Difference Between Morality and Law

Nietzsche critique Aquinas’ understanding of morality, in the context of national law, as one that does not agree with his own understanding. Nietzsche understands morality based on two claims. The first one is that morality, as an objectively justified standpoint, delivers objective truth about what people ought to do. The second one is that morality […]

Employment Law

However, it should not be misconstrued that not following the ACAS guidelines, by itself, would result in a liability on the part of the employers. The objective of the ACAS guidelines is to help resolve the problems informally through arbitration/conciliation process. We consider the facts of Maggie Wheeler’s case in light of the relevant provisions […]

Buddist Text The Heart of Understanding Thich Nhat Hanh

We may be able to see a figurative sunshine on the paper after a poet or a writer has written something that will move us but not the literal sunshine. The definition of the word interbeing in itself is confusing and in fact can even be contradictory in terms. Especially when Thich Nhat Hanh mentioned […]

Ethical Dilemma between U S and Iraq

Religion and ethics are two closely related subjects. This is more significant in Iraq, which is an Islamic nation as compared to US, which is multicultural and recognizes different religions. The US is a multicultural country and, therefore, the country and the religion are two separate entities. In Iraq, the religion plays a vast role […]

The Role of Activation of Homeschool Partnership in Education

The partnership emanates from the need to rectify the traditional detachment of parents from the educational activities of their children. In the traditional setup, parents granted all the roles of educating the students to teachers. With the advancement and reforms in education, there emerged the need to engage parents in achieving a quality education. Students […]

Exploring Human Issues through English Literature

Symbols can be as obvious as a great building or as subtle as the narrative tone or contrasts made. By carefully constructing the symbolism conveyed through these techniques, writers are able to question much of our assumed knowledge by forcing us to take a new look at an old idea. By examining the internal and […]

Should the gun laws be strikter

Nevertheless, many people support strict gun control that includes background checks and mandatory handgun registration. even though, it may hinder law-abiding citizens from owning guns. There is need for strict regulation of firearms manufacture and sale in order to intensify gun safety and limit delinquents from obtaining firearms and includes also policies aimed at preventing […]

Jury Nullification

v. Morgentaler’s case whereby the cited law did not adequately apply (R. v. Morgentaler, 1988). However, this has always been the norm due to the de facto power granted to juries whereby despite judge’s role of instructing and advising them to act based on the law in question cannot interfere with their final verdicts. For […]

The Concept of Orientalism

One of the seminal theorists on orientalism is Edward Said. Said’s text ‘Orientalism’ is regarded as a highly influential critique on the notion of orientalism, both in post-colonial investigations as well as in broader investigations of the Middle East and Asia. Because of Said’s centrality to the discussion, his perspective is considered in-depth. From an […]

The Viability of Islamic Banking

The Islamic banking industry is relatively young, dating back to a mere three decades ago. However, the market for Islamic financial services is now growing at 15 percent annually. In 2005, a financial conference in Singapore established the size of the global market at $200 to $ 300 billion. Islamic financial services include basic bank […]

Land Law terms and conditional

The most common problems resulting from tenancy agreements border on landlord ignorance of tenant rights or problems of transfer as the one detailed in this case. This is a situation where a current owner sells the property to another, the major question being whether current tenants are bound by agreements made under the previous owner. […]

American Law Enforcement

Police ranks often pull together to support their own and when that does not work, the community will justify their actions by not holding them responsible for the outcomes of bad decision making. The ethics within the police rank appears to be teleological, supporting the concept of the means justifying the ends, despite all Constitutional […]

Pepsi Co and Coca Cola Stock Analysis

The report at the end presents the summary of what has been learnt in the report. COMPARING THE STOCK PERFORMANCE OF TWO FIRMS Historical prices of Pepsi co Adjusted closing price has been taken for the calculation of returns and risk. The average stock returns are found to be negative (-0.08) (Yahoo! Finance, 2013a) Historical […]

Slavery in the United States

In 1612 English planter John Rolfe who settled in Jamestown, Virginia was credited with successfully cultivating tobacco as an export crop in Virginia. Earlier English settlers did not like the taste of the tobacco grown there. In order to improve the taste Rolfe crossed the breed from Trinidad which had a sweeter taste with the […]

Southland by Nina Revoyr

In a socialistic form, the novel represents three ethnic groups, i.e. Asians, Blacks and Mexicans. It also illustrates the behavior of these ethnic groups compliant with various situations arising during the exploration of the mystery. Consequently, it highlights both the utopian and the dystopian verges of the races in a well-furnished manner (Nina, R., Southland). […]

The Political System of Turkey within the European Union

Turkey also confronts difficulties in meeting the EU’s economic criteria. Generally described as a fully operational market and a capability to contend with the EU, the economic qualification is basically analysed as the least problematic aspect of Turkey’s membership. However, the economic calamities in the country in the twenty-first century and the ensuing economic recession […]

Possible Theories of the Digital Nation

Are they also connected with the work of Marcuse? During the latter part of the 1980s, technology was starting to explore boundaries which used to be just a part of human imagination. There are links one way or another between PBS’s Digital Nation and the works of the 3 sociologists previously named. There can be […]

Military Capabilities Against Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations

The research objective is to determine if additional U.S. military capabilities brought to bear against Mexican DTOs would increase interdiction effectiveness and reduce the flow of drugs into the United States across the Southwest Border.This research is based on one significant assumption: Namely, that interdiction at the border will have a positive impact on the […]

Deal Directly With The Issue Of Death

Whereas in Seneca’s ‘on shortness of life’, he explains the life is not short as people think if it is used in the right manner. Nature has given enough time to human being to accomplish what they want. He sees natural phenomena as the metaphor for life. So death is a natural process to him, […]

Housing Law Issues

Broadly, tenancy in the United Kingdom (UK) is covered under the housing law. residential tenancy law is regulated by several Housing Acts. According to Cowan (2011, p. 15), these Acts have provisions on the legal framework upon which residential tenancies are based. The provisions give extensive information concerning tenants and landlords’ regulation, procedures, and rules […]

The Intricacies of the Law a Course Reflection

What makes the Portfolio project very interesting is the rare opportunity that it gives students to go back and change things. I have realized, as the course progressed, that in real life people were not afforded with that kind of chance- to correct past misdeeds and thus change the direction of their lives. The combination […]


Question The United s is recognized by a high rate of criminal activity. There are different factors influencing it. However, it is vital to point out that victims do not report crimes to the police due to the fear of being punished by current and potential criminals. On the other hand, some victims are too […]

Law for nonlawyer

Essentially, there are laws governing criminal offences as well as civil offences. In addition to underscoring the punishment that the offenders should be accorded, the laws offer principles that need to be put in consideration before the suspects are justified to have committed the alleged offences. In this consideration, law is an instrument of furthering […]

It is a mooting

Therefore, the University cannot exclude itself for any liability as a result of negligence, based on the provisions of term (c) of the tenancy agreement since it does not satisfy the requirements of liability, specifically, Schedule 2(a), which requires that for reasonableness to be satisfied, both parties ought to have bargaining positions relative to each […]

UAE Justice for Foreigners

Today any and every business would like to open up their business in the United Arab Emirates as it has become the crossroads for some richest and the most famous people all over the world (Whelan, 2010).There are seven states in the United Arab Emirates federation they have a supreme and consolidated law for all […]

Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd v Fox and Ors

Initially, in Fox v Leighton Contractors Pty. Ltd. amp. Ors [2008] NSWCA 23, the Court of Appeals assessed the trial judge’s conclusion of whether Mr. Brian Fox, had contributory negligence, given that he then knew that the pipe was not attached to the waste bin. The trial judge (Gibb DCJ) held that Mr. Fox was […]

Natural rights in John Lockes the second treatise on government

As such, everyone is entitled to enforce natural law in order to uphold these rights. Secondly, he purports that as an individual ventures into societal relationship with others, he trades what goods he possesses for goods he does not, and as such forms a reason to formulate methods to facilitate the trade of goods, such […]

The Operation of the Royal Prerogative

The monarch or Sovereign of the UK is referred to as the crown, who is the royal head of State as well as the Head of the church. One of the distinctive aspects about the Crown is the possession of royal prerogative powers. Up to the 17th century, it was the kings and queens who […]

Significance of Kantian Imperatives to Assess Moral Acts

The paper also attempts to see specific instances that could take place in the contemporary time periods in order to make an evaluation of the same in the light of the Kantian perspectives of morality.The main area of emphasis in this paper is categorical imperative. This paper is divided into four sections including this introduction. […]

International Business Transactions

It is important to note that in some countries like China it is a regulatory requirement that the international firms need to partner with the local players in order to make an entry into the market. Due to this regulatory requirement, international firms, therefore, have to adopt joint venture arrangements (JVA) or franchising as the […]

Reflection and Refraction

Also, it has aided in the understanding on what makes the objects visible. The law of reflection The rule of reflection holds for specular reflection the angle at which the wave is incident on the surface equals the angle at which it is reflected (Anonymous, 2010). Reflection occurs when the wave travels through one medium […]

Political Parties

DRAFT Look at 3 party platforms of the major political parties over a long period of time. Describe the continuities and changes that have occurred in the planks of the party platform. Ask the following questions: Has the party changed its position? What issues have been dropped? What new issues appear? What explains the changes? […]

Construction Contracts in Context

Adjudication especially meant for construction contract has been purposely provided for as a stop gap arrangement for relief to the aggrieved party so that, if necessary, the adjudication order can be challenged. Adjudicators are therefore ideally technically qualified so that they can replace the expert determination requirement. Moreover, the adjudication can be invoked then and […]

Poverty in American Cities

During the late nineteenth century, white Democrats in the urban areas had established legal infrastructures that were not favorable for industrial development and business ventures, especially by the private sector. The banking industry was still at its infancy, while credit facilities and services had not taken foot. Significance of the nineteenth century poverty in American […]

President Lincoln in His Own Words

In his more private communication, he admits that he is simply against slavery and, while he is committed to upholding the rights of the southerner to own slaves, he does not see where the state of Kansas had a legal right to vote on the question of slavery. While his public appeals remain firmly rooted […]

Analysis of Land Law

When a mortgage of the residential property fails to repay his mortgage, he will find it difficult, though not impossible to prevent the mortgage from recovering the property and selling it. Mortgage in English law results from two different influences. Its form and origin belong to the common law. the constraints by which it is […]

High and Law Involvement Buying

An example can be, when one wants to purchase a product like hair gel, that is from different companies and they have a similarity in price. The consumer has to find a difference to convince them to buy one product and this makes a great impact on the consumer’s decision. On the other hand, a […]

Problem Question

The appeal case will deal with two primary issues. whether the IndyBooks Ltd. adhered to the doctrine of incorporation. and whether an e-mail notification can be taken as form of acceptance of a contract. Doctrine of Incorporation The doctrine of incorporation in English law Contract Law refers to the attaching of terms and conditions to […]

National Health Service Provision

Most innovations demonstrate quality and quantifiable gains especially in health. In most instances, the innovations are put into use by practitioners and the patients benefit from it. Some innovations are used in making newer products in the medical world. In most cases any innovation is usually associated with the IP, but for innovation to be […]

Land Law in Real Facts

Last year, Bentley and Damian too died of the accident leaving the property to Damian’s children because Bentley had left his property to his brother and Damian had left his shares of the property to his sons. Now Damian’s sons want the house and evict Alice.‘A constructive trust comes into existence, regardless of any party’s […]

UK Company Law

However, the Court of Appeal stuck to a rigid interpretation of Salomon. It ruled that the right to use a corporate structure in this manner is inherent in our corporate law. … in our judgment Cape was in law entitled to organize the group’s affairs in that manner … That the arrangement served to protect […]

Employment Law

Holland (2007) states that most employees have their own right under ERA 1996 to receive a statement of initial employment particulars and detailed statement of employment contract (p. 41)Most essential contents and features of a contract are ‘control’ and ‘mutuality of obligations’. ‘Control’ occurs when the employer specifies what to do when to do and […]

Reading Response of The Yellow Wallpaper

When the narrator first moves into her upstairs bedroom, in the house that her husband has rented for them for the summer, she despises the yellow wallpaper that covers her bedroom walls. Her husband is a physician who believes that the narrator, his wife, has nothing but a temporary nervous depression and that this should […]

Job Security in relation to Japan and India

Looking at the labor conditions in Japan, it seems that the labor practices in Japan are distinctly different from the rest of the developing nations. Since the 1950s the labor markets in Japan have demonstrated a variety of distinctive features, the most noted of them all is ‘lifetime employment’. This practice is especially beneficial for […]

The United States Federal Government

The question, then, is not, How did the 10th Amendment limit the power of federal government? but rather, in what ways does it not?It’s tempting to say that the Bill of Rights and later Amendments specifically grant the federal government power. For example, it is tempting to say that the First Amendment gives the federal […]

Respond to Taxation No Tyranny

Response to Taxation no Tyranny Response to Taxation no Tyranny Admirable is the eloquence and fluency of those not in favour of independence, but how sorrowful is it that their fluency is baseless and pointless. The ancestors did great in their time as they discovered the great land of America but with this greatness they […]

Employer Policies

Employer Policies Employer Policies Q There are different dos and don’ts concerning employment policies. Some of the dos and don’ts of employment policies differ based on the legal, ethical and good managerial concerns. Based on legal provisions, employers should ensure a safe workplace for all employees. Besides, employers must ensure all employees have health care […]

The Case of the Spelunkers

Understanding The Morality of Acts of Self-Preservation in the Face Of Adversity Survival in the face of adversity is often a controversial issue in our current times. A lot of controversial real life cases involving the matter of life and death have been brought to the attention of the public in the past several years. […]

Exposing Criminals Using Digital Forensics

The aim of the digital forensic process is to safeguard any evidence in its original state while conducting a structured investigation by collecting, categorizing, and validating the digital data for the purpose of getting information regarding a particular past event. In a digital forensic case, it mainly involves three processes that are important for the […]

Website Critique Journalism

However, it is important to distinguish between the purpose of a blog and the purpose of media sources. A blog is a purely opinionated piece, which may tend to give a heavy bias to a particular group. While bias is rarely completely absent from media coverage, it is expected that reputable news sources will do […]

Death Penalty Distribution

Institutional racism has been outlawed for more than 50 years but racism within the legal system continues unabated. Racial profiling ensures more minorities in jail and, by extension, a larger ratio is put to death. The death penalty is patently and obviously unfair to minorities. Whether or not it is cruel is not definable by […]

Business law environment

Thus, both Andrew and Ivor are principals with respect to third parties, agents with respect to each other, and have equal rights and duties owing from being part of a fiduciary relationship. 2The inherent fiduciary nature of partnership entails that good faith characterise all the actions of both Andrew and Ivor relative to Hi-Tek Kitchenware […]

European Competition Law

From their study of the documents and as a result of interviews conducted with representatives of the manufacturers in question, the Commission is of the opinion that a number of actions taken in concert by manufacturers of industrial filters in the European Union are in breach of current Competition Law, with particular reference to Articles […]

Gender Bias and Employment Discrimination Law

Gender Bias and Employment Discrimination LawIn the real world setting, normally a majority of what we can do is recognise differences in outcome. A male is selected for hire over a female. fewer females reach tenure track positions as there is a huge gap in publications (Krieger, 2004). Bias might be suspected in a majority […]


The fact that her children are in foster care shows that she has no interest in them. The influence of the drugs has destroyed the parent – child bond. The loneliness that Florence has suffered could also be the cause of the addiction. The separation from her kids as well the separation from friends and […]

Securing a Crime Scene Paper

Section/# Crime Scene Contamination One of the crucial elements in helping to derive useful inference from any crime scene is with respect to preserving the crime scene as it exists when first responders find it. The underlying reason behind this has to do with the need for preserving all evidence as it was left without […]

French System and the Modern Diplomacy

The French political system and modern diplomacy History of the French political system s back centuries ago. It stands out as the best in Europe. Form of diplomacy that was adopted by the French political system was unique. Ideas of French diplomacy were adopted during the renaissance period. These diplomatic ideas shaped French diplomatic processes. […]

Alleged abuses of the law were cited by Thomas Jefferson as a justification for American independence How did the Constitution (original text and first ten amendments) seek to prevent such abuses in the new republic

By reproaching the Crown and its agenda, he became one of the first and foremost leaders of the revolution. Jefferson concentrated on revising Virginia’s laws which included changes in the reigning aristocracy with a republican form of government. He tried to protect the citizens under him from injustice by removing unequal distributions of inheritance and […]


Research proposal Research Paper Topic: ‘Prostitution should be illegal because it destroys the dignity and status of women’. The research paper will be about prostitution, which is one of the most critical social issues. The topic is that prostitution, in any form, should be held illegal by the government because it affects the dignity of […]

Partyselected judges and arbitrators in international legal proceedings their role independence desirability and compatibility with the general principles of law governing procedure before international tribunals

With the rising complexity of the interaction of states and other entities becoming more entangled the need for these avenues of settlement becomes apparent.Various international legislations exist that provide for the use of the party – elected judges. The foremost instance where ad hoc judges are employed is in the International Court of Justice (ICJ). […]


Culture and media—in many ways manipulate the ways of thinking of the society. Women grew up deeming that perilous sports are meant for male species, because that is exactly how they were made to believe. However, as society changed its stand on gender equality, women gracefully marched into the tennis courts and charmingly started to […]

The Conflict Of A Cut Above And Angel

The Conflict Of A Cut Above And AngelISSUE(S): Generally, when one thinks of an issue, the issue is the question that the court must answer in order to resolve the dispute between the parties. We will frame this issue by identifying the rule of law that the court must apply and the key fact(s) that […]

Director of health information management

Health information affiliation Health information Health issues are significantly considered by government bodies and branches. Health policies and caps are introduced to create a much better and safer health care system. On significant policy strictly adhered to is the issue on patient health information confidentiality (Kotter, 2002). The sensitivity of this issue is significant in […]

The Walter and Jessica

By the time Walter and Jessica drafted their wills, they were in marriage. It means that the will does not capture ant developments after marriage therefore, invalid. Way, dying intestate either by both or by one of the two parents leaves results in a myriad of problems for whoever remains alive. Immediate problems arising from […]

Platinum Learning Activity 3 Elder Interview

His wife is a human resource manager in a retail store. His eldest son is now married while the two daughters are still at the university. The respondent lays emphasis on the importance of university education.The respondent has just retired from his job as a private investigator for an insurance company. He has spent a […]

Capacitors Using Charge Sensors

Capacitors Using Charge SensorsAbstractThe major objective of this lab was to determine the capacitance of different conductor-dielectric geometries by use of charge-sharing technique. In addition, the lab also involves calculating the amount of voltage cumulated as the result of charge sharing process. From this process, an unknown capacitance is also figured out. Objective The purpose […]

History of Forensic Science

The scientist who published the wrong number of chromosomes to be 48 made another error in 1930 when he made a suggestion that mongolism as it was called then was caused by an extra chromosome and even went ahead to submit a chromosomal material to a painter. The error was detected when the painter could […]

Fatal Vision

Introduction Captain Jeff MacDonald, who is a very ambitious and renowned surgeon, having worked at FortBragg army base and seems to be a happy husband and a father of two beautiful daughters, gets entangled in the murder of his family. Responding to an emergency call, the military police enter MacDonald’s house and find his daughters […]

Budget Proposal

(Womack, 2009)Indeed, it is justified to argue that performance of department is fairly lower than police agencies in other US states and cities. Our department does not have enough personnel as only fewer than 250 employees are on job against announced vacancies of 310. Hence, the police officials are unable to share various law enforcement […]

Federal Bailout

With these higher unemployment numbers and the fear amongst those in the banking industry, more and more restrictions were placed upon the opportunity to guarantee new credit to consumers, while the already issued credit lines were at risk of being defaulted on.As a way to intervene in the matter, the federal government would seek to […]

World War II Germanys Offensive

With success, military leaders considered ever higher aspirations including the conquest of the entire world. Throughout this period, though, the Nazi’s public position was that it would only take back particular regions that had once been taken from them. Behind the scenes, however, Hitler’s plan was to first control Europe and then, with the strength […]

Law Notes on Behalf of The Peoples Republic of Zambeziland

The PRZ asks the commission to take into account whether or not it has jurisdiction over this matter since Article 56(5) requires that all local remedies are exhausted, unless it can be shown that there is the excessive delay. As the African Commission previously decided, governments should have an opportunity to remedy human rights violations […]

Christies Mystery Fiction

Christie’s Mystery FictionIn the case of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie, I believe that there is some lacking evidence to be able to determine who exactly killed Mr. Roger Ackroyd. As far as the first portion of the book, it was evident that Ralph Paton, the stepson to Roger Ackroyd was the […]

Criminal Conspiracy

amp. Scheb, (2011), the main aim for the reformation of this system was that it was to temporarily curb the pending review and reform the law relating to fraud, offensiveness and indecency as well as shaping the view of society as a whole. The law has now been reformed by the Fraud Acts in which […]

Law statement of purpose

Law ment of purpose With the current competitive job environment and effects of globalization that that continues to intensify the competition, it is not only necessary to pursue academic goals to establish a desired career and succeed in it. A higher level of academic advantage over competitors in the job market and its effects on […]

Intellectual Property Law in the U S

Intellectual Property Law in the United s Intellectual Property Law in the United s Intellectual property is defined as an intangible form of property which results from the creation of the brain. The intellectual property law is a section of the jurisdiction of a country which deals with the copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property patents and […]

Final The Playskool TravelLite Crib

The executives violated the government regulation on the safety of children. The playskool travel-lite crib was very insecure for the juveniles.2) The company has to adopt the policies of the CSR and in order to maintain safety of the juveniles.3) The bonuses of the company should be given for only those services that have been […]

Domain Name Dispute

Pursuant to Para. 4(a) of the .au Dispute Resolution Policy 2010 (hereinafter the Policy), the Complainant contends that the use of the domain name quickileaks-sucks.org is confusingly similar to its domain name quickileaks.org and that the addition of sucks.org to quick leaks does nothing to distinguish the two domain names. The Complainant further argues that […]

Retail Loss Prevention

While the article highlights partnerships and advocacy as well as federal legislation as the best methods of curbing ORC, I perceive increasing visibility on merchandise and employees involvement to be the best ways of curbing the disgraceful act. The staff should be in a position to keep an eye on every stock as n uncomplicated […]

The Way Sports Governing Bodies Have Historically Developed

However, because the intervention of the state in sports (as in all social activities) needs to be appropriately regulated, it is a common practice for governments around the world to follow specific strategies when having to interact with sports organizations. The above assumption has been also supported by Johnson who found that when the government […]

Russian literature

It clearly showed that the very simple Soviet man by whose name all the Stalinists sworn suffered from Stalinism most of all. The main character of Solzhenitsyn’s story is Ivan Denisovich Shukhov, the ordinary prisoner of Stalin’s camps. In this story the author on behalf of his hero tells on just one day out of […]

Power point

However, such greed cannot be tolerated. thus, the law legalizing organ sales should come with strict measures of dealing with such cases. For example, the perpetrators can be given harsh punishment such as life imprisonment in order to discourage such a behavior in the community.The organ market will be regulated by appointing a government agency […]


Order 183281 DETERMINING WHETHER A SUSPECT OF BURGLARY IS GUILTY Burglary is typically defined as the unlawful entry into almost any structure (notnecessarily a home or business) with the intention to commit any crime inside the premise (not just theft/larceny). (www.criminal.findlaw.com/crimes/a-z/burglary.html)The essence of the offence is the breaking and entering of a building with the […]


Globalization is commonly seen as an integration of developed and less-developed countries leading to a homogenization of sorts. For instance, the emergence of a middle-class in China and India is often mentioned as an example of globalization homogenizing the world, as is the global reach of brands such as Nike and Ford. Globalization has also […]

Detection of Organic Molecules in Unknowns

Biology Lab Report 30 October Detection of Organic Molecules in Unknowns Introduction The Beer Lambert’s law illustrates that the amount of light conveyed through a solution is related to the concentration of the substance (Beer-Lambert Law). Therefore, the concentration of substances can be determined by measuring the amount of absorbed light using spectrophotometry. This experiment […]

Simulation Environmental Nuisance Lawsuit

Environmental Nuisance Suit INTRODUCTION Environmental nuisance means doing a right thing or a wrong thing in a wrong place, which mainly entails unreasonable interference with other person’s property. (Turner, 2004) The supreme court of Iowa State in the case of Bowman v Board of supervisors held that granting agricultural farms immunity from nuisance law suits […]

Sin and Consciousness by John Stolwyk

The demonstration to individuals that God now has our humankind (the entire of it) and that He is presently putting it to the right use by His Spirit in us, it is simple for a large portion of us to perceive how it could be God living through or as us in ways we are […]

The new police model

This external force has existed throughout ancient societies. The tribal leaders in ancient times acted as judges and their servants executed punishments. Even in various tribal regions of the world this system still exists. The tribal leaders along with their followers act as a police force. The safeguard of the primary aim of society is […]

Criminal Law Doctrines of Sexual and Person Offences

The criterion that is used is by assessing whether a reasonable man would have been able to assess the risk inherent in his actions that caused harm, which will be sufficient to establish men’s rea3. However, the road accident has occurred through no fault of James and it is only after the incident that James […]

Is the French ban on headscarves (alhijab) in schools a good idea

During the period of 2004, the government of France passed a legislation that disallowed individuals from wearing and using any religious symbol in public schools (Hrw.org 1)1. This move made by the French government has been opposed as well as supported by Muslim and non-Muslim populations France. Around 80% of the people living in France […]

Week 7 individual work

Section/# Miranda Rights Naturally, the most famous court case involving the use of Miranda is that of Miranda v. Arizona 1966. As such, the case involves the Supreme Court ruling 5-4 that it would be necessary for Law Enforcement/Prosecution to inform the individual both before during and after their arrest with regards to their Miranda […]

The life AND death of Tiberius Gracchus

Tiberius began his military carrier during the Third Punic war when he was appointed in a military tribune attached to Scipio Aemilianus (his brother in law) staff. The period he served under Aemilianus as a military tribune built his status making him popular, thanks to his bravery and discipline. He is remembered as the first […]

Compare and Contrast between Ethics and Law

The fundamental purpose of both ethics, as well as the Law, is to moderate the behavior of the individual in the society. Both seek to regulate misguided human emotions from causing harm to the society and himself. Ethics has generally been considered as the law of nature or the law of God. From the beginning […]

The UAE Labour Law Court Cases

Various cases have been registered and are being registered against people signing dishonoured cheques. Manu have been imprisoned in the jail of Dubai due to the offense of issuing cheques more than their held funds that was later identified to be bounced, with little significance to the underlying causes of such actions, which further makes […]

Is legalize Marijuana a good law in Arizona

In 2010, through Proposition 203, Arizona residents voted to legalise the use of medical marijuana on which legislators have been working to close any loopholes (Collom). The bill allows patients with terminal illness to use marijuana for relieve purposes following their doctor’s approval. The bill also protects them from arrests and subsequent prosecution and requires […]

Jean jacque rousseau

In relation to legitimacy, life is a rare and precious possession that every human being is awarded. Rousseau acknowledges that indeed life is short and that is why he fights for freedom so that all individuals enjoy their space. In addition, law is always enforced to guide those who need to enjoy the freedom thus […]

Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding the ChildrenSafeguarding or the provision of protection is the basic right of every citizen living in any country or State. In case of children, the responsibility becomes more important that they should be safeguarded against any problem or issue. Children are usually open to be harmed or abused irrespective of their age, religion and […]

John Rawls’s Principles of Justice

Rawls objective of A Theory of Justice, published in 1971, was to provide an alternative solution to the then-dominant utilitarian principle of justice, which held that, a society is right and morally just, if major institutions maximized what is intrinsically good, to the satisfaction of the vast majority of people in a society (Ibid: 21). […]

Final EXAM

According to some individuals, the belief in the existence of human rights is just the same as believing in unicorns and witches. Despite some people questioning the existence of human rights, there is no doubt that human rights does indeed exist (Alexy 15).The answer to the burning issue of the existence of human rights is […]

Labs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Label the Force Gravity (=mg), the Nor-mal Force (FN), and the Friction Force (Ff), but don’t use any specific numbers. What makes this a state of equilibrium?The cups are in a state of equilibrium just before it starts to slide. This is because the mg of each cup is made negligible by each normal force. […]

The US v Clemons

Case Study: US v. ClemonsFacts of the Case:The case involves George Douglas Althouse, who was a Special Agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the U.S. assigned to Birmingham, the Alabama office. Althouse and Hobbs worked on an investigation together and planned a meeting to discuss some search warrants that were executed the following […]

5 Estate Tax Audit Letter to IRS

A Descendant’s E Tax. A letter to the IRS The debate and misunderstanding around the issues that surround the taxvaluation of a deceased party is emotive, contentious and intriguing. It requires that we understand the law’s position on the same and the intrigues that involve the calculation of rates and the valuation process itself. In […]

Paper on Texas History and Culture

Impacts of Texas History and Culture on the Current Political System in Texas According Maxwell, Crain and Santos (20), politics reflects the political values and beliefs of people. Moreover, it explains how people feel about their government. A political culture stems from agents of socialization such as family, religion, peer group, and education and is […]

The Obedience to Authority

Obedience to Authority and How It is Evil Two short stories tend to shock people with their endings and implications: Jackson’s The Lottery and LeGuin’s The Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas. These stories underlie the darkness present in humanity, a darkness that has been too old to be completely removed. This essay analyzes how […]

Statutes of Property Common Law and Land Law

When applying the doctrine of prescription at common law, such an easement is only presumed where the appropriate user has existed from time immemorial. The limit of legal memory for this presumption was usage from 1189 but as it is normally impossible to supply actual proof dating this far back it has been commonly accepted […]

The Work of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources

The main objective of the treaty is to conserve and sustainably use plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. In addition, there must be fair and equitable sharing of the benefits that arise in the use of plant genetic resources (Curci 3). Achieving the main objectives of the treaty has several implications on intellectual property […]

New Liabilities Under The Consumer Protection Act 1987

Before the enactment of the consumer protection act of 1987, those injured had to prove the negligence of a manufacturer to sue successfully for any damage. The act now removes this bottleneck and a customer can already sue a supplier without proof of negligence, under sale of produce law. This law applies equal rights to […]

Interpretation of Statutes

Judges have a mandate of resolving of making such statutes clear if not well interpreted. An example of unclear language emerged in the case of Myers v Twining in the year 1982. The judges were to make a decision on the association between a vehicle and roller skates.Many cases have been presented in courts with […]

Answer 2 questions

A Modest Proposal questions Question Swift utilized six pattern developments in his work to elaborate how to combat the then economic predicaments, which both the England and Ireland states were facing (Swift). This is by assuming the persona of a worried and knowledgeable economist in giving suggestions. Swift compares his strategies to those of the […]

How jails differ from prisons

How jails differ from prisons March 21, How jails differ from prisons Jails and prisons are facilities in the criminal justicesystem for holding those who are booked for offences, pending trial, and those who have been convicted. Differences, such as organizational and administrative differences, however exist between the two facilities. One of the organizational differences […]

Drug testing

Drug Testing: An Unnecessary Evil Testing an employee for the presence of marijuana in their system could give a positive result weeks after the person had been exposed to the drug, possibly at a weekend party that had no connection to their work. It is almost like the tyranny of authority has taken ownership of […]

Discuss the relationship between law and outlawry in the Hollywood Western and you should focus upon Pale Rider (Clint Eastwood 1985) and Unforgiven (Clint Eastwood 1992)

The different movie genres also deliver diverse brands of justice. Where modern movies would often highlight violence and the implementation of the laws, other genres may feature the concept of eye-for-an-eye and of righteousness. Regardless of these genres and their varying applications, Hollywood movies show alternate takes of situations that may not always be commonly […]

Idea of the cell first assignment MAM

Since Hooke had only observed a dead protoplast and microscopes at that time were primitive, majority of the microbiologists were not convinced that all living things are composed of cell. It was only in the 19th century that the formal study of cell theory developed (including cell biology and cell division) because of the advancement […]

Selfevaluation People Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology

People Have Become Overly Dependent On Technology The overall argument in the paper s that technology has actually affected our lives and we have become overly dependent on it. The hypothesis needs to be indicated in italics and not as a personal statement. There are certain fallacies in establishing this argument. In the paragraph mentioning […]

Juvenile Delinquency in Hidalgo County

The violent crime rate is lower in the MSA where Hidalgo belongs because it is 319.20 compared to the Texas rate of 408.60 and the country rate of 386.9 (FBI, 2012). In other words, the total crime rate in Hidalgo County is higher than the state, particularly its property crime rate, although it has a […]

The Usage of Water for Gardening and Lawns in California

California population is on the rise and it naturally means more water demand. The drought like conditions and lack of availability of resources and water has forced the administration to restrict the usage of water especially for the purpose of gardening and lawns.What type of plants should we plant in Los Angeles?Los Angles is equally […]

The Entry Strategy of Motorola in China

This paper examines the strategic and environmental factors that motivated Motorola to enter China. the effectiveness of Motorola’s entry strategy in achieving its corporate strategy in China. and the appropriateness of Motorola’s staffing approach for senior management in China in relation to their strategic objectives. Since the 1990s, due to the continuous expansion of economic […]

Liberties that the U S Cannot Reduce or Give Up in the Face of Modern Terrorism

America like countries has strengthened counter-terrorism measures after the 9/11 incident. However, many of the counter-terrorism measures are causing huge inconvenience to the public. Many people believe that the American government looted civil liberties in the name of counter-terrorism measures. Growing threats from terrorist groups forced America to strengthen security measures and implement many controversial […]

Effects of Tax and Price Policies on Demand and Supply

Effects of Tax and Price Policies on Demand and Supply. Effects of Tax and Price Policies on Demand and Supply Ideally, high taxation rates increase the final pricing of products to end-users because producers always pass the cost to consumers. Chicken nuggets market in Rhombus is highly inelastic, which implies that only a significant change […]

Social and Situational Crime Prevention Strategies

The most widely recognized definition of crime prevention in the latter part of the 20th century refers to the difference between social and situational strategies of crime prevention—social strategies are generally called ‘community crime prevention’ (Stenson, 1991, p. 63). Many argue that the concepts of social and situational prevention are quite contemporary, even though the […]

Human Rights The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Treaties are agreements or memorandum of understanding between two or more states for the fulfillment of their mutual interests. It is imperative to note that International Treaties are mandatory and countries are not under any obligation to become signatories of such treaties. However, the international treaties provide internationally unified approaches to global issues and signatory […]

Credit cards advantages disadvantages and personal opinion and analysis

Advantages and Disadvantages of Credit Cards Advantages and disadvantages of Credit Cards Introduction Credit cards have been on theincrease in the recent past days. Resulting from this pressure, the act of 2009, Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure, was signed into law by President Obama. This legislation geared towards improvement of consumer disclosures and stopping […]

European Community Law Rights

The ECJ specified that the national courts that constitute the very last forum were truly the last judicial entities available to individuals. At that stage, individuals attempt to assert the rights provided by Community law. Thus the judicial bodies that are in effect the last resort of individuals at the national level should invariably follow […]

Reflection on Christian text

Reflection on Christian text The greatest commandment of them all is love. Love binds everything and makes it possible for a Christian to fulfill all the other commandments. By merely fulfilling the commandment of love, then a Christian does not need to fulfill any other commandment, because all the commandments will be readily catered for […]

Importance of Employee Relationship

Employee relationships or personnel relationships basically deals with resolving and preventing problems involving each person which affect the work situations (Boston College, n.d.). Personnel relations present in an organization support the human capital in different ways including the recognition of employee, interpretation and policy development and also the various categories of solving the problems and […]

Company Law Reform Bill

Companies Act 2006 (‘the Act’), which received Royal Assent on the 8th November 2006, codifies directors’ duties including the long-established fiduciary duties as well as the common law duty of care and skill into a statutory statement of seven general duties. The main proposals in respect of the Directors’ duties include a statutory statement of […]

Law of Evidence Reliability and Relevance

Evidence can only be deemed to be relevant if it is used to prove or disprove a matter that is in issue before the court. The evidence adduced with the intention of causing the jury to disapprove of the defendant is generally inadmissible unless it is properly presented as evidence of bad character to show […]

The Conflict of Laws

Although we say that all persons must be national subjects of some state or other, it is true that due to upheavals of the war there are some unfortunate stateless persons who have been disowned by or expelled from, their country of birth and origin (Barker and Padfield, p 75).Nationality is of great importance in […]

Legal and Ethical Implications of Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Diversity and Inclusion As a leader whose aim is to foster equality, diversity and inclusion of all employees in a workplace, one should have a broad and a dynamic mind-set. There are laws that have been put in place to govern these like The Equality Act 2010, which aims to promote diversity […]

Intellectual property Law Advise Professor Jones on the scenarioes

Moreover, once original work is created, copyright exists without any requirement for registration4. Copyright is also simultaneously created worldwide irrespective of the where the act of creation took place5.However, the content will not be protected per se as copyright law requires that the works must be original6. With regard to copyright law, the definition of […]

Business law

Business law Law defines a set of rules that regulate interaction between members of the society. It outlines rights and obligation of parties in relations. This paper seeks to explore cases under law of contract.Douglas vs. special productsFacts Douglas entered into a contractual agreement with Page Wilson under ‘non-compete’ provisions. Acquisition of Page Wilson resulted […]

History and Laws of Abortion in the US

Abortion has always been a controversial but frequently performed practice in nearly all parts of the world whether it is legal or not. Despite all the moral considerations, abortions were performed legally before 1880 in United States of America. After that most of the states banned the practice with the exception of the case for […]

Circumstantial Evidence Within The Casey Anthony Trial

did not merit proving the case of intended murder of Caylee beyond reasonable doubt, it is evident that the prosecutors had adduced evidence that had sufficiently served the principle of ‘reasonable doubt’ as a requirement of the law (Sarokin, 2011).Circumstantial Evidence is the important piece of evidence in criminal cases prosecution, owing to the fact […]

The European Court of Human Rights

With regard to the concept of `permissible roughness of treatment, treatment or punishment can only be adjudged to be in breach of Article 3 ex post facto, essentially because it is only then that all the relevant circumstances can be considered. To reach firm conclusions as to the nature and effect of treatment or punishment […]


WEEK 3 DQ PART 3 Question Any agreement whether it is oral or written amounts to a binding contract as long as itmeets the requirements. The contract in discussion is a void contract as the father was drunk and was making an offer to a minor. According to Chapter 6 of the law, a minor […]

Common law and equity

Equity was developed in order to overcome the inadequacies of common law. Equitable remedies are available in a number of areas where common law is either incapable of providing justice or is not faultless in providing justice to the individuals. The main purpose of equity jurisdiction is to support the existing laws. Equity was developed […]

Expropriation in International Investment Law

Earlier, issues were related to nationalization and now they are related to foreign investment regulation and indirect expropriation. In the light of new disputes surfaced regarding indirect expropriation, it has become crucial to define expropriation which in itself has become an issue in international investment law. Before discussing at length on expropriation in international investment […]

Market Equilibration Process

On the hand, the suppliers take advantage of the situation and tend to increase the prices of the commodity but still produce less.When supply falls, the supply curve shifts to the left. At the initial equilibrium price P1, quantity supplied falls. This creates excess of demand over supply which causes the price to rise to […]

Discrimination or Not

Discrimination, or Not? Fall Re: EEOC v. Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School, Michigan, EEOC and PerichCheryl Perich, an elementary school teacher at Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School, was terminated due to her physical disability as she was suffering from narcolepsy. After completing the medical leave due to being diagnosed with narcolepsy from the […]

Seminar inCriminology Discussion 4

Law Discussion 4: Criminology Question When the police go beyond the required use of reasonable force and use excessive force they usually receive a lot of attention from the public, media, criminal courts and politicians. In most cases it always results to loss of the public’s trust in the police. In the event of making […]

An introduction to internationalizing

An Introduction to Internationalization An Introduction to Internationalization Internationalization refers to an organization’s initiative to expand its operations to the global market. Internationalization has far reaching benefits for the organization, including a larger market area, utilization of area economies, enhancement of key expertise learnt through dealing with different markets, and development and transfer of skills […]


Employment Laws The United s of America has more thann180 laws related to employment. The laws are administered and enforced by the Department of Labor (United States Department of Labor). Most of the laws are comprehensive, which makes it hard for workers to be mistreated in any manner. The high number of laws makes it […]

Kindly see the instruction

The Supreme Court and Gay Marriage In Jonny Dymond’s article, Gay Marriage: Supreme Court Justices Criticise DOMA, Dymond discusses the new attempts by the Supreme Court to make a final decision on whether or not they should legalize gay marriage or overturn the ban on gay marriage that has been in place in California since […]

Ethics and Professional Practice

Among these responsibilities are the wise use of land, energy conservation, aesthetic delight and the safety and security of buildings. In 2004 and 2005, the American Institute of Architects recognized these responsibilities as it rewrote the AIA public policies and position statements. There exist only 10 public policies which emphasize the power the architect has […]

A Positive Concept

It should be known that truth is immortal and man without truth is nothing but life less. Life is not meant to be lived just for the sake of pleasure of senses, but for the purpose of realizing truth and living by it in all means. One of the greatest philosophers who strived for truth […]

American and Chinese Manufacturers in the Future

American and Chinese Manufacturers in the FutureI do not think American manufacturers will be able to compete with the Chinese manufacturers in the future. The Chinese manufacturers have lower production costs and a market that accepts their products. What will happen is that the Chinese manufacturers will advance towards making better quality products. They will […]

Corporate Governance ( principalprincipal conflicts)

A conflict between employees and employer is an example of principal – agent conflict. Such a conflict can bring about obstacles in the productivity of a business along with potential hazard to morality of the employees.Both principal – principal conflict and principal – agent conflict could be resolved if certain standard principles are followed by […]

An Overview Of Criminal Justice Systems

Prosecution and investigative powers accorded to law enforcers should not violate or abuse the rights of those who have been accused of crime (Friedman, 2003). In fact, those accused of committing crimes are protected by the law against any form of abuse from prosecution and investigatory powers (Hanes amp. Hanes, 2005). Therefore, criminal justice systems […]

Kant’s Political Writings

However, our choice of leadership may not always be right and appropriate since as men we tend to be wrong at times due to our human nature. Nonetheless, a leader is always needed and we must submit to them irrespective of whether we agree with them fully or not. This was the origin of the […]

Medico Legal Aspects and the Radiographers Scope of Practice

The council’s conduct and competence committee provide a verdict on practices that contravene HCPC’s set standards (HCPC, 2015).Incorporating the law into the field of medical practices gives an insight into the power of the law. The force of the legislation is perhaps the reason for ethical and professionalism in medical practices. The very laws originate […]

AfroAmerican slavery

Slavery in America has been highly supported by the law. In 1686 the exchange of goods between blacks or between blacks and freemen was declared as not legal (Gikandi 244). In 1705 the House of Burgesses in Virginia promoted a series of laws aiming to ensure that slaves in the region would not be able […]

The Rules on Formation of Contracts

The first thing next morning, Kevin went round to Jack’s house and, as soon as Jack opened the door, told him that he would pay £2000 for the motorcycle alone. Jack said that he already sold it to someone else. The formation of a legally binding contract requires a valid offer, a valid acceptance, an […]


His Creon is really a dramatic character.The plot of the play is simple. Events take place in Thebes, in front of the royal palace. First, we learn the tragic fate of Oedipus’ children. His two sons have slaughtered each other struggling for the crown. Creon, the ruler of the state, issues the law ordering to […]

Public Law

PUBLIC LAW Judging from the precipitated events and the provisions of the drafted constitution, there are two clear indications about the three branches of state, namely the executive, legislature and judiciary. That is, these three are supposed to be as independent in the jurisdiction of their roles as possible whiles ensuring that the roles that […]

Behaving ethically can lead to higher profits for a company

Behaving ethically can lead to higher profits for a company Operating an ethical business is rewarding and can be thebest way to get profits for a company. That is evident from the fact that most companies that uphold business ethics have the highest returns and profitability. Ethical businesses respond to customers’ demands and maintain great […]

International Corrections Profile

More often than not, the use of corrections centers is aimed at isolating the perpetrators for some time while they undergo rehabilitation depending on the severity of the crime committed. However, there are issues of capital punishment. where people are sentenced to death usually as a result of committing murder in the first degree i.e. […]

Not a license to murder

Not a license to murder In the of development of the common law, a very vital human right law has evolved. This is the right to self-defense. Among the basic arguments of this particular law is that in the event that one face circumstances that they face a threat to lose their lives or get […]

Basic Principles of the Constitution

Federalism is a system of government in which governmental powers are shared among the different tiers ofgovernment in which each tieris coordinate, independent, and exclusive in its own sphere of authority (O’Connor, amp. Sabato, 2001). Separation of powers is a doctrine propounded by Baron de Montesquieu which stipulates that in order to avoid arbitrary use […]

Crime Scene Investigation The Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

Crime Scene Investigation: The Murder of JonBenet RamseyIn this homicide occurrence, supposed investigative bodies failed to conduct proper and reliable enquiry. This is to help in proper arbitration of this most controversial case, which has ever occurred and up to date remains unresolved since 1996 (Bertino, 2011). Initially, upon Patsy contacting police via the phone […]

Im An Incedibly Stupif Highschool Chem

Heats of Formation and Hess’s Law2H2020) -gt; 2H20() + 02(g)KJ/mol. Determine the AH for the decomposition of H202 in the reaction:.The heat of formation of hydrogen peroxide is -187.8 kJ/mol. The heat of formation of water is -285.8(ans. AHrxn = -196.0 kJ)Science

Your Boy Is Struggling Out Heredef

The parameter represents a quot;person to friendsquot; dictionary. This function must return a quot;last name to first namesquot; dictionarybuilt from the data in the given dictionary. The keys in the returned dictionary should be the last names of people in the givendictionary. (Remember: every person has exactly one last name.) The values are lists of […]

Interpret And Explain This Quote From Hobbes

And in this law of nature consists the fountain and original ofYour nameInstitutionCourse titleDate of submission Law of natureA law of nature is defined as a regular occurring or evidently inevitable phenomenon thatis observable in the human society….Business

This Is A Company Law Question

Light Enterprises Pty Ltd (Light), which was set up as the vehicle to run a Running Head: UNLIMITED LIABILITY PROVISIONS OF LLCS Unlimited Liability Provisions of LLCsWhen Shareholders Might be Personally Liable to Creditors(Name)(Institution) UNLIMITED LIABILITY…Business