Reflect on My Teaching

Available to me are the diagnostic reports of my students that have evaluated their learning disabilities. It lists each one’s strengths and weaknesses. I planned my curriculum around these learning differences and formulated goals for them such as developing the necessary skills they need in their practical lives. Collectively, my students have difficulties in reading […]

Motivating High School Student

The report further showed that over his/her lifetime, the cost to the economy for an average high school dropout is roughly $240,000 due to lower taxes, higher government aid program receipts, and higher crime rates. One important factor in high school students dropping out or completing their classes late is the lack of motivation in […]

Professional PD Program Learning Communities

Children suffering with ASD require special attention and different techniques of education. A PD program is required for my school due to the following reasons – To identify children suffering from ASD To make the teachers and staff aware as to how we have to deal with students suffering from ASD. To make the staff […]

Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management

Students misbehave in the classroom for a variety of reasons. Some students may be suffering from lack of attention at home, divorce of parents, or a need for attention from their teacher. The students who misbehave in class need a structured classroom management plan to assist with their behavior and learning. Students are normally attentive […]

Academic Monitoring

There are certain essentials which must be present for the questioning to be effective. Firstly, the questions must be appropriate to the instructional and developmental level of the students. Secondly, the teacher needs to keep a keen eye on those students that are voluntarily participating in discussion and those who are not. The non volunteers […]

Support children with additional needs in a Early years setting

SUPPORTING CHILDREN WITH DYSLEXIA AT AN EARLY SETTING Introduction The knowledge of dyslexia has spurred debate in every possible dimension. It has been mistaken to be a sign of low intelligence or laziness by those who little knowledge on dyslexia (Reid, 2011). It is a universal condition influencing the way the brain processes written and […]

Teaching skills Objective 602 2 303 Explain how to help students develop and practice strategies for managing time staying organized completing assignments and recording their grades

Self-Management particularly those in high school require some guidance and coaching to enable them embrace various responsibilities. This is because they are at a prime age where adolescence is taking a toll on them. At ages 13 to 18, they have a lot of influence from their peers, and losing focus might be very easy […]

Symbolism in Packer’s Drinking Coffee

Symbolism3 Order 307509 Topic: Symbolism in Packers Drinking Coffee The title of the story is, Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by Z. Z. Packer. It elucidates the churning process of the African-American experience from the point of view of a black student. There is an ‘untold story’ told in every story about an author’s real-life experiences and […]

Contribution of Education and Schooling

241-243). All children have a certain potential due to their heredity and genes or maybe through their early childhood experiences but that potential is useless if its remains only to the extent of potential. Schooling and education provide the training and knowledge to put those inbuilt abilities to use and without that training those talents […]

AED Wk 8 DQ 1 Replies

Teaching, Learning and Behavior Management Institute Charles: addresses Charles’ exceptional good behavior both at home and at school. The case also looks at his ability in mathematics and science meaning that he is a logical thinker focusing on facts. His inability to work in groups with students from his class is due to his introvert […]

Online gaming is a time waster

Online gaming refers to the games that are played over the internet. It has become a popular and successful source of entertainment for people of all ages but it is more popular among the school or college going students. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. It has the ability to link […]

Homework 5

Statistics Assignment Historically, it has been shown that the average amount of money a typical college spends during spring break is $160.00. The Daytona Beach Tourism Commission believes that the average amount of money spent increased during the most recent spring break. They surveyed 81 students and found that the mean daily spending over the […]

The day that changed my life

Chengyi Tao English 111 Prof.Robinson 13, Oct, The day that changed my life I still remember the day that changed my life with fond memories. Itwas when my parents forced me to do my homework. When I was still in primary school, I did not like studying. I spent most of my free time playing […]

Summary / Comment

Chocolate and Its Friends Await the Callers – Summary Comment Summary: The article discusses how different Halloween related activities have been devised by some of the biggest names in the advertising business. The author specifically mentions the case of Snickers, which is a Mars brand, depicting Halloween styled characters in the commercial. The article has […]

This Is

1 practice homework organicGive a full curved-arrow pushing mechanism for the followingelectrophilic aromatic substitution reaction.. Include ALL resonance contributors for any critical intermediates. Label the Lewis and Bronsted acids/bases for each INTERmolecular step, including thefirst one!. Give the number of steps in your mechanism.Remember, D is deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen that is used here […]

Homework 6 Over Chapter 10

1.For the information given, rank the ABCDEFG1Discount Rate6%2Avg. Annual Sales Avg. Profit Margin |Expected LifetimeProfits Present Value Rank3Customer A$2.50017%$425$2,639.1624Customer B$4.00012%6$480…Cost Accounting

32 A) Diminishing Returns (Marginal

Micro Module 2 Homework.pdf x+Xlt; -gt; C @ File | fs1/users/bianca.dahlinger/Desktop/Micro%20Module%202%20Homework.pdfMicro Module 2 Homework.pdf10 / 15Page 10SHORT RUN PRODUCTION FUNCTION252420Total outputOutput(units per day)140123456Labor Input(workers per day)+32 a). Diminishing returns (marginal product) in the above graph occurs with the hiring of theMicroeconomics

Homework 5

C++ Programing Homework Help, CS215 Intermediate C++ Programming #include quot;AudioCassette.hquot;AudioCassette::AudioCassette() :Media() {this-gt;CurrentSelection = 0;this-gt;NumberOfSelections = 0;}AudioCassette::AudioCassette(const string…Engineering Technology

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The homework should be written on the companyRedRunning head: BRAND IDENTITY PRISM AND IMC BRIEF FOR RED BULL COMPANY 1 Brand Identity and IMC Brief for Red Bull CompanyCourse nameCourse numberStudent nameSubmission date BRAND IDENTITY AND…Marketing

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I have a homework for my class MKT 309 Intro to selling. Please help (: Write a 2-page Running head: SERVICE FAILURE IN THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Service Failure in the Business EnvironmentStudent`s NameInstitution 1 SERVICE FAILURE IN THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT 2 Service Failure in…Marketing

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I have pasted the video link that has to be viewed beforeRunning head: ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS 1 Environmental LawsName:Institution: ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS 2 Humankind can sometimes have devastating effects on the environment which usuallyhave long-lasting…Management

Interpretation and criticism

Interpretation and criticism are not new to art, there are and and have been opinions on and appreciations of art for a long time in history. Works of art or literature which are famous today did not carry such weight in their times, and this is due to the redefined understanding of such works. This […]

Ethical obligations

Hence there is a great amount of responsibility that goes within their working basis. They know that if they falter, there is someone else to take their seat and the public would never approve of them in the first place. It is this accountability factor that asks of them to give in their best time […]

Internet Censorship

However, other promoters of internet freedom has openly opposed internet censorship stating that curtailment of access to some information runs counter to provisions of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States (Qazi), specifically regarding freedom of speech. Initially, one is firmly opposed to internet censorship as an avid promoter of freedom of […]

Form a short story base on this conversation

It was her eighteenth birthday. Annelise came down the stairs to breakfast expectantly. Last year, Aunt Marie had made her a birthday coffee cake and homemade hot cocoa. But lately it had seemed like she had become invisible. None of the special things that she had come to expect were happening. Aunt Marie used to […]

Relaxation and Learning

Running Head: Relaxation and Learning RELAXATION AND LEARNING Relaxation and Learning The pressures of school and work can be very unnerving. There are just days when nothing seems to satisfy the boss or the teacher, no matter how much care and effort is put into the job. At times, the particular subject matter that must […]

Deviant Behavior Homework Chapter 1

The Responsibilities of Owning a Gun Illegal firearms caused the death of over 30,000 Americans each year. According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, the number of officers killed in the line of duty by gunfire increased by 24 % from the year 2008. Let us not forget the accidental shooting of children […]

Granpa’s Gift To Me

Grandpa’s Gift to Me Lorraine Duhaney inserts number and reference number inserts Word count: 760 11 Aug 2011. Accepting gifts from the beloved ones has often been regarded as a memorable event in one’s life. It will be a sweet remembrance all through one’s life, if the gift is given or accepted on a special […]

Cyper ethics

Cyber Ethics Homework Section Response to question 2 In his book, On Liberty, Mill explains “tyranny of the majority” as a scenario whereby, decisions made are in accordance with the will of the people or those who succeeded in making themselves accepted as the majority. However, as per critics by Mill, the tyranny of the […]

Homework 4

of the planet :is there a crisisis? Our world is very extraordinary, where there are more plants and species that exist than there were at any one time. The world’s only intelligent species that is man has developed a mechanism to destroy the world. The mechanism is harmful to all the species that inhabit the […]

Goal of Education

Running Head: Goal of Education Goal of Education [Institute’s Goal of Education Education is one of the most important and popular commodity of the present world. It entails a long process of schooling, writing, reading, lectures, assignments, projects, homework, and exams. From elementary to middle to high school to college to university, all students undergo […]

Psychological Issue Summary

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Affiliation Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy As a psychological rehabilitation specialist, guided discovery would be one of the major techniques used to help emotionally disturbed children to handle their daily challenges. In the modern world, children are exposed to family issues that relate to adults in their day-to-day activities. According to Hoffman and Otto (2008) children […]

Video games for children

In earlier days, when children did not have video games to play with, they often spent time playing outside their homes, with their friends and family members. They spent time reading and inculcating various hobbies and habits that helped them to pass time as well as develop varied interests in different fields. Video games had […]

Abused and Abusive Adolescents

Abused and Abusive Adolescents There are several forms of family abuse and violence that ranges in various family settings. This includes: parental abuse on adolescents, sibling abuse, sibling sexual abuse and also abuse of parents by adolescents and parricide. Each and every type of this abuse has got its dominated effects and consequences to the […]

Sensation and Perception Homework

For this process to complete the function of the eye is the most important one and its shape, size and location determine the capacity and functionality of the seeing capacity. Before deciding the design of eye for the new animal species, the most important thing we have to consider is the habitat and the surrounding […]

School Lesson Planning Peculiarities

By pointing and identifying the pictures on the pages, the children will be engaged in remembering what "B" word represents the pictures. Each word in the book starts with the letter B. This allows the children to recognize the letter in both lower and upper case. After the story reading, I will ask the children […]

Teaching Students using Literature

Literature has been regarded as the most underestimated subject however it is not so. It helps us reflect our understanding. Literature helps the mind develop and understand situations as students embed themselves in the given scenario coming up to something which they think is more appropriate for the desired case. Literature helps explore societal issues […]

Stress in American Society

They are simply mirroring their parents’ struggle for cars, boats, and bigger houses. Still, there is little compassion for the overloaded 15 year old. Stress is expected. Time is money. Americans too readily sacrifice quality family time in an effort to generate the success they need to buy their family quality things. If America really […]

Ensuring Collegiate Success

Although many people are gifted intellectually, there are also those that lack the natural mental ability. However, this does not mean that academic success in college would be elusive for these people. There are many ways by which students’ mental ability may be enhanced so as to prepare them for the rigors of college.For instance, […]

Effect of IT Industry on Literacy

For example a manual may require at least a week with a man power of ten to fifteen people whereas when it comes to an automation the same work can be finished off within a day with an employee of one o two who knows how to operate it.A number of examples can be cited […]

Homework # 2

There are several ways in which to impeach a witness at trial. Here, because the proceedings are criminal in nature, we would be dealing with the federal rules of evidence and also the federal rules of criminal procedure. Impeachment tools such as opinion, reputation and specific Instances (Fed. Ru. Evid. 608), is based upon opinion […]

Netscape Navigator

1. Netscape Navigator which is the company’s most outstanding product enables users to exchange information and electronic commerce (E-Commerce) on the internet. The navigator that has a user-friendly interface enables users to navigate the internet by manipulating icons and windows instead of using text commands. Moreover Netscape’s navigator provides other functions of the internet such […]

Statistic homework

e year 2005, this report analyses the variables with the aim of understanding relationship between the indicators and financial success of the products.This section analyses the data and focus is first made to descriptive statistics using tabular and graphical approaches. Analysis of possible relationship between the indicators and total gross sales is then done.The table […]

Gendered Landscapes

Gendered Landscape Woman doing her chores as the man rests by AdriHead Most women, I included, are not pleased with the sexual division of labor. Over the decades, the women have fought to eradicate poverty, inequality, exclusion, alienation and violence from the male gender (Baugher, 2010). Despite the evolution of womens involvement in property ownership, […]

HCI Reading Journal

HCI Reading Journal – Journal #3 Number HCI Reading Journal – Journal #3 Observation users only care for their needs. Typical Users will have interest only to their needs. everything else will mean nothing except to the curious user. For instance, I wouldn’t take much interest in an interface that doesn’t help me perform particular […]

Emergence of Integrated Marketing Communication

The integrated marketing campaign cannot be successful if the different deliverables are not put in a direct fashion towards the target audience. no matter it is the primary one or the secondary target market. The marketing plan, however, remains the key in such a situation and it cannot be counted off, no matter how difficult […]

SPSS Homework

line and therefore meets the direction, magnitude, unit inter-distance, and absolute zero properties of the ratio scale (Frankfort-Nachmias and Leon-Guerrero, 2011. Anderson, Sweeney and Williams, 2011).The statistics suggests longer training among Michigan officers than among Ohio officers. The difference means of the two groups, with mean being considered the most reliable measure because of its […]

Homework 5

Enlightenment Kant defines enlightenment as the human being’s emergence from his self –incurred minority. Accordingto Kant, minority is inability to make use of one’s own understanding without direction or advice from other people. Due to minority being self-incurred, one should always have courage to use their own understanding. One would think that it is comfortable […]

The Concept of Leisure

Leisure means time away from job responsibilities. I take my family to a picnic over the weekends, where we enjoying to the fullest. That is my leisure time in this busy life. When I was younger, I would go out in the streets and play with pals all day long. The concept of leisure will […]

Homework #6

Karl Marx Ideology of Fetishism Karl Marx contribution spreads beyond the economic field. He contributed concepts that are used by modern day scholars. They apply both in the education field and real life application. Marx however was considered an ideologist as his approach seamed different from real life and he held a personal view of […]

Literacy Lesson Plan

Motivation: The students will make their own version of the Three Little Pigs by giving their own meaning to the pictures they are holding. Once they are finished pasting the pictures on the cardboards, they will be arranging themselves in a line by page numbers and presenting their “story”. Instructional Procedure 9:00 – I will […]

Children’s Computer Addiction and Its Influence on Physical Activity

The researchers studied 1013 children aged ten to eleven years old and they came from 23 primary schools in the Bristol England school district. They were part of a program called the Personal and Environmental Associations with Children’s Health Project that was conducted between September 2006 and July 2008. To participate in the study, parents […]

“Incident Command System/Survey of Emergency &amp

Disaster Management" Page] of Institute] Topic: Incident Command System/Survey of Emergency &amp. Disaster Management Foreword One of the criterions of a modern nation is its level of preparedness for meeting any type of emergency. The possible emergent situations which might confront a country include: 1. Natural disasters or calamities as: earthquakes. landslides, floods, cyclones, Hurricanes, […]

Urban economics homework

Urban Economics Case a) There is a long literature in local public economics which debates on the way households of diverse incomes allot themselves across an urban area. A household selects in a jurisdiction in which to reside by trading off the public service provided by a jurisdiction against the tax it levies (Balchin, Paul, […]

Emerging Issues in Product Development

Companies and organizations have turned to product development as a means of staying relevant in the market. The essence of product development is to have customers get enhanced products that are capable of meeting their needs. Murad Ahmed, a senior technology journalist recently wrote an article concerning Microsoft is modifying the latest version of its […]

Attendance and Participation Reflection

Attendance and Participation Reflection Insert of Introduction The topic of cloud computing made my mind tick towards the need to improve my fathers small computing business back at home. I had not known how best computers can be interconnected in order to enable the sharing of data and other important common resources such as exchange […]

Open and Closed Source Systems

Open Source Operating System Open-source software (OSS) is computer software which is available with not only the source but also the right of redistributing the source code along with all the modifications and the works derived. Moreover, the license of the open source software allows the users to learn, revise, modify, upgrade, and also to […]

Family Culture and Tradition

Like in any other family, this is the time when everyone is in a hurry as we race around the house to get what we need for school. Our parents, on the other hand, prepare for work. Our father drops us off in school before going to the office. Mother is left at home as […]

Critique Writing

Critique writing Critique writing anxiety tends to increase during the last days of the semester. It is clear from the article that students flock University library during the end of semester so that they can study and prepare for final exams. For instance, n Texas Austin, the university library operates 24 hour to give students […]

Motivational strategy to an existing lesson plan

1000 Therefore, for learning to be effective, teachers do requires strategies and should frequently modify them while also adding new ones to the existing strategies. Hence, the purpose of this document is to examine the effect of new instructional and motivational strategy to an existing lesson plan on human brain.Lesson Plan: Effect of new instructional […]

Homework 3

Homework 3 Chapter 8 amp. 9 Instructions: Answer the following question inside this document. Use any kind of blue or green font color for YOUR answer.Please answer the questions using complete sentences, no bullet points and no spelling errors. Please read the cases in Chapter 8 and 9 and answer the following Questions. Chapter 8Read: […]

Educational Differences as a Result of Governmental Measures

Educational differences lead to drastic results which can only be remarked as negative to begin with. Since education is one of the most significant pointers that a society can focus upon, the need is to understand that education will be imparted to all and sundry without any barriers, differences, disparities or distinctions. The people behind […]

Time to Get Busy vs to Enjoy

250 I get up early in the morning, go to school, attend classes, come back, do my homework, eat, and sleep. No time for play. That’s bad. I think I am getting the grip of a hectic routine. So, elders must have a greater hectic routine than me. If I think about my dad, I […]

International economics homework

Countries may misallocate their resources in the form subsidies to the local firms. The allocations may lead to uneven distribution of resources that pose negative effects on a country’s economy. A depreciating currency reduces a country’s net foreign debt. For instance, a fall in the dollar positively influences American economy. Dollars largely dominate American foreign […]

2 Teaching child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Teaching child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Educational psychology Teaching is a great and honorable profession that requires hard work, sincerity at work, and honest at all levels of operation. It does not just present some information but, it requires one to understand how the student’s brain works, how the student think, […]

The Important Role of Homework

The process of undertaking homework enables the students develop self regulatory skills as they are able to resist distractions and innovate strategies that would enable them use the limited time to complete their assignments. This is how self-regulation relates to homework and the results in this article indicate that from elementary grades to college, skilled […]

Resources regarding English 1 writing

English Writing Resources Wagner, Jodi. Elena Lawrick. Elizabeth Angeli. Kristen Moore. Michael Anderson. Lars Soderlund amp. Allen Brizee. (April 21, 2010). APA Formatting and Style Guide. Retrieved from This website helps students to put their papers in proper APA format. It gives the rules of formatting the paper, formatting the reference list and some ideas […]

Principles Theories and Practice of Learning

Principles, theories, and practice of learning Undoubtedly, learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior. The process is as a result of practice, training, or experience. For behavior change to occur, the learner must be in a position to express the impact of learning when confronted with a condition that necessitates the expression of the […]

Homework # 04

Family Resources Affiliation Family Resources The lesson of family resources is my topic of interest as it has taught me many things concerning my family and others peoples’ families as far as resources are concerned. Family resources determine the poverty status especially in the US. The value of money and its benefits such as buying […]

I need a English teacher

help with homework rewrite, to check spelling grammar,created a smooth Running head: HOSPITAL SOCIAL WORK 1 Journal Article Review on Hospital Social WorkMarcel WindleyLiberty University Journal Article Review on Hospital Social WorkThe Journal article is… English

I have a homework (CPT

Current Procedural Terminology CODING Question i have a homework (CPT Current Procedural Terminology CODING ) CPT CODING i have a homework (CPT Current Procedural Terminology CODING ) i have a homework (CPT Current Procedural Terminology CODING ) i have a homework (CPT Current Procedural Terminology CODING ) Question 1A thirty-year-old patient is seen in the […]


Question CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS HOMEWORK?!?!?!?! I AM CONFUSED!!!! MY HW IS ATTATCHED!! PLEASE HELP ANYBODY! VERY DESPERATE! CAN’T SOLVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In a study of media usage versus education level (American Demographics, Vol. 17, No. 6), an indexwas used to measure media usage, where a measurement of 100 represents the U.S. average. Values… […]