Being Bilingual The Challenges and Opportunities of Bilingual Education

The mechanism, referred to as code-switching, is a normal occurrence and not confirmation of inferior language capabilities (De Ramirez amp. Shapiro 20006). In contrast, bilingual children acquire the skill of code-switching and practice it to enhance communication. Bilinguals interchange languages for several reasons. Commonly a term in the other language strikes the mind initially or […]

Child Care in Colleges Are Essential Proposing a Solution

On another angle, when students are able to find childcare centers for their children, the centers are usually underrated that the welfare of the children is sacrificed (McBride). The increasing child negligence in today’s society calls for facilitation of a childcare program in colleges and other institutions of higher learning across the globe. Notably, many […]

Emigration in the Last 30 Years in Mexico Cuba and El Salvador

Out-migration from Cuba has been a problem for democratic countries, particularly the US since Fidel Castro took office more than 40 years ago. (Wasem, 2006) Similar trends are manifested by El Salvador. Despite the end of its civil war approximately 15 years ago, El Salvadorians continue to leave El Salvador in record numbers. (Snyder, 2007) […]

Honesty and trust

However, transferring values into action can be quite difficult. This is applicable for the most widely shared values also. However, action is something which is badly needed to promote the concept of academic integrity. Researchers have agreed over the fact cheating among American colleges and high school kids are quite high and the rate is […]

Mission and Values of Loyola Marymount University

If my friends are going bungee jumping or parasailing I usually will find that I have something pressing that needs to be attended to immediately, such as tidying my sock drawer. The issue is not if I ever take risks. I do. The real issue for me is deciding if the risk warrants the reward. […]

Certain Factors Contributing to the Existence of Teenage Pregnancy

The chapter will be divided into 4 parts. The first section will be dealing with the historical background of teen pregnancy. This is to highlight the fact that the issue is not something new and there are external factors that have been taken under consideration in dealing with teen pregnancy. The second part will tackle […]

The Causes of Crime

For understanding crime in-depth, one needs to first identify the root causes which actually lead to its commitment. A study of the reasons of crime will go a long way in preventing crime thereby preventing the subsequent punishments. It has been correctly said, Punishment deals with the symptoms of crime, whereas prevention deals with the […]

Research and Report on a Current Online University

The aspects include different leadership theories and knowledge of ethical leadership among others (Education Portal, 2013). Brief Analysis of the Course Based on Different Principles as well as Benchmarks and Improvement of the Course On the basis of different principles as well as benchmarks, it can be affirmed that the course of Ed.D. in Organizational […]

Introduction to Ethics in the Healthcare Setting

Unfortunately, the meaning of suffering in medical care remains extremely vague. Another problem is that even the best ethical education cannot ensure that medical professionals can successfully cope with the emerging ethical problems. The deontological and utilitarian are the most common ethical frameworks used in medicine. These frameworks may help to alleviate the burden of […]

The Impact of Background Television on Parent Child Interaction

These activities are considered to be extremely important for the social and cognitive development of the child. Through this paper, an effort is made to understand the relationship between background television and parent child interaction, as well as the consequences thereof. Impact Of Background Television On Parent – Child Interaction Effects and Relationship Research For […]

Organisations Learning and Development of B&amp

Q Home Improvement Retailer in the United Kingdom82000 Bamp.Q employs more than 25000 full-time employees in its retail stores in the UK. Started in 1969 by Richard Block and David Quayle, this store has about 321 stores in the UK and more than 50 stores in Ireland and other countries. Apart from numerous other awards […]

Value of a college education

The Value of College Education Introduction Swami Vivekananda, the great spiritual leader and man of divinity from 19th century India said Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man (SCRIBD, Golden Words of Swami Vivekananda). Very much true to his quote is the fact that education is primarily concerned with the perfection of […]

Community Empowerment and Motivation to Healthcare in an Acute Care Setting

Motivation Introduction Motivation, a factor into action, is important in achieving objectives in any practice, including acute care setting in whichboth care personnel and beneficiaries needs to take initiatives to ensure well being of patients. This paper discusses community empowerment and motivation to healthcare in an acute care setting as a need in care provision. […]

The Best Education and the Good Teacher

The 21st century is also the age of technology and the computer. From my own experience teaching, I am amazed at how computer literate children are, even in primary school. I hear them talk in the classroom of Xbox and Wii consoles and their accompanying games, some of which are played by adults. The 21st […]

Proposal for Academic Achievement and Parental Involvement

They must communicate with their children to develop an understanding with then so that they share with them all problems that they might be facing in their education. Working parents also need to stay regularly in touch with their children’s teachers so as to get informed about their progress. They should be a great help […]

Benefits And Necessity Of Bilingual Education In Schools And Universities

The broader view perceives bilingual education as the presence of double languages, and, hence, tasks for students, in an instructional environment. However, while many people think bilingual education is ineffective and unnecessary, I have discovered it to be otherwise. Critics have opined for long that bilingual education is financially beyond most foreign parents and, therefore, […]

SociCultural Issues in Education

The paper describes the differences between the 16th century’s education and the education that we have nowadays. Formal education has become widely accepted as the only tool for promoting growth, enriching experience and developing attitudes. Unlike education in the 16th century that embraced several aspects of informal education, the current educational process is procedural and […]

James Joyce

This paper will discuss this author by giving a brief autobiography of him, as well as a brief description of his works. Ulysses Unbound: A Reader’s Companion to James Joyce’s Ulysses (pp. 3-4) Autobiography Joyce was born on 2nd February, 1882, in Dublin, Ireland, into a middle class household, where he succeeded as a scholar […]

Prison Life Before and After

Recidivism also jeopardizes the social security. The prison industry is now the fastest growing industry in US, where inmates are working for various industries for a pittance which leads to a new form of inhumane exploitation. Educational programs such as vocational training and employment services programs, social programs dealing with poverty, urban development, education, child […]

Augmentative Skeleton Feedback

ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF SELFIES and Advantages Selfies are photographs taken using amobile phone camera and shared through social media such as Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels. Selfies have been in existence for long, but they gained popularity with the emergence of smart phones. Selfies helps to document our lives thereby leaving a […]

How Occupation Matches Personal Work Styles and Values

Matching a particular occupation with a person’s work styles and values is an important component of the career planning process as people are known to explore good-fitting work options to conceive or confirm career plans (Lent, 2013, p. 6). Research is also consistent that a fundamental component of career advancement relates to how well employees […]

Health Care Management

Full-time employees are well trained, the part-time employees are semi-trained and the volunteers have varying skills that assist in the running of the organization. Their main source of finance is from donors and they have quite a number of donors, with over 5, 000 donors. The donors make their contributions in a constant manner and […]

Punishment and Inequality in America

Western argues that the prison boom came up at the expense of those who are economically and politically marginalised and this was mostly the African American people. Western puts forward a very strong case for these claims by looking at the history of the matter and how it has trended. Official statistics also seem to […]

Trends in International logistics/ exports

Another recent development has been the gradual reduction in trade transaction costs and the time needed to clear goods. It is estimated that in 2006, an average of 17 days and $842 were required to seal an APEC outbound transaction for one container. In 2010, a similar transaction, on average, required no more than 15 […]

Family PsychoEducation in First Episode Psychosis

From the discussion it is clear that family psychoeducation (FPE) endeavors patient- focused interventions utilizing members of family to address the needs of their youth member experiencing the first episodes of psychosis. The basis of family psychoeducation is that majority of the youth age- groups are still living with their families. Thus, the family provides […]

Life Lessons Learned through a Toy Store

Along with Sylvia’s reaction to the fiberglass sailboat incident, another lesson for readers within this short story is the cultural differences the protagonist sees within Miss Moore. As a new member of the neighborhood, Miss Moore puzzles the local children with the way she carries herself including her appearance and speech. From Sylvia’s point of […]

Langston Hughes Masterpieces I Too and A Dream Deferred

The lines below show a steadfast refusal to accept the racial segregation. Besides, They’ll see how beautiful I am And be ashamed – I, too, am America. The poet proudly and clearly declares, he too is an American and is not going to give up at any cost. A deferred dream was written long after […]

ValueBased Model Of Education

Traditional ethics have no place in our society and especially among youth (Sankar, 2004). The infrastructure has become different with sophisticated equipment and facilities like computer labs, audio-visual resources, highly educated and trained personnel as teachers, guidance counselors and countless numbers of disciplines. However, on the other side, a depletion of morals coupled with an […]


due PSY101 MOD 3 SLP: Job Characteristic Model Human beings in general have a tendency to respond to the requirements of their engagements. It is a common observation and phenomenon that the manner in which jobs are designed and presented to employees will contribute or define the results and outcomes from the laborers perspectives more […]

How has the internet and social media changed our society

This research will begin with the statement that the internet and social media has played a great part in transforming people’s life and making it be much easier and worth living it. In about 20 years ago, very few people had ever heard of the name internet if there were any. In 1991, if a […]

Criminology Ted Bundy’s Crimes

Going by the number of states where most of his victims came from, it is undeniable to say that Ted Bundy cast his net of charm and intelligence quite wide. In as much as he confessed to murdering thirty-six females, most of the investigators on the case have overtime reaffirmed that the number may be […]

Afghanistan culture

Even though Muslims constitute the majority of population in Afghanistan, it doesn’t mean that all Afghanis have same customs, traits and beliefs. It should be noted that Afghan Muslims are divided into different groups based on their belongingness in different tribes and ethnic groups. Perhaps Afghan Muslims are the most fundamentalist religious group in the […]

Internet Security Privacy and Confidentiality

The Development Education Program of the World Bank (2004) states that Human Resource is the total quantity and quality of human effort available to produce goods and services. The muscle power and brain power of human beings. Human resources can be viewed as consisting of raw labor- determined mostly by the number of people in […]

Spectator Article Historical Critique

The Eighteenth century was still a time when suspected witches are condemned to death and that practice of witchcraft is widely seen as diabolical. So, understandably, the subject is extremely religious in nature. Addison, however, focused on the social dimension to the subject. The author started with a disclaimer – that on the issue of […]

A Letter of Admission for Colorado School of Mines

I have a desire to make educational and professional progress in the field of Petroleum Economics because of my huge interest in this field. I want to play a valuable role in the development of the Energy sector of my country by getting a degree from a renowned institute. Upon completing my graduation in May […]

Professional Development Planning and Design

My competence in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and Internet have ignited my reliability to undertake any initiative accorded to me in any field of work. My oratory skills are a match of class for my excellent communication and interpersonal skills for working in a multicultural group for I am conversant and proficient in […]

Critical Pedagogy Movement

This paper illustrates that critical pedagogy is basically concerned with comprehending the relationship between knowledge and power. Knowledge is totally rooted in power relations and also socially constructed according to critical pedagogy. It asks why and how knowledge has constructed the manner it does and the reason why some reality constructions are justified by the […]

Analysis of the Bank of Englands Monetary Policy Committee Decisions

From the year 1694 onwards, Bank of England plays different roles as Government’s banker and debt manager in the UK financial system. It is also known as the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street. In addition to providing service to its customers, the bank also regulates the UK’s foreign exchange and gold reserves. Monetary stability and […]

Beyond the Modern University

University education should help an individual to form a habit of mind that is beneficial and lasts him or her through life. From my university education, I hope to develop the mental habit of time management. Time is everything but limited and it is imperative that we use time wisely. The university teaches one to […]


information] LACK OF RESPECT IN THE NURSING PROFESSION We all know for a fact that issues with a nurse are indirectly issues with the health care. The profession of nursing is facing various key issues now a days but the most prominent one is the lack of respect in this profession. Nurses have usually been […]

Generalizability of research findings

Generalizability of research findings Generalizability of Research Findings There have been critics in Qualitative research and hostility as well as suspicion has emerged. It is because of lack of understanding in the general characteristics in Qualitative research. The potential of Qualitative research has not yet developed irrespective of the numerous positive features in the research. […]

YearRound Calendars and Their Disadvantages

The year-round school plan ensures that students do not have the three-month summer break, but are in school throughout the year. Although the year-round school seems to be highly favorable, it has certain disadvantages that need proper consideration as will be highlighted in this paper. The year-round calendar adopted by some school districts presents certain […]

Designing a Study

Topic: Non-Parametric Tests on Two Variables Using the Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test Name: Charles Thornton Institution: Course:Testing the Effectiveness of Prolonged Hours of Exercises on Treatment of ObesityA research was carried out to determine the effectiveness of the hours of exercises on the rate of patients’ weight loss. The medical practitioner decided to apply different […]


8) which they master as they grow, using it as their most effective means of interacting and identifying them in many ways. For example, through language people’s nationality, profession, education, and even values can be sensed. Hence, when we study human language, we are approaching what some might call the ‘human essence’, the distinctive qualities […]

Louis V Gerstner Jr

Louis Gerstner: Social Responsibility and Ethics Based on the earlier parts of the paper, it could be implied that Louis Gerstner is a Transformational leader because he is able to turn around companies on the brink of extinction. While many of his critics would denounce his ruthless policies that trimmed down that size of IBM, […]

Alcohol and Substance Abuse in Educational Settings

Describe briefly the core concepts of the topic you are discussing.The discussion is based on alcohol and substance abuse in educational settings. This is a common problem which has attracted much discussion but not much is being done to eliminate the problem in the nursing setting.Discuss how these concepts apply to nurse education, citing one […]

Identify IDEA disability categories

Lack of morale to focus on a task is evidence of an inactive person. It would be that he is frustrated because of his culture shock and he finds it hard to interact with the other students who would probably help him to boost his academic performance (Federal Special Education, 2004). It is more than […]

The Current Auraria Campus Safety plans

Concerning the bomb threat, it is wise, not to use the mobile phones or radio devices within the range of 300 feet, as it can cause an explosion. Furthermore, it is effective to leave the area and report for any kind of uncommon or suspicious objects such as briefcase or carrier to the ‘Auraria Campus […]

How does Learning and Employee Development Contribute to Organisational Success and Performance Within Social Care Services

The most essential component of a learning and development plan as per the respondents’ view are the skills and second most essential learning component required to enhance service delivery quality according to the respondents is that of knowledge. These findings are very positive and reflect a developmental, growth-oriented attitude. Trained staff is more competent and […]

The Qing or Manchu Dynasty

What did Japanese women need to be freed from and what rights did the author demand for women? How does she deal with the issue of education? Lin Zexu -Lin Zexu was the scholar and official of high moral conduct in the Qing dynasty of China. He was famous for his ardent fight against the […]

Systems and Structures of Compulsory Education in the U K

In carrying out the plan effectively, Hanford, Reader, and Fullick (1992) as cited in Fosket (1992), proposed that there should be a linkage of the schools to the community, having the parents, media, and the employers as regulators so that the education being offered to the students is holistic. According to Hanford as cited in […]

Critical Reading and Critical Thinking

According to the findings, critical thinking involves the technique by which we assess the information available to us. The very system of human belief and judgment is grounded on our ability to observe and evaluate what we see around us every day and to deduct from thereon. However, for most students, it is quite an […]

Respiratory assessment of patients presenting with COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) including subjective and objective data gathering history takin

It is a long term condition that leads to damaged airways, causing them to become narrow, making it harder for air to get in and out of the lungs (COPD National Service Framework, 2008). There are currently 300 million people have asthma. 210 million people have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) while millions have allergic […]

Accessibility or Accountability

The author of the article discusses the controversies between the No Child Left Behind Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. He addresses the problems that take roots in the melding of NCBH and the IDEA. In the course of the analysis, the author defines that the IDEA appears to be suitable and acceptable […]

Racism and Education

Fryer’s exploration apparently exhibits that the social cost for the least favorite students is higher than the supposed value of the White apprentices. Methodologically, the study needs to make an apparent conclusion that the number of companions for the Black Learner is a direct measure and a result of ‘acting White.’ In addition, the concept […]


However, different International Conventions and Ugandan government have taken severe steps to prevent the unlawful induction of children in any kind of work either hazardous or un-hazardous that may have its adverse affects on their physical, mental and academic progress. These Conventions have tried their level best to create awareness among the different communities present […]

New Independent School in the Middle East

As a part of the dominant culture’s changes upon the local inhabitants, the colonial authorities often enforced mandatory modern education for all children within a given age range. In the modern world, it is common for children to attend compulsory education centers beginning at approximately age 5 or 6 and continuing through the primary levels, […]

The sudden economic crises of Dubai a result of their own doing A critical perspective within the Michael Porter’s diamond model for international businesses

However with global recession hitting the world in 2008 all investments came to a halt. The market became bearish and infrastructure projects came to a halt. Dubai was adversely affected because the property prices during normal times were sky high but dropped immensely during recession. It was felt by analysts that Dubai was like a […]

The Koran and the Thousand and One Nights Books

The Koran and the Thousand and One Night are the two most influential and well-known books in the Islam world. Both books reveal important principles of Islamic culture. In the Thousand and One Nights, this is both obvious and thematic. It is obvious in the way that the concepts contained in the Koran are explained […]

Health Information Patient Handout

Diabetes Education Handout Introduction Diabetes is a disease that has widely impacted on the lives of many people world wide. The reason for choosing diabetes to be the health issue to educate the audience on is the great need for everyone to understand of the disease because every human being both young and old is […]

Getting university degree through online courses

Online Degrees Online Degrees Earning degrees through online learning continues to gain fame and recognition in the society. According to a report by Babson Research Group, more than 6.8 million college and university students were at one time part of an online class by 2011. Universities continue to emphasize on creation of full online degree […]

Development of Miami city

The president did not like the controller tower to be destroyed, so it was left till now in the campus compound. This tower was later star as Florida international ivory tower. With an increase in number of students who wanted to pursue education, it called for the establishment growth in terms of facilities and structures. […]

The Possible Cause of Juvenile Crime

The Latin word, ‘delinquent,’ connotes dereliction of duty and gave rise to the term ‘delinquency,’ which is now generally recognized as offenses against lawful authority, or to the violation of criminal law by a child below the age of eighteen (Concept and Causes of Juvenile Delinquency). Prior to the mid-nineteenth century, children under the age […]

Let Your Style Change

Let Your Style Change Shu ha ri refers to a concept describing learning or training progression borrowed from Japanese martial art, roughly translated by Adkins (2010) as hold, break and leave. Shu, covering the maiden learning, requires the student to strictly follow the master’s instructions and replicate each move with the highest possible precision. Shu […]

Gay &amp

Lesbian Rights3750 Anytime one deals with an interest related issue with regards to finance, the central issue of the best means to allocate such a resource ultimatelycomes up. With regards to the given case in point, the central issue is with regards to the best means of how to allocate the limited resources that the […]

Intoduction telling

My Academic Achievement My life experiences have been characterized by ups and downs, all of which have shaped my character and personality. This has brought forth failures and successes that have influenced my perception towards life. I have faced critical challenges and identified opportunities that have enhanced my personal growth and development. Personally, education has […]

Book summary Talking to Strangers

Talking to Strangers Talking to Strangers According to Allen, Talking to strangers relates the practice of democracy. For example, the whites view blacks as strangers. These have created racism due and extended to unemployment, public education and presence of crimes among the blacks and whites. The cause of racism includes the blame by the whites […]

Performance Evaluations

Plant engineer performance can be evaluated on criteria such as central services’ design, provision of technical support to maintain plant equipment and facilities, energy saving and production cost of energy (Amrine, Ritchey, Moodie, and Kmec, 2009). Similarly, specific criteria should be used to evaluate the performance of the employees according to their position.Secondly, the evaluation […]

Education Community and Diversity

The local authorities to be researched are the Manchester City Council and Kent County Council. In addition, this report will concentrate on the major issues concerning the lives of teenagers and children staying in these two districts.The main identifiable difference between the two counties is their population. Information provided by Manchester confidential, reveals that Manchester […]

Personal Creative Inquiry

Personal Creative Inquiry Private Garden Gardening is a very relaxing and healthy way that helps in keeping in touch with nature. Nature clears one’s mind as well as increasing an individual’s vitamin D supply thus boosting ones mood. The greenness of the garden provides the healing color that acts as a stress reducer. Production of […]

A Time To Learn by George H Wood ph d

iter on the very first page where he states that, This book is about the work it will take to reinvent our high schools, moving them from institutions to communities (Wood, 1999, Pg. 1). The author’s own experiences as an educator in the college as well as high school environment certainly add to the value […]

Sustainable Stakeholder Capitalism

Lecturer: Sustainable Stakeholder Capitalism Sustainable stakeholder capitalism (SSC) is a model that examines the micro and macro financial risks that affects the economy. The model takes into considerations the compelling moral issues of financial risk management that contributes to economic crisis. Petrick employs the sustainable stakeholder capitalism as a theoretical model whereby capitalism exercise moral […]

Event reflection paper

The speaker spoke about the way the history of gender disparity has been documented and the way this forms the attitudes that exist within the community today. Although they noted that there has been a great change in the public attitudes on matters of gender, they appreciate there is still a lot that has to […]

Perception and attitudes towards bidilectal speakers

Perception and Attitudes towards Bidilectal Speakers al Affiliation) Perception and Attitudes towards Bidilectal Speakers ‘…received pronunciation, RP, speakers are perceived as having more competence (intelligence, self- confidence, etc.) but less integrity and social attractiveness (sincerity, kindheartedness, etc.) than regional speakers…’ (Bourhis amp. Giles, 1976, pp. 13). This is an argument presented by the authors in […]

What does it mean to say a school is doing well

The awareness and importance of laws and regulations to be followed can only be developed in the early learning phases. hence, it is unjustified to ignore these important areas in the core policy making of educational systems (Eisner 2001). The rationalization of education system is the concept, which according to the research and my personal […]


LITERACY AUTOBIOGRAPHY Literacy Autobiography Order No. 1024646 Literacy as I had understood it during my childhood and adolescent years, was just being able to read, understand and communicate about people and things in my environment. But as time went by and I went on to High School and College, I began to understand that ‘Literacy’ […]

Carson Stanton Case

ollowing agenda for Stanton to follow – Improving Innovation, promotion from within, and managing all state agencies (excluding Education) within the reduced appropriations, which was 3 % in 2015, and 1 % in 2016. The fiscal year which started on July 1, 2013 and ends on June 30, 2014 saw a budget cut of 2 […]

Personal Qualities

For the past seventeen years of my existence, I have discovered numerous qualities about myself. For instance, I acquired determination. a prominent facet of life, in the seventh grade after repeating the same grade as my peer moved to the next grade. Sharing the same class with new students made me feel out of place […]

Personal Mission and Identity Image

Personal Mission and Identity Image Unit Personal Mission and Identity Image My top 5 signature strengths Perseverance -I knows how to tolerate different people within the society, as well as persevere in both good and hard circumstances.2. Friendly-am warm and welcoming, which results to having a lot of friends.3. Fast learner- I have the ability […]

Vulnerable Population

the highest teen birth rate in the country (63.4 per 1,000) in 2005, closely followed by states Texas and New Mexico at 61.6 each. New Hampshire had the lowest teen birth rate (17.9). The report states in 2006, the overall birth rate for 15– to 19– year-old females was 41.9, butSo, why are the statistics […]

Plan of Care

Nursing Plan of Care Nursing Plan of Care In the diagnosis process, a patient’s medical history and physical assessment is vital in ascertaining his/ her condition. Evelyn Riley’s case scenario is a typical example of a clinical situation that requires these elements, physical assessment and medical history. Doctors or physicians utilize numerous techniques in performing […]

Professional Development and Differentiated Instruction

An introduction to the general theory of cultural competency. Members of staff take notes. Overhead projector Handout 35 Minutes PRESENTATION Underachieving students. Social- cultural, physical, and racial prejudices against underachieving students. The role of the curriculum in achieving cultural competency The application of differentiated instruction among students with varying learning capabilities Content Process- grouping of […]

Personal Trainer’s Talents

Personal training has different disciplines. Examples are. baby massage instructor, meditation, circuit training, rugby coach and many others. These disciplines of choice require different training facilities. The job outlook of a personal trainer has to it that there is a high probability that job opportunities will be quite conducive as from now to the coming […]

Overpopulatio in the United States

This makes the US one of the fastest growing nations in the line of industrialized nations in the world. This overpopulation has caused various problems in the country, such as scarcity of resources, environmental issues, and economic consequences. Moreover, the problem of overcrowding also presents lack of education, and other issues which might cause troubles […]

A True Reflection of the Role of Civil and Criminal Sanctions

The youth not only bring with them the terror for the common citizens but also introduce huge dust of alcohol, abuse of drugs and many other forbidden things in the society. The future generation should be made to stay away from this peril as much as possible. Conformity and compliance with the law is the […]

K Marx selected writting

Order 311845 Topic: K. Marx selected writing Introduction: Any student of economics knows that land, labor, capital and organization are the four factors of production. Of these, labor is important. because capital without labor is dead! Alienation of labor was envisaged by Karl Marx. Subsequently when communist philosophy became intensely popular all over the word, […]

Persuasive Communication

Full Getting a Pharmacy Related Job Knowing that pharmaceutical-related jobs require a lot of difficulties in studying to achieve a good job, most students often stay away from pharmacy courses. However, it is such difficulty that challenges and makes students’ education an interesting experience. Moreover, most might think that such courses would bring them boring […]

Disability and Workability with Diabetes

This research appraisal aims to broaden the awareness of the health care providers of the latest status and trends in nursing research and practice, specifically on: (1) identifying the similarities and differences of the qualitative and quantitative research designs, (2) to identify the implications of the three studies in relevance to the nursing practice particularly […]

Thematic Data Analysis Paramedics

Thematic Data Analysis, Paramedics Block and File Theme Rene Wilson Theme 2 Jodie Keller Theme 3 Lorna RussoDescriptionTheme 1Name: Janina CampbellDescriptionMajor hospitals and smaller rural hospitals were covered in India, as also the provision of health education to mothers and families in rural areas.A large city hospital, a smaller rural hospital and clinics in rural […]

Oral health condition of the Maya community

Summary: Chapter 9. If My Tooth Hurts, I Pull It Out Tooth Decay is a challenge to many people since it inevitable without treatment. Although it is not viewed as a health challenge, tooth decay is tragic due to the pain it causes. Moreover, it is an indicator of overall good health. In the United […]

Why military leaders need Critical and Creative Thinking to be successful

Todays military leaders are constantly compelled to act as out of the box thinkers. Such statements give the impression that the only comprehensive solutions are those that have never been conceived. However, what a professional military education system (PMES) as well as the military really endeavor to produce are leaders that have strongly critical as […]

Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play

Despite professional sports being a source of income for many athletes, college athletes are not paid. This is termed as exploitation of student-athletes by Sack (93). This paper explicates the reasons why college athletes ought to be paid. There are opposing arguments that college athletes ought not to be paid to play. For instance, the […]

The Gospel of Mark Acts and Ephesians

The Gospel of Mark is a historical narrative of the affairs and the person of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, it cannot be called a biographical narrative. It says nothing about Jesus birth, childhood, family, and education. In Gospel of Mark, there is no attempt to describe any period of Jesus life in detail. It is almost […]

The Concept of the All You Can Eat Buffet

President Obama’s mass production of currency has radically increased the costs of transportation for food products, raised prices for animal feed, and increased utility costs in many locations nationwide. All of these prices impact the supply chain strategy and capacity of the all you can eat buffet purchasing system, leaving customers to bear the burden […]

Issues of International Development Africa Success Story at Risk

Member of South African development community and serves as the headquarters of the regional organisation that has a market of 200 million people, it has invested highly of its budget in education and skill training, they have acceded the international conventions and strictly observed the internationally accepted guidelines and on combating money laundry (Todaro and […]

Identifying Important Factors of the TwentySomething Generation

Yet, due to inexperience and constraints of societal circumstances such as unemployment, the young adults are seeming to place more emphasis on certain undesirable factors. . Young generations in today’s world, across all countries, are invariably emphasizing the importance and desirability of money. However, money is not a key to all happiness. But the young […]

Why and How Is the Landscape of Childrens Services Changing in England

England has witnessed a change in children’s services in the past years, alongside changes in various social services. Shifts in institutional values have also contributed to this change, such as the gendered character of contemporary parenting and the gendered character of childhood, which have corresponding implications in the children’s services (Daniel, e al., 2005). Today’s […]

Should Students Have to Wear Uniforms

The negative conducts that are related to students’ dress that include absenteeism, teasing, school violence, and activities that are gang-related (The Ethical School, pg 23). On the other side, the opponent’s main argument is that uniforms deny students their individual rights including the right to choose their dressing. While many public schools today maintain strong […]

Woolworths group plc operations in terms of management and leadership

This research will begin with the statement that the need for developing leaders and managers evolved long time ago. Since then, an increasing range of approaches with different interventions has developed some focusing on the education of managers, others on training and development skills, behavioral elements of roles and others on holistic approaches to personal […]

The Souls of Black Folk by W E B Du Bois

The Souls of Black Folk by W. E. B. Du BoisThe book, ‘The Souls of Black Folk’ is written by W.E.B Du Bois. All through the book, he explains his experience and that of other Africa-Americans in a period where racial divide was inevitable. Du Bois explains the challenges that the blacks in America experienced. […]

Adolescent Readers and Writers

Assessment of Adolescent Readers and This assignment provides an opportunity to explore several perspectives on assessment. Part I Read the article titled ‘Assessment Crisis: The Absence of Assessment for Learning. Use a coding system of your design to organize your response to the article.My coding system developed in response to the article focuses on building […]

Youth in Cuban AntiRevolution

The youth, the decade of 1960 and the Cuban Revolution are triple coordinates that this research will mainly focus on. However, there will be a focus on the arguments posed by the scholars of this modern era about the occurrences that took place since the inception of the Cuban Revolution. The association among these three […]

A Story about Teacher

The story is about a teacher who finds out that some versions of the stories that the students were being tested on had been doctored. After noticing the problems, she tried to find out why this was happening, she even goes ahead to contact the author of the books to find out if they were […]

The History of Racism in Australia

In the Australian learning environment, the issue of racial discrimination has affected the way aboriginal students are treated. As a teacher, I feel the war against racial discrimination in Australia should begin in the education sector. The PDHPE teachers should be committed to implementing the various efforts that have been put forward to eliminate racial […]

Service operations

In between 1900 to 1950 concept of industrial society came into the picture. Each and every organization was concentrating towards increasing their production. Manufacturing maximum number of goods in small price was the industrial trend. In 1950 the economy observed a metamorphic change where services industry emerged as the main sector for American people. It […]

My life in five years

My Life in Five YearsKnowing our destination and a path to get there is important to begin a journey. Similarly, it is essential to have goals and dreams about one’s life in order to achieve them. Where we cannot control every aspect of our lives, it is important to at least have a clear idea […]

The Piano Lesson by August Wilson

full The Piano Lesson (a play by August Wilson) 06 October The play by August Wilson centers on an old piano which carries a strong emotional feeling of attachment for the characters. They see it as a link to the past while others view the piano as holding something evil that should be disposed. The […]

Service learning paper (social problems)

The organization offers training to families by giving them skills in developing the community so as to improve on self-sufficiency and reduce the rate of child abandonment. It is the largest childrens home in the world dealing with orphaned and abandoned children. It provides them with food, clothing, shelter, health services and education. The organization […]

Literature Review Outline on Improving Reading Fluency in Elementary Students

i. Definitions and Benefits of Constant Time Delay – Citation of Reference by Aldemir amp. Gursel (2014): These are teaching techniques that build reading fluency by increasing word recognition. Teaching utilizes procedures that entail observational learning groups such as pronunciation of letters and spelling lessons.b) Objectives: The ambition of the study was to use a […]

Criminal justice careers

Criminal Justice Careers A of my career A career profession of my choice within the criminal justice system would be that of a judge. A judge presides over court trials and hearings, upholds both the legal and constitutional rights of those involved in the legal process, and most importantly supervise legal proceedings (Cecil 2006). A […]

Approach to Care Treatment Plan and Patient Education

Case Study Cardiomyopathy and Congestive Heart Failure are two pathophysiologic changes of the heart that cause a major impairment in cardiac output up to a degree that ultimately results in decreased perfusion to vital organs (Smeltzer et al, 2010). These conditions have a chronic duration and therefore cause tremendous stress to the patient, family members, […]

Thinking Critically With Psychological Science

Effects of television on frequent viewers Study the descriptive method: Television viewing and violent behavior were evaluated for over 17 years in a community sample of 707 individuals. There was a considerable connection between the amount of time spent watching television during adolescence and early adulthood and the likelihood of following violent acts against others. […]

How will ehealth affect patient participation in the clinic pros and cons

E-health is defined as a new term used to describe the combined use of electronic communication and information technology in the health sector OR is the use, in the health sector, of digital data-transmitted, stored and retrieved electronically-for clinical, educational and administrative purposes, both at the local site and at a distance (WHO Regional Office […]

Formation and Implications of Gender Stereotypes

Information about appropriate gender roles and behaviors is conveyed through different channels from language usage, occupational and educational settings, family and media. A family is the first mediator of gender-appropriate roles. Parents are first role models and educators of gender-appropriate roles.Media further extends the knowledge of gender differences and promotes gender stereotypes. Education through certain […]

The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson by Mark Twain

This debate has been one of the intriguing factors within the scientific and cultural fields in the twentieth century. This is in the way that it plays an essential role in determining the way that human beings exhibit their behaviors in varied ways. There are a number of changes that are experienced within the environment, […]

Gender Dynamics in College Education

The period starting the year 1981 has seen women clearly earn most of the baccalaureate degrees in America. In fact, as of 2003, the enrolment ratios for higher education stood at 1.3 female students for every one male student and in the 2012/2013 female students accounted for 57 percent of the overall college enrolments in […]

How Rutgers education will help me become a neurosurgeon

4 November How Rutgers education will help me become a neurosurgeon Passing the MCAT is my most important short-term objective and I had to select an institution whose environment guarantees my success in the cat as well as my long-term academic plans. This influenced my choice to prepare for the examination at the Rutgers University […]

Consultation is a core competency of graduate nursing

CONSULTATION IS A CORE COMPETENCY OF GRADUATE NURSING Vicky Brown School: UCLA Consultation is a core competency of graduate nursing It is very common to hear therapists, nursing students, and some practitioners use the words consultation and supervision interchangeably. This has however been noted to be highly erroneous as the two are never the same. […]

A streetcar name desire and death of a salesman

In the case of Willy, his past has been instrumental in shaping his future. He credits the past as the source of his present day success, and the pasts’ memories are still fresh in him. It is this past that Willy has continually reshaped to create the new person he is today. He credits his […]

Business Management And Leadership

I chose the organization United Way of America for its advocacy in changing the lives of the Americans for the better. United Way of America aims to deal with the roots of the problems that hinder the progress of any one’s life. There are local units around US to reach out to children and youth, […]

Abraham Lincoln as a Strategic Leader

Obviously, it was the thorny circumstances of his childhood that turned out to be the source of his enduring concern for others throughout his personal life and career. Lincoln had great skills, intelligence, and self-confidence to be a leader. However, what made him the most successful President were his innate qualities as well as the […]

Hazar alfaqeih

Subject: Statistics, Personal Statement Date: Topic: Hazar Alfaqeih The Dean,(Name of the University)Respected Sir, Reference my Admission Application for Statistics major in your esteemed University. My name is Hazar Jamil Alfaqeih. I was born in 1988 in Saudi Arabia. Right from the school days I had a fascination for the subject of Mathematics. I secured […]

A Professional Development Plan

As the research stressesmentoring relationships vary from loosely defined and informal collegial relationships wherein a mentee learns through observation and example to structured and formal agreements between novice co-mentors and experts wherein both parties develop professional by a two-way transfer of perspective and experience. Whether or not the relationship is considered formal or informal, the […]

SSSR Press Release

The company was formed in 1996 to protect the scenic, aesthetic, recreational and wildlife values of the Santa Rita Mountains through education and outreach, including protection of the Santa Ritas from degradation due to mining activities. The SSSR always help people to protect the environment. They have successful cases previously. For example, in 2005 Augusta […]

Econometric Regression Analysis

Econometric Regression Analysis Summary Rationally, literature reviews are related. The following article has summarized massive literature writtenon a certain topic, to give rationality to the difficulties, often dissimilar, expressions conveyed about a certain problem. The article can also serve as a helper for new ideas. Nevertheless, literature surveys often do not discover anything estimating agreed […]

Ethics as a Part of the Core Values of a Person

The early years of a person’s life are the most critical, and it is important that good ethical thinking is developed in these years rather than waiting until it is too late. Some people are brought up to believe that it is wrong to copy others’ work, while others grow up thinking that it is […]

The NFL’s Most Valuable Teams

Youth Football Fund Grassroots has been initiated by NLF along with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) to provide financial and technical assistance in order to improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of local football fields to middle schools and high schools. It is a non-profit program that offers opportunities for recreation, education, and relaxation that […]

Justice System and Criminality

This is where the misconception of the whole idea of what crime, what justice and what Criminal Justice is as a whole. In this paper, the difference between the two major perceptions addressed earlier with regards to the reality of Criminal Justice shall be discussed. More likely, this study shall be directly focused upon the […]

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

The Violence against Women Act Question One: The Violence against Women Act (VAWA) has provisions created to improve victim services and the prosecution of the batterers. One of these provisions is the federal civil right of action. This gives an opportunity for a victim of violence to sue the perpetrator for civil damages arising from […]

The Access of Education in the United States

The general population should understand the trend and provide proof of whether the trend is justified. The cost of education has increased significantly. The modern-day educational system requires a lot of resources from its consumers. This decreased the attendance rate in academic institutions. The situation is alarming since the number of college dropouts has increased […]

What is a purpose of a college education

However, even the best college institutions are not providing these skills. The main purpose of the higher education institutions, colleges in particular, should be to provide the students with a wide range of skills that would help them in functioning appropriately in the workplace such as broadmindedness and problem solving skills that may not be […]

ACT Test Scores Should Not Influence College Admission

The reason for my academic hindrance? An ACT score of 21 is preventing me from attending my college program of choice, which requires an ACT score of 22 for admission. That said, I really cannot understand how a standardized test, which is not meant to measure my ability to succeed in my chosen college major, […]

Engish Language Discourse in Action

Us (Text C) which use simple imperative forms of the verb join. There can be no ambiguity in the urge to follow this instruction, but Text C supplements the bare command with the use of the inclusive pronoun us, and the supplementary heading Get involved. The difference here is one of emphasis, whereby Text L […]

Personal Statement (Martin Luther King)

Martin Luther emphasizes the fact that a good reasoning ability is not enough for an individual to make a success of himself, but instead it is very important for one to have proper character and moral development. In Luther’s opinion, building an individual’s character helps them to have critical intellect, which would in turn helps […]

Dropout in community colleges

These are the exact students that get underserved in the colleges beating the logic behind the purpose that these colleges were designed to accommodate as they also serve the interest of the local community. As these students come in and out of the higher education, it may be because of the conditions that surround their […]

Helping Harvard Medical School Make the Grade

Helping Harvard Medical School Make the GradeMaking a conclusion as to whether the pharmaceutical companies produce more good than harm to the medical schools can only be made after a careful analysis of the various practices and engagements that these enterprises have with the universities. According to Gagnon, the industry’s sponsorship of studies as well […]

Funding Program for Safe and DrugFree Schools

The paper shows that the given amount is considered much lesser as compared to the fiscal year 2007 and 2006 with 568,835,000 US dollars each year. The budget where the funds for the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities program is part of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) total budget. The total requested fund […]

Good Test Takers and Diagnostic Assessment

Q Ans. According to Levine (n.d there are five types of high-level thinking that differentiate between a good test taker and a poor test taker, namely concept formation, problem solving ability, memorization and application of rules, critical thinking ability, and creativity. Good test takers remember things by forming concepts whereas poor test takers are habitual […]

Students with mental illness and depression

Anxiety and depression disorders are common mental illnesses known to exist. Mental illnesses occur mostly in the times of uncertainty or stress which can be resulting from people’s daily life activities. It is worth to understand that mental illnesses and disorders are real illnesses. Just like other illnesses, such as asthma or diabetes, most mental […]

Research skills

Moreover, it is imperative to note that, the masters’ level of learning is quite different from the predominant undergraduate studies since it is entirely research-based with a few class sessions with tutors.Thus, this provides an environment in which students need to uphold high integrity levels to be able to achieve the learning outcomes required by […]

Preventing hypoxemia in closed head injury

Topic: Preventing Hypoxemia in Closed Head Injury Brain injury results when there is a sudden, external, and physical assault to the brain. Brain injury occur in two ways, namely: (a) closed brain injury, and (b) penetrating brain injury. In closed brain injury, there is no break in the skull, and is caused by a rapid […]

Examining Achievement Related Attributions

The children in middle school are evaluated using the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and lastly, senior year students are evaluated using the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). No school is complete without the incorporation of extracurricular activities that foster self growth as well as a social life. As such, the AIS school has a number […]

Cystic Fibrosis Community Assessment

a) Sex and Age: This is a heterogeneous community comprising of both males and females in almost equal ratios. Majority of the members are adults and are married. b) Income levels: Most individuals in this community are in the middle class and lower class. Many live within $10 a day.c) Occupations: With a few exceptions […]

Complacency case

Complacency case Monetary death is arising high inthe NICU due to ignorance of some nurses such as Deborah. Deborah is much less proficient with the infants whose condition can change rapidly, or the infant are critically ill (Hamlin, 2011). She is only used and skilled in monitoring and feeding the infants who are stable medically. […]

Culturally compatible classroom and

Culturally Compatible room Culturally Compatible room I is a federal education program in the US which sees schools with a large number of low-income students receive funds from the government. Most title I schools contain a large population of diverse students. This diversity affects many aspects such as race, cultural orientation and intellectual ability. Instructional […]

Letter to the crown and the judge of the court

June 6, Re: Request for My Passport I would like to take this opportunity to show express remorse feelings for the regrettable event that led to the confiscation of my passport. I deeply regret getting involved in the scenario and, I look forward to a new beginning. I also acknowledge the disciplinary actions taken by […]

Apples pricing strategy

Apples pricing strategy Without a doubt, Apple is premium brand that continues to dominate in its competitive market. With innovative products such the Iphone, Macbook and the IPAD, a clever pricing strategy is essential for its success. It can be safely sad that no company is recession proof. However, after carefully analyzing this issue, it […]

Sexual Harassment

Review of the Case After reviewing the case of sexual harassment, which went for trial and later on became the law in California, I believe that sexual harassment is a big problem for many of the working women these days. Many women face the problem of sexual harassment when they go to their offices for […]

Introduction to Planning and the Planning Hierarchy

Introduction to Planning and the Planning Hierarchy Similarities between nursing process and strategic process The nursing processand the strategic planning are both essential for the different nurses of the world. According to Peled and Schenirer (2009), the nursing process is quite an exceptional representation in which strategic planning process and that the two contains similar […]

Type 2 Diabetes Among Latinas

These findings also show that the association between type-2 diabetes and food insecurity in this population are due to certain mechanisms including physical activity, dietary intake, SES, obesity and cigarette smoking but negative association with meal skipping and alcohol drinking.This model also showed less significant association of Latina’s depressive symptoms, BMI, nutritional knowledge, interaction, education, […]


Effect of the Great Awakening and Enlightenment on the Political, Educational, Scientific Foundation in America Table of Contents Table of Contents 2Introduction 3Effect of Great Awakening on Politics of United States 3Effects of Great Awakening on the Education of America 3Effect of Great Awakening on the Scientific Foundation of America 4References 5Introduction The Great Awakening […]

Foundation of Human Resources Management (case study)

Foundation of Human Resource Management Table of Contents What should GS plumbing be doing when employees leave the organization? How could such activities improve retention, recruitment and selection? 3Reference 5What should GS plumbing be doing when employees leave the organization? How could such activities improve retention, recruitment and selection?Human Resource Management is the process of […]

From the Autobiography Of Malcolm X

What Malcolm X gives as his ‘A-HA’ moment? Malcolm X was an African American who lived for four decades, from the year 1925 to the year 1965. He was a Muslim teacher and a social activist who defended black Americans’ rights against oppressive rules of the then powerful white regime that was also accused of […]

Abstract format

s of Affiliation Allen, K. L., Gibson, L. Y., McLean, N. J., Davis, E. A., amp. Byrne, S. M. . Maternal and family factors and child eating pathology: risk and protective relationships. Journal of Eating Disorders, 2 (11), 1-14. DOI:10.1186/2050-2974-2-11Summary of the Article and Research Findings of the AbstractThe article is about the association linking […]

Darwin Assignment

Is evolution reasonable, or is it completely wrong? Darwinism is definitely the most debated topic today, especially in the educational field and on the religious front. The best way is to have a consistent approach with a rational mind reasonable judgment. When we look at Darwinism we are discussing macroevolution which states that life evolved […]


Running Head: Organizations and Behavior Organizations and Behavior s A: Different Types of Leadership and their Impact on ChangeLaissez- Faire:This style requires no leadership and supervision skills from the managers. In it, highly trained and competitive employees work without manager’s supervision.In the period of change, this style does not motivate employees. Employees do not appreciate […]

Give A

persuasive message for following scenario:- You are the human resources manager for Kindle which has Question give a persuasive message for following scenario:- You are the human resources manager for Kindle which has recently started an internship for promising high school students interested in working in publishing. Part of this internship program requires four volunteers […]

This Is The Math 1118 Of Finance Please Help Me Quick

Question this is the math 1118 of finance . Please help me quick. Thank you Mathematics of Finance Assignment 3F220 MarksWork in groups.Name(s):#W :Show all work. Circle your final answer1. (3 Marks) What sum of money must be set aside at a child’s birth to provide for 9 annual payments ofW$20,000 to pay for the […]

Give An Example Of When You Observed A Negative Communication Strategy Used Within Nursing Practice /Liliusing The Example Provided In The Previous Question What Positive Communication Strategies Would You Use To Build Improve Or Repair Relationships In Your Scenario

ulgtltligtExplain why the study of communication is an im­portant part of nursing Question ulliExplain why the study of communication is an im­portant part of nursing education?/liliGive an example of when you observed a negative communication strategy used within nursing practice./liliUsing the example provided in the previous question, what positive communication strategies would you use to […]

Which Of The Following Is An Example Of A Job In The Tertiary Sector Of The Economy? /&Gt

manufacturing aircraft engines working as an occupational therapist harvesting strawberries sewing tags onto sweatshirts Which of the following is increasingly important in a postindustrial society? a college education physical strength and endurance a range of mechanical skills knowledge about agriculture What are children taught more often in capitalist societies than in socialist societies? cooperation mutual […]

Imagine You Are 1st

grade teacher, working with 5 and 6 year old children. The principal calls you into his Question Imagine you are 1st grade teacher, working with 5 and 6 year old children. The principal calls you into his office one day, saying that a complaint was received from Shelly’s mother, Mrs. Sands. Shelly is a student […]

Need Help With My Microeconomics Homework (Screenshot

Question Need help with my microeconomics homework (screenshot available). Which policy is the most successful to reduce drug related crime? 717,How we can summarise it?When demand is inelastic price effect is greater than the output effect and totalrevenue follows price. When demand is elastic output effect is greater than theprice effect and total revenue follows […]

What Are The Characteristics And Skills That You Have As A Leader That Define Your Leadership Question Ulliwhat Are The Characteristics And Skills That You Have As A Leader That Define Your Leadership Style?

ulgtltligtWhat are the characteristics and skills that you have as a leader that define your leadership Question ulliWhat are the characteristics and skills that you have as a leader that define your leadership style? What are your strengths? What are your areas of need?/liliHow do you incorporate the concept of collaborative leadership in your approach […]


Hi, Kenji. This is my first economics course, and many of the concepts Question GINNY: Hi, Kenji. This is my first economics course, and many of the concepts discussed in class are really confusing. Today the professor explained that the true cost of going to college includes both the tuition I pay as well as […]

NesPaper Register Comparison (Linguistics)

More number of function words was used in the second article compare to the second article. Function words were described in the 2nd page of class #2: Words and Word Classes. Verbs, nouns, pronouns, were used in high percentage by the author in order to describe the fatality and recovery of her father from an […]

History of Medical Education With Emphasis to Its Formal Origins

This essay stresses that at the end of the century America still struggled to resolve the problems of its medical education. It is clear there was a realization that changes should be brought in order to remedy the situation in order to transform American medical education along the lines of European medical schools. However, real […]

History of Medical Education With Emphasis to Its Formal Origins

This essay stresses that at the end of the century America still struggled to resolve the problems of its medical education. It is clear there was a realization that changes should be brought in order to remedy the situation in order to transform American medical education along the lines of European medical schools. However, real […]

History of Medical Education With Emphasis to Its Formal Origins

This essay stresses that at the end of the century America still struggled to resolve the problems of its medical education. It is clear there was a realization that changes should be brought in order to remedy the situation in order to transform American medical education along the lines of European medical schools. However, real […]

History of Medical Education With Emphasis to Its Formal Origins

This essay stresses that at the end of the century America still struggled to resolve the problems of its medical education. It is clear there was a realization that changes should be brought in order to remedy the situation in order to transform American medical education along the lines of European medical schools. However, real […]

Criteria for Selection of Physical Education Teachers

Criteria for Selection of Physical Education Teachers Sue Hummel Wayne State University Abstract This research study identifies the hiring criteria used by School District Search Committees, which is critical for graduating Physical Education teachers, on how best to equip themselves to face a competitive job market after graduation. The reason for this study was the […]

Criteria for Selection of Physical Education Teachers

Criteria for Selection of Physical Education Teachers Sue Hummel Wayne State University Abstract This research study identifies the hiring criteria used by School District Search Committees, which is critical for graduating Physical Education teachers, on how best to equip themselves to face a competitive job market after graduation. The reason for this study was the […]

Criteria for Selection of Physical Education Teachers

Criteria for Selection of Physical Education Teachers Sue Hummel Wayne State University Abstract This research study identifies the hiring criteria used by School District Search Committees, which is critical for graduating Physical Education teachers, on how best to equip themselves to face a competitive job market after graduation. The reason for this study was the […]

Public Health

Public Health The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to discuss to study further the definition of Public Health. and (2) to explain the differences between the three levels of prevention and use other information from different sources.Public Health Public Health is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health […]

Criteria for Selection of Physical Education Teachers

Criteria for Selection of Physical Education Teachers Sue Hummel Wayne State University Abstract This research study identifies the hiring criteria used by School District Search Committees, which is critical for graduating Physical Education teachers, on how best to equip themselves to face a competitive job market after graduation. The reason for this study was the […]

Criteria for Selection of Physical Education Teachers

Criteria for Selection of Physical Education Teachers Sue Hummel Wayne State University Abstract This research study identifies the hiring criteria used by School District Search Committees, which is critical for graduating Physical Education teachers, on how best to equip themselves to face a competitive job market after graduation. The reason for this study was the […]

Criteria for Selection of Physical Education Teachers

Criteria for Selection of Physical Education Teachers Sue Hummel Wayne State University Abstract This research study identifies the hiring criteria used by School District Search Committees, which is critical for graduating Physical Education teachers, on how best to equip themselves to face a competitive job market after graduation. The reason for this study was the […]