Modeling Spatial Economic Impacts of an Earthquake

This website discusses the Hazard US model for estimating the various impacts of the earthquake including the economic impact of the same. This model is a unique model as it can allow estimating the impact if an earthquake happens in the future including assessing the structural damage that can happen as a result of an […]

Geology Volcanoes&amp

Earthquake Assignment21Because of this, the P-wave shadow zone occurs and seismometers do not record the initial waves.9. Magnitude refers to the measurement of the energy that an earthquake releases and it may be given through Ritcher scale. The lowest scale is 2.5 or less, which is normally not felt, but is recorded by a seismograph. […]

Mars Reconnaissance orbiter

In this particular essay, the mission, roles along with the responsibilities of MRO would be discussed in order to determine the effectiveness of the activities performed by MRO. Moreover, the instruments through which MRO has been assisted in order to seek evidences regarding the persistence of water on Mars surface for several years would also […]

Worksheet Resources Google Earth Open The 2 Exploring Geology Using Geotours &Gt

I. Geologic Structures Question Worksheet Resources: Google Earth – Open the 2. Exploring Geology Using Geotours I. Geologic Structures folder. 1. Problem Materials – Check and double-click items associated with each problem to travel to the appropriate location with the prescribed perspective/zoom. 2. Geologic Structures Geotours Library – Explore additional Geotours in this folder to […]


The rate of weathering is also affected by various factors such as climate, geology, relief, soil or vegetation cover, as well as human activity. Research studies regarding the causes and effects of weathering continues and play a vital role in understanding the history of earth movement and development. Weathering is defined as group of slow […]

Enhanced Learning

Number] Enhanced Learning Many teachers confronts difficulties in upholding academic levels in today’s bigger and more diversified learning sessions. The issue becomes more evident if learning results are considered as more a meaning of students’ activities than of their permanent traits. The teacher’s role is then to organize the leaning background so that all students […]

Is God alive or dead

The first draft I believe in the religion view of life. This suggests and articulates that there is a superior-being known as God who created the universe.Thesis: Darwin perception of origin is widely known. However, there are renowned philosophers who disagree with Darwin. Main points of the essay shall include:The background of the scientists involved […]

BIO100 Week 24 Discussions

Third was his theory of vestigial structures, stating that life started out as very simple and grew more and more complex.Even though he was not a scientist, Malthus was the greatest influence on Darwin’s work. Multhus was an economist who understood the state of world population and his idea that population was growing faster than […]

Drilling Oil Well Design

Oil Wells have no specific design, but there are strict standards when it comes to the good design, drilling of the well, and their completion. Typically, oil wells are borings into the earth’s surface, which are designed purposely to bring hydrocarbons and petroleum oil to the surface. Various natural resources are obtained alongside petroleum oil, […]

Lewis and clark among the indians

The American explorations have extended beyond the earth and now venture to delve into the interstellar space. But space adventure is insipid because it has more space for machines and the technicalities arebeyond the comprehension of ordinary men. Ronda thinks that the story of Lewis and Clarke is more palpable as it is still accessible. […]

Acid Rain and Alkalinity of the Lakes in Canada

In the same way, surrounding vegetations also determines the acidity or alkalinity of the lake, such as types of trees, soil, and decaying leaves. Humus (layers of decaying leaves) has rich organic matter and they produce acids similar to vinegar.Another determinant of lakes is its location and natural bases, that is, answer lies in geology. […]

Moseley Bog Nature Reserve

The reserve is also surrounded by human history as well as archaeology that includes clay pits, Joy’s Wood, Pond, and Victorian and Edwardian Garden. The wildlife reserve has been developed with the concept related to environment and ecosystem aspects from the 20th century. Over the years, the Urban Wildlife Group has emphasized wildlife movements with […]

Types of Erosion and Transportation of Materials by the River

Geography Erosion refers to the removal and wearing away of material from a wetted perimeter of a channel. Moving water uses its kinetic energy to erode surfaces. Erosion takes place through four processes. hydraulic, abrasion action, and attrition. An increase in velocity increases the operations of these processes and erosion occurs more effectively. There are […]

How the Eruption of Thera Changed the World

Life in 1600 BC was wonderful on the island of Crete. By all accounts, the Minoans that inhabited the island enjoyed a high standard of living. Many of the problems that plagued civilizations on the mainland of Europe and Southwest Asia did not affect the Minoans. Their boarders were secure because they were the world’s […]

Trip to dinosaur ridge in colorado

Trip to Dinosaur Ridge in Colorado number Trip to Dinosaur Ridge in Colorado Introduction The dinosaur ridge is located in Morison Colorado. The ridge is located at 16831 West Alameda Parkway near the 6th avenue. The dinosaur ridge is a designated natural national landmark. It was discovered accidentally in the year 1937. During the duration […]

Site Planning and Construction Method

For the construction of the art gallery these points were kept in mind while reaching the final design.Considering these points and a few other, the most suitable design suggested is a RCC frame structure. The columns and beams both the storey will be at same positions but the position of the partition walls for both […]

Mining and use of Natural resouces

Mining and Use of Natural Resources The geology scope is large and important to the human beings lives on the planet. It is not easy to imagine a modern civilization that lacks the resource geological inputs such as gas, coal, metals, industrial minerals, and oil. The external and the internal earth geological processes are responsible […]

Geology Volcanoes&amp

ke Assignment1 Prof: Volcanoes Volcanoes are points of weaknesses on the earth’s crust or outer skin, where gas as well as hot and melted rock from the inner parts of the earth can burst open to the surface or has done that before (Green 4). Volcanoes take various forms, shapes, and sizes, implying that some […]