Analysis of Jeremy Adam Smiths Article Our Fear of Immigrants

Smith tries to appeal to both the pathos and logos, which act as the functioning to help prove different points. When he refers to the pathos, he appeals to the logic of human beings. The piece helps in rationalizing the fears which are part and parcel of their hearts. It also portrays migrants as humans. […]

Mary Edmonia Lewis Art Gender and Ethnicity

It aims to examine the biblical and historical themes in this 19th-century sculptor’s works as perceived by her contemporaries and the artist herself (Durgans, 1995, p.6 and Buick, 2010, p.23). Art scholars view the works of artists of the American art as an expression of gender, ethnic, political, and racial identities. This proves to be […]

Religion That Uniting People

Religion is a huge dividing factor between people of conflicting beliefs. While most religions preach tolerance, it seems very few of them are actually able to live out this belief or religious tolerance.Religion is meant to be a uniting force. A spiritual set of guidelines, a common belief in one ruler, or a unified idea […]

Observance of Religious Holidays

Research Problem The research problem is, Study the history of observance of religious holidays. Explore the pros and cons of observing religious holidays, the policies of the schools and educational institutions, the legal issues involved and the steps taken by the administrators in observing religious holidays. Literature review According to the pages of history, United […]

Advanced Technology for the Aged Smart Homes

In 2012, the World Health Organization dedicated the WHO day to aging (Beard, et al., 2011, p. 4). Also, the EU designated the whole year to be one of active aging and much solidarity between different generations (Beard, et al., 2011, p. 4). The best solution to these aging challenges may require the integration of […]

A Review of lloyd and Craig 2007

The following review examines Lloyd and Craig’s (2007) framework and provides an evaluation of its proposed benefits. Summary of Article According to Lloyd and Craig (2007), taking a patient history is arguably the most important aspect of patient assessment. Because of the continually expanding role of nurses, the need exists to expand their assessment skills […]

Clinton Trial

However, in 1998, he was accused for perjury and obstruction of justice during a case against him. These two accusations were related to a scandal concerning a white house intern. Although he was acquitted by the U.S Senate and completed his term in office the trial marked a great part of American history. Clinton’s Trial […]

Christology of the Later Fathers

The Council of Nicea served to integrate the Church and the State, and it addressed the problems that had been created by Arianism. Constantine settled a number of these problems, and he also took measures to render future controversies, on account of Arianism, impotent. This was achieved by his brilliant maneuver of establishing a test […]

The History of African American Education in America

This school became the center of knowledge for African Americans. Carver tried to improve the Southern economy where African Americans were the most oppressed. In 1922, the first course regarding African civilization was taught at the American University called Howard University. Later, in 1944, the United Negro College Fund was established by Frederick Douglass Patterson […]

American Past

To understand the American historical expansion, an extensive analyses and evaluation of the existing primary sources is significant. The essay analyses and evaluates two closely related primary sources of American past from Reading the American Past Volume 1 by Michael Johnson (a history of the United States of America and America revolution in South Carolina). […]

Computers More than Just an Artificial Need

The influence this machine has on human race is undoubtedly unmatched. It is too hard to even imagine our lives without computers and that truly is a very difficult job now because of the ease this machine provides in a daily life. The basic intention of inventing computers is to discover ease in calculations. After […]

The Depiction of Jesus as Messiah in LukeActs

The Gospel of Luke, like those of Matthew and Mark, is a kind of Greco-Roman biography of Jesus. In Luke, this Gospel describes the life of Jesus from his birth to his resurrection and Acts depicts the spread of Christianity. It appears that the author of the Luke-Acts was a Greek-speaking Christian outside of Palestine […]

Special Education

Special education is a very important field of study as it seeks to integrate the special needs child into the mainstream society and empower them to grow into autonomous citizens, despite their personal exceptionalities (Farrell, 2010). Essentially, special education seeks to find avenues through which to shun the victimization and discrimination against exceptional individuals in […]

Grief and Bereavement Support Groups as a Supportive Intervention for People Who Are Facing the Experience of Loss and Grief

Complicated bereavement is unfortunately not uncommon. Factors that can complicate the grieving process include an unanticipated loss, sudden, random or violent circumstances, multiple losses, the death of a child, or an angry, ambivalent or dependent relationship with the deceased. The mourner’s history of losses, personality style, and pre-morbid mental health adjustment also impact the grief […]

Black quarterbacks in the NFL

B. The four different queries are: 1. Black quarterbacks in the NFL 2. Black quarterbacks currently in the NFL 3. Black quarterbacks active in the NFL 4. Black quarterbacks playing in the NFL These queries should bring up different information but with the same focus on black quarterbacks. We will see the black quarterbacks that […]

A family difference three differing life views

A Family Difference: Three Differing Life Views Everyone tells us that in order to see what our future will be like, one must merely look into the past of his / her family. If one comes from a family of accountants, lawyers, doctors, teachers, or the like, then one is expected to fill in the […]


By 1935, prior to the acquisition of the farm, the number of nesting pairs of sandhill cranes in Wisconsin were 25. This was one of his major concerns and he thereby corresponded with people in Wisconsin that have knowledge of sandhill cranes. The collective effort of Leopold and his colleague has yielded positive fruits as […]

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a personality disorder characterized by persistent disturbance of the personality function of the affected individual. Its main feature and manifestation is a pervasive pattern of instability of the emotions, moods, self-image and interpersonal relationships in the affected person. The disorder can also manifest in devaluation and idealization episodes. The disorder […]

Unit 2 jounal

Chapter 3In this chapter, the writer will pay homage to roots of slavery in America, where the hidden origins of slavery are discussed. The writer opines that slavery took place in a very tactical and system manner, making it very difficult for it to be detected easily even by the Blacks who were to become […]

Advanced Architecture or Digital Design and Fabrication

As a means of discussing and elaborating upon each of these, the following analysis will be broken down into both a personal and professional discussion of why such a program is an effective fit towards the goals and experience that I currently have. Architecture is not just about building skyscrapers, but about touching the lives […]

Parentlessness and Social Isolation The Psychopathology of Bundy and Wuornos

Parentlessness and Social Isolation: The Psychopathology of Bundy and WuornosWuornos and Bundy are both white and come from working-class families, but they have different sexual, educational, and criminal backgrounds. Their grandparents raised them, and none of them were wealthy. While Bundy was shy, introverted, and most likely graduated high school as a virgin (Bell 5), […]

Treatise on International Criminal Law

It is for these two reasons that the definition of computer network operations has two meanings. In the civilian application, the term refers to all actions that seek to provide computer networks with optimum capacity in order to improve the delivery of both the quality and quantity of information to users. In military use, the […]

The Rhetorical/Visual Analysis

Visual rhetoric encompasses art, media and aesthetics. Images are intended to generate arguments or help an individual in decision making. In present times, media of advertising are laying out advertisements that are likely to have a greater impact on the audience, communicate about a product and differentiate it from others in a wide gap of […]

Are the Rich Getting Richer and the Poor Getting Poorer Still Today

It is not a hidden fact that today’s modern world still barricades society with different levels of differences such as social and economic status. And few of the common things that come in minds of many people when referring to socioeconomic differences are poverty and the equation of the rich and the poor. These contrasting […]

Terror in Iraq

Historically, Arabs have been warriors in nature- born to kill at the moment’s notice. The history from the Crusades suggests the level of their hatred against White people and the issue of Middle East in the recent past and the first Gulf War can be attributed as few of the important reasons in the backdrop […]

The Nature of the Fraud and the Impact to the Company

Enron was a very prosperous and prominent firm that was an American energy company established in Houston, Texas. Enron was formed in 1985 by Kenneth Lay after he had acquired two other gas companies in his quest to become a conglomerate in the American history. Nonetheless, after Enron’s biggest scandal, shareholders lost around $11 billion […]

Discuss and Examine the Free movement of Lawyers to provide services and establish a practice in another Member State of the Eur

Heremans (2010) indicated that by ratifying several laws the EU’s actions are geared towards integrating the national systems for legal practice within its jurisdiction. This paper is aimed at assessing the structures guiding the legal practice within the larger European Union. The main challenges facing the regulations and the implications of legal practice within the […]

Urban Agriculture a Key to Sustainability

Urban Agriculture (UA) is the exercise of cultivating, processing and doling out food within and around cities. The most remarkable feature of urban agriculture, which distinguishes it from rural agriculture, is that it is capable of being integrated into the urban economic, social and ecological systems. This includes the use of urban residents as workers, […]

BaalShem Tov

In the first few chapters, martin Buber reveals the struggle of self understanding of the Jewish people that was particularly driven by their experience of alienation. From a literary perspective, Buber uses a cohesive literary composition to depict a new social dimension that was particularly founded by Baal-Shem Tov. The descriptive account of the twenty […]


Judaism has and continues to be the true identity of a Jew despite it just being a religion which over time has closely intertwined with their culture and to a greater degree act as a seam that holds the whole nation of Israel together. Most notably is the role of Judaism in legalizing or illegalizing […]

John Wayne Gacy

It is evidently clear from the discussion that John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer who is known for killing 33 boys and young men and burying them under the crawlspace in his home. Gacy was a charming, and interesting man, and he had status in his community as a businessman who also worked for […]

Coronary Artery Disease

The heart becomes starved of its vital nutrients and the oxygen it needs to function properly. Whereas the signs and symptoms of heart disease are distinguished in the advanced stage of the illness, most persons with the disease show no sign of the illness for many years. When the disease shows its first signs, it […]

Protecting the Natural Environment in China Through Green Marketing

Of major concern is environmental degradation in China, which has become so severe, resulting in stark aftermaths domestically as well as internationally. Considering that this environmental degradation ensues from China’s massive production, is there anything that the government, production firms and Chinese citizens can do to alleviate this problem? China, in pursuit of little gains, […]

The Use of the Public I in Donoting the American Identity

The state’s legal choices are the ways affecting the individual as suggested by the use of pronouns by Rankine in the story. People are prejudiced by societal learning and knowledge that they want or desire, but all experiences are personalized based. I, or we, it hardly matters, seek out the story in the Times. The […]

The Operationalisation of Management and Leadership Development into Practice

The case studies now will be discussing how these theories and practices are displayed in management and leadership styles in the real-life working environment across various sectors.The model that would be applied is based on the theoretical framework that leaders are developed over time. Through the concurrent collaborative applications of both Adair (2003) and House […]

Why Did the Axis Powers Form During World War II

The Axis Powers were formed on the basis of three countries – Germany, Italy, and Japan. The powers later expanded to include the states that fell victims to fascist violence and surrendered themselves to the military superiority of the Axis Powers. Reasons behind the creation of the Axis Powers were numerous, but the most important […]

Role of Medicaid

Medicaid is also a means tested program, which is responsible in the provision of quality health care to Americans who are eligible to the program. In particular, the Medicaid serve those people who are disable, poor as well as those who cannot afford their medical care. It serves as a complement to the Medicare by […]

History of the Middle East

The Oil-Embargo of Middle Eastern countries on states favoring Israel through their policies. Even though this did not cause a lot of changes in the policies of such nations, however, it was economically detrimental to the countries that were targeted by it.September 17, 1978, Camp David Accords are signed by Egypt’s Nasser, and Israel’s Begin, […]

Family and Culture in Terms of Ethics

Latinos are the highest in terms of percentage increase in the four years observation with a 16.2% increase in poverty and 24.9% increase in extremely poor children (p. 36). Gender roles are nothing but expectations as to how males or females should think, act and feel. Regarding a family, there are many gender roles that […]

Little italy

However, Italian Harlem is currently composing of more Spanish Americans as compared to those from Italian origin. In this regard, Little Italy in lower Manhattan serves as a perfect representation of Italian populations in modern America. Currently, Little Italy in New York is characterized by numerous restaurants selling Italian cuisine. In addition, streets along this […]

Gold Standard

This paper will discuss both advantages and disadvantages that could be incurred if the United States economy returns to the Gold Standard, by presenting a brief history on US economy’s use of the Gold Standard and the circumstances surrounding the standard’s dismissal. From early centuries, Gold has always been placed at an esteemed position due […]

History of U S Intelligence

Based on the paper, in the United State, intelligence services are provided by 16 government-owned intelligence agencies. All these sixteen intelligence agencies form the famous the United States Intelligence Community. All these agencies are ascribed with the duties of conducting several matters related to foreign relations and most importantly working separately as well as jointly […]

Clinical Questions Pool

Biological factors: This is the very first step that should be taken in order to fully understand why an individual has the tendency to abuse dangerous substances like drugs, harmful potion, alcohol, excessive coffee drinking etc. The first method that could be employed here is called Family Pedigree Model: the family history of the patient […]

Cuban Revolution of 1959

Varadero and Havana were the Rich and Famous’ resort and casinos, gambling as well as prostitution, were commonplace. Most Cubans particularly on the rural areas however lived in an environment of atrocious repression and they experienced extreme poverty, they were uneducated and there were many illnesses among them among them. Cuban dictator Batista was in […]

Tourism Operations Management

Task 1(L01) Tour operations sector In travel and tourism, tour operators are the ones which combine two or more businesses in a package which is ultimately offered to the consumer as a holiday package. In UK there are two kinds of tour operators- mainstream tour operators and specialist tour operators (Meyers, n.d, pp.8-9). Mainstream tour […]

Division of Labour

Its importance is analogous to the various organs, muscles, tendons, veins and cells of the body – that each must play its part and coordinate in order for the entire human body to function and live normally. Adam Smith (2003) explained this by positing how division of labor is the foundation of the wealth of […]

Critique of Energy Politics by Brenda Shaffer

The Book Energy Politics by Brenda Shaffer is an extensive work of research tracing the industrial history of the United States and how it increasingly being dominated by the energy and oil. Prof. Shaffer conclusively defines as to how almost every aspect of our life is now being dominated by energy and why country’s security […]

Ethnic Conflict and Multiculturalism

The author presents a wide range of examples to support the aforementioned thesis. By perusing relevant scholarship, the author does make a persuasive case for the superiority of ethnonational bonds over patriotic bonds. The notion of common ethnicity has played a significant role throughout the history of human civilization, whereas patriotism, as is presently understood, […]

In what Ways did Jack Johnson Live an Atypical Life for a Person of Color in the Early 20th Century

Black eulogized him and white papers gave front-page coverage to contribute to his national fame. A totally self-made individual, Johnson studied in the college of self-education, where his mind was his principal and his tremendous initiative, the professors and he possessed the strong will to grow through the challenging circumstances, like racial bias, professional rivalry, […]

Economic History of China

Pomeranz talks about the economic history which was very important. Many authors have come out to challenge China on the industrial revolution. It is argued out that the situation at Yangzi and the Pearl River deltas in the year 1750 were not that worse when compared to other developed areas that are in Europe (Pomeranz, […]

Ilandes between them

Japan is a prominent affiliate for the US in several foreign policy subjects, especially when it comes to security priorities, from countering the growth ofChina within the region to responding to threats from North Korea. After the World War II, the alliance between US and Japan has long been a fix of the US security […]

Kipnis and cultural factors in pornography

This, according to historical perspectives of Kipnis, (7) define the methodical consideration on the approach to sexual of choice and give relevance to the cultural expectations, making valid evaluation of communication styles within a critically defined levels of communication. The impact of sexuality including the sheer expression of the natural communication provide distinctive elements in […]

General science

The first and most apparent recognized use is as communications apparatus with people you already have a strong acquaintance. Email and instantaneous messaging has gone way past the previous adopter phase. For many enterprises, societies and families, it has become one of the prevailing forms of communication. Email is up there with the telephone, and […]

El Nio/La Nia ( weather)

Consequently, they affect the ocean activity and global weather and climate. Moreover, the two episodes of climate usually last from nine to twelve months. However, sometimes the episodes prolong and may even continue to two years. The usual time of beginning for the episodes is June and August (NOAA, 2013). A peak follows this that […]

United Arab Emirates Culture and Society

Halaf (2012) asserted that the celebration of the National Day in UAE epitomizes unity and cooperation in the modern Arab world, as concretized in the use of the family to symbolize oneness and solidarity. In addition to this, the colors of the national flag – green, red, white, and black – are shared with other […]

Ant Heap Comparison

At the expense of human suffering the pit grows deeper and deeper as gold and dirt are removed. Mr. Clark is hired as Mr. Macintosh’s engineer. Mr. Macintosh and Mr. Clark and his family are the only white persons living near the pit. Tommy is Mr. Clark’s son who grows up playing with black children […]

Greek Literature and Film

It has been a long journey that started with a single step of archetypes such as the patient woman and that fatherless child, not to fail to mention the returning wander (Stanford, 2008). Among this the interpretational dedicated ‘Odyssey’ acts as the catalyst and have provided the reader a strong endorsement of this novelist’s introduction […]

Analysis of Exxon Mobil Corporation

Higher prices of oil and commodities, in general, have a negative effect on equity investment and on world economic growth. ExxonMobil’s success is thus intricately linked to the success of all industries that engage in some kind of production, regardless of whether that production incorporates oil. Following the trend of its past success, it seems […]

College Entrance Exams

History claims that the concept of college entrance exams originated in ancient China. Imperial schools tested musical skills, archery, horsemanship, arithmetic, writing composition, and information regarding various ceremonies. (Hopkins 36-47). In America, the system of college entrance exams initiated in 1901. Later on, the Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT came into the limelight owing to […]

The Importance of Divination in History

They realized that overuse of the land one year would result in fewer yields the following year. This suggested to these people supernatural powers, leading to the development of concepts of gods or goddesses, the idea that luck could be obtained by learning how best to appease the deities that ruled over these forces.These ideas […]

The History of Irish Education

The association between the three internal departments of the inspectorates was of special concern given the salary differential that existed amongst them and the fact that they wielded different levels of power. The independence gained by the primary inspectorate early in the 19th century paved way for its domination by the central administration. At this […]

Learning Technologies in Education &amp

Enhancing Teaching and Learning with IT and Multimedia82000 The main unit theme is ‘Using multimedia for Learning’ where the specific unit topic will cover ‘The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’. In this regard, students in grades 10 and 11 shall be the target audience. Through the utilization of various forms of multimedia and computer programs, the […]

A detailed analysis on William Wordsworth’s poemLondon 1802

As a function of understanding some of the historical and/or literary reasons why Wordsworth likely chose to write such a piece will herein be analyzed. It is the hope of this author that by seeking to shed a light on some of the trends, occurrences, and personal outlook that Wordsworth may have developed during this […]

The Mortgage Meltdown from an Ethical Perspective

The current global financial crisis that has erupted as the result of defaults on subprime mortgages. The origins of the crisis lay in deregulation of the financial industry, which allowed excessive speculation by banks (Chossudovsky, 2008). The unregulated growth of leveraged operations produced an increase in mortgage-based bonds and the securitization of mortgage loans. Earlier, […]

Family and Medical Leave Act

FMLA embodies provisions on coverage of employer, the benefits of employees, requirements for entitlement, continuity of health benefits during leave, returning to the same position after the leave, notice and certification, and security of employees who avail of such leave (The Family, 2004). It is a social welfare law with a noble purpose, which is […]

Leaders Place in the Institutional Framework

As the paper outlines, there are certain and established rules in society. Some leaders by cherishing these rules try to show their skill while some leaders break those established rules by creating their own rules and they influence the people to follow those rules and thus the entire system gets changed. These political leaders have […]

Emma Goldman and Anarchist Movement

This paper tells that although the anarchist movement has a reputation for having been violent, Goldman believed in non-violent resistance to authority, despite some of the crimes she was accused of committing with violent undertones. Part of her activism including championing the rights of women, most specifically through the distribution of information about birth control. […]

The AntiLynching Crusade of Ida B Wells

History books have documented the stories of those who fit this description. For example, George Washington possessed the military skills that enabled a loosely connected group of colonies to conquer what was, at the time, the most powerful nation in the world. He was a learned man and considered one of the best statesmen of […]

Harpos Bar and Restaurant

The bar is especially popular on football Saturdays, which is the Saturdays that the University of Missouri hosts a home football game. The bar serves drink schedules twice a week, as they feature quarter draws of beer on Thursday nights, along with half-price wings and $2 shots. The history of the bar and grill is […]

Car Safety Technology

The School Transportation News (n.d.) gives us a brief acquaintance on the history of seat belts. In the 1930’s, U.S. doctors fitted their own cars with lap belts and began urging car manufacturers to include the feature in all new cars, when they perceived the danger of dashboard designs in earlier vehicles. During the 1950’s, […]

A Spy Pen that is Produced in Qatar

The pen has a hidden camera on its top. It would be produced in Qatar and would be used and marketed in a market where it is best suited. The first part would examine a series of markets and countries where the pen can be sold to consumers. It would involve the use of some […]

Analysis of Jewish and Greek Weddings

Anita explains some of the antiques like The ‘Kettubah’ and The ‘Huppah’, the environment under the ‘Huppah’ ‘with joy and fun everywhere around to the ring ceremony. A checklist for the arrangement of the cultural wedding show is also fantastically defined by the author.The book, An Accidental Greek Wedding is an effort of fiction presenting […]

The Role of Violence in the Politics of Reconstruction

This revolved around a mentality that sought to contain the inevitable presence of violence, rather than attempting to remove it from society. It was also a culture marked by violent ‘taming’ of the Indians and repression of slave revolts.Rable also rejects recent interpretations of the South as essentially conservative during this period. He argues, rather, […]


These measures will help autonomy in psychiatry, as stated by Richardson (2007: p.71).The AMHP who could be from any discipline in the health care field, would be required to coordinate the ‘preliminary examination’ of a person liable to be treated under a compulsory order, and to provide a non-medical assessment alongside the assessment of two […]

Summarizing journal

s journal was intended to find out the pervasiveness of dissociative signs within the people and to emulate the past study findings which recommended that a history of corporal and sexual abuse is identified frequently amongst people who are admitted to hospital for psychological or else psychiatric complications. The clients that were put under this […]

Chines culture

Chinese Culture Chinese Culture Q1. Three reasons why China has been able to maintain its boundaries without being fragmented like Europei. Comparatively stable and dominant Zhou bureaucracy providing a common script and highly valued culture, which kept people closely knitted. The stable Zhou Dynasty provided strong foundation to the wider Chinese territory giving people a […]


In claiming that their addiction led someone into a life of crime is a fallacy, at best. Criminal behaviour, like drug abuse, alcohol abuse, truancy, spousal abuse, promiscuity, and other risky behaviours are all lifestyle choices. One does not cause another. The confusion and misconception that has surrounded this notion for years lies in the […]

International Relations Officer Vice President of Administration and a Human Resource Manager

The job of an international relations officer is interesting in several manners. The job responsibilities and duties involve establishing strong and firm relations with international delegates and influencedorganizations, developing and maintenance of databases related to the work, and tracking and monitoring of the same activities performed by other organizations. In addition, international relations officer is […]

Koran Issues in Contemporary Middle Eastern History

The followers of Judaism and Christianity viz. Jews and Christians are referred to in Islam as the ‘people of the book’ because they too were sent messengers with scriptures. Differences between the three lie mainly in which prophets are recognized or not, the accepted books, interpretations of faith and teachings and so on. The Jews […]

Critical sumamries

Chapter 2 Section: and Ethnic Identities Pages: 46-59 Weekly Summary In the second chapter, Ebrey reviews Chinese history concerning and ethnic identities in the Zhou dynasty. The Zhou dynasty had a weakness of unifying everybody. The major states adopted distinct differences in terms of identity. The identities of each state based on their history as […]

Vacation in Thailand(Special Occasion Speeches)

Thailand I. Introduction A. Brief background of Thailand. B. One will experience the warm hospitality of Asia. C. Thailand is called the Land of Smiles for its warm, accommodating people.II. Length of StayA. Consider the number of days to stay in Thailand.B. One should know the length of travel flight.C. Thailand is a good location […]

Changes in our culture

It goes without saying that the times are changing. The fast paced way of living in today’s world makes it a cause for concern for so many people. Ithas become apparent that people no longer give value to those things that were previously held more valuable. In order to cope with all that is happening […]

A Large Coastal City in the UK

All these come with occupational health and safety challenges. This article will explore the occupational health and safety challenges faced by rapidly developing cities with similar to Metropolis’ and explain a hazard and risk assessment plan that would enable these cities to prepare for the public health risks that come with the exposure to environmental […]

Indentured servants in Colonial America

The concept of indentured servants arose out of the need of getting good and cheap labor for plantations. When America was discovered by Columbus, European settlers saw huge opportunities in the land. The institution of indentured servitude provided Europeans and the blacks with a means of livelihood and future scope. Their contract of servitude was […]

Defending beauty as in Whats wrong with beauty and being beautiful

al – referring to the professional environment. a careful review of the conditions of a specific workplace can lead to the assumption that beauty can be a powerful tool supporting the communication but it is not a criterion for the professional development – neither of the males nor of the females. The issue of beauty […]

Marketing Consultancy

Dunamaise Arts Centre PESTLE Analysis Number Department Summary This paper intends to collect vital information projected for SWOT, Pestle and Mckinsey 7s analysis of Dunamaise Arts Centre. It is essential to note that these data are specific and categorical to give accurate status of operations in Dunamaise Arts Centre. They include the strength, weaknesses and […]

A history of the United States since 1865

A history of the United s since 1865 A term coined by a journalist d John L. O’Sullivan in an article he published in 1845 manifest destiny was a reflection of an attitude prevalent during the 19th century. According to O’Sullivan, White settlers were predestined to occupy American land from coast to coast. This attitude […]

Online retailing business model company analysis

Online Retailing Business Model Company Analysis Nasty Gal is an established single channel web company that has a worldwide clientele on its list of shoppers. They are exclusively present online thus fall in the online business category of virtual merchants. As virtual merchants, they have developed their brand to a highly respected level given that […]

Perspectives of Native American Tribes (Response Paper)

Perspectives of Native American Tribes Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 INTRODUCTION 3 MOST DEFINING EVENTS IN THE HISTORY OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN 3FACTORS SHAPED EXPERIENCE OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN 4CONCLUSION 5REFERENCE 6INTRODUCTIONThe primary objective of this paper is to have a clear understanding about the experiences and perspectives of the Native American Tribes […]

See below

Incorporation: Urbanization,Industrialization and Race During the Gilded Age The period immediately following the end of the civil war, also known as the Gilded age, was the birth-time of modern America. As European history turns on the pivot of the First World War, modern America turns on the pivot of the civil war. In the gilded […]

Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton

What are the respective thesis in De Bottons chapter on meritocracy and Gladwells chapter on hockey? Can these ideas be seen as useful to us in our postmodern era?Thesis: The chapter on meritocracy from the book Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton is the most persuasive. A statement made by the author in the chapteronmeritocracy […]

Kalaipahoa Poison God

Kalaipahoa, Poison God of Work: Kalaipahoa, Poison God Made With Human Hair 1069×1600 Production of origin: HawaiiDate: November 2010 Media: WoodcarvingI chose to write about this particular work in order to reflect on the history and religious background of the indigenous people of Hawaii. In the ancient days, the Hawaiians had deep respect for the […]

Compare and contrast the views of diverse sociologists

Theoretical Perspective: Research paper Theoretical Perspective: Research paper Theoretical Perspective: Research paperComparing and contrasting the work of Karl Marx and Herbert Spencer is one way of understanding sociology. Each has its own perspective in their approach of the concept of society. According to Karl Marx, he sees society as one that is held together through […]

The Organization

??s profitability helped to the expansion of the organizational activities worldwide. currently, the firm’s sites operate in Britain, Ireland and Continental Europe. In 2009 the firm’s revenues were estimated to 447,661 (million pounds). in 2008 the revenues of the firm reached the 431, 062 (million pounds). The growth of the firm has led to its […]

Capital Punishment as Deterrence to Homicide

Counter research argues that different research techniques give different results. Murder trials in the United States cost millions of dollars. There has been the pressure that this cost should result in a deterrent effect on potential criminals. The deterrence theory argues that criminals weight the cost and the benefits of any criminal venture.Although deemed a […]

The Spirit of Community

Sunday evening sing is attended by all teenagers. The men do the outside work like farming while the women do the household work like cooking. Amish believe that their faith calls for good works. Children receive education in Amish schools. In the movie, they are seen taking care of each other. The people in this […]

Analysis of Guide to Taking a Patient’s History Article by H Lloyd and S Craig and Assessing and Managing Patients with Musculoskeletal Conditions Article by Nicola Judge

The article has focused the sequential nature for capturing history where the author has described presenting complaint and different types of histories which are necessary to evaluate a patient. The rationale for taking a comprehensive history is also discussed. Knowledge obtained from the detailed investigation would help the incorrect diagnosis and treatment of the patient. […]

Ational Geographic photographers videos and responses

The National Geographic Photographers Lynn Johnson: The Heroic Nature of Humanity Lynn Johnson is a photographer concerned about the impacts of hate crimes in America, and to lives of the Long Island anglers and families struggling with AIDS. She narrates that images are so powerful that they can transform people lives and can change history […]

Oscar Romero and Post Vatican II Church

Prior to these sessions, mass were conducted in a way that priests turned their backs to the congregation, modern forms were not accepted, masses were conducted in Latin language only, and sacraments were not updated or simplified. The council introduced new documents which saw landmark transformation of the Catholic Church. ( were altered, and priests […]

Tammy Hall Society

Tammany Hall was a political machine of the Democratic Party in New York from the 1790’s through 1960’s. The agenda of Tammany Hall Society quickly became to control New York City politics, thus the political machine was called Tammany Hall as both merged. The placement of immigrants, many Irish, in the elected offices was their […]

History Of The Philosophical Discussions

The theme of the Euthyphro is a question—what is piety?—that is crucial to understanding the charge against him.(p.9)The main features of the Platonic dialogues are Socrates’ method of question and answers, his zeal for definition, his avowed professions of ignorance, and his main thesis that virtue is knowledge. This is almost on par with the […]

South Africa Apartheid History

Apartheid (1948-1994) cannot be considered as ‘the best solution’ for the country because it violated human rights and freedoms of black populations and caused separation between the white minority and the black majority. Primarily, apartheid was one of the main forms of racial discrimination, separation of the white minority and the black majority. Social divisions […]

Summary of chapter 28emergence of the usamerican history

He chose to eliminate the missile gap and to regain the lost communism ground. Yet even after all the efforts the result was not so good and the tension of Cold War was heightened.After John Kennedy, Johnson took the position and continued the work on two main issues: completion of New Frontier and struggle against […]

History of the Caribbean Dance and Music

We also see here intermingling of African and European traditions, but it is also a battleground for disputes, struggle amp. discord within dominions replete with racial issues (Higman, 2007). The earliest traces of this dynamic cultural fusion and conflicts can be found at the time when transportation of the slaves started from Africa. The trend […]

The US Decision to Invade Afghanistan

The American decision to invade Afghanistan remains mired in controversy, despite the fact that it occurred more than eight years ago. During the presidency of George W. Bush, the United States faced the worst terrorist attack ever carried out on US soil. The hijackings on September 11th, 2001 effectively changed the world and the decision […]

A Nurse and Patient

She woke up with more symptoms, most of them noted above (a runny nose, stuffy head, blurred vision. She states that she has also been under much stress at work and that illnesses have been going around at her work for about two months. Prior to this, she felt fine.On the paternal side, the patient’s […]

DNA Typing in the Criminal Justice Field

Since DNA typing was invented, it has proved to be the most scientifically valid procedure in forensic science for human identification. It has been immensely implemented in crime labs across the world and has been popular in the media (Frith, 2007). The popularity of this DNA typing is evidenced by the fact that it is […]

Analysis of the City of London

London has a population count greater than any other city in the European Union. It was estimated that the metropolitan area holds a population of around 12 million. (World Gazetteer) The diverse London settlement comprises of a wide variety of people, social values, and religious beliefs. It is estimated that more than 300 languages are […]

How did the Normans consolidate control of postconquest England

Following King Edward’s death, a council of influential men commonly known as Witan settled on Harold Godwin to take charge of England. This decision did not augur well with several people including William, who was the then King of the Normans and Harold’s brother Tostig.William particularly took issue with the fact that Edward had promised […]

Human Resource in context

Instead, it should be understood that changes with respect to the way in which businesses integrate with one another and with respect to how they manage the necessary inputs that are required for producing a given good or service have also shifted dramatically. As a function of seeking to apply this to a relevant understanding […]

The War

Prior to Pearl Harbor, Americans were sharply divided as to whether the U.S. should ally with Britain against Germany following the defeat of France. The U.S. immediately began fighting on both European and Pacific fronts fully supported by the American public. Though the Pacific Fleet was crippled by the Pearl Harbor attack, its submarines, aircraft […]

The relationship between poor European Americans poor free whites African Americans and the Native Americans during the early colonial period

The Relationship between Poor European Americans, Poor Free Whites, African Americans and the Native Americans duringthe Early Colonial Period During the early colonial period, approximately one-half to two-thirds of European who migrated to the American colonies had arrived under indentures, meaning they had to work pay for passage to the New World. However, this population […]

Otherness and the Nature of Jealousy in Othello

There is a reason it is called a monster. Jealousy transforms love into a rage that can have deadly consequences. The monster that Othello becomes destroys the love that he held for Desdemona and eventually destroyed the vessel of that love, Desdemona herself. From the perspective of a clinical discussion of the emotion of jealousy, […]

Nayar of India

sibly the most important feature of the Nayar community is their matrilineal mode of kinship, which is exceptionally unique and has been a well centered point of discussion for many acclaimed writers and authors for years. Thirdly, this paper attempts to look at the gender relations and equity. Due to the matrilineal mode of kinship, […]

The last king of Scotland

The Last King of Scotland Affiliation The Last King of Scotland The Last King of Scotland is a film which traces a story of General Amin (Forest Whitaker) who became the worst tyrant in African history. He started his career as a representative of people who fought for the rights and prosperity of every Ugandan […]

American history between 1607 and 1800

n, this brief analysis will consider the effect that the Seven Years War and the subsequent revenue acts of the mid to late 1760s had on congealing an anti-Imperial tone within the American populace. a tone that necessarily and ultimately gave way to feelings of outright rage and hatred for the ruling British and the […]

The Policy Making Process

The Policy Making Process The Policy Making Process Policymaking is referred to as the actions and decisions taken by the government with an intention to solve problems and improve the quality of life for its citizens. It is an invitation to struggle as portrayed in various instances in the constitution making process. in 1788, the […]

Organizational Structure of the US Army

This essay will examine the organizational structures of the United States Army and examine how these structures have influenced the army’s performance both in the actions it has taken to help maintain America’s freedom and the freedom of citizens around the world. The Army, the land-based component of the American armed services, traces its origins […]

History of world migrationskindle chapter 3

Lecturer History of Migrations Migration started during the origin period of the human species. The process is continuous and continues presently. The distinct categories of human migration are illustrated in the discussion. The earliest migrations made the human beings to spread across the entire globe. As centuries passed by the migrants experienced. conflict, cohabitations and […]

Architectural History The Architecture of Hogwarts

Though most castles are glorious and impressive as they are, ordinary people would not be filling the halls of Hogwarts Castle, and therefore required a building that truly played up on the magical surroundings of this magical school.Hogwarts Castle is located in Scotland and is built in the midst of a forest and surrounded by […]

Text analysis American History X

The film is about two ‘white’ brothers, who because of their racist leanings, get their lives wrecked, even after leaving behind those racist thoughts. That is, although both of them get reformed through the actions of certain compassionate characters, their racial violence earlier catches with them and the film ends tragically. Derek and Danny Vineyard […]

Japans High Speed Growth Model and Extent Vietnam Followed the Model

To understand the high-speed growth, of Japan, which took place after the war was over, we should first understand its development and history of Japan during 18th and 19th century. During this time Japan relied on agricultural technology which it developed. the then government of the Meiji took some modernized measures which propelled the economy […]

Us History

Running Head: The US History The US History s History of nations reveals that people and the countries have to undergo through enormous hardships for attaining conformity, peace and progress for the generations. The history of United States is a story of continuous efforts of revolutionaries, thinkers and common men. People of the US had […]

Use of Intelligence in World War II

Use of Intelligence in World War II Use of Intelligence in World War II The Second World War was the most extensive war that history documents spanning six years (Inaba, 2008). The war started in 1939 and ended in 1945 involving vast global nations that later formed Allies and Axis, two antagonizing military alliances (Caruana […]

Greek history using Plutarch’s biography

Solon was able to strike a following among the rich as well as the poor, which would have been difficult for anyone else for his hardline position against unfair distribution of wealth1. This was only possible because justice to the conflicting groups meant that they were all winners in the reforms introduced by his proposed […]

Brief History of Saudi Arabia and Malaysia

Malaysia, whose capital city is Kuala Lumpur, is approximately 50 years old. It occupies the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Its port cities of Malay Archipelago have facilitated spice and silk trade for a long time. Malaysia is located at a trading junction. This position has for a long time, brought trade and foreign influences […]

Social and Behavioural Sciences for Nursing

Various appropriate secondary sources will be used to interpret these experiences from social and behavioural science point of view. At age 18, John had been admitted into a psychiatric hospital thrice. Initially, he experienced lack of sleep and was confused holding paranoid beliefs and some grandiose. He saw familiar faces in the faces of strangers […]

Researching Popular Culture What is it that makes the combination of ripped jeans and mirrored sunglasses desirable amongst punk teenage fans and followers of current fashion trends

And what could speak more eloquently than shaved heads, leather jackets, and ripped jeans?Jeans and sunglasses have become essential attributes of fashion due to several reasons: they are and still remain always in trend, they are affordable to any consumer, and they are suitable for almost any occasion. Where’s ripped jeans combined with mirror shades […]


Movie review Video I: Summary Paragraph The film is set in a location in Italy and the story is about medici, which is a drama that goes around an Italian family. The main character Michelangelo’s family moved into the city in early 16th century, when he was fifteen years of age. But, it was not […]

The Moghul System

Running Head: THE MOGHUL SYSTEM ID Lecturer The Moghul System The structural deficiencies that existed within the Moghul system basically comprised of a general lack of cohesiveness which meant that the moghuls were unaware of their strengths and laid an open space for the British East India Company to enter easily. The Moghul system had […]

Fitness Assignments

The client is a complete beginner to exercise and have not attended any fitness program before. In addition, the client possesses an active lifestyle with high intake of junk food. No cardio respiratory diseases or blood sugar abnormalities were identified to relate with the family history of the client. The client’s secondary motive is to […]

Hate Crimes

t acts against other individuals have always been prevalent in society throughout history, the socially-constructed notion of referring to this as hate crimes is a fairly new notion (McPhail and DiNitto, 2005). This paper will discuss hate crimes in general and place an emphasis on why it seems like hate crimes are on the rise.It […]

On The Rape Shield Law

To quote from Rudstein, are obstacles to convictions of rapists because juries presented with evidence concerning a complainant’s past sexual history make use of such information to form a moral judgment of her character and then are likely to be sympathetic to the assailant1. It also discourages rape victims from going to the police, for […]

Media Freedom and Regualtion

try in conjunction with the Department of Culture, Media and Sports to come up with a White paper in 1998 which proposed the creation of a single super-regulatory body that would consolidate the powers and functions of all existing regulatory bodies, merging in effect the operations of such bodies into it. After extensive consultations conducted […]

Was Plutarco really a person as history describes or a person Almada depicted in her documentary El General Did Almada personalize to examine her controversial ancestor Plutarco Calles

The contrast lies in the sense that while history portrays him as the Puppet President, the one who has Catholic blood on his hands, the one who deceived many to make his way through, on the other hand, Almada portrays him to be reasonable, logical and nonetheless ‘humane’ in contrast to popular opinion. One will […]

Analysis of Taxi to the Dark Side Documentary by Alex Gibney

The background history of torture dates back to the 20th century, post World War II period during the development and progress of the CIA’s investigative techniques where the CIA agents were taught how to use sensory deprivation techniques to help them break down the human psyche in order to make the prisoners feel fear, dread, […]

Discuss FEMINISM IDEOLOGY and relate it to social work practice and values

The form of feminine liberalism is more a fusion of individual rights and active government. it consists of two main parts. Firstly, the social-welfare component prescribes significant social and economic functions to alleviate the effects of capitalism. The philosophys second major component reaffirms classical liberalisms central values. This work goes into greater detail about the […]

History of Psychology

History of PsychologyChapter 3Zigong asked: Is there any single word that could guide one’s entire? The master said: Should it not be reciprocity? What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others (Haidt 45).My Thoughts:Such a quote is extremely helpful in that it teaches people how to live in today’s society. It […]

Week2 DQ’s

The Rise and Fall of McCarthyism Joe McCarthy was a conservative Republican from Wisconsin who became known for his staunch anti-communist crusade during the early 1950s. McCarthy was schooled in law and a veteran of World War II when he was elected to the US Senate in 1947. Within 3 years he gave his infamous […]

Child Assessment Report

The father of baby Anthony is not known so far. Chloe Sampson has had a troubled history with relationships, the first one being with the father of Tess when she was only aged 15. When she became pregnant at that age she felt unable to take care of the baby and gave her up to […]

Comparison history paper

This was the indication of the unique forms of continuity in space. It makes part of the sculptures that Boccioni made during the 1913 era of art. It is a form of the moving beings without bipedal structures like the arms (Boccioni, paragraph 4). The continuity here is represented in that the sculpture was in […]

The successes of the OttomanTurk Empire

The successes of the Ottoman-Turk Empire Affiliation: Explain what the reasons for the military successes of the Ottoman-Turks in creating a third but non-Arab Islamic empire and reuniting the Greater Middle-East/Gulf regionThe Ottoman-Turks were known to be very powerful and this power and strength is what led them to create a third non-Arab Islamic empire. […]

The time machine ch58 summary

Lecturer Paper Chapter five The chapter begins when there is the night falls. Time traveler is freaked out when he fails to see the time machine. He startles many people when he runs to the building as he demanded to know where the time machine had gone. He freaked the whole night and when he […]

When the Longtime Star Fades

When the Longtime Star Fades Case Analysis Should Bob go or should he be, fired is an interesting issue of concern for Noel Klein, who is the Chief Executive Officer at Powerful Entertainment. In this story, Bob Antice had spent more than 36 years working for the entertainment company. The industry regards, Bob as the […]

‘Smoke Signals’ Film Review

Topic: Smoke Signal presents an image of the Indian lifestyle and their culture in a completely different way than usually shown in most of the Hollywood movies in which Indians were presented from a ‘white’s’ point of view. The film depicts and describes the problems faced by an Indian in the modern 20th century known […]

Is abortion not morally justifiable

Moral objections to research in the area of embryonic stem cells are founded on the contention that adult humans and human embryos enjoy the same status from the moral perspective. This contention is unacceptable unless it is conceded that adult humans had once been embryos. In other words, this contention is acceptable, only if the […]

Assessment of the child

Assessment of the child Introduction This paper involves exploration of potential and actual health challenges in the childhood years employing Ericksons Stages of Child Development and a practical health assessment. (Shaffer amp. Kipp, 2010).Childrens Functional Health Pattern AssessmentFunctional Health Pattern Assessment(FHP)0–2 years childErickson’s Developmental Stage:Basic Trust vs. Mistrust2–4 yearsErickson’s DevelopmentalStage:Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt4–5 yearsErickson’s […]


Audra McDonald is yet another triumphant example of the heights African-Americans are more than capable of attaining, having put forth a consistently stellar performance all throughout her colorful life, and is more than deserving of all the accolades to her name.Audra McDonald’s current status as one of the greatest thespians in the history of American […]


Three years later, King relocated to West Memphis where he hoped to make several performances. In 1948, he got the chance to perform on Sonny Boy’s radio show and began to get audience. His popularity expanded during his ten-minute stint at Memphis radio station. The radio spot later changed to Sepia Swing Club (BBKING).His music […]

Offshore Drilling in Alaska

On 31th March, 2010, President Obama projected to open vast stretches of American coastlines to natural gas and oil drilling, much of it for the initial time, in an ostensible bid to win political backing for climate and energy legislation. However, that idea stimulated distress among environmentalists and warmish support from Republicans remained a tight […]

Experience from the teacher student interaction in comparison with a case learning experience

Experience from the teacher student interaction in comparison with a case learning experienceLearning is a partially social activity in which students interact with other students and with lecturers. Such interactions potentially influence a student’s general social life and cognitive potentials in particular. Lecturers are particularly influential in their roles as guides and role models. This […]

ETHICS Haroun and the Sea of Stories *Study Questions*

Due Haroun and the Sea of Stories: Study Questions Comment on Khattam-Shud’s remark that inside a story lies a world that can’t be controlled. Why is that important? This remark from Khattan-Shud referencing the world of stories is not being one that is easily controlled, as well as, believing that all worlds are …there to […]

Is the Histoty Fiction

Is History Fiction? When the is fiction history? is heard by individuals there are three responses. The first group responds that historians construct histories from the standpoint of their individual time and habitation, and antiquities of the similar events are consequently rewritten, repeatedly over time. The second group says that course antiquity is nonfiction. History […]

Response 4

Response 4 From the readings, I think that the content is accurate especially concerning the idea of traditions aswell as that of the memories. Childhood memories are very important to people and represent where people came from. In addition, these memories also form a sense of identity, which is important to people and unique to […]

Anaysis of Articles about International Adoption

Ashe, N. S. Restrictions amp. Requirements. October 06, 2010. Foreign, 2010. lt. a child from another nation is really a subject of various legal procedures and regulations and from this site information related to the regulation of international adoption can be accumulated. Astin, C. amp. Et. Al. International Adoption. October 06, 2010. Adoption, 2008. lt. […]

Economical and Biological Importance of Rice

Rice is found in different varieties, with each variety responding to certain species of weather and climate. In essence, rice has often been used by different civilizations to determine their degree of cultural influence over others. In the course of history, some communities have used Rice as a means of exchange by trading it with […]

Slavery and Western Expansion

In the article, the author explores the failures and triumphs of this period in American history and ends the article by citing fewer celebrations from the period and more disappointments. The author believes that land distribution was a missed opportunity and an egregious failure of this period, claiming that this should have been integral during […]

Animals in American History

Animals in American History Animals play crucial role in understanding the environmental and cultural history of America. Animals have been integral part of American history for a very long period of time. Animals reveal more about cultural activities as well as socioeconomic activities of ancient Americans. In Slideshow1, page11, the mosaic portrays corn, oxen and […]


What is also significant to note that the organizations are considered as the artificial citizens of the world therefore they have an obligation to engage themselves into practices which can enhance the world in which they operate? This may therefore not only include following the sustainable business process and products but also engages into practices […]

Care and Feeding of Exotic Pets

As such, this analysis will concern itself with analyzing the argument against exotic pets based on the following areas: the practice is disrespectful to animals that are not predisposed to being pets, the practice encourages harm to the natural habitat and environment from whence the exotic pet is taken, the practice encourages the illegal trade […]

Into the West by Walter Nugent

OKLAHOMA The Native Americans in the 18th century had a good relationship with the British. There was a royal proclamation in 1763 which gave them certain land rights and which told settlers not to disturb native lands. Following the American Revolution, the natives had to start afresh trying to build a relationship with the newly […]

FDA Regulation of Tobacco Products in the United States

FDA Regulation of Tobacco Products in the United States Drugs and drug use is an important topic in society today. According to Hart and Ksir, use of drugs by an individual bears different effects, depending on the nature and type of the drug.Therefore, smokeless tobacco, dip, chew, and other tobacco products contain a considerable amount […]

3 Speech Evaluation

Three-Speech Evaluation Informative Speech on Fast Food The introduction to the speech sought to employ some mystery in describing what eventually turned out to be Ronald MacDonald, and while it succeeded in getting the audience’s attention, the description of a clown is a rather far leap to the topic at hand, which is fast foods, […]

There is no need to have laws which regulate immigration into the UK Consider whether you agree with the above statement presenting arguments and evidence for your position

UK offers both, job opportunities as well as education. Most of the times, immigrants do not want their children the kind of life which they had spent. In such case, people make the run for the border.Nowadays, the contemporary British society is facing the most serious problems of immigration laws. A lot of people from […]


Since the patient has recurrent pneumonia, it is also advisable to know whether or not the patient has been receiving IVDU or blood transfusion including possible drug addiction and vaccination history since HIV virus can be transmitted through the use of needle via blood contact. Other information should include asking whether or not the patient […]

Treatment or Punishment for Youth Drug Use

Since punishment is a response to crime that is much older than treatment, we begin by describing the concept of punishment. Punishment refers to imposing some unpleasant consequence for a person for a proven action that is decidedly unacceptable to others (Duff, 2001). Examples of punishment include incarceration, which is the response the United States […]

Continent History How It Separated

The theory has unified and enabled many branches of the earth sciences, from the study of fossils (paleontology) to the study of earthquakes (seismology), to collaborate in the study of the Earth.Of the various landmasses that formed Pangaea, Gondwanaland was by far the most significant. Having formed relatively late in the Precambrian era (2.3 billion […]

The History of Affirmative Action

n the schools, denied equal chance at acquiring good jobs and rejected from housing areas all reserved exclusively for the pale-skinned dominant culture of the west Europeans. This separation was made possible because of an ideology that believed white people were of a higher, more refined nature than those who had not yet been ‘cleansed’ […]

History of Helicopter Search and Rescue Operations

Through SAR, people in distress or danger are identified and retrieved, provided with first aid or other needs and delivered to a place of safety. SAR is further subdivided on the basis of terrain considerations. They include ground search and rescue, mountain rescue as well as combat search and rescue and air rescue above the […]

Penitentiary Ideal and Models of American Prison

Penitentiary ideal and models of American prison: The idea forming the bedrock of penitentiaries was to rehabilitate and reform the people who got incarcerated on grounds of severe criminal acts. According to the penitentiary ideals, the prisons should be more like rehabilitation centers for the prisoners than anything else so that they could be convinced […]

Should the government impose stricter guidelines on how much students can borrow in student loans

Ashby, CorneliaM. Federal Loans: Challenges in Estimating Federal Subsidy Costs Report to Congressional Committees. Washington: U.S. Government Accountability Office,2005. Print.Students’ borrowing is putting a lot of pressure on the government budget. There is need for strict laws to ensure that money is used prudently. This will be significant in understanding the benefits of putting controls. […]

Soccer History and Tactics

The historic perspective of soccer will be analyzed and finally its advantages and disadvantages.Soccer was estimated to have been played more than three thousand years ago. In China, around the late 2nd and early 3rd centuries BC in the Hans dynasty, people used to play leather balls fitted inside with feathers. The players were supposed […]

Steven Spielberg and the Visual Effects

The visual effects provided by Steven are unique and well appreciated by the audience. Undoubtedly one of the most influential film personalities in the history of film, Steven Spielberg is perhaps Hollywoods best-known director and one of the wealthiest filmmakers in the world. (Steven Spielberg) Jurassic Park was one of the finest movies to have […]

Saints Lives in the Moissac Cloister

The abbey itself has several versions as to who was its founder. However, it is known that it was founded during the middle of the 7th century (Fletcher).Even though the abbey has witnessed numerous events and tragedies around it, there are still portions that have withstood the test of time. Its walls are the storytellers […]

Topic Pope John XXIII

This election was much surprising for Roncalli himself than for anyone else, as he had arrived in Rome having a return ticket for train to Venice. In the history of over 500 years, he has been the first pope to assume the papal name of John after he got elected.Having the position of nuncio, Roncalli […]

Lincoln Presidency against that of Johnson

Evaluating Lincoln presidency against that of JohnsonIntroductionPresident Abraham Lincoln was sworn in on 4th march1861 and was in office through a war-ridden period until his assassination on 15th April1865[Article]. These two were great men who left their marks in history that saw the United States go through some massive revolutions. However, one of the two […]


s severe and resolves without specific treatment, while bacterial meningitis can be quite severe and may result in brain damage, hearing loss, or learning disability. Meningitis hearing loss typically appears after a bout with meningitis.Before the 1990s, Haemophilus influenzae Type B (Hib) was the leading cause of bacterial meningitis, but with new vaccines as part […]