A Problem of Environmental Degradation in the Hotel Industry

The surrounding of the hotel will not be very pleasant and this alone is necessary to drive away clients into other competing hotels. The costs of proper disposal of the waste are also high in some instances causing the overall production cost to be high.A better approach to managing the disposal of waste in order […]

Cares and Disabled Children Act

This means that at least the mother has the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child and his property(Children Act 1989 (I)(3)(1)). At the moment, she seems to have abdicated this responsibility towards her children, and it is unclear whether the father […]

Physiology of Addiction

This paper illustrates that pleasure, a complex neurobiological phenomenon, is a state of happiness and satisfaction. It is very much essential for a content living. A biological mechanism that motivates events associated with pleasure is known as the reward. Pleasure can lead to good effects like health and productivity, and cognition and, at the same […]

Value of the Theory of Planned Behavior

The Theory of Planned Behavior was initially offered by Icek Ajzen in 1985. The theory is based on the Theory of Reasoned Action offered by the same scientists ten years earlier, and actually represents the continuation and expansion of it. This theory was based on different theories and stated that if individuals assess the recommended […]

Methods in Health

It will be assessed whether changes can be supported in healthcare practice when applied. There will be an analysis of whether the evidence found in this report in respect to the healing of pressure ulcers could be effective in practice and there will be a discussion of factors influencing EBP. There will also be the […]

New loci for genetic resistance to malaria in humans

The pathogenic species belonging to this genus include P. ovale, P. Malariae, P. falciparum, P. vivax and P. Knowlesi. The severe form of the condition is the one caused by P. falcipurum which is prevalent in the Sub-Saharan Africa. Some overlapping clinical syndromes that indicates the severe form includes severe anaemia (SA) and cerebral malaria […]

HPV An Increasing Epidemic among the Nations Youth

As such, the article that will be analyzed in this short paper is entitled, A Review of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Infection and HPV Vaccine–Related Attitudes and Sexual Behaviors Among College-Aged Women in the United States. Unlike other STDs, HPV does not have a current cure as it cannot be treated with anti-biotic other means. Similarly, […]

Reproduction of the Gooey Butter Cake

The innovative cake from the latest recipe had a slight difference from the inventive Cake. The visual appearance of the new outcome was almost similar to the original cake except for a few variations. Nutritional value and health value changed between the recreated home-prepared and commercially prepared cake. Consumers benefited from consuming the home prepared […]

SWOT Analysis Report

The Agency’s top management uniquely governs the Agency through a voting process, strengthening the relationship between the agency and the people it serves This practice has endeared the agency to the people because they feel part of the Agency themselves and hence their steadfast loyalty to the Agency. They select leaders through the ­County public […]

Social Responsibility How Various Corporations and Industries View Social Responsibility

Johnson and Johnson affect consumers globally, through its health product offerings. It also affects communities environmentally, where which its production facilities are located. Tyson Corner affects the D.C. community, where it is located. Verizon affects customers and those who come in contact with customers, through proximity to its electronics products. It also affects the community […]

Gibb’s Model of Reflection

This model can be contrasted to Rolfe’s reflective model which seeks to have three questions: what, so what and now what, answered. Although Rolfe’s model seems to be more structured than Gibb’s, it is shallower. I chose Gibb’s model over Rolfe’s because it is more comprehensive and offers one the chance to examine the best […]

Shown in the upload

As such, society at large will either need to provide this gatekeeper on their own or allow an entity to complete such a task for them. As a function of analyzing and drawing inference upon Mill’s no harm principle of ethics and morality, this particular essay will focus upon the strength of the argument and […]

The Controversial Use of Apligraf in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Foot complications are major causes of hospital admissions for diabetes, and they often demand surgical procedures and prolonged length of stay. Indeed, diabetic foot complications are major global public health problems in that these foot lesions and amputations represent the most important of all long-term problems associated with the disease of diabetes and have medical, […]

Second Lives by Daniel Alarcn

A Family is crucial in the understanding of Second Lives aspect. This is because it is the one that identifies a person wholesomely. It gives a sense of belonging to a person. it defines the genetic make-up, the personality, spiritual affiliation, and the behavioral pattern of a person. Indeed, it is the family that traces […]

Quality Assurance Management Audit of Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC seeks to maintain the quality of products in its franchises all over the world by instilling control processes right from its suppliers of raw materials (KFC Holdings, 2012). They conduct an annual supplier audit that ensures that the suppliers are audited for food safety and quality. This audit is conducted by an independent company, […]

Environmental Issues in Business

Currently, another tenant has been incorporated into the system, which seeks to look into all sectors of the organization’s operations. This new development has been dubbed quality assurance or management systems approach. It raised the bar higher and the standards with which these systems were audited did not remain the same2. The standards that were […]

Disappearance of coral reefs due to global climate change

Poor ecological system in oceans and seas has led to lack of food and other resources that enhance survival of sea animals. This is because global climate change has resulted to the destruction of coral reefs in many of the oceans across the world. In addition, according to new government report on global ecosystem, climate […]

Modern Health Care System of Qatar Offering Free Services to People

The Qatar Health Care System has come far off following the first hospital of the country began approximately fifty years back. At present Qatar, Health Care System has reason to be a proud holder of the most modern medical apparatus and technologies. The medical professionals of the nation are well qualified and experienced. the hospitals […]

AIDs and Needles

Rockwood alleges that doing so led directly and predictably to injury.A rights-based analysis would deliver differing opinions depending on the rights they enshrine. Someone emphasizing rights to life, health or responsible treatment might argue that Rockwood not only has a right to pursue a suit and receive compensation but also an obligation to do so. […]

Whole Body Scanner

In the past screening were more focused on passengers entering the lounges and so on with detectors specified to detect metallic objects and x-ray machines used to scan the items for carry-on purposes (Elias, 2010). After the terrorist attacks taking place from time to time and after the recent attack in the Russian airport there […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Thirty (30) women in the first trimester of gestation will be recruited from a local clinic to participate in this study. They will be randomly assigned to a control group and an experimental group. All the subjects will answer the Edinburgh Post Natal Depression Scale (EPDS) and the Beck Depression Inventory- II (BDI-II) before and […]

The Mental Impact of Transitioning from Working to Retirement

As this is a secondary research study, which is descriptive in nature, the method used in gathering data is a survey of related research studies and related literature using the internet and online libraries. The result of the online research proved inadequate of materials pertaining to research studies focused on the direct correlation of retirement […]

Effect of glycemic index/load of a meal on subsequent food intake

In the final version will provide a summary of the principal findings concerning the effect of glycemic index/load of a meal on subsequent food intake.The theory behind glycemic index is simply to minimise insulin related problems by identifying and avoiding foods that have the greatest effect on blood glucose levelsA number of studies have been […]

UK Policy and Legislation Applying to Mental Health

The male partner has a diagnosed personality disorder characterized by anti-social behavior, and he has resorted to alcohol misuse. The authority does not allow him to live with his partner or have long-term contact with her because he has refused medical assistance and leads a nomadic, unstable life. This unstable life was very detrimental to […]

Food Processing Plant Hygiene

Basic blames that may offer ascent for nourishment and health-related issues can undoubtedly go unrecognized, so it is constantly helpful to have an outside pair of eyes to survey the circumstance. The hygienic transforming of food concerns potential perils in food products and the regulation, configuration, and administration of sustenance handling offices. Food handling and […]

Flexure Testing of FibreReinforced Plastic Composites

The fiberglass is typically frivolous, durable and robust material utilized in diverse industries because of their excellent properties. The composites materials are applicable to the aerospace, construction, packaging and automotive industries. Nevertheless, there is the drawback of the polymers composites due to the unsuitability amidst the hydrophilic natural fibers and corresponding hydrophobic thermoplastic matrices, which […]

Policy Analysis

It is also important to have a clear frame work for policy analysis in nursing. Nursing policies as a result have led to the formation of major reforms in the health sector with the purpose of improving the health care provision (Mason, Kline amp.Mary, 2007). The main aim of this policy analysis is to discuss […]

Diabetes its Cause Complications and Prevention Methods

This health problem affects approximately 16 million people in the U.S. in addition to at least another five million who do not realize they are afflicted with the condition. These already high numbers swell each year along with the rising health care costs associated with the disease. This paper examines the causes, complications and preventive […]

Climate Change Policy in a Globalizing World

According to the 4th assessment report, there is proof that Africa is warming quicker than the global average, and it is likely to persist. It is projected that by 2100, temperature changes will drop in ranges of about 1.4 to almost 5.8˚C rise in mean surface temperature contrasted to 1900, and around 10 to 90cm […]

Contamination and Remediation

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are carbon-based organic compounds and mixtures with toxicity and environmental persistence that include industrial products and by-products. POPs can be transported far from their sites of release by environmental media to previously pristine locations such as the Arctic. Low POP levels might be increased by biomagnification through the transmission process in […]

Mental Health Treatment

A patient Mr. Pall is a year old man had complaints about committing a suicide. He was brought to the hospital by family members. Mr. Pall was very annoyed and he over consumed alcohol. As a result, he had the following vital signs on admission: pulse- 60/mt, respiratory rate – 20/mt, Bp- 100/60mmof Hg.The following […]

Chronic Kidney disease

In addition, chronic kidney disease leads to kidney failure due to high costs of medication from patients of low income. According to Fishbane (2005), in 1998, there were over 320,000 cases of patients who received transplantation of kidney, with this number expected to rise in future. Generally, cardiovascular diseases are associated with chronic kidney disease, […]

Change of the Health Service from 1948

All health systems have a mix of financing mechanisms which are, in the terminology of Derek Wanless, social insurance, private insurance, out-of-pocket payments, and taxation. As is well known, Aneurin Bevan, Minister of Health in the Labour government, nationalized the hospital system in 1948 (Campbell, 1987). Since the local government was no longer to coordinate […]

Methods in Health Promotion

Due to the need for interpreters with many survey interviews, the researcher can ensure that the interpreter is asking the right questions in the appropriate manner, by being present in personal interviews. Finally, descriptive research includes a measureIf a paper survey were administered to a larger Lebanese population, throughout Australia, for example, each participant might […]

Strategy Innovation and Sustainable Global Enterprise

The company was founded in 2007 by Shai Agassi with the intent to promote the use of electric vehicles and thereby maintain a green planet. While comparing these two companies, it is precisely that the Aravind has been positioned better in terms of strategy, innovation, and sustainability.Aravind Eye Care System and Better Place are the […]

Single Mothers and Minimum Wage

The single mothers are forced to enter the competitive job market and it has been seen that they face many problems related to the jobs and wages. It has been proved those single mothers who are working in low wage jobs are often face many real time hardship than the people who are dependent on […]

Roy’s Adapatation Model

Roy’s Adaptation Model is the method by which was developed by Sister Callista Roy in 1976 is an Adaptation of Nursing Theory that has found itself gaining prominence over the passing of the decades. Using interrelated biological, psychological and social systems, the idea behind the model is to help an individual maintain the delicate balance […]

Race Class Ethnicity and Education

However, there are arguments and observations to the effect that government policy on education is unfairly crafted along ethnic, racial and class lines so that there are an inordinate racial, class and ethnic distribution of students in learning institutions. This matter is dissected further by considering three journal articles: The Black-White Test Score Gap by […]

Life Minus Vitamin A

One of the 5 senses that a person has is the sense of sight. A person’s eyes are used for this sense. There are so many beautiful things present in this world that can be appreciated through the eyes. It can also be used to observe the things which are either intentionally or unintentionally disregarded […]

Electronic Security Solutions and the Creation of the Right Balance

Researches conducted over the years show that CCTV’s are extremely efficient in security solutions. Cameras that have been placed strategically around an area or a building can offer thorough and large area coverage of the site under surveillance. CCTV’s have also been observed to significantly change the manner in which security solutions are provided and […]


The sociological elements encompass issues such as individual relations with certain cultures, guidelines as well as aspects that bring or make the civilization appear in order. According to scholars in biological and related fields, aging process begins, immediately. an individual starts to live with the development of certain structures that do not appear before a […]

Public Policy Issue in Health Care

The United States is the largest economy and strives to position itself as an ideal democracy. As such, the country must safeguard the health of its population by providing high-quality health care services to its population. However, the cost is an equally significant factor that affects the accessibility to such services. The problem is widespread […]

Current State of Mobile Crowd Sensing

The devices consist of certain sensing equipment and wireless power that make it easier to develop and upload data to the internet (Ganti et al. Page 32). The mobile devices are equipped with various communication computing and sensing systems. They boost the functions of the daily life objects or involved in the collection of information […]

Social Responsibility of a Business

Quite often, businessmen can be found expressing their concerns upon the social responsibilities of business. In the modern age, people have become extremely conscious about the issues of health and safety, and sustainability. Having sufficiently achieved the necessities of life, people, organizations, and agencies all are now heading towards achieving psychological contentment. That is why, […]

Run England Initiative Sports Policy and Development

More so, the idea is to give the people targets, which are achievable, and at the same time a challenge that is meaningful to the running progress. While working with the local athletic clubs, run England has made sure there are markings and safety measures in place to ensure the participants of the initiative are […]

Depression and Suicide in Older Adults

Depression is not just sadness that fades with time. It is determined by a strict set of criteria as outlined in the second edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Recognizing depression can be tricky because depressive symptoms manifest themselves differently in older people than they do in younger people. Health care […]

Occupy Oakland and the Labor Movement

Occupy Wall Street remains very pivotal in the US corporate, political and financial history because of the implications it brought along, as shall be seen forthwith. Moral and Economic Implications Involved In the Movement So profound are the moral implications of OWS that to sidestep them is to ignore the very factors that anteceded and […]

Plato’s Republic First Draft

Number: Plato’s Republic: First Draft In the first draft (Book of The Republic, Plato is speaking through thevoice of his teacher, Socrates, and he is determined to answer two questions, which include what is Justice? And Why should we be just? (Plato, 9). Other than Socrates’ aporia that hit deadlock because he was unable to […]

Written Modified Duty Program Due

Apart from promoting a faster recovery, activities undertaken at work have proved to be more therapeutic than long rest or only receiving treatment in a hospital away from the workplace. Having the injured employee at work also allows for the early identification of any problem that may prevent an employee’s rehabilitation and the development of […]

Should the government have a say on what we eat

Indeed, this happens to be a very divisive question. There are health experts who support a direct state intervention in the dietary choices made by the people. Yet, there are also groups and bodies who believe that government should have no say in what people eat. Pragmatically speaking, government should not have any say at […]

Summary/ synopsis of RI Forests

Summary of RI Forests According to the reading, about 60 % of Rhode Island is under forest cover (U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service 3). In determining the extent and make-up of Rhode Island forests, the Forest Service conducted the forest inventory and analysis program that derived a systematic inventory of forests across America. Indeed, […]

What does the river symbolize in The God of Small Things

The God of Small Things In the novel The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, the river stands out as a very important symbol. The book shows the river as a place has a significant use for the local people. Over the years, people have been urinating and defecating in it. Still, they bathe […]

HSA 535 WK10 DB1 and DB2

HSA 535 WK10 DB1 and DB2 Affiliation Speech The HAS health care is quite an enjoyable I have done so far, I have been able to understand the importance of various health care issues, especially when they are looked at from the community’s viewpoint. Understanding the various health care issues in every state is vital […]

Clinical epidemiology 2

Breast cancer cells may be hormone-dependent while some can lie dormant in tissues for a very long time, as long as thirty years, after removal of the primary tumor (Lipkus et al, 2001). Some illnesses may act as catalysts in the progression of the disease in the body (Gail amp. Rimer, 1998). Consequently, this implies […]

Use of paramedics

Use of Paramedics Paramedics are highly skilled professionals who are licensed to provide emergency health care outside of the hospital. They are theforefront in the performance of lifesaving medical mediation especially during emergencies and accidents such as vehicular accidents, heart attacks, seizures, fainting, falls, allergic reactions and etc that require immediate medical attention and care. […]

Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign Prostate Cancer Funding

The cause of prostate cancer is not clearly understood, but researchers argue that issues like race, family and age are beyond ones’ control. But some risk factors like avoiding fatty foods can be avoided as one is advised to eat more fruits, unsaturated foods, whole grains and intake of less red meat. Some medication from […]

Female circumcision (also referred to as female genital mutilation)

Female Genital Mutilation By Yuliya Female genital mutilation is the process of removing a womans clitoris, and further sewing up their genitalia until they have been rendered, essentially, deprived of their sexuality. In most severe instances, the entire female genitalia system is completely removed, leading to infection, bleeding or problems with future childbirth (Amnesty.org, 2006). […]

Implementation of the IOM Future of Nursing Report

the RWJF and IOM is very helpful in evaluating the challenges experienced by the nursing professionals and laying the foundation for future development of the nursing profession (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation et al, 2011). In essence, the two institutions form the primary structures on which strategies to develop the health sector can be based.The report […]

Leading and Managing in Nursing

Power, Politics, and Influence –Case Study1. What resources should Ryan use to gain support for his desire to participate in the new shared governance structure?Ryan has already been in a political and leadership position before which is simply what the shared governance structure will offer him and hence he has the experience. He should use […]

Scientific misconduct

Scientific Misconduct Scientific misconduct refers to fabrication, falsification or plagiarism of scientific data. This is in proposing, performing, or receiving research proposal already submitted or reporting research results that have been funded (Broad amp. Wade, 1982). It includes proposals in all fields of science, engineering, mathematics and education with the exception of genuine errors or […]

The Impact of Every Child Matters on Workplace

Aside from briefly discussing the context of Every Child Matters, this report will examine the different UK public policies such as Equality Act 2006, the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995, Employment Rights Act of 1996, Sex Discrimination Act of 1975, and Race Relations Act of 1976 as a way of examining how the promotion of […]

Unit 1 Micro

Micro Introduction In common, anytime unrestricted market is banned from setting charges in symmetry, supply and demand will not equal, and excesses or deficiencies will transpire. When a price floor is set, the lesser limit on price is beyond that clearing charge, and supply surpasses demand, so there will be an excess. In circumstance of […]

Physical effects of stress on first year college students

Physical effects of stress on a first year Stress defines a person’s response to change in environment. The response may be physical or psychological, and may result in either positive or negative effects. Transition into tertiary academic institutions is one of the factors that lead to environmental changes for possible stress. This paper seeks to […]

An outline marketing plan for the next year for Atlantic Quench 303

Atlantic Quench operates in the fruit juice segment with the objective of maintain and attracting more consumers through offering them greater range of benefits present in their manufactured fruit juice products. The company has suffered from the decrease of market value and sales volume. The paper analyses the existing fruit juice markets of the US […]

Health Care

Upon consideration on the extent of his responsibilities, Chris has discovered that the ground rules of the medical service are its ability to provide such under a sincere and qualified personnel who is expected to extend its full support over the patient and his family. At the same time, such responsibilities extend and uphold the […]

Health system policy #2

The theoretical foundation and historical background of the DNR concept will be taken up and an attempt will be made to tell what influences can impact the achievement of policy goals, as well as the changes that will be needed to engage stakeholders to improve effectiveness of the policy. Finally, the implication of this generic […]

AttentionDeficit Hyperactivity Disorder Following Example Julia’s

Julia’s Case StudyJulia’s case is a perfect indication that she suffers from Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Whenever a child is suffering from this disorder, they have a difficulty in maintaining focus to a single task or even concentrating on a given activity, without getting easily distracted. Additionally, children suffering from ADHD are characterized by the […]

Conflict Coaching Training for Nurse Managers

Gender based conflict negatively impacts the effectiveness and provision of services in a health care setting in two main ways. First, conflict among employees may result in emotional intelligence imbalance that in turn affects doctors’ judgment on the treatment. This is where the discriminated gender loses control of his or her emotions, lacks self-awareness and […]

InternetBased Psychological Interventions

Internet Intervention Proposal With the growth of technologies in the modern world we cannot deny the fact that avoiding technological advantages would be definitely unwise. This means that it is possible and even useful to involve them in different aspects of human realms of activity. Internet intervention is an efficient method to help people with […]

The Industrial Revolution in USA

The rules that were formulated after the Industrial Revolution between the year 1835 and 1848 allowed husbands to claim their wives wherever they found them and they could always snatch the women of their wages. There were instances where a widow could be snatched all the husbands’ belongings. fathers could distribute their wealth to all […]

Universal Health Care For Better of For Worst

It is perplexing that one of the most powerful and most democratic nations in the world does not have universal health care. The citizens of the United States grow anxious and dissatisfied with the current health care system. Expensive health care costs, impersonal medical procedures exercised by medical providers, and the bleak future the long-standing […]

My Sisters Keeper by J Picoult

The lack of connection was shown in the novel through Sara and Brian and their son Jesse, wherein it was not a case of not caring but more that he was not high on the scale of things. they were too preoccupied with Kate to really connect to him, which caused a breakdown in their […]

Health care law case

Mr Segedy appealed the comparative negligence verdict and the new trial order.Mrs Segedy suffered from lung and heart problems with likely causative agents emanating from rheumatic fever. She visited Dr I. Ibrahim who diagnosed her with mitral stenosis on June 2001 and on 21st September 2001 her cardiologist performed catheterization of the heart to evaluate […]

Primary Intestinal PseudoObstruction in The New York Times

Relationship between Massive Media and PsychologyRelationship between Massive Media and PsychologyObservation 1Date: 9/15/2011 Location: The New York Times (Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction)Case Description:The article has described patients with the Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction, a condition of intestinal blockage (The New York Times, 2012). It can also be known as the chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction. Patients suffer from constipation, bloating, nausea […]

What if anything is wrong with the World Trade Organisation

The WTO has been cited by some as not taking a proactive approach to evaluating the health issues affected by its agreements, lacking a formal in-house body to regulate the impact of trade on global health (Kimball 2006, p.189). This pertains especially to issues when dealing with imports of beef that have contained traces of […]

Plagiarism In The NY Times

Plagiarism In The NY Times What deception Occurred? In 2003, one of the reporters of San Antonio newspaper was surprised to witness the similarity depicted in one of the stories that was published in the New York Times. As a matter of fact the story in New York Times was similar to a story that […]

Identify a research topic in your area of expertise( eg warming of neonates) and identify a middle range theory that would be applicable to support the research topic in your specialty area

Application of Kolcaba’s Middle range theory of Comfort in Research As a nurse specialized in preoperative and postoperative care,I would use a middle range nursing theory to research on postoperative pain management, which is a common problem among patients after surgery. The most appropriate middle range theory for this research would be Kolcaba’s middle range […]

Health Care Systems

The citizens of Spain and France do not have access to MRIs and CT scans, two technological advancements that we Americans take for granted. In Spain, there is no funding for rehabilitation, convalescence care or hospice services, and families are expected to do these duties. And in all these countries, high taxes pay for the […]

Can Disability Chronic Conditions Health and Wellness Coexist

Additional activities that enhance the physical well-being incorporate the avoidance of drug abuse and maintenance of proper hygiene.. According to Wright amp. Ellis (2010), mental health is the cognitive and psychological well-being. People with good mental health do not have psychological disorders acknowledge their abilities and can easily manage the stress emerging from daily processes. […]

Delegation Nursing

Delegation Nursing Case Study Ethics plays a vital role in institution offering services, like medical institutions. Nursing has an eminent role in taking care of those with health problems. The role of nurses is to provide services where needed and to the community at large. For services of health restoration to be offered to individuals […]

Benefits Package at the Apple Inc

Assignment #4 – Apple Inc. The Apple website does not really do a good job of communicating the company’s work/life philosophy. The benefits page under Jobs at Apple does not provide any detail of the benefits package. I would have expected some hyperlinks for the different packages. What the website does well is show that […]

UK Health Promotion related to Diabetes in Pregnancy

As the report declares the risk for adverse pregnancy outcome in UK women with diabetes has improved considerably over the last two decades due to improved obstetric care and tighter glycemic control. In this context, folic acid is mostly recommended. The major cause of perinatal mortality with diabetes can be attributed to congenital malformations and […]

Public Policy &amp

Government Regulation in Global Management112750 Energy is the heart of global warming. The production of electricity using fossil fuel is one of the prime reasons for the increase in global temperature. Global warming is likely to lead to a fall in demand for the hitting energy and increase the demand for cooling energy. The production […]

Summer Program in Environmental Health (SUPEH) Internship

Under a well designed program, these competencies can be obtained to the topmost levels. Considering my participation in various clubs, societies and organization activities, working with practitioners in Environmental health will help on horning competences in the field.Through voluntary work, I have been able to connect to the society and real world experience. Through various […]

Mary Jane or Greenishgray Mixture

Proponents have argued that legalization will lead to reducing misuse of the drug among teenagers through proper regulation of its market which will reduce such exposures. The legalization will spur America’s economic growth by ensuring that the flow of money to other countries through criminal gangs is reduced rapidly. It has further been established that […]

Coronary Heart Disease

This research will begin with the statement that coronary heart disease is caused by a waxy substance named plaque forms up inside the coronary arteries. The arteries which carry oxygenated blood to the heart muscle. If the plate breaks, a blood clot will be formed on its surface, which will block the flow of blood […]

Should Smoking be banded in New Orleans’ casinos

It covers Bars, Restaurants, Casinos, Patios, Hotel and Motel Rooms, Patios, Courtyards, Balconies, Parks, Public Events, Hotel and Motel Rooms, Bingo and Video Poker Halls, Sidewalks and Streets, Private Homes, Private Clubs, Conventions, Nursing Homes and assisted living areas, Stadiums, Care Facilities, Correctional Facilities, Amphitheaters and Outdoor Areas, and Bus Shelters. Hookah and Cigar Bars […]

Goodness of fit relates to children’s personalities

parenting offered by a caretaker defines the nature of relationship developed between a child and the caretaker as early as at the age of between 4 to 8 months. At the age of 15 months, and based on the nature of the temperament of a child, children have already formed secure attachments with their caretakers, […]

The influence of music

The Influence of Music Topic and Thesis ment The influence of music on the society in general is well documented. From the use of music for political courses, music has been an extremely useful tool in the society. However, attention is quickly shifting to the individual. With the progress of science, studies are being carried […]

FoxConn and Principles of the UN Global Compact

This paper is a case study analysis of Foxconn of the company’s compliance with the Principles of the UN Global Compact in a wide range of areas such as human rights, labor rights, environment, and anti-corruption. In terms of upholding human rights, the company has failed miserably. This is because it is has been widely […]

Create an Interview Guide

Does she have depression, concentration and eating problems, a feeling of overwhelmed and dizziness, a sense of isolation and loneliness, and irritability problem?The main purpose of conducting this interview is to collect in-depth information about the plight of Susan White and help find a solution for her diagnosis. Therefore, it is an informal and informational […]

HCM4270801A01 Human Resource Management in Health Care

HCM427-0801A-01 Human Resource Management in Health Care – Phase 3 Discussion Board DiscussionBoard Response:Dear Sir/Madam:Good morning. I heard about the current situation wherein the medical secretary that supports the doctors has lost her focused on her job due to lack of work motivation. Considering that the medical secretary has been performing well based on her […]

SOC 1010002 homework3

My research tried to find out whether smoking was correlated with gender and with perceptions of health, and if so, what kind of health. My results were not terribly surprising, but still deserve detailed comment. 25% of those who responded smoked. Of that group, 52% were men and 48% were women. Of those who did […]

Fad diet

FAD DIET First of Project Goes Here I. Introduction A. Topic Research question: Is fad diet really aneffective way of losing weight and becoming slim, attractive and fit or is it just some fantasy people are living in?2) Working thesis: Fad diet is merely an illusion of getting slim. In fact it is hazardous to […]


on suffering mental illness. a summary of the findings and concise note using the subjective, objective, assessment, and plan (SOAP) format with each patients encountered findings. The essay also provides some examples to support the findings.First, Psychiatric history: this refers to the mental profile of the patient. It involves critical information about the patient’s chief […]

Assessment and Practice of Mental Health care needs

OBJECTIVES: To explore the associative structure between a screening test for dementia, the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE), and a neuropsychological battery for the detection of dementia, the Mental Deterioration Battery (MDB). DESIGN: A retrospective analysis. SETTING: Psychology unit of a general hospital in Rome, Italy. PARTICIPANTS: Three hundred consecutive outpatients and inpatients referred to our […]

Health Systems Administration SLPs

g White Americans, prejudicial attitudes toward minorities remain more common than not, as over half to three quarters believe that relative to whites, minorities – particularly Africa Americans are less intelligent, more prone to violence, and prefer to live off welfare (Bobo, 2001, as quoted by Smedley, 2003). This discrimination often translates to how health […]

Healthcare Policy and Economics

The government’s policymaking processes and their implementation occurs at the top government levels, the federal government and state government levels. Policymaking at state levels is majorly vested in the state legislature and the governor. The legislature debated on approves policies for implementation, and allocate implementation funds. The governor’s office, however, makes decreed policies that can […]


Element Bars Element Bars Element Bars started by the entrepreneur, Jonathan Miller was a startup focusing on healthy and customized energy bars (Shein, 2011). The company, which sold energy bars made from purely organic and healthy ingredients, catered to the health conscious customers in the market. This market segment was relatively untapped although it comprised […]

Discussions wk2

Discussions wk2 Poverty in America After analyzing the case study thoroughly it is believed that the main reasons for poverty in America is structural as well as individual. The economic recession during 2008-09 was believed the greatest economic crisis since the great depression. During the recession many of the Americans lost their job. some even […]

MacDonalds Fast Foods Restaurant and Lloyd Pharmacy in London

Ownership types Lloyd pharmacy is owned by a pharmacist who has a registration certificate as per the state laws. These State requirements are disapproved always by large business selling ventures, and the concern has been raised in the perspective of Hilmer Competition Reforms. They oblige each state to spot and do away with any legislative […]

Quantitative Data Analysis

Below the introduction, the report provides a brief overview of the data used, including a statement on the adequacy, and the implications of this factor. Using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), the study further explored specific features of the data used, including highlights on frequencies and descriptive statistics. Two extra variables (the […]

Compare contrast and summarize the information from all 3 article together)

ve perception of the nursing profession and unsatisfactory working conditions particularly played a critical role in influencing the decisions for most nurses to leave the nursing field. From the study findings, Gok and Kicaman (2011) concluded that strategies aimed at addressing the high turnover rates in nursing needed to apply a multidimensional perspective in the […]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Obamacare

Not everyone in America can afford to pay a higher premium which leaves the less fortunate without health care. In 2014, Obamacare has forced many insurance companies to accept these people that cannot pay for health care regardless if they are an adult or child. (Benefits Of ObamaCare: Advantage of ObamaCare). Controversially, insurance companies will […]

The Core Work and the Struggle to Make a Living without Dying

Summary of Chapter Six Chapter six of this book talks about the workings of different technological and chip making companies that are situated in the Silicon Valley area of California. These Companies produce some of the most important parts that are used in gadgets and modern cars. The firms make bigger profits annually since they […]

Cultural Factors and Interventions for HIV Treatment

Alarming statistics also show that almost one in three women aged 25-29 and over a quarter of men aged 30-34 are living with HIV. Cape Town registers the highest number of HIV infection of children aged below the age of five. The scourge has left many children orphan and many households in poverty (Avert). This […]

Effects of poverty on malaria in the rural areas of India

The approach of irrigation is causing desertification of the fertile land. There are huge investments made by the central and state government towards developing alleviation programs of poverty. Such an approach has not been able to make the rural areas self reliant but in turn has increased the economic dependency amongst the daily wage workers. […]

Poverty Across the Globe

In addition to this, it is also an important goal and issue for several international organizations, such as World Bank and United Nations. Growth in poverty scale can hamper social and economic growth of a country. Therefore, it is important for each and every individual of a country to fight against poverty in order to […]

More than one topic look at the instructions

Section/# RLS – Restless Leg Syndrome aka Willis-Ekbom Disease Although restless legs syndrome (RLS) is viewed by many as a rather humorous condition in that it does not have any long term negative health affects, it nonetheless is can serve as a minor annoyance all the way to a means of severe sleep deprivation. In […]

How does globalization affect the environment

One area of human life that has experienced heavy issues due to globalization is the environment in which human beings live. Policy makers, environmentalist and other stakeholders have attacked globalization for impacting human environment in a negative manner. Body Disadvantages One of the main impacts of globalization is that globalization has led to increase in […]

Biotechnological Food Production

As the paper outlines, one of the basic needs that has troubled a lot of people in the world today is food, which has become less than enough for the growing population which has encroached into the productive places and been escalated by the loss of fertility of the land which people have exploited in […]

The Childhood Phase of a Person

The childhood phase of a person is developed through his activities in a school. The major part of the childhood of a person is spent in the schools. The preliminary and secondary schools are the basic foundations on which the overall values, goals, and personality of a person are developed. However, special care must be […]

Atheorist’s voice

Atheorists Voice Transformative Learning Theory Learning is an important consideration for individuals to have adequate understandings and knowledge about different aspects. Additionally, learning enables people to work autonomously and develop the feeling of self-belief by collaborating it with their behaviour in an effective manner (Merriam, Caffarella amp. Baumgartner, 2012). Besides, people in different circumstances encounter […]

Prediction number 2

Role of Facial Asymmetry and Relationship Status in Indirect Aggression among Women Women usually engage in indirect aggression more than direct aggression towards fellow women (Campbell, 1995, p. 104). Indirect aggression can include any form of hostility that does not use direct physical assault, such as gossip, criticism of other women’s characteristics, and social exclusion […]

The affordable health care act

Health More Affordable Paying for medical bills and expenses isn’t a joke to laugh about. It’s a serious topic to be discussed, a necessity to be budgeted, and an expense to be planned upon. Many health insurance companies have seen the health care necessity and have taken toll on the community’s need for health insurances. […]

Healthy Children

Healthy Children Healthy Children Concerns about the health status of children in the current society are worth not ignoring. Different health stakeholders, including private organizations, emphasize on the need for ensuring healthy living among children. In this regard, it worth discussing several issues concerning the health of children and how the society can help in […]

Anorexia Nervosa Control Issues signs and symptoms

A large nationally representative U.S. study conducted on this group of people revealed that there were no new cases registered after the respondents reached their mid-20s (Harvard Medical School, 2009). This finding reveals that adult patients who seek treatment for anorexia nervosa have usually struggled with this disorder much earlier in their life. Anorexia is […]

How Actively Fathers Participate In the Birth of their Children

How Actively Fathers Participate In the Birth of their Children (A) Expectant fathers Q1. The feeling of becoming afather comes with a sense of responsibility of the prospective father to another human being who requires smooth and tender care. There is a feeling of having security of job to provide for the young one.Q2. I […]


If the connection is prolonged, the practitioner develops compassion fatigue.Yoder (2010) describes compassion fatigue as a vice that minimizes the efficiency of the practitioner due to their increased connection with their duties. Moreover, compassion fatigue develops a nature in a practitioner that tends to ignore the requirements of the patient. The practitioner is overburdened with […]

Conflict that occurs in a nuclear family

Conflicts in a nuclear family occur mostly because of misunderstandings between and among its members. Traditional or extended families usually provide buffers during misunderstandings and conflicts. Since the nuclear family is deprived of other family members like aunts, uncles and grandparents who can help resolve these misunderstandings, these differences in opinion or misunderstandings take a […]

How healthy food affect people

As a result, they end up in various fast food joints and instead of buying healthy food, they consume junk food. For instance, many prefer pizza and French fries as is evidenced in the video in dollar menu. A healthy diet can help prevent cancer, since up to 60% of cancer diseases are diet-related. In […]

Diversity in Family Counseling

The therapy assessment approaches delineated for contextual issues like gender, culture and spirituality, have gained relevance as the world societies are fastly becoming multicultural (Lyness, Haddock and Zimmerman, p.409-410). The major pitfall in the early therapy approaches had been that they failed to see relationships in their context, that is, in the context of power […]

Highlights of the Veterans Health Administration

In the July 18, 2005 matter of US News and World Report, Veterans Administration hospital care is hyped as over and over again as the best around. The high ranking to the conversion of the VA health care classification over the preceding decade. Starting in the l990’s under the guidance of Dr. Kenneth Kizer, the […]

Critical Appraisal Of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Articles

The article titled Analyzing Qualitative interview data. Addressing issues of reliability and validity presented by J.V. Appleton deals with the aspects that must be taken into consideration while conducting a qualitative research study to ensure the reliability and validity of the data (Appleton, 1995). In contrast, Shuster and Shannon (1994) in their article titled Differential […]

Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

In deducing, the sampling method used, it will be necessary to define the various sampling methods that we have. Random sampling involves the random selection of a sample from the population. In cluster sampling, selection of samples is in clusters close to each other like households in the same estate. Quota sampling involves selection of […]

Leadership Strategic

Task: Leadership strategic Question The effectiveness of an organization gets portrayed through performance indicators. Notably, many organizations use the performance indicators to make adjustments and identify improvement opportunities. The healthcare organization is an extremely valuable setup, which should offer efficient and reliable services. Contrary to the performance indicators, Evan Berman came up with various performance […]

Working as a Nurse in the Australian Health Care System

In simple terms, principle of wellness is the general integration of mental, physical and spiritual well-being of an individual.My role in the primary care setting generally differs from my role in the acute care set up. The difference generally lies in the health care set up. In primary health care setting, as the provider of […]

Dynamics in the Management Expectations of the Nurse Managers

Staffing, as one of the roles of the nursing managers, includes the acquisition of staff on full time and/or part-time nursing assistants who act as the ‘eyes and ears of the registered nurses/ nurse managers’. The health institutions can decide to take on board a nurse manager to take on the role of taking charge […]

Childbirth Cross cultural approach

Childbirth is important for the continuation of the human race, and different societies and cultures recognize this fact in a multitude of different ways. The purpose of this essay is to explore some of the cross-cultural approaches to child birth and how they relate to the culture which they represent.Childbirth in many societies is intertwined […]

Living Longer and Its Effects

In the 20th century, life expectancy did rise radically amongst the wealthiest populations of the world from about 50 years to above 75 years (RGS organization, 2014). In accordance with the National Centre of Health Statistics, men’s’ life expectancy back in the year 1907 was forty-five years. by 1957 the life expectancy rose to sixty-six […]

The Future of Health Care Delivery in Canada

Discuss the most significant issue affecting the future of health care delivery in Canada Grade (Feb. 10th, 2014)Discuss the most significant issue affecting the future of health care delivery in CanadaHealth care delivery in Canada is considerably successful, considering that great strides have been made in the areas of providing care for acute illnesses, such […]

Is Reflective Practice Essential For Generating the Theory That Will Advance the Discipline of Nursing

From the integration of practitioners’ personal knowledge, valid disciplinary knowledge and theories are developed. Critical thinking and reflection on various nursing practices help to generate new theories. The theories are again used in nursing practice for solving problems and for determining procedures in future cases.The concept of the theory is defined by Higgins. Moore (2000: […]

Men’s Health Interview

I felt like I had to continually up the stakes each time because I could never get the same thrill otherwise. I would say that the problem peaked during the first year or two of my marriage because I needed an outlet to relieve stress.The problem affected my life in many ways, but most of […]

Understanding Health Disparities in Populations

Understanding Health Disparities in Populations Understanding Health Disparities in Populations #Question The cultural competency ensures the valuation of diversity and equalities of all people that helps to effectively respond and understand the cultural differences. It also plays a role in institutionalizing a cultural knowledge that assists the health providers and society in adapting to service […]

Nursing Cancer Patient Case

Osteoporosis is a chronic progressive metabolic disease of the bone characterized by low bone mass and micro-architectural deterioration of the tissue of the bones (Serota and Lane, 2006). It affects 16% of women and 7% of men above 50 years of age (Tenenhouse et al, qtd. in Targownik, Lix and Metge, 2008). The most dreaded […]

Common Ground

Common Ground Assignment Elements included in an informative introduction to the issue and opposing positions The introduction includes background information based on the topic in focus, but some introductions make assumptions on the reader’s knowledge of the topic. The introduction considers the interest of readers and may provide additional information placing the topic in context. […]

Gender Role in Social Media

But now people are more open to this concept and are not afraid of because of the new slogans that prevail in society be yourself, who cares for what others think. The emergence of this open concept has changed the gender roles in the past few decades.Facebook and other social media have contributed their roles […]

Analysis of a NonProfit Organization

According to the research study it is moral obligation of every individual to give back something to the community that has helped the individual to earn a living. Therefore, some people just contribute back to society by providing financial assistance while others dedicate their lives just to serve the ones in need. Non-profit organizations can […]

What is a source of nursing research

Nursing Research Affiliation Research in Nursing In nursing, research is the foundation to enhancing evidence-based practice, which is meant to uplift the health care system in terms of quality to all individuals, households, societies, and national wide health care institutions. The main goal of conducting nursing research is to acquire knowledge to establish the scientific […]

The Importance of Entrepreneurship in the UK

Today’s finest entrepreneurs are categorized by five specific attributes: Innovation, leadership, willingness to accept risk (both short-term and long-term), social and community contributions, and that of a goal-oriented, self-motivated business professional. Successful entrepreneurs often maintain at least one or several of these characteristics. and in differing degrees. However, there is a relatively common theme regarding […]

Personal savings and insurance

me of the actions that necessitate precautionary savings include business risk, health risk, risk of labour income change, unavoidable expenditures, children’s educations, and savings for retirement (Carroll and Kimball, 2001).Life-cycle motive involves anticipation of the disparity between expenditure and income. This theory provides that consumers save a proportion of their income so they can have […]

ELearning sites Social professional and ethical issues

arning environment, while at the same time, there are a number of ethical, social and professional issues that have emerged in parallel with the emerging e-learning facilities as we shall discuss in the following lines.The widespread use of computers in our daily tasks like shopping, education and communication has created a ‘digital divide’ between those […]

The Importance of Outdoor Activities in Kamloops

Indoor, as well as outdoor activities in Kamloops, play very significant roles. In addition to serving as tourist attractions, they also improve the health of the participators. In tandem with this, the paper aims at expounding on the outdoor activities and their contribution to Kamloops. In addressing this, the paper will expound on the domestic […]

Forbidden Foods and Drinks

These prohibitions have origins that are varied. In other situations the forbidden food is due to some considerations of health, others come about because of the symbolic system of humans (Gebhardt 21). Different foods could be prohibited in certain festivals, specific times in life, and different classes of people. This paper explores different types of […]

How to quit smoking

How to Quit Smoking Introduction Smoking has become part of daily lives for many people. Many people smoke to reduce stress. Many people don’t know the reason why smoking is so dangerous. People only know that these are all facts. Studies prove that millions of people die every year because of smoking. This essay describes […]

Assess the potential financial benefits of an environmentally friendly hotel organisation

Simultaneously, they allow their guests to carry on their high-quality and beneficial things for the environment. Several tourists are fascinated with the green hotel because it is taking steps to preserve the environment from destructive influences. Environmentally friendly hotels contribute a positively towards the conservation of water and energy resources, reduced the consumption of natural […]

Security Options

There are various motives to establish written security policies. Every reason has different credence based on the nature of the industry. The primary cause for most institutions to create written policies is to lessen the risk of responsibility because of a breach or loss of customer information. In certain cases, a data violation can cost […]

Attachments and Eating Disorders

Attachments and Eating Disorders Emotional development amongst children is closely linked with close relationships. Infants develop secure and insecure attachments, depending on the availability of the parent or guardians. Securely attached children seek their parents or caretakers to express their pain and emotions. Whereas, insecurely attached ones can either counter their emotional needs, get easily […]

Drug Abuse Effects Treatment and Prevention

Although drug abusers enjoy the use and false sweet feeling induced by these drugs, the use has adverse effects. Drug abuse leads to addiction, poor health, and mental disorders. Effects of drug abuse are frequently noticed through various symptoms such as hallucinations, weight loss, and irrational decision-making. These effects are detrimental to humans and can […]

Current Psychological Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexics can be defined as a disability according to Bryan (2007, p.6). Not all individuals suffering from Anorexia Nervosa have experienced mental trauma, but in a majority of the cases, some type of trauma can be determined. The cultural aspects will also be mentioned. The notion of females being the only victims of this illness […]

Growth and Development Related to School Age Children

Is Growth and Development related to School age children very important? Children in the age group of five and twelve years come under the category of school age children. Indeed it is a very important time period, since the growth and development of the child takes place continuously. As the child starts to grow a […]

Describe the Jacksonian Era What were some of the highlights of this period

Topic: Essay, History and Political Science Topic: Describe the Jacksonian Era. What were some of the highlights of this period?Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) was the 7th President of America from 1829-1837. His policies had great impact in every segment of American society during that turbulent period of his Presidency. Arthur M. Schlesinger argues, The clash of […]


Developing Corporate Social Responsibility in Grocery Stores Corporate ethics is a set of universal moral standards that govern the employees and business sectors to be trustworthy, respectful, responsible, equitable, considerate, and a good citizen (Schwartz, 2002, p. 27). Almost all companies in the US are incorporating CSR because it lessens the negative effects and enhances […]

Validation of Findings Obesity

Through the study of obesity issues such as people not being free to talk about their excess weight may come up. I should be prepared to handle such cases and other limitations that the study may face. The appropriate data collection methods and the instrumentation should be done efficiently to help in making the study […]

Critique Quantitative of this Journal Estrogen Plus Progestin and Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality in the Womens Health

Breast Cancer on Mortality Rate Breast Cancer on Mortality Rate Critiquing research involves analyzing both the strengths and weaknesses on a piece of research work in the journal. The research on Estrogen plus progestin and Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality in the Women’s Health, the author credibility is worth. In the abstract, the author has […]

Alternative and Traditional Medicine

A sick person often seeks treatment from a practitioner who admire the most and belief. Traditional is regarded as the conservative kind of approach to treatment. Traditional medicine also referred to as western medicine specializes more on drugs and surgeries. It is often preferred in cases that are very serious and likely to cost someone […]

The International Political Economy of Nursing

Surveys involve the formulation of questions that assist in the gaining of evidence. Other clinical methods such as testing the hypothesis are applied in the collection of data for the formulation of evidence. Evidence-based practice is a vital approach in the field of clinical practice because it does not only put into consideration the current […]

Biological Weapons and Bioterrorism

Nurses are one of the largest groups of health professionals and as such, form a major institution in their response against Bioterrorism. It is now the time for nurses to don the role of a Bioterrorism responder. Bioterrorism is come as a deep scar on the face of society. None can ever forget the September […]

How a mindfulnessbased or yoga’ stress reduction program would be successful for adolescents

Running head: stress management Stress Management Discuss in this paper how a mindfulness-based or yoga stress reduction program would be successful for adolescents. How a mindfulness-based or yoga stress reduction program would be successful for adolescentsAdolescence, as the transitional stage of physical and mental human development occurring between childhood and adulthood, and involving biological, social, […]

The Great NonDebate over International Sweatshops

The Great Non-Debate Over International Sweatshops Sweatshops were said to be those workplaces, which do not respect the basic rights of workers (International Labor Rights Forum, Sweatshops, 1). The United States labor protective legislation grew out of a system whereby certain classes of work are let out at certain rates to contractors, who in turn […]

Licensure for Professional Counselor in State of Virginia

Licensure for Professional Counselor in of Virginia Licensure for Professional Counselor in State of VirginiaLicensed professional counselors (LPC) are basically counselors who have been certified to provide assistance and other material that can help to provide care to the patients who reside in America. (Marini, 2009) Basically these licensed professional counselors are individuals that possess […]

Article Review

Article Review (Apple Watch) Jacky Ying Ming Chan MKTG 470 04/12 11358788 The of the article is Apple Watch Not Ready For Full Health Tracking Mode, Yet. It’s published on February17, 2015 by Parmy Olson at Forbes. The article is about Apple Inc. has announced to launch its new product the Apple Watch in April. […]


Advertised Exercise Myths Advertised Exercise Myths There is always an urgency to either lose weight or gain muscles at a very fast rate. These reasons have driven many gyms and advertisement agencies to post false advertisements on techniques that can help you achieve this. Hence, one should be aware of the myths that exist in […]

Efficiency in a Unit of a District Health Authority

Also, managers will have a hard job οf finding out how to improve things. Good communication ensures that people are all aiming and working towards one common goal. By communicating effectively the management can explain objectives and employees have the chance to share their views. There are many ways that managers can communicate with the […]

Innovation in nursing IP phase 2

Assessments and Innovations By In the medical field, there are big chances of having changes whether incuring certain ailments or taking care of particular patients. A person working in this discipline is expected to take on the changes with both arms and understand its twists and turns in the fastest possible time. It is not […]

Fast Food Definition of the Problem

Fast FoodDefinition of the Problem The handling of food in fast food restaurants has been a concern over the entire population specifically because most people are inclined towards fast food eateries. Disease outbreaks are a common phenomenon because of the numerous hygiene issues attributed to fast food eateries (Sherrow, 48). The staff and food production […]

This week you learned about the central nervous system i e brain structure and neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters Neurotransmitters Identify the Neurotransmitter Location of Neurotransmitter Effect of Neurotransmitter Functionof NeurotransmitterPossible mental health, emotional, behavioral, or physical issues resulting from too much or too little of the neurotransmitterAcetylcholine (ACH)Primarily located in the spinal cord, brain, peripheral nervous system, mostly found in certain organs found in the parasympathetic nervous system.Causes excitement in the brain, […]

Fundamentals of economics

Explain why rising prices do not necessarily mean declining living standards Introduction: The discussion about the living standard is very importantbecause it represents a plate forum where the opponents and supporters of entrepreneurship meet face-to-face. First of all we should know about the standards of living. What does it mean? The historians of economics have […]

Frank Special Filed a Claim Against Ivo A Baux M D

On March 17, 2005 Frank Special filed a claim against Ivo A. Baux, M.D who worked in West Boca Medical Center. The claim was filed not against the given medical establishment, but against the doctor in particular as he was accused in negligence that led to death of the wife of Frank Special, Susan Special. […]

Major Controversies on Human Trafficking

According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that the IOM (International Organization for Migration) approximated in 2006 that there were about one hundred and ninety one million (191M) immigrants in the globe. These people (immigrants) are often treated by the host countries as outsiders thus impacting on how they are treated. For […]

An 80YearOld Woman with Breast Cancer

The patient ‘T’ is an 80-year old woman who has been married for 54 years. During her married life, she had three children – a son and two daughters. Since her son and daughters live in QLD, Australia, her son is regularly taking ‘T’ out for socialization. Over the years, ‘T’ enjoys a good relationship […]

The 5D Framework &amp

Its Application towards Organizational Change123000 Therefore the primary thing we need to discuss is the reasons behind this extensive absenteeism. The probable cause can be many among which the environment is a strong factor. The environment consists of forces like the economy, political set up, technological factors, sociological and legal forces. These forces might affect […]

EMBA 530 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Discussion initial post

Discussion 2: Myths about entrepreneurs Q: Three (3) most intriguing myths about entrepreneurship, what academic literature says about those myths and what your experience has taught you. (1) The Blockbuster Myth According to the blockbuster myth, it is to be expected that new ventures will later evolve into huge enterprises similar to Google, and in […]

Obesity among schoolaged Native American Children in New

Obesity Among School-aged Native American Children in New Mexico This paper examines the epidemic of obesity and overweight among school-aged children in Native American communities in New Mexico. Obesity is a key public health issue in the contemporary American society, more so among the Native American communities. This essay explores various literatures about obesity in […]

Caregiver’s Ethics in the Health Care Setting

If one compares the literature on various types of child maltreatment, it will become obvious that there is a dearth of information on the concept of child neglect, despite the fact that a large number of children are neglected each year (Tower, 2002). Some people are mistaken and do not really think about how children […]

Critique of King’s theory of the goal of attainment

The critique of King’s Goal of Attainment Theory: Background: Imogene King was the first to introduce the Theory of Goal Attainment in the early 1960s. King was born in 1923 in west point. The theory’s name, The Theory of Goal Attainment, is aimed at showing the, interpersonal skills, that people possess in order to achieve […]

The Textile Industry in Bangladesh

The billion-dollar industry has blossomed following the expiry of a global agreement on textiles and clothing import quotas that existed since the early 1960s. However, Bangladesh has a series of health and safety tragedies in the manufacturing of garment and textile. They include garment factory fires and collapses. At least 1800 workers and have died […]

Palaeolithictype diet and the metabolic syndrome

metabolic syndrome were randomized to a two-week dietary intervention with either a Palaeolithic-type diet (n=18), based on anthropological researches or a healthy diet reference (n=14), based on the guidelines of Dutch Health Council. Both primary and secondary outcomes of the study were measured. Oral glucose tolerance and characteristics of MetS (blood pressure, glucose levels, abdominal […]

Legal Drinking Age in the U S

50 states had adopted the 21 legal drinking age limit by 1988. Before this legislation came into effect, fraternities had kegs in open places in the university, gatherings of students on campus included beer and university administrators including police often strolled through the fraternity parties ensuring that everything was under control. Mothers Against Drunk Driving, […]

Multicultural and Ethical Issues Dealing with the Court Systems

The criminal justice system in America depicts the widespread public sentiment and social trends which have grown to be highly multi-ethnic and multi-cultural in nature. The trend in crime and criminal activities have hence, also taken a multi-cultural turn, pushing the advocates of justice to make and implement laws to address the rapidly changing society. […]

Ways to Stay Healthy

Staying fit is one of the most effective and least-cost ways of staying healthy (Mark 5). This can be done by involving one’s body in exercises. In the current way of living in which many people sit behind computers all day either for work or pleasure, being involved in exercises is important for the body. […]

Female genital mutilation and human rights

The UN is clear in its condemnation of the practice, stating unequivocally that it violates the basic human rights of girls and women and denies them of their physical and mental integrity, their right to freedom from violence and discrimination, and sometimes even their lives. At the same time, however, the UN recognizes that FGM […]


This paper will provide a theoretical analysis of three different centers that designed according to three different theories of justice.The first center that will be examined will be structured according to the Utilitarian theory of justice. Thus, this model fits the Utilitarian theory of justice in the following way: it provides opportunity to earn a […]