Globalization and the Current Crisis

For the International Monetary Fund, globalization also means that information and knowledge get dispersed and shared. However, it is important to stress that developments in the globalization process have made the dispersal and sharing of information at a very fast speed. This implies that speculation, as we well as transmission of fears, overreaction, both optimism […]

Impacts of Money Supply Inflation and Exchange Rate in Kuwait

It is majorly a state dictated economy and it maintains a pegged exchange rate against a basket of currencies.It is surprising to note that 9% of the entire world’s crude oil reserves lie within the relatively smaller geographical boundaries of this nation. Thus, understandably, 50% of GDP, 90% of exports and 95% of the Governments […]

Intermediate macroeconomics

Intermediate macroeconomics Business cycle refers to the fluctuations in the economic activities taking place in the economy over a period of time. Business cycle undergoes four basic stages namely recession, trough, recovery and peak or boom. Recession refers to periods of contracting economic activities characterized by low production and unemployment level. Trough is a period […]

Hayek and alfred marshal

Hayek The reconstruction of society based on rational lines is the of critical discussion today. While it has been long believed that rationality and order are the best ways to shape the society, the issue of socialism has been underresearched. Especially, its economic aspect needs to be clarified. Namely, the problem here arises when a […]

Writing Assignment 3

Writing Assignment Lecturer: Economic growth entails an increase/expansion in capa of a country to produce goods and services. It may be determine by making a comparison between the Gross National product for the current year with that of the previous year. On the other hand, Long run economic growth entails a period of growth where […]

GDP and the circular flow of income and expenditures

roductivity, expenditure, or income (gross domestic product of a nation) (Ouanes, Abdessatar, Subhash, Thakur, Lienert, Marciniak and Swiderski, 1997, p.87).Consumption is a primary concept in economics, and many other social sciences also study it. Economists are very much interested in the relationship that exists between income and consumption. According to some economists, consumption entails the […]

Micro and Macro Economics

HERE YOUR HERE HERE HERE Micro and Macro Economics Economics is studying the of the world and why it operatesin the fashion that it does. It is a study of how firms make decisions about their work, consumer-related consumption patterns, how investment occurs, and about the pricing of products and services. Economics is about understanding […]

A policy of discretion gives central bank the ability to react to news about the economy In this light discuss whether discretion is a better way to run monetary policy than following a rule

The econometric discretion policy evaluate on fiscal and monetary policy by using the new rational expectation method of macroeconomics. This has been the substantial subject cause for increased recent year’s research. A number of factors have provided a motivation for the research.The critique of Lucas showed that traditional discretion econometric policy was flawed in its […]

The likely effects of the 201011 debt crisis* in the eurozone

In light of the mechanisms at the disposal of authorities across the Eurozone in dealing with the crisis, three recurrent economic tools come into focus than ever before.These economic tools for consideration are the exchange rates, trade balance and interest rates that determine governments’ decisions in financing their budgets for instance through debts. In the […]

1 ) The Following Table Gives Categories For Income And Expenditures For A Representative​

Net exports of goods and services – 550 Net interest paid by business 440Government purchases of goods and services 1,650Gross private domestic investment 2,200Indirect business taxes 440Rental income of individuals plus implicit rent on owner-occupied housing 220Wages, salaries, employee compensation 6,600Personal consumption expenses 7,700Depreciation 880Proprietorial income 1,100 Corporate profits 1,320 Macroeconomics

The Following Question Is About The Longrun Economic Growth

a) Consider the following Question I. The following question is about the long-run economic growth. a) b) Consider the following equation of the neoclassical (Solow—Swan) growth model:NC = sf (k) — (6 + n)k . Explain in words what you understand by this equation and represent it on a diagram. Assume that a large portion […]

Contrast Say’S Law With Keynes’ Law

olgtltligtContrast Say’s Law with Keynes’ Law. Do they provide completely different interpretations of Question olliContrast Say’s Law with Keynes’ Law. Do they provide completely different interpretations of macroeconomic behavior? Provide examples and explain your answer./li/ol Macroeconomics

The Distinction Between Consumption And Investment Is A That Only Households Consume And Only Businesses

Question .The distinction between consumption and investment is: A. that only households consume and only businesses invest. B. somewhat arbitrary, since investment includes housing investment, which does not increase future productive capacity. C. that investment always increases future productive capacity, while consumption does not. D. arbitrary, since the same expenditure may be counted as a […]

No Plagiarism

No content from other students Classical economists belief that prices and quantities adjust to the changes in the forces ofsupply and demand and that the economy produces its potential output in the long run. On thecontrary,…Macroeconomics

Economics Is Best Defined As The Study Of How?Select One A The

Question Economics is best defined as the study of how? Select one: a. the government should deal with unemployment and inflation b. individuals decide to use scarce resources in an attempt to satisfy their unlimited wants c. to make money d. to run a business e. to eliminate the problem of scarce resources Macroeconomics

May 2016 1econ1000 Open Campusworksheet #1 (Covers Units 1 To 5)

Question 1 Classify Question May 2016 1 ECON1000 Open Campus Worksheet #1 (Covers Units 1 to 5) Question 1 Classify the following as microeconomics or macroeconomics and provide a justification for your choice. (a) Research into why the growth rate of total production increased. (b) A theory of how consumers decide what to buy. (c) […]

Consider The Basic Solow Model With

Question Consider ye K 1/ 3 2S = 101.y = (K ) 1 3= 4 13J = steady statef (k )k= 10* 1/ 33103/ 2(as The capital share of national income: 2sue)y = * 13 / Y = K 13 2 2 3( b )Themarginal product…Macroeconomics

One Method Of Conducting Quantitative

easing is the central bank: purchasing long-term Question One method of conducting quantitative easing is the central bank: purchasing long-term government bonds to increase long-term interest rates. purchasing long-term government bonds to lower long-term interest rates. selling long-term government bonds to decrease long-term interest rates. selling long-term government bonds to lower long-term interest rates. purchasing […]

Which Of The Following Is Correct As An Interpretation Of The Keynesian Consumption Function?

a. The Question Which of the following is correct as an interpretation of the Keynesian consumption function? a. The Keynesian consumption function states that as income increases consumption increases more than proportionately. b. The Keynesian consumption function implies that your consumption depends on your overall wealth, rather than your current income. c. The Keynesian consumption […]

Please Help Me Out Of The Following 6 Questions

1. Suppose an earthquake Question b. For the case, where there are 2 steady states, show graphically how the transitional dynamics for this economy are. Namely, suppose you start to the left of the low steady state capital stock, what happens? What about to the right? 6. Suppose total National Savings, St, is St= sYt […]

My Problem And Answer Is Posted Below My Question Is

Is output ambiguous and is the relation to investment then Question My problem and answer is posted below. My question is; Is output ambiguous and is the relation to investment then also ambiguous? Problem: Use the IS-LM model to answer this question. Suppose there is a simultaneous increase in government spending and reduction in the […]

The Law of Comparative Advantage

Because the theory failed to understand the laws of absolute and comparative advantage, which advocates that trade, may not necessarily be a zero-sum game, mercantilists regulations were gradually removed in Britain in the course of the eighteenth century after the government has fully embraced Adam Smith’s concept of laissez-faire (Wikimedia Foundations, Inc). The greatest challenge […]

Supply and Demand

Third, if demand remains unaffected and supply rises, there will be surplus causing a decreased equilibrium price. Fourth, if demand remains unaffected and there is a decrease in supply, there will be a shortage causing an increased equilibrium price. This paper will look at supply and demand. On the supply side, it will discuss Ronald […]

Economics of Money and Banking

Investments are a boon for the progress of any economy. This does not imply that the commercial banks would charge negative interest rates to the investors in order to boost up investment thresholds in the country. The banking institutions may offer loans at zero interest rates. Zero interest rate policy under taken by the central […]

Introduction to Macroeconomics

Moreover, there are always huge numbers of people that are self-employed and every one cannot increase their incomes in proportion to the inflation rate so a huge chunk of citizens suffer in this process. In a way, high inflation impacts living standard of the majority of the people. Impact on Interest Rates Bank interest rates […]

Macroeconomics Theory

Foreign exchange rate is the price of one currency in terms of another currency. BOP has direct relation with the foreign exchange market as the spending of the consumer depends on the value of currency in other countries. Under the free-floating currency regime (McGregor) the balance of payment depends highly on the forces of supply […]

EU crises from microeconomic point of view and future of EU

European countries that have constituted the EU have also been set to operate under common currency. the euro, making economic transactions between and among member states easy and favorable. This is more so because the member states do not face currency fluctuations in terms of foreign exchange, making international business prior to the member states […]

Macroeconomics EC 211

Macroeconomics Assignment EC 211 QUESTION ONE – PERCENTAGE GROWTH IN NORMINAL AND REAL GDP for the years 1991 – 1997 YEAR Real GDP (in billions of Dollars per Year)Nominal GDP (in billions of Dollars per Year)% Growth in Real GDP% Growth in Nominal GDPU.S. Population (in Millions)Real GDP per Capita19906,136.35,743.8——-249.924,555.0219916,079.45,916.7-0.9%3%252.624,067.319926,244.46,244.42.7%5.5%255.424,449.4919936,389.66,558.12.3%5%258.124,756.319946,610.76,947.03.5%5.9%260.625,367.219956,742.17,255.41.9%4.4%263.025,635.3619966,928.47,636.02.8%5.2%265.526,095.6619977,191.48,083.43.8%5.9%267.926,843.59Real GDP per Capita is the […]

Business cycle

HW4b Calibrated Business Model Calibrated business model is a concept applied to the selection of constraint values due to macroeconomic confirmation and compares the model’s calculations concerning the variances and co-variances of different series with those in the statistics (Romer 217-220). The methodology entails the estimation of casual or unrelated variances, which are quantified to […]


Macroeconomics – Economic Growth The Chinese economy has been identified by a rapid growth within the past decade. Its advancements have been driven by wages, increased consumer markets and investments (China Central Television 2014). Other factors include social, political, technological and economic factors. However, leadership has been the key factor that has led to economic […]

Summary on the following 3 readings

International relations Wright denies the existence of the theory of IR based on the principles of the methodology of the study of IR and the conceptual system that offers unified explanations of international occurrences. An initial glance according to Wright is that the speculation of relations among states is typically the scope of the political […]

Math project

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8.30 ECO2142 C Macroeconomic Theory Francesca Rondina HGN 302 10.00ECO2142 CMacroeconomic Theory 1Francesca RondinaHGN 30211.30ECO 1102DIntroductionto MacroeconomicsDavid GrayUCU AUD1.00ECO 1102DIntroductionto MacroeconomicsDavid GrayUCU AUD2.30ECO2117 CIntroduction to Economics of DevelopmentGeranda NottenTBT 333ECO 1302 A Contemporary Macroeconomics IssuesCBY C03ECO 1104 GIntroduction To MicroeconomicsGordon LenjosekART 0334.00ECO 1302 A Contemporary Macroeconomics IssuesCBY C03ECO 1104 GIntroduction […]

In conditions of perfect capital mobility and floating exchange rate fiscal policy is likely to be ineffective while monetary policy may be effective in achieving internal and external balance

This paper shall discuss the Mundell-Fleming Model as applied to a specific condition of floating exchange rates in an open small economy and perfect capital mobility, with special attention to how fiscal and monetary policies impact the macroeconomy. The writer shall attempt to test and explain the proposition that “fiscal policy is likely to be […]

The Principles and Motivating Force of Microeconomics

Microeconomics analyzes factors affect prices and how these prices affect the number of goods or services supplied to or from a given market. Moreover, Microeconomics also examines factors affecting the demand for certain goods and services within a particular market domain. On the other hand, macroeconomics often engulfs the sum total of all the economic […]

Wars and Interest Rates in the United Kingdom

Wars and Interest Rates in the United Kingdom Mankiw gives an insight into the relationship that exists between interest rate and other macro-economic variables. With a view to the economic turbulence that United Kingdom has gone through especially during the wars in Europe between 1730-1920. It is important to note that interest rate is a […]

Business Economics

Business Economics Question One Among the very many benefits derived from capitalist economy in U.S. are the principles of equality and secondly freedom. U.S. upholds the rule of equality among its citizen with regards to services provision, the rule of law and justice. All these have contributed to a fair society where everyone has an […]

Introduction to Macroeconomics

A single estimate is then derived and published as the official estimate of GDP. There are two ways to measure the GDP, Real and the Nominal. Every country uses estimates of GDP in real terms as the international standard to measure growth in an economy. It is essential to follow a common standard to allow […]

East Asian Economic Growth

5 1250 The global recession of 2008 also affected their economies, but their experiences in international trade are all worth studying because they derived much success in it. With these HPAE are subgroups such as the Four Tigers, namely Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. Another group is the Newly Industrializing Economies (NIE) of […]

Introductory Economics (Macroeconomics)

If interest rates are forecasted to be low in an economy, then it makes productive investors believe that in the long run, cost of borrowing funds would be less. Under such circumstances, the rate of investments made in an economy would increase and level of economic productivity would also rise. Finally, a rise in the […]

Current events report and analysis

Current events report and analysis Summary According to the estimates of the International Energy Agency the production of the oil of the United States has been on the rise. This increase in the production of the oil is much more than it was estimated by the economists. This has provided the company with a very […]

Macroeconomics Environment of Business

112750 Moreover the population and area of India is much larger than the combined area of all countries under EU. On the other hand there is the example of USSR breaking up into 14 smaller countries. Ruble was the currency of a unified USSR, but now the newly formed countries have come out with their […]

Chapter one

Book Review Book Review Macroeconomics 3rd Edition The most important lesson from this book is the economic model of trade-off. As an economist, I would like to point out that trade-off is a very crucial concept in business. As Paul Krugman and Robin Wells exclaim, it can determine the success or failure of any investment. […]

Causes of Unemployment and the Economic Schools of Thought

Unemployment prevalence is normally measured with what is normally termed as unemployment rate which is defined by expressing those out of labour force as a percentage of those who are in the force. More often than not the unemployment rate has been used in economic studies where it may be applied to measure the state […]

Monetary Policy (Macroeconomics)

Reduction of the Federal Reserve’s Economic Value Program The reduction of the Federal Reserve’s Assets both in actuality and prospect has created substantial challenges to various emerging market economies. However, this change has been cited as inevitable in some case, but has caused huge criticism from various global markets. These changes are expected to have […]


3rd July Economic forecasting at Bank of Green One of the major issues that are affecting the investors is the slow growth of GDP an aspect that results to low national demand as well as reduced consumers purchasing power. Additionally, the decline in the consumer confidence result to low demand for financial services implying that […]

ECC1100 1 In country A Tim bought a car for $40 000 in 2018 This

Question ECC1100 1.In country A, Tim bought a car for $40,000 in 2018. This transaction would lead to a $40,000 increase in country A’s GDP in 2018. (Explain whether you agree or disagree with the statement. Give TWO reasons.) 2.If the price of bread increases by 10%, you will be necessarily worse off. Explain whether […]

In the circular flow diagrama

profit flows from the product market to the firms. b. revenue Question In the circular flow diagram a. profit flows from the product market to the firms. b. revenue flows from the resource market to the households. c. consumer spending flows from the product market to the households. d. consumer spending flows from the product […]

Which country has the absolute

Question . Which country has the absolute advantage? b. Which country has the comparative advantage? c. Which country has a lower opportunity cost? d. Which country has a higher opportunity cost? e. What should the United States import? f. What should Australia export? g. What is the opportunity cost for the United States? h. What […]

Consider the following economic data to answer #1013

Unemployment rate= 4% Inflation rate= Question Consider the following economic data to answer #10-13. Unemployment rate= 4% Inflation rate= 2% Actual GDP= $17 trillion Growth rate= 2% Potential GDP= $20 trillion Marginal Propensity to consume=.7 Based on the data, answer the following: (5) 10. What data indicate there is a problem and why? (2) 11. […]

1 …

If NX falls $40 billion, the MPC is 8/11, and there is a multiplier effect (no crowding out and no Question 1. If NX falls $40 billion, the MPC is 8/11, and there is a multiplier effect (no crowding out and no investment accelerator), how much does aggregate change (direction and size)? Macroeconomics

You are given the following information

The labor force consists of 154,704 Question You are given the following information: The labor force consists of 154,704 adults The number of employed adults within the labor force is 139,442 The number of adults not in the labor force is 82,624 What is the unemployment rate in this economy? Macroeconomics

You recently bought

a $10,000 10 year US government bond that guarantees you 2% interest per year Question You recently bought a $10,000 10 year US government bond that guarantees you 2% interest per year for each of the next 10 years, after which you will receive your initial $10,000 back. If interest rates in the US increase […]