA = 1 9 – 9 61RZ R, ARZ if this is9 6confusing6 7 1/ 3 R, # RI0 – 3[3 .3 3]echelon formVmust have 3 entries for…Math

I Just Need Help Solving These Step By Step

Question I just need help solving these step by step A = PehTA = ) final amountP =) PricipalFormula9 7 rate of compounding devoursortingRfor continuousT = no of yearscompoundend( = ) natural logarithm exponentHIM, P= $ 600 0 9 = 4:5%=…Math

A $1249269 76b $752086 50c $752634 42d $1248392 562 Annie Opens A Savings

Question a.$1249269.76 b.$752086.50 c.$752634.42 d.$1248392.56 2.Annie opens a savings account and makes a single deposit of $4000. The account has an annual interest rate of 2.3% compounded weekly. How much will be in the account 8 years later? a.$4808.06 b.$4807.22 c.$4807.87 d.none of the above Alia’s parents deposited $100 into a bank account at the […]

How Can I Find The Probability That

Question How can I find the probability that the shipment is rejected? . . . XDmathxl.comHomeworkDo Homework – Tom CampisRounding Numbers Calc.+Math 150 Statistics Fall 2019Homework: Section 5.5 HomeworkSaveScore: 0 of 1 pt11 of 17 (11 complete) gt; gt; W Score: 58.82%, 1…X5.5.63Question HelpSuppose a shipment of 180 electronic components contains 4 defective components. To […]

Math 316 Complex Variables

Question MATH 316 Complex Variables, question in the picture above. . Consider the following subsets of the complex plane: (a) (4 points) {z E C I Re(z2 + 1) = 0} (b) (4 points) {z 6 (Cl lz— 1| 3 2 and z 75 0} (c) (5 points) {z E (C | 2 7g 0 […]

I Need Help

Triangle ABC has coordinates A (-4, 4), B (4, 8), and C (4, 0). a. Find Question I need help Triangle ABC has coordinates A (-4, 4), B (4, 8), and C (4, 0). a. Find the coordinates of the vertices of triangle A’B’C after a dilation using a scale factor of 0.75. b. Find […]

Solve The Problem Using Calculus Prove That The Degrees Of Two

Problem 1. Let m, n be nonnegative integers, and let ao, …, am and bo, …, bn be real numbers. Considerthe real-valued polynomial functionsmf (x) = do +Aajxig(x) = bo +Mbixij=1j=1You know from Calculus I that the functions f and g are differentiable. Assume that m and n are theresult.degrees for f and g, respectively, […]

Hi This Page Is From

Question Hi, This page is from Course Hero. I would like to know how the duty cost per dozen was calculated for question 2 and 3. If duty is an import charge why is question 2 in Icelandic money? Can you help? Math

Given That

y1(t)=(t+r)^3is a known solution of the linear differential equation: y (t+4)^2- 5y’ (t+4)+ 5 points. |Given that yl (t) = (t + r)3 is a known solution ofthe linear differential equation:(t+42y—5(t+4)y’+9y=fl t}—4 Use reduction of order to find the general solution of the equation. Math

Find Any Particular Nontrivial Way If Possible To Express The

{I} Fine any parfieulsr nontrivial way, if possible, to express the zero vector in 3amp;1 as a linear combination of the vectors[4,1], —2], [2, —1,{}} , and (5,4,—l] . Ifdoing this is possible, then write the linear combination in the manner discussed inclass. If this is not possible, explain whor it’s not. [2 points] Math

I Did

6 . 1( a ) For each of the following matrices A determine if it is diagonalizable . If it is , find a diagonal matrix !)and an invertible matrix P such that F- AP = D. ( You are not requested to find F-1, but it’s not a badidea to practice your skills in […]

Determine Whether The Matrix Is Elementary

Determine whether the matrix is elementary. If it is, state the elementary row Question Determine whether the matrix is elementary. If it is, state the elementary row106OThe matrix is elementary. It can be obtained from the identity matrix by interchanging two rows.OThe matrix is elementary. It can be obtained from the identity matrix by multiplying […]

A) F(X) Is Continuous For All Real

Question a) f(x) is continuous for all real numbers b) The limit as x approaches 1 does not exist c) f(1) does not equal the limit as x approaches 1 d) f(1) is not defined If f(x) is a continuous function defined for all real numbers, f(-10) = -2, f(-8) = 5, and f(x) = […]

Prove That If T Rn &Gt

Rm is a one-to-one linear24. Prove that if’ T . {quot; – #` is a one – to- one linear transformation and S’ = (VI , I’ ] . …. It’ is a setof linearly independent vectors from # quot;, then ( TIVI ) , TIVE) . …. TIVE’!’ is a set of linearlyindependent vectors […]

A As2+Bs+C&Gt

integral from 0 to s (bt+a)dt. Can you please explain me, what this Here the transformation T : P2 (s) −→ P2 (s) is defined byZs 2 T (as + bs + c) = (bt + a)dt.0 Let a1 s2 + b1 s + c1 , a2 s2 + b2 s + c2 ∈ P2 […]

This Grade 12 Advanced Functions And Vectors This

Two Ferris wheels are rotating side by side at the Math Fair. The first Ferris wheel has a radiusof Tim and makes one complete revolution everv 16s. The bottom of the wheel is 1.5m abovethe ground. The second Ferris wheel has a radius of Em and completes one revolution mrv 2i] 5. Thebottom of this […]

MI and Promoting HigherOrder Thinking

The specific intelligences function in the context of the environment. Hence, it is important to have a proper understanding of the capacities that are central to the various types of intelligence. Continuing research by several scholars in the field has been unraveling the implications of the theory for education generally, and higher-order thinking in particular. […]

Teaching methods

Teaching Methods – Visual and Performing Arts Mostly the s of arts are not given preference, when the schools are under constant pressure toimprove the academic performance in the subjects of science and math. Arts education makes up an important dimension of life so getting acquainted with the basic and specialized knowledge regarding the four […]

Target of Program Evaluation Plan

Target of Program Evaluation Plan, Part Target of Program Evaluation Plan, Part Introduction Exceptional students have educational needs that go past what is customarily offered in a normal classroom. The nature of their capabilities, demonstrated or dormant, need distinguished learning experiences, as well as opportunities, for students to make best use of their potential. Teachers […]

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

His impairment to communication is manifested when he was asked by the police of his age and he replied his exact age including the months and days. But one thing that made an impression on me was the incident in Mrs. Alexander‘s yard when the old lady offered him something to drink and eat. He […]

Answer question

For quantitative research the first step in the research process is to develop a research topic. Research topics can be gained from a variety of areas but are generally related to the researcher’s background or interests. A notable point about researcher topics, however, is that they are very broad, so it is necessary to break […]

Collective Bargaining Process in P12 Education

Significant Changes in Education Law Section 3012-c The revamp of the old law carried with it major changes in the evaluation process of teachers and principals, known as the new and improved Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) system for teachers and principals. The new APPR system applies only to evaluations of teachers in the common […]

The Establishment of Personal and Professional Relationships

As a preliminary matter, it is my desire to join Year Up in Cambridge because your organization’s goals are consistent with my own, because I firmly believe that I will improve my ability to serve my community, and because this opportunity offers experiences and personal relationships that I would otherwise never be able to access. […]

The relationship between math and future

The world is getting technology oriented and we can even feel it today.&nbsp. Technology permeates and affects every dimension of our life and it is expected that this trend will not only continue in the future but will become more intensive.&nbsp. Virtually almost all product s will have a component of technology and engineering and […]

Selection and decision making assignment

Therefore, interviews can turn out to be deceiving. Selection tests can be used to identify a prospective employee’s ability. An example is through the use of aptitude tests (Jenkins &amp. Wolf, 2006).Employment testing is one of the tests used in the selection process. Potential employees are tested using written or oral questions determining a potential […]

How do you create visuals that stimulate learning

3 750 Creating Visuals That Stimulate Learning. There are several ways of creating visuals that stimulate learning. The research centers on the factors ofcreating visuals. The research focuses on the different theories of visual design. Visual design significantly affects the stimulation of the learning process. First, Ruth Clark (2010) emphasizes words create visuals that enhance […]

How I use math in everday life

Soon I realized that one needs to have his or her math in order if one has to be a successful performer in the life. In one of the session when I was 13, my grandpa asked me a simple question, “What would you prefer – working for 30 days to get paid 5 million […]

Women and Gender

3 750 Reflection Paper: Women and Gender The dearth of women in scientific careers continues despite attempts by educators and legislators alike to equalize this prevailing gender gap. Research still attempts to find a definitive empirical explanation for women’s absence from the sciences. A recent column in the New York Times highlighted the findings of […]

Living with a long term multiple pathology

11 2750 About 1,131 deaths were attributed to asthma in 2009, and 12 of these were less than 14 years of age (Asthma UK, 2012). For depression, it is considered the fourth leading cause of disability and disease in the world (NICE, 2011). In the UK, the prevalence of this disease in 2006 was 2.6%, […]

The SAT Reasoning Test

4 1000 Standardization is when norms and uniform procedures must be established for giving and scoring in a particular test. Reliability includes that the test should be such that measures stable and consistent scores when the test is administered the second time and lastly validity is when the results measure what the true purpose of […]

The Impact of Music on Human Development

There is evidence that shows that student performs better when they are educated through music. Research indicates that music education help students to develop the foundational capability to learn and achieve a better understanding of other academic courses. Moreover, music education has shown to increase the development of skills, expertise, and knowledge required in the […]

UC is the University of California

Due to my state of sickness which had been an irregular yet acute fever, I was unable to take the final exam in Math 1A and this caused my overall grade to suffer an F-mark for the course when I failed to notify my instructor properly of the unfortunate health situation. The same fate went […]

Observing Math instruction

It also allows students to learn both individually and in groups. This lesson will allow the impaired students to use their own senses. Their senses become highly developed, and they work on the ones they have shown deficiencies in. The lesson plan will also appeal to those with ADHD because of its stimulating and interactive […]

What Make You Capable to Be a Nurse

Nursing is a profession that requires experience in the field of emergency and I have gained this experience by working at a nursing facility. I believe that a nurse can only be successful if the nurse learns to accept challenges. The field of nursing has a variety of issues involved and I believe that I […]

A Toddlers Life Span

The essay ‘A Toddler’s Life Span’ describes the most impressionable age of a child when he is ready to learn things with ease. The Toddler should be constantly exposed to activities such as music, art, creativity, poetry, math and exercise. In order to make a child love to learn things, it is imperative that you […]

Multicultural Education Final Project

The key points of the Constructivist learning theory that make it useful for differentiation in teaching are that it: (1) helps students from different cultural and social backgrounds to interact more naturally. (2) provides a common ground for learning to take place. and (3) helps students to think and be creative, which is one of […]

Veterinary Medical School Admission

At a young age I started to like animals and I felt this desire for my entire life. I made the decision to become a veterinarian two years ago. I wasbored at work having spent twenty five years doing tax returns. I asked myself if I could do it all over again, "What would I […]

The Impact of Technology on Education

A survey in the US high schools showed that about half of the public school teachers who had access to computers and Internet available in their schools used them for classroom instruction. About 61 percent of the teachers assigned students to use these technologies for word processing or creating spreadsheets most frequently, 51% used Internet […]

School Counseling

Question and their answer List 3 critical roles generally associated with school counselors A: Identifiable Capable Available And accountable2. Why is consultation important in terms of counseling EthicsA "The essence of a comprehensive school counseling program (is) to assure that each student has every possible opportunity to develop his or her potential" ("The essence of […]

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Psychological Factors

ADHD affects on an average 3 to 5% of children and is the most common mental health problem among young children in the U.S. Hyperactivity is manifested in the child always seeming to be in a hurry or constantly in motion. Impulsivity is common and the children seem unable to curb their immediate actions or […]

Strategizing optimum location

Problem definition: Strategizing optimum location for Manufacturing 2) Service Problem context and background: To better illustrate the case, we’ll consider a typical food processing industry, e.g. an abattoir that supplies packaged meat directly to Retail stores. The method used in IP is called "Hub location", solved using hub-and-spoke networks, which minimize transport cost across the […]

Wilhelm Leibniz’s Philosophical Writings

Mathematicians still use Leibniz’s notations and symbols as standards. (Burnham, 2001) This paper also discusses his philosophical writings which span decades.Leibniz was a child prodigy. According to differing sources, his father was a metaphysicist and/or a professor of moral philosophy. Regardless, as a true Renaissance man, Gottfried matured into both and many other things too. […]

Sphere of Business Activity at Google by Jessica E Vascellaro

An analysis of the article News in depth: Radio tunes out of Google in a rare miss for web titan — company misjudged capa of its technology to work beyond the Internet by Jessica E. Vascellaro According to Vascellaro (2009) Google thought of creating a mechanism that would be used by chief marketing officers so […]

Female education

What will be the impact on the efficiency and life style of the female faculty staff if they are provided with the massage facility in order to reduce the level of stress in imparting their too heavy pedagogical dutiesH3. The holistic participation in the health alternative practice of therapeutic massage treatments improve a lot the […]

Statistical Analysis of Results

2395562957089750241258295801110856242361315901312163243566346009130672452683461081387124677539620101487624768142630615478248485436407161822507924765012173892513954866091829325261015167021849225381095668011859225591186169051909625661246371041949825791336872011959725871407173011969825961467476011979826151517677011989926241557878022001002635160807901201100264216281265716985266817790267618392269218592270121971002712199993002201100 Data from Table 1 shows that 51% of the students scored below the Grade 11 Math Score of 252 indicating that half of the populations may be having difficulty with the subject. However we see from Table 2 that the median SAT Math Score of the students is 570. Since SAT scores range from […]

Exploring the use of space

Students eventually end up in places that speak to their inner preferences and the areas that reflect the most amount of qualities subconsciously desired. The fitness obsession that has gripped America for the past several years appears not to have passed up Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning because at Humber, the gymnasium […]

Classroom Scenario

room Scenario Mr. Hamilton was frustrated with Danny’s performance in Math because he believed that Danny could do much better than what he wasdoing in Math. Being a caring and responsible teacher, Mr. Hamilton feels very concerned about Danny’s performance and future. He wants to make Danny realize that he can do much better in […]

Cognitive Behavioral Theory in a Beautiful Mind

41000 In this essay, an attempt would be made to analyze the case and find a probable solution by making use of the ‘Cognitive Behavioral Theory.’ Nash had a mental health problem, schizophrenia, which had surfaced during middle age and stood as a stumbling block between his work and family. The gravity of the problem […]

Investigating Professional Education Settings

“Make your lives extraordinary!” says the Robin Williams character, John Keating who encourages his students to follow their passions. He is an unconventional teacher who encourages his students not to follow by rote learning methods but to follow their passions and to learn to think for themselves. The character of Jaime Escalante, a Math high […]

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Education

61500 The first section of the article has been set apart to make an in-depth study of the STEM education situation in the US utilizing all the data available from previous studies. The second section comprises of a detailed review of the existing federal programs in this context, with a focus on a few selected […]

SPSS Statistics Project

Nevertheless, we will assess the hypothesis using a two-tailed test. So according to given conditions we state that null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis will be The scales utilized within the test instruments will be designed to denote the use of detailed statistical algorithms on the collected data. Preliminary data analysis will include descriptive statistics, which […]

Importance of Health Promotion

This, therefore, means that health promotion has positive effects on practices and policies that support the organization’s profitability an individual’s employability Zenzano et al. 2011).3.0 Importance of Health EducationHealth education builds the skills, knowledge and positive attitudes of students about health. Health education teaches about social, mental, emotional and physical health. In addition to that, […]

Research Methods Exercise

Research Methods Exercise Check for Understanding: Directions: Answer the Multiple Choice and True/False Questions below about Research Designs to check your understanding.1. If a researcher finds a negative correlation between two variables, then as values on one variable decrease, values on the other variable _______.a. Increaseb. Decreasec. Remain the samed. Become negative2. In an experiment, […]

The Differences between Goals and Choices

Do you know anyone who seems to be the opposite time-management type from you? What differences have you noticed in that person’s style of time management? I have known a friend who is never able to manage time no matter how hard he tries. The differences that I have noticed in him have included the […]

Math paradoxes

The key concept here is that there are an infinite number of rooms, so that our logic – which would terminate in the ‘real world’- can go on forever. This is called ‘Hilbert’s infinite hotel paradox’ and the famed hotel is often jokingly referred to a “Hilberts” analogously to “Hiltons”!Infinity is a very hard concept […]

Final Math Exam (2 hour limit)

Question of 25 4.0 Points Find the distance between the given points. (0,5) and 3,-7). Give your answer to the nearest hundredth.&nbsp.. Question 2 of254.0 PointsIf the average weight of a herring is 3.2 oz., estimate how many herring a killer whale would eat in a day if he eats about 14,000 lbs of herring […]

Biography of Archimedes

Archimedes may be from an ancient civilization but his ideas were far from ancient. In fact, he might be credited as one of the first individuals that were able to think outside the box.Archimedes was born in the third century BC in Syracuse and we know very little about his life. What we do know […]

3) Do bilingual students have a greater memory recall than nonbilingual students Studies have shown that bilingual students have better working memory does this include memory recall

n (medium. 2), between 11 and 19 children large (3), 20 or more children, Score: final score on competency assessment Perform exploratory data analysis on all variables in the data set.Basing on descriptive statistics, it is observed that under gender males has a higher math mean score (91%) than females (87%).This is clearly indicated in […]

PhD Finance 10 Articles

hat utilize Occam’s razor to simplify variable selection, while for the modeling process itself improvements in the predictions or the estimations based on a single point benefitted from the addition of probability distributions. Loss functions on the other hand were captured as actual quantities by making use of Bayesian decision theory as a philosophical approach […]

Finance Week 2

Finance Week 2 After reviewing the material for this week, I can say that I now understand a whole lot more about financial ratios, time value of money, and interest rates. I learned that the financial ratios are extremely important because they tell management how the firm is doing and which are its strong and […]

Analysis of Media Coverage of the Summers Controversy

1750 Summers emphasized that this evidential difference between men and women in sciences could not be overlooked. The media blew Summers’ remarks out of proportion in the ensuing controversy, reporting that the academic was a chauvinist, who upheld the notion that women are naturally inferior to men.nbsp. In my opinion, the media framed and perpetuated […]

What’s your point of view

Video and Computer Games Technology has presented the world with interesting things such as video and computer games.Ever, since the last century, there have been numerous advances on the way video and computer games operate. In particular, the advances have been made to improve the software and hardware that function within video and computer games. […]

Artist Statement (Describe the photographies)

of the of the Visual Arts amp. Film Studies Submitted Artist ment- Describe the Photographies Internet Search (02_lee.jpg) is a photograph that focuses on the subject, in this case the young man doing an Internet search on his laptop at home. While the whole effect looks discordant because of the angles the rest of the […]

My Experience with Underserved and AtRisk Populations

An underserved population consists of anyone, regardless of their socioeconomic background, who have limited or no access to healthcare, education, employment, food, water transportation, electricity or other services that are necessary for their wellbeing.nbsp. I first served an underserved community when my family and I became refugees in neighboring country, Ghana. Although I did not […]

For this question read the article titled Understanding Your Strengths Within the article you will find two main surveys(1) Multiple Intelligence Survey and (2) Learning Evaluation and Assessment Directory Complete the surveys and review your resu

Survey Multiple Intelligence Survey Question Answer 3 _ often applies 2 _ sometimes applies _ never or almost never applies122133415263738291101113122131143153162171181192203211221232242251261272283291301312321333343353362372382391403Review of my resultThis survey assists in understanding and knowing the ability a person has in the following field. ‘Visual/Spatial’, ‘Verbal/Linguistic’, ‘Musical/Rhythm’, ‘Logic/Math’, ‘Body/Kinesthetic’, ‘Interpersonal’, ‘Intrapersonal’, and ‘Naturalistic’. I will record the numbers besides the following […]


Social – a Participant’s Observation I am one of the luckiest persons who had the opportunity to involve with some of the main social institutions in India. Another important thing is the fact that I have a few of them from the very beginning and this has given me the proper skill to observe their […]

Family Structure and Academic Achievement

Several recommendations for action are made.In 1993, Harold Stevenson followed up his 1993 study of achievement among U.S., Japanese, and Taiwanese children (Stevenson et al., 1996). He found that U.S. fifth- and eleventh-graders (first- and fifth-graders in the original study) ranked below Japanese and Chinese students in both math and reading. When the top 10 […]

The Cost of Something

(First 01 October The Cost of Something is What You Give Up to Get It The opportunitycost of going to Good Times’ concert is the Hot Stuff’s show because the former is the first best alternative for me after looking both costs of my actions. If I value the concerts $225 and $150 respectively, I […]

Response paper

Teacher Critique Even in art and film, race imposes its prejudice as it tend to group and judge people based on their ethni rather than their custom, culture or racialization of law. Also, we are prejudiced to judge that a particular race is superior or better such as the traditional case of the white people […]

Undergraduate Nursing Education Admission Questionnaire

Personal ment I recognize the fact that Nursing is not a degree for people that do not have the patience and aptitude for Math and Science related subjects. Its courses are filled with much theoretical discussions and experimentations that could make anyone without a true interest in nursing drop the subjects and simply change their […]

The medieval era and The Renaissance Era

1000 The Middle age was followed by the Renaissance movement which evolved in the 14th century. Renaissance is divided in to three important periods that are the Early Renaissance, High Renaissance and Late Renaissance or Mannerism. There was a substantial turn over in arts during this period as it was given more financial attention compared […]

Loss prevention with a focus on internal/external threat and countermeasures

Furthermore, there are several procedures focusing on the prevention of store loss prevention strategies. The setting up of a CCTV cameras spot shoplifters and employee thieves (Kruegle, 2013). The CCTV camera film evidence will ensure the successful prosecution of the store thieves. Second, the hiring of undercover store security guards will help catch more shoplifters […]

Please see the picture below∞

x n Exercise 1. Consider the power series 1. (4pts) What is 00 71Exercise 1. Consider the power series E a:2.n=1 n I. {4pts} What is its radius of convergence? 2. {419155) Show using the Weierstrass test that the above series in uniformly convergenton [—1,1]. 3. (lots) What is the derivative of the above series? […]

1) using

Question 1) using calculus………………………………………… given((x)-– 3X -31+YUsing Calculusfind the domainof thsfunctionfind thefirst deriva Hiur m com plic factoredformfind all Critical Valuesfor thefirst deriva andstate whether they correspond to a maximum orminimum ValueFind the Beeand derita H ur m Comm theTkacfondform-) and all Critical valuesfor the Second deriva hiveandslat whether they correspond to an InrichonPoint) […]

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I get help with math courses such as calculus? 16. ( ) ( ) (( ( ) ) ) 17. The slope of the tangent is y’ at (-3,1)( )( The equation of tangent ) ( 18. ( )) ) ( )( ( 19. ( ( ) ) ) ( √ 20. In triangle ACD […]

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Question Consider the function f(x, y) = 2x p x 2 + y 2 , (x, y) 6= (0, 0). (a) (4 points) Find lim (x,y)→(0,0) f(x, y) along the path y = x for x 0 or show that the limit does not exist. (b) (4 points) Find lim (x,y)→(0,0) f(x, y) along the […]

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Problem 1. Recall that a function L : R* – Rquot; is (by definition) said to be a linear transformationif and only if it satisfies L(+ y) = L() + L(y) and L(ri) = rL(i) for every i, ye R* and every r E R.(a) Prove that a function L : R* – R. is […]

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144 Chapter 7The LP Spaces: Completeness and Approximation14. Show that if f (x ) = In( 1/x) for x e (0, 1], then f belongs to LP(0, 1] for all 1 lt; p lt; oo butdoes not belong to Lo ( 0, 1].15. Formulate and prove an extension of Holder’s Inequality for the product of […]

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for a measure space ( X, M, u) and 0 lt; p lt; 1, define L'( X, u) to be the collection ofmeasurable functions on X for which | f| is integrable. Show that LP(X, u) is a linear space.For f E LP( X, u), define II fIlp = fx IfI P du.(i) Show that, […]

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C. Minnie hasjust signed a contract to supply ‘i’ gadgets. Her production function is giyen by Q[I{,L} = A Kquot;quot;‘Lquot;2, where K is the amount of capital rented and L is the amount of laboremployed. The wage rate is w and the rental rate of cap’rtal is r.15. Write down the l’u’linnie’s optimization problem.15. Write […]

1 Briefly describe four measuring systems that are in drug therapy Provide examples of when each system is

Question 1.Briefly describe four measuring systems that are in drug therapy. Provide examples of when each system is used.Identify which system is used most frequently.Why is this system perfrred?(1 learning objectives)2.Describe why children require different dosages of medications than adults.(4learning objectives ).Group Assignments:1.Each group member writes a math problem that requires converting between measuring systems.Allow […]

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Question this question is eed hlep plese answer soon. Its for a Quantitative method class it is very helpful if someone helps me with this question I need it by today that’s the best chance. m.amp; amp; kik. *NQ all 81% 10:49 AMWeek 13 Discussion. .VIAnswer: 5in by8inWork citiedApplying Rational Equations, Let see how to […]