Training Solutions Marketing

Based on the research, firms are now focusing to identify new sources of revenue or innovative approaches that may provide profits to the organizations (Catterall, pp. 69-76, 1998). For this purpose, UoH will facilitate TS by carrying out market research that anticipates increment in the sales of TS’ services to its existing customers. In this […]

Athenian Speech on Adherence to the 30 Year Peace Treaty

Athenian Speech on Adherence to the 30 Year Peace TreatyIntroductionThe growth of the Athenian empire and power is directly related to the Dalian League in the period between 478 and 431 BCE. The Greeks were very proud after defeating the Persian Empire in the 478 BCE war. This victory gave Greece a lot of self […]

Human Resource Culture and Organizations Grameen Bank

The third objective was to generate employment opportunities for the poor and unemployed rural communities of Bangladesh by the provision of self-employment. The fourth objective was to form an organizational structure to bring the disadvantageous and poor rural women under a money earning scheme which was easy to understand and manage and the fifth objective […]

American Strategy in the Global War on Terrorism

Many Americans are of the view that the current economic crisis in America was occurred only because of the huge expenditure made on the war fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Because of the growing concerns about the success of the war on terror and the increasing economic problems, America cannot continue the war on terror […]

The Yuan as International Currency

European political leaders who are calling for the removal of the currency peg the country imposed at the height of the 2008 financial crisis, and in so doing allowing the currency to appreciate to its normal level. There is no question that while the country has adopted economic reforms and no longer abides by a […]

Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House

From the book, Torvad Helma, Nora’s husband began a new job in the rank of a bank manager and this job is expected to increase the family fortune specifically by first of all increasing the standard of life lived by Nora. This is due to the reason that Nora could not find work in the […]

Monetary Policy when ShortTerm Interest Rates are Close at Zero

Scholars believe that as the interest rate approaches zero or near zero monetary policy cannot operate or becomes ineffective if further stimulus needed to boost the economy or to rescue it from any prolonged economic stagnation. (Sellon, 2003)The monetary policy of the central bank operates through the alteration of price and volume of the reserve […]

Rama Plaza Building Collapse

While the signing of agreements is a good indication of goodwill, it is essential to consider other issues which will guarantee that employees are treated in the best way possible. Signing go many agreements is however no guarantee that safety is going to improve. Yet, these agreements only make the relationship between workers and employers […]

International Marketing AT&amp

T IncATamp.T will be aiming to capture around 8-9 percent of the market share by the end of the second year and only then will it introduce itself as an internet service provider. Initially, it will only serve the major cities of Brazil like São Paulo, Rio de Janerio, Salvador, Brasilia, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba […]

Marketing Plan for Relationship Managment

The credit crunch has brought about a price slashing war in the food sector of superstores. Tesco has already reduced £400 million from its cost of goods this year in an attempt to retain its customers who are going to cheaper stores. The aggregate demand is lowering and prices have to be reduced which is […]

Deportation as a Disturbing Solution for Illegal Migration

However poverty is not the only reason, many reasons force people to do this. In the past few years, illegal immigration has increased to a great extent which results in deportation which further makes the situation worse. Deportation refers to the removal of a person from a country based on legal grounds. In the USA, […]

Should Countries Promote or Restrict Foreign Direct Investments

Globalization has dissolved national borders and turned the world into a global village. A relevant effect of globalization is the presence of an organization in a number of countries in addition to its birthplace. This has changed the scenario of global business significantly. Multinational enterprises have come into existence which has their operations and existence […]

The Minimum Wage Should Not Be Abolished

This discussion examines the benefits of raising the minimum wage not only for those workers who would gain monetarily but to employers as well and ultimately, the economy as a whole. Currently, the minimum wage stands at $7.25 which was increased from $5.85 per hour in July of 2009. This modest increase put minimum wage […]

Is the US still a global hegemonic power

The break-up of the Soviet regime in the late twentieth century, however, changed all that, leaving the United States in a uniquely powerful position in the world. This situation has been labelled a global hegemony based on the Greek word hegemon meaning leader. A hegemony demonstrates supremacy and leadership, but it also implies that there […]

Employment Law and Trade Unions

A historical and critical study of the labor movement has come to be recognized as a necessary and even vital part of the research of human relations. Human nature is essentially the same the world over and man is a social animal at all times (Bates, April 1888) and in all places. It is this […]

Multiple Regression Analysis Empirical Project

Several factors have impacts on the GDP and they include. consumptions, investments, disposable income, exports among others. This study was meant to determine the impact of an increasing consumption, investment, disposable income and exports (all in Billion Dollars) on the GDP growth. To make this a reality, economic data (secondary) was used and aimed to […]

Trends in Health Information system

Manual procedures and management in healthcare is not only slow but is also prone to inaccuracies that may affect a patient’s treatment. A health information technology (HIT) system based around electronic medical records (EMR) can elevate the quality of patient experience to a whole new level. One of the most essential requirements of a good […]

International Accounting Standard Mib Water For All

With a daily average of 150-350 vendors, the company estimated that each consumer will need at least 1-litre clean drinking water on a daily basis. Within the first year, the company planned to acquire 50 water filters. After conducting an extensive market research, MIBW4A introduced its purified water products priced at USD 0.08 per liter. […]

Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy

The more significant aspect of this process has been the creativity and innovativeness of individuals in exploiting emerging opportunities in business. In doing so, they have improved their own welfare, and laid down an operational base upon which other people can build their social and economic livelihoods. The academia world has also moved fast to […]

Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms Article 3 of the ECHR

Human rights are unique in the sense that they are universal and apply to all, they are also interrelated and indivisible and affecting one bears a burden on the others. They are guaranteed by law and occur in the form of treaties, customary international law, general principles and other sources of law including national constitutions. […]

Impacts of the Economic Crisis on Global Oil &amp

Gas Investment225500 Encana also shows a significant increase in its revenues from 2003 to 2007 while showing different fluctuations in its revenues growth rate. Anadarko revenues also predict an increasing trend from 2003 to 2007. The revenues growth rate has been also consistent, however. the growth rate was significantly low in 2005. SWN also reports […]

Past Present and Future of the Organization Theory and Public Administration

Organizational theories have been evolving over time and in this paper, we analyze specific theories that have been instrumental in describing organization management with attention to managers, employees, and people internally as well as outside the organization.Among other concerns that are notable in the Marxist organizational theorem are autonomy and freedom, hierarchy, power, authority, dominance, […]

Rising to the Challenges of Disability

… Everyone is entitled to all … rights and freedoms … without distinction of any kind…. All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination … and against any incitement to … discrimination…. Everyone has the right […]

Six Global Issues

The absolute sovereignty exemplary is not state centric but nation centric, for the real size of the state remains to be a domestic problem. The mix of public and private scopes, and between domestic and international trade, stay determined with more justice and efficiency when they get determined at national level, without interference from outside. […]

Economic Crisis And Its Impact On The Trade In The U S

The banks were wary of lending to the public and this went onto manifest itself in the form of a credit crisis. Lack of credit, a profusion of bad economic news led to the fall in consumer confidence. By March 2008, the US saw the worst job loss in the last five years (Isidore C., […]

Home Depot Case Analysis

At that time, store managers had the complete freedom to determine their stores’ operations, merchandising practices and vendor management. According to Ton and Ross (2009), the management believed that local autonomy would encourage innovations that best suit the preferences and specifications of the local market. The firm adopted a decentralized purchasing approach so that each […]

Personnel Resourcing &amp

Development102500 The first one is technological advancements, which has contributed in eliminating the influence of time, space and other such intermediary factors in the business environment. Similarly it has also contributed in promoting low cost and high speed data transmission, hardware that produces information more conveniently and quickly, and software that makes the data and […]

Educational Paradigms and Models

Also, students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to engage in complicated paths in school, for example, restarting or repeating their programs due to economic issues. They may also be forced to defer their enrollment in school due to financial difficulties. This may have a negative impact on the number of students in […]

Political Economic Social and Technological Analysis of Overseas Ventures

Therefore, Elecdyne enjoys the dominance in the Japanese market despite having other major players in the industry based in Japan too.In recent cases, the organization had encountered slow growth. The slow growth of the enterprise could be attributed to restricted introductions to the Japanese markets. Indeed, restricted orientation to the Japanese market considerably lessens its […]

International relations / Internationl Organizations

According to many international communities, the United States should be willing to normalize with Cuba, to allow the latter country revive its international relations. It is the highest time that Cuba has been allowed to participate in international community activities to foster social and economic growth. The United States should behind all the differences between […]

Impact of North American Free Trade Agreement on Canadian Employment

Canada is a strategic trading partner of the United States as well as Mexico because of their geographical closeness. Another is because it is the largest trading partner in agricultural products and by-products. The trend in the trade is increasing between these countries. This is the result of the zero tariff-rate on these products. It […]

Foreign Direct Investment for Developing Countries

This paper illustrates that countries, both developing and developed ones, and multinational corporations, after the liberalization of trade engaged in direct investments across the borders. This period since the 80s has seen most economies participate fully in investments and expansion of their economies through the received inflows and outflows. USA and Japan among other powerful […]

Financial Crisis Effects on America

This essay stresses that the effect of the crisis evolved to a number of countries, and by the mid of 2008, the economic crisis had spread over an appreciated region, worldwide. Many countries with emerging economies felt the influence of the recession that had its manifestation in a number of ways including increased poverty level. […]

NeoClassic Architecture and its Reliance on the Ancients

The long-dusty ideas of the past, grounded in tradition and defying attempts at progressive thought, were being shaken out, examined and, often, thrown out with the rest of the garbage. The societal shifts that began in the Renaissance were brought into greater relief with the new changes occurring toward the middle of the 1700s as […]

Sainsbury and Its Future Corporate Strategies

The present paper has identified that Sainsbury’s supermarket Ltd is the part of J Sainsbury plc and it is the third largest retail chain supermarket in the UK. It covers almost 16.3 percent share in the UK’s supermarket sector. The parent group has diversified the business by entering property and banking business. It was founded […]

Second topic

A shift in population away from rural areas and into city areas appears to be one of the most common human behaviors in this situation, and there are many reasons why this is so. The consequences are not always positive for the people who migrate, however, and there is also an impact on those already […]

Timid PresidentFutile War

The wars are considered futile because of the many expectations the Bush administration intended to achieve that did not come to pass, the reason why President Obama decided to withdraw the U.S troops from Iraq after almost a decade of occupation. President George Bush’s decision to attack Iraq was based on unfounded beliefs in the […]

Social Changes in Hong Kong

These skirmishes were accompanied by the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests that shaped the independence of the political parties of Hong Kong. In 1984, the Hong Kong community enjoyed economic interdependence with China. In the year 2003, the return of pro-democracy protests was experienced when the last British governor, Chris Patten, vouched for a more democratized […]

Hospitality Food and Beverage

This is a brief report which aims to highlight the theoretical and practical aspects of designing a menu of a midscale food and beverage establishment and its influences on the operational activities of the business. It also includes the economical features which should be kept into consideration while conniving the menu for a food and […]

Patents on medicine who should get the patents

This opposes indigenous value systems which promote the collective management of biodiversity (Carrizosa, Brush, Wright amp. McGuire, 2004). Intellectual property rights (IPR) related to indigenous medicines concern biogenetic resources available in nature and as commercial products. IPR includes practical applications of biogenetic resources, and traditional knowledge (TK) about natural medicine and the biodiversity of subtropical […]

Medical School Personal Statement Samples

I matured as a person quite early in my life, though this obstructed my continuous educational processOwing to my linguistic background and the inferiority I derived out of it, I have always been a very avid and hardworking student throughout my high school. A few years out of high school, my family fell into a […]

Should Teenagers be Subject to the Death Penalty

Today, more than half of the nations across the world have stopped the death penalty either by rule or through practice. They have reported that the death sentence is not a solution to deter crime. The social and economic environment of the criminal directs crime. The first nations to have put an end to capital […]

Main Drivers of Sustainability in the UK Food Industry

Sustainability in the food industry creates a review of the industry’s present approach to balancing environmental, social, and economic considerations in the process of production, distribution, and consumption. Various tools and procedures require an implementation to enhance future progress (Ayres et. al, 2007). Environmental sustainability entails the designing of optimal friendly environment that meets technical […]

Changes in the International Order

Much of our history has seen weaker nations having little protection and existing at the mercy of stronger nations who could conquer them or place crippling sanctions on them at will. Some may argue that little has changed, however to most it is evident that the state of international relations and the international order is […]

The Rise Of China And The Future Of The West

China’s increasing economic activities in Africa and Latin America proves beyond doubt that China is actively participating in global issues more than ever. Another aspect we have to consider while evaluating the growth of a nation is its global presence. Chinese products are nowadays conquering all the global markets and also creating a lot of […]

Child Trafficking in South Asian Countries Sex Trade and Physical Labour

The children who are trafficked by force and in the promise of better living conditions end up in having exploited in various levels. The exploitations range in various levels according to the situations and socio-economic conditions. This can include sexual exploitation in various forms, forced labour, slavery, servitude or the removal of organs. While taking […]

International source of finance for india as developing country

The background of this study is to access the need of international sources of finance by India as a developing country. The major cause of underdevelopment in the developing country like India is the shortage of capital. If India depends on its own funds for funding economic development either of the two possibilities comes out. […]

Postpartum Depression

Women are likely to get affected by the disorder during their prime age of reproduction, ranging between 25 to 40 years of age. The case of Mandeep Singh is a classic case of Postpartum Depression, identifiable by the feelings that she has, of harming her newly born child and the observable characteristics of being agitated […]

U S National Health Care System

This means that every citizen has a right to access health care services, irrespective of a citizen’s social and economic status (Jonas amp. Karen, 2007). Based on this premise, the World Health Organization have convinced many countries including the United States to formulate and implement local and national health policies meant to facilitate non-discriminatory access […]

Money &amp

Capital MarketsSoon after the worldwide panic, financial turmoil struck the globe. Various economies flurried around to guard and hedge themselves against any potential impact of the same. Two such instances could be found in the economies of Australia and New Zealand, who have been acquiring liabilities in the form of demand deposits and wholesale funding […]

Capitalism as a Force of Progress for Business and Society

It’s pointed out that progress, on the other hand, can be defined as a gradual shift from one state to another. This paper seeks to discuss capitalism as a force of progress for business and society. Capitalism as a Force of Progress for Business and Society In a capitalistic nation, a business and a society […]

Maersk Line Strategic Management

The country, Denmark, benefits from its well effective framework. The political environment in the country is quite stable. In the month of November 2007, the ruling party was re-elected again, for the third term. but still, it would have to work a bit harder to assemble a parliament majority. The political environment in the country […]

The BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010

In particular, this paper includes discussion and evaluation of different aspects of BP Oil Spill to identify ethical issues related to it and lessons that can come from it. Alongside these factors, there are also the numerous risks that each business faces, whether it is through competition, emerging firms, varying economic factors or the fluctuating […]

New product development and product innovation charter

Therefore, a white product manufacturing company must understand that technological advancements are the key to success in the market (Avlonitis amp. Papastathopoulou, 2006). 1. a) Product innovation charter entails product planning and strategizing prior to its development. PIC charter summarizes all the necessary tools that a company’s development team should draft to come up with […]

London as Olympic Games Host in 2012

The city approved an aggressive modernization initiative to include the development of a waterfront zone to improve tourist patronage and the allure of the city as a viable tourist destination (Corkill, 2002). The costs for this program were estimated at approximately £21 billion. Despite the high costs, clearly Barcelona recognized that the Olympic games would […]

Micro and Macro Economics Analysis of British Airways

Microeconomic Analysis Some of the demand and supply factors that have affected the profitability of British Airways as a company over the years include economic conditions, competition from other airlines, rise and fall in global oil prices, changes in government policy, and employees’ expenses. Economic conditions include one important demand and supply factor that affects […]

Multicultural Aspects of Disabilities

There are over twenty subgroups of Asian Americans. In this regard, it’s important not to over generalize as to one monolithic ‘Asian Pacific’ culture, as therapy patients will have a variety of historical backgrounds and cultural paradigms. (Bryan 2007)While Asian Pacific minorities were a part of the American landscape as far back as the 1760s, […]

Late Capitalism the US Hegemony Global Turbulence and Their Connections

Finally, drawing upon other authors we have read, identify some of the strengths and weaknesses of Arrighi’s analysis of late capitalism.This write-up would first analyze the aspect of the rise and decline of the US hegemony, as elaborated and interpreted by Giovanni Arrighi, in his book The Long Twentieth Century. It would then also analyze […]

Designing an emprirical research project

The remaining part of the research will have to be taken up with the help of different techniques like interviews and qualitative analysis. The main aim of the paper is to find out the causes of the war. Therefore, the theories and the data are to be evaluated in the light of the causes of […]

Sustainable Development and its Overall Impact

The essential factors in the context of economic growth, environmental improvement and equal social distribution in utility functions need to be given due attention. A deadline should be fixed including human and eco-system time-scales if possible. All local and long-term effects of the measures taken should be recorded in that wider time-frame. Strategies, procedures, and […]

With reference to pierre and peters (2000) and Kjaer (2004) critically assess debates about public sector and government reform d

Presently, the core objective centres on enhancing efficiency within the public service delivery and delivering more customer-attuned services to citizens. Interestingly, one of the radical changes witnessed within the public sphere has been transforming state-centred societies into less-state-centred. Proponents of public reform claim that governments are inherently ineffective, large, inefficient, expensive, highly bureaucratic, unresponsive to […]

Immigration The Case for Limits

The immigration is helpful in the economic development of the host country. The justice system can be altered to make it accommodate the immigrants and this can leads to global development. Immigration is helpful for the overall development of the global economy and society. Therefore, the paper argues against the views expressed by David Miller […]

Juvenile Delinquency and High School Drop Out Rate

In schools, socialization plays a significant role in the children’s associations and relations. The paper again discusses the role of socialization and status in schools that, in turn, influence children’s behavior, which may lead to delinquency.Nonetheless, to achieve the purpose of the paper, the study also focuses on the role of school achievement in educational […]


One of the greatest difficulties in discussing the issue of child labor in sweatshops is the fact that coming up with across the board judgments on such an issue does not adequately relate the entire picture of child labor practices throughout the world. In Pakistan, child labor is so rife that fully 75% of all […]

The Conception of International Justice

It was revised and translated in both 1975 and 1999 but was originally published in 1971. In this theory, Rawls tries to find a solution on the issue of distributive justice by utilization of the social contract. This theory results in the formation of another theory known as Justice as Fairness, which deals with the […]

Market Analysis of the Newspaper Industry

In order for an organization to make effective decisions and plan effectively, the organization must be able to have a thorough understanding of the wider meso-economic and macro-economic environment where it operates. Meso economic environment is that environment where the business operates but has limited influence over. Macro-economic environment, on the other hand, includes factors […]

Hospital Industry Economic Analysis

From the economic point of view about Hospital and Health care, the resources are scarce, and the selection over various patterns of the available resources must be made with ideal decisions so as to minimize opportunity costs. This piece of research work is an attempt to analyze the economic factors of the Hospital Industry. This […]

Different energy alternatives to fossil fuels

However, in factories and at home, the electricity generated by the sun as well as its heat is of primary importance. Similarly, in its raw form, coal it is of little help to us. It is merely a sedimentary rock and enjoyable to behold. However, the electricity and heat that is produced following the combustion […]

Managing Employee Relations in Today’s Firms

Employee relations have experienced several changes with the rise, decline of unions and the implementation of other forms of management techniques. The unions in their rise were illegal and had unorthodox methods of communicating with the employers, mostly via violence. To gain political mileage the unions were supported and integrated into legislation in the 1900s. […]

Analysis of Book III Chapter I of The Wealth of Nations

It has been more than 200 years since the book was published. However the concepts still applies and can be related to the present economic stature of a specific location. The concepts that Smith had proposed and explained are the basic principles on how to make a nation achieve stability and competence in a very […]

Constraints of Small Business Development in South Africa

The constraints of small business development on the selected country South Africa will create consciousness on the huge potential of small business in the South African Economy among the stakeholder agencies including the international bodies like the World Bank, national and local governments in cementing the holes by providing a positive and congenial environment for […]

The Difference between Business Culture in Saudi Arabia and UK

Saudi Arabia is a South-west Asian kingdom in which Islam is the predominant religion. The Saudi Monarchy that was established in 1992 uses the Sharia law to govern the country, and the Quran is entrenched in the constitution. Entry and exit of foreigners in the kingdom are monitored by the government, and the Islamic laws […]

Critical Success Factors of Credit Risk Management (CRM) in one of the UAE local Banks and area which required development to cope with challenges especially after financial recession

Upon going through the process of a sound lending procedure, almost all banks are offering loans to its prospective bank borrowers because of the high interest rates that will be added to the principal loan.For individuals or business with good credit standing, banks are more than eager to extend loan in exchange of the agreed […]

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

An important question that has come to the notice of all and sundry here is that offshore business processes can be best used for meeting the demands of the customers when we discuss the subject of demand and supply. However, the problems that remain within this issue are something to talk about as well. One […]

Tourism Destination Marketing

The analysis will be taken up with reference to the market analysis, internal analysis, competition that it faces and structure and role of the Canary Islands. During recent times, the Canaries have applied a number of strategies for achieving sustainable development with regards to the islands’ environmental factors. Market analysis of the Canary Islands will […]

President Wilson’s Dealing with the Lusitania Crisis

Many scholars believe that President Wilson was acting in cowardice in the crisis caused by the sinking of the Lusitania and that he was not ready to use his power as president of the strongest nation in the planet to influence the outcome of the war. There were also others who believed that President Wilson […]

Microsoft’s Strategic Alliance with Nokia

The influence of the political factors is deemed quite considerable in the global smartphone industry within the current periphery. Notably, most of the companies operating in this particular sector use outsourcing partners to assemble their products. Hence, any political problem in the region of the outsourced partner is supposed to cause a direct influence on […]

MercedesBenz Company and Its Macro Environment Brings

Mercedes-Benz is one of the major brands that operate globally within the automotive industry. The automotive industry is one of the industries that has been hit hard by the global financial crisis as well as the other economic changes across the globe during the past years. These changes result in a major decrease in global […]

Eastern Sentiments by Yi Taejun

Yi, like many Korean writers, adopts this style in most of his writings, a fact that makes it very easy for his readers to come to terms with the various issues raised therein. In his book the Eastern Sentiments, Yi’s ideas can be described as a man drumming praise on his own self and nation […]

Ethical Principles on Disaster Risk Reduction

Various factors contribute to the increasing rates of disasters include the steady uptick of climate-related disasters or climate change that causes the increase in disasters (AccuWeather, 2013). Global warming, human activity, infrastructural vulnerability, increased populations, and economic assets equally lead to the increasing rates of disasters in the world. The normal psychological reactions to a […]

The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald

In Jon Meacham article in Time Magazine (2012), one could deduce the main theme as the American dream. In the summary of the article, the author speaks of how the concept of the American dream emanated. The article talks about some of the presidents and co-founders in making America having a dream of the country […]

The Logical Conclusion of the Profiles of Various Companies

The relativity of international business in light of most of the companies trying to ensure a global presence for maximization of business and profitability based on exchange differentials that augment the possibilities of making higher turnover as well as profitability. The capacity to enrich the quality of products to make them competitive in an international […]

Global Media Industry

Threats for Sky include intense competition, regulations, and also dependence on British Telecom. Sky faces stiff competition in all the markets it operates. The competition in widespread i.e. from DTH providers, cable operators, terrestrial service providers, internet and telecommunication service providers. There is a possibility of an increase in DTT services by 2012 from its […]

Performance of Tesco in Times of Recession

The policies to address the effects of the financial crisis can be categorized into three basic principles. The first principle calls for corporative actions by the nations. The current crisis is on the path to exceed the crisis of oil in depth and extent and so the time calls for all the nations to come […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Business

In most cases, the shareholders focus on what the corporation has done, either positive or negative relative to its impact on society (Subhabrata, 2007). Additionally, the shareholders show interest in how the corporation develops and takes care of its workforce. Thus corporate social responsibility can be simply defined as the capacity of a company to […]

Functional Block Diagram

A Functional Block Diagram is a multi-system, time-sequenced, stepwise flow diagram of a functional flow. A chemical process-operating unit does consist of many unit operations. The control of operating unit is to considering the control of each unit operation separately. Figure 1–1 shows an example of a chemical process in a representation. The inputs are […]

Entrance in the UK Market of Kei Wah Bakery from Hong Kong

The concept of brand equity, which was highly developed during the 1980s (Keller, Aperia and Georgson 2008), has highlighted the value of brand within the global market. However, brand marketing has been related to a series of challenges. Aligning the characteristics of a product/ services with the needs of a foreign market has been, traditionally, […]

UNs Declaration of Human Rights

In actuality, AI annual report documented extrajudicial executions in 61 countries. judicial executions in 28 countries. prisoners of conscience in at least 63 countries. cases of torture and ill-treatment in 125 countries and human disappearances in 30 countries. However, Amnesty International believes that the true figures for all these statistics are much higher. The Amnesty […]

The Paradox of American Government

Week 4-Assignment The Paradox of American Government Robin Martinelli POL 423-WCO-V2D1 Political Science Jill Legare 27/12 The American nation was forged on the principles of freedom, equality and liberty that were guaranteed through democratic representation. The transformation to political stability and equal representation for all members of society took concentrated efforts on the part of […]

Global Policy Forum

US interventions, based on the imposition of democracy on unwilling nations during the Cold War, led to such entanglements as Vietnam. The intervention in Afghanistan may be justified in the light of the WTC attacks. However, the contemporary intervention in Uganda merely uses Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army as a pretext to appropriate control […]

Contrasting programs and policies related to poverty

On the other hand, it can be apparently observed that America is still undergoing through a tough phase in tackling its poverty level, which fluctuates on a constant basis (The World Bank Group, 2014).With this concern, the research paper would describe the programs along with the policies associated with poverty that adopt and implement by […]

Event this week

Event This Week Summary of Event Avery notable event has happened in regard to Greece and its bailout this week. A representative of Greece creditorshave called on Greece to commit to the previously agreed reforms. The creditors called upon Greece minister of finance to come up with a workable economic reform program. Although Greece Prime […]

Part 2 Order #1177211

RESPONSE TO POSTS Response I agree that the Persian Gulf nations are facing long-term challenges since western countries are onlyinterested in the oil. They slightly care about the welfare of the citizens of the countries. instead, they have caused havoc and misunderstandings among them. On the other hand, I disagree when you say that the […]

The assignment should be presented as a Journal opinion article and address an economic issue of current interest to Wall Street Journal readers

An economic issue of current interest to Wall Street Journal readers. The Slowing effect of Housing Market Introduction Economists in the recent past have felt utter disappointment as a result of a string of an expected home-sales reports. The sales in current existing homes dropped during the month of March, and even included parts of […]

Business decisions

Business decisions Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Recommendations 3 References 5 Introduction Larson Ltd. operates in two of the world’s major economies namely, Germany and USA. The recent economic downturn has put pressure on every businesses margin that operates in these countries. The company’s is engaged in the production and marketing […]

Economic Article Analysis

Formerly, most of the economic analysts opined that crude oil stock might fall by 600,000 barrels over the last week of August 2009. But eventually it dropped by 200,000 barrels less than the expected level1. In a sharp contrast the gasoline inventories experienced an alarming decline of 3 million barrels. However the recession ridden US […]

Global Warming and Environmental Degradation

Environmental degradation entails the destruction of ecosystems, over-use of natural resources and extinction of animal and plant species. Natural occurrences such as volcanoes, intense rainfall, and earthquakes, may cause degradation of the environment. However, ecosystems have adapted to the effect of these natural occurrences. Moreover, in scale, these effects have minimal impact compared to those […]

Globalization and Racism in Context of Australian Education

It may be subject to certain restrictions like the will of the host country to accept the foreign student or may be subject to various other privations like visa, passport, and funding for international studies. Globalization, on the other hand, transcends all borders and the concept of nation or state seemingly does not exist. Here […]

The Policy BRICs in Business and Economics

The reason that matters underneath is the economic power shift from the leading western countries to the emerging eastern countries. The BRIC received its name from Goldman chief Jim O’Neil in 2001 and since then it has continuously been in the bull’s-eye category of economists in predicting future changes and suggesting remedies to the suffering […]

The Governance of Globalisation

Is it time for an alternative approach133250 The dominant system for world governance in the first wave of globalisation was the colonial domination of the world by European powers. In the second wave of globalisation, various international agencies were established to loosely oversee the liberalised world economic order. The important international agencies which were established […]

My Plan for Reconstruction

I must say to them that tyranny, exploitation and a subhuman treatment spanning across decades do stifle the human ability to dream. So on this momentous eve, I extend to our black brethren the freedom of daring to dream. These dreams will need to be supported by ample persistence and perseverance and the opportunities to […]

Nursing assignment

This confusion poses certain problems in the practice of critical care nursing. The nurse working in the hospice environment has a clear understanding of palliative care in allowing for natural death. But in the critical care area, this understanding is clouded and misinterpreted. The aim of this study is to investigate the lived experience of […]

Using Deibel Framework on UAE Demographic Imbalance

Frank discussion mainly focuses on the demographic predicament facing the UAE. The problem of population imbalance sufficiently deals with the unintended consequences of the prospect of the country. Practical ideas mainly handle growing demographic problem and the corresponding economic development that solely perpetuates the underlying chronic demographic imbalance.UAE is a predominantly an arid land making […]

Research for the Environment

Evaluating Information Sources Pollution adds impurities to the environment. Pollution harms plants and animals and their habitats. It also causes illnesses as people breathe air with harmful gases that can hurt their lungs and health (Watts,2012). Pollution depletes resources that are useful to mankind. Therefore, We need to control it to save the environment before […]

The microsoft case

The Microsoft Case Microsoft investigated for antitrust behavior Microsoftengagesinmanufactureof diversified computer software and afamilyof windows operating systems. The Companyhavealso introduced application software thatrunin the operating systems. The applications are like theMs OfficeSuite thatis commonly usedbynumeroususers in the world. Therefore, products of Microsoft are complementary to the operating systems in both serves and personal computers (Economides, […]

Addressing the Needs of a Multicultural Classroom

In teaching a diverse classroom, the educator is committed to providing a well-balanced plan that empowers students toachieve their highest potential, which in turn demands an equal, fair, and a culture-sensitive teaching-learning process. This process involves specific teaching methods and practices that address the different needs of a multicultural environment. To successfully decide on teaching […]

Proposal about an

PROPOSAL ABOUT AN ARTICLE This article offers an insight into the factors that determine ease of merger between firms. Althoughmotivational factors may be several, there are obvious challenges that would hamper the achievement of desired goals. In this article, Tim Hortons and Burger King are set to merger with the central objective of expanding market […]

Development of the Reanimation Strategy in the Netherlands and Russia

The history of the relationship between Russia and the Netherlands is said to be rich in nature as it has existed for almost a thousand years ( Since then, the history has been the primary witness of the successful relationship which has been established and nurtured by these two countries in terms of trade relations […]

Student Loans

How banks manage them and how they affect individual spendingay for college education that they cannot afford creates a situation in which a slowed job market will be unable to absorb these individuals and provide the necessary debt payments that these loans necessitate. Accordingly, the rate of default during any future slowdown in economic growth […]

Social Exclusion in Contemporary Britain

As Levitas (2006, 17) remarks, the definition of social exclusion in terms simply of unemployment obscures poverty among aged women who are economically inactive and in old age. Women earn less than men on average during their working lives and have a longer period of life expectancy in old age. Poverty among elderly women has […]

Economic Theory Reducing Pollution and Global Warming

Many of the economies based on capitalism may not favor the workings of free trade as they are developing towards self-sufficiency. Furthermore, these capitalistic economies may not even support fair trade, as it may seem that all the poorer countries may destroy or exhaust all of their natural resources to get rich in a very […]

Leadership and Corporate Culture

Other activities that are involved include welcoming of tourists in the area, developing strategies that will expand tourism, operation of tourism promotion agencies, building of more facilities that are related to tourism and marketing of other events and activities that are designed to attract more tourists. The carrying out of the activities is expected to […]

Analysis of Atlas Shrugged Novel

As the world’s weight weighed down on him, he shrugs. This can be likened to a situation where intellectuals in the world went on strike. They would not supply their world with their inventions, art, business, leadership, scientific research, or just new ideas. The author depicts the main theme of the novel as the role […]

Urban forestry status of China

What is perhaps more disturbing is the fact that the people engaged in the destruction of forest lands for private and commercial economic construction see the latter as the most ideal definition of development for China (Konijnendijk, 2007). Consequently, the need for an urgent step to control the rate at which the beautiful green rain […]

Rousseau John Stuart Mill and G D H Cole

Rousseau, John Stuart Mill and G. D. H. ColeAccording to Chapter II on a participatory Theory of Democracy, Rousseau, John Stuart Mill and G. D. H. Cole highly emphasize that Rousseau was a par excellence theorist of participation which is vital for the theory of participatory democracy. Rousseau effectively explains that his theory elaborately expounds […]

Unemployment Crisis in Tunisia

One of them is the increasing unemployment. In this report, the factors behind this problem and their possible remedies will be looked upon.After years and years of heavy losses, Tunisia is now in the phase of economic and financial stability. Practical planning related to economy, finances and the budget of the country has started to […]

Competitive Intensity of the Repair Industry

The SME sector is being increasingly viewed as a pioneer of growth and prosperity in economies. They have a number of advantages which range from economic to social. On a social level, SME plays a very important role in eliminating income disparity. Usually, in emerging markets and mineral-rich economies, the phenomenon of income disparity is […]

Country Exploration (5 of 5)

Measuring the Value of Entering the International Market Market value refers to the worth of a product or service in a local, national or international market. The price and value of products can only be assessed and estimated through buyers and purchasers, which give assessment of products in the light of competitive products launched by […]

President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s Reform in Egypt

The 1952 revolution was a very crucial incident in history in which, Nasser took part to a great extent and came up as a leader who was anxious to work for the betterment of Egyptian people. Through this revolutionary movement, he was able to make Egypt free from foreign control and usurpation.The mystery of his […]

Monetary economics

flow of capital can be supported with the example of Argentina which has experienced the floating exchange rate in the economy and the volatility and the evolution of the exchange rate which was not affected severely due to the international crisis in spite of the rise or the increase in the exchange rate.The arguments in […]

Controversy Analysis

This is a contentious subject since it grants an individual user unrestricted freedom in terms of quantity and mode of marijuana usage. Arizona currently enjoys the license for medicinal purposes. It is arguable that legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes is feasible in Arizona.There are notable social costs of marijuana prohibition. For instance, FBI reports […]

Policy paper

Policy Analysis The policy that is considered for analysis is the Dairy Payment Program, actualized for the benefit of the declining dairy farming in the United States. The Problem Although dairy farming has grown extensively in the West with many industries venturing onto the scene to provide pure milk and milk –based products, the traditional […]

Small and Medium Enterprises in Russia problems and solutions

From mid 1990s, the pattern of growth of the SME sector changed across nations. While in the Central and Eastern European nations, the SMEs contributed to the employment and the GDP, in Russia the SME sector started stagnating after the initial surge (Guriev amp. Polischuk, 2002).The number of small firms per capita in Russia was […]

The Disappearing Data Center

Along with the energy consideration, the environment in which the source lies must not pose to the stability of the energy supplied to the host platform. Nearness from the source to the premises must also be highly considered to ensure that no extra cost is incurred while targeting particular source of energy (Floracks 101).Virtualization of […]


Hypothesize Hypothesize Environmental Environmental issues are of immense significance in many aspects of the society, and they can be resolved through a number of approaches. The solutions to environmental issues mostly focus on the global, cultural, regional, and local aspects that have an impact on the environment. Given the impact of environmental issues on life, […]

Benchmarking Sustainability Practices

BENCHMARKING SUSTAINABILITY PRACTICES AFFILIATION: Benchmarking Sustainability PracticesBenchmarking sustainability practices is an important area for all businesses to focus on strongly. Sustainability issues maintain the level of success and profitability for the organization and allow them to reap further rewards and benefits from the business that they are conducting. The use of benchmarking practices can be […]

Successful ThirdParty Intervention in Intrastate Conflicts

The use of a mix of economic and military elements definitely does increase the chances of success in third-party interventions in intrastate conflicts. So too does the suggestion of the intervention by a large nation, due to its ability to bring into play a greater economic and military might, but that would be subject to […]

Currently Ethical Issue in Business

This has mainly emanated from the absence of transparency, consistency. accountability, coupled with institutional weaknesses within judicial and legislative systems have been a primary cause of corruption within companies. The paper explores ethical challenges associated with corruption and bribery in business. Business ethics has overtime attracted significant interest partly owing to the perception of crude […]

ReThinking Marxs History Theory

 In his construction of the theory of history, Carl Marx utilized the idea that social change was central to the construction of history. He insisted that people make their own history and that the same history does not rely on their extra-human agency such as providence or objective spirit. He noted that, Man makes […]


With time, government intervention in economic policy has increased. This has led to the reconsideration of the existing interventions and policy structures, and the possibility of new ones. Since training of employees is seen as the prime factor that contributes to an increased output, governments are seeing this as an opportunity to improve the output […]

Operating in India The of Exceed Corporation

On the other hand, it would be required that the firms interested to operate globally can meet the demands of the market in which they plan to enter.In the case of India, the operation of foreign firms across the country is related to a series of problems. More specifically, private – driven commercial activities cannot […]

US Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Different foreign policies get suited for different regions with regard to the goals sought.The realist perspective in international relations alludes that countries will act in their selfish interests going against whatever moral consideration there may be. The basis of this is study of the nature of humans and the need to be out of harms […]

Policy Brief How can the Ministry of Health in The Kingdome of Bahrain ensure the establishment of an effective diabetic preventive programs for adults at risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus in Bahrain by the year 2020

Creation of awareness ought to be the most initial action because of the promising rewards it holds to the prevention and reduction of diabetes frequencies.Diabetes mellitus has over the years risen up to be a major global health concern. The prevalence of this disease has unremarkably been highest in the Middle East. Therefore, concerns over […]

City of Dreams Summary

China Rises – of Dreams This video reveals benefits and feedbacks of Shanghai modern economic development by picturing fortunes of several Shanghai citizens and their families which today are members of different social classes. Since 1921 Communist Party has governed China and working class was numerous. Nowadays to improve economic situation a new policy is […]

Should the Unemployed be required to do voluntary work

The rise of capitalism has also brought about tremendous hordes of people who are unemployed. For whatever reasons, these people cannot cope or cannot find the jobs they want with the skills they have. The global economy has undergone big changes due to this globalization trend in that the world has become flatter (or more […]

Is Capitalism a fundamentally Western concept or system and if so how can we account for its spread and entrenchment in nonWestern areas of the world

The development of industrialization in West is also considered as the organic growth of the capitalist thoughts and philosophy as capitalism presented an alternative channel of achieving social good in a more comprehensive manner. The pace of industrialization therefore was considered as the epitome of capitalist society and as such the domain of social and […]

The UK is a member of the European Union but has not adopted the euro as its currency To what extent do the benefits of membership of a monetary union such as the Eurozone outweigh the costs

It also aimed to enhance aggregate employment opportunities in these counties. In order to enhance the level of employability, EMU aims to enhance capital investment levels of its member states. Higher sustainability of pensions and public finances are also achieved in these countries through activities of EMU. The Union tries to improve social status of […]

Critical thinking Mo

Critical thinking Mo For the last few years there have been drastic price fluctuations in the oil market globally, which has been caused by the economic depression, the prices have gone to a high of $150 dollars per barrel and have dropped to just $30 per barrel( Gulf business, n.d p51). Due to the importance […]

A last ditch effort to rescue the River Jordan

Insert Saving River Jordan The Jordan River, located in the valley of Great Rift is of religious, geographical, economic, and cultural importance. The Jordan River is beneficial to billions of people from various religion and worldwide countries at large. Presently, the once powerful river is under significant risk, fortunately, thanks to the ongoing efforts to […]

Free Trade Agreement (FTAs) in China

al or economic mediation has caused other nations, chiefly the ones in Asia Pacific region, to go abroad on preferential trading agreements, thereby, causing consideration from the World Trade Organization regarding the propagation of prejudiced trade agreements (Jiang, 2008). Hence, we will discuss China’s two-pronged free trade agreements, thereby, discussing their ramifications for the World […]

What kind of successful interventions for obesity prevention in school from 10 to 12 grades have been conducted in the United State

Intervention programs aimed at obesity prevention for children and adolescents should be a national priority in order to have a healthy nation in future. There is considerable increase in health risk for children and adolescent who are obese or overweight as they are in danger of suffering from diseases such as, hyperlipidemia, type 2 diabetes, […]

Capitalism Is a Force for Social Progress

Technological development in the modern world is as a result of funding from capitalist entities which have ensured that there is technology for everyday needs. People in society today cannot do without technology because the latter allows their lives to become easier since they are able to put in less effort in order to conduct […]

Pacific Systems

Pacific System Corporation aims at diversifying its scoop of operation by venturing into a new business line, DVD business. However, the business has troubles determining the most ideal supplier for it products. Pacific System Corporation’s management has managed to come up with four suppliers that it find ideal for this new business line. However, one […]

The Sequestration

The Sequestration The Sequestration Sequestration refers to the automatic cancellation of budgetary allocations in order to achieve the policy vision of a deficit reduction. The sequestration approach poses a risk of causing a serious economic recession in the future, which is raising alarm to many people, especially those working in the government institutions. So far, […]

How Can an Understanding of Micro And Macro Economic Help Business Deal with Their Market Situation and Their External Environment

This paper illustrates that among micro-economic theory, one of the most important concepts is supply and demand analysis that is related to analyzing the supply and demand graph to measure the shift of the graph. It is necessary to explain these concepts before describing their importance for businesses. Supply and demand analysis of a business […]

Financial Implications of Staff Morale problems

Financial Implications of Staff Morale Problems The health care sector has been facing a lot of pressures in meeting consumer demands. These pressures may be in the form of the following: increasing competition, staffing shortages, employee and patient safety concern, and the significant increase in the demand for health care services. All of these challenges […]

Policy making

Nursing Outline Introduction Compare and contrast the United s healthcare system with Canada’s healthcare system Aspects of open/closed systems exhibited by the U.S and CanadaReview the article Health Care Payment Reform: Implications for NursesConclusionIntroductionPolicy making is a critical issue in the provision of services in any country. This involves the setting up of certain agenda […]

A Forecast of Ted Rallley’s Company Auto Sales

It also indicates that additive holt-winter model is the second best model in forecasting the auto sales parts of Ted Rallleys company.As the economy change keeps on declining, every play of the economy grows experience the falling trend. The automotive industry depended much on the economic boom. This decline in the economic growth has a […]

Can Obama Make All the Changes that He Promised

The message of change and hope that his campaign bombed the public with was entirely predicated on the existence of a contrast: they and I, thou and I. Obama’s election is solely attributable to this contrast and the rhetorical emphasis upon that contrast. America experienced this same phenomenon in 1976: the year in which Jimmy […]

A Voyage to America

The Southern Colonies The colonies were a completely new land of opportunity. With the decreasing economy in England, many people turned to the colonies as a new source of economic freedom. As a result, many people left England searching for this freedom. With the thirteen colonies established, different opportunities resided in each region. The southern […]

Angolas Tourism Infrastructure Development

There exist a relationship between infrastructure and the tourism development. Measures to gauge the level of economic growth are based on the infrastructure development and standards of living. The tourist inflow would depend on the efforts of any central government to invest in infrastructure. Angola being an emerging economy in Africa needs to invest majorly […]

African Gold Inc Ethics and AIDS in the Workplace

Case 101: African Gold, Inc. – Ethics and AIDS in the Workplace Did African Gold, Inc. make the right decision? Should an organization be expectedto go beyond legally mandated benefits to help workers with a devastating illness like HIV/AIDS?When African Gold, Inc. decided to stop paying transport, coffin, and funeral costs for employees who die […]

Small company bias

The Small firm Effect and its relationship with EMH The efficient market hypothesis (EMH) also known as the Random walktheory (RWT) propose that the prevailing market prices of company stocks reflect the available market information about the value of a firm, and that no firm shall outperform or beat the market by getting abnormal profits. […]

Evaluate how operations management concepts could be or are being applied to a hospitality / tourism operation of your choice to reduce the possibility of service failure

More and more organisations are entering into service industry. It is important to acknowledge here that operations management is as much applicable on the service industry as on manufacturing industry or any other industry. It is relatively difficult to manage the operations in the service industry because the final outcome is intangible and cannot be […]

The Global EconomyDepending on the Authorities

The global and economic activities that took place in the 1960s were largely the result of capitalism as it had emerged since the Great Depression. However, the 1970s were witness to a crisis and transformation of capitalism, initially displaying its faults but later on escaping the clutches of the left. Indications of a crisis were […]


Indian negotiation style Introduction Negotiation defines a discussion between parties, with a common objective of attaining an agreement. The scope of negotiation that depends on people’s personalities and hence culture however identifies differences in negotiation techniques across diversified cultures. With my dissertation on Indian negotiation styles, I seek to justify my research topic and to […]

Macro Economics of Australia

Apart from that, if the long-run pattern has to be considered, it is found that the economy exhibits a stable condition. The pattern of movement of the macroeconomic variables in an economy is the ones that exhibit the way that the economy is moving at present, i.e., the present situation of the economy. The patterns […]

Theories on Deviant Behavior

Petty crimes can be explained by two theories of deviant behavior, namely anomie-strain theory, and conflict theory. One crime, of deviant behavior that tries to demonstrate why people commit or take part in criminal acts, is referred to as ‘strain theory’ (Wilkins 2003). As stated by Cote (2002), this theory argues that petty crimes, like […]

The Man Nobody Knows A Discovery of the Real Jesus

The Man Nobody Knows: a Discovery of the Real Jesus. The Man Nobody Knows is a historical tale portraying the biblicalworks of Jesus Christ as the founder of modern business. In this article, the attributes of Jesus are clearly underlined to match those of a successful businessperson of the modern world. The preaching and life […]

Library Media Center

The International Monetary Fund defines globalization as a historical process involving the increasing integration of economies around the world, particularly through trade and financial flows (International Monetary Staff 2002). It is typically viewed as a necessary and unavoidable key to future world economic development. To meet the challenges of the future, then, it is necessary […]

Economic Growth Of GDP

A second essential aspect has been the assurance of life span employment for a significant segment of urban labor strength. Both aspects are now wearing down. Japan’s industrial segment is a great deal reliant on foreign raw materials and fuels.After accomplishing one of the uppermost economic development rates in the world from the 1960s throughout […]

The Demands of Alcohol on the Economic Aspect

The problems associated with alcoholism, which the study labels as serious consequences includes the death figures associated with drinking an driving, alcohol-related sexual assaults and rape, alcohol-related homicide, suicide and drowning and other diseases such as loss of memory (The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth). These things have given impetus for the government to […]

Domestic Abuse as America’s Most Widespread Offense

The author of the paper tells that domestic abuse and violence is an aggressive altercation between family or household members including spouses, former spouses, and a dating relationship, adults related by blood or marriage, along with those comprising a biological or legal parent-child bond. Domestic abuse, forever and a day, is regarding power and control. […]

International Economic Growth Japanese PostWar Economic Miracle

The state, which had lost during the war almost 40 % of its wealth, which has haven’t any raw material sources, was completely cut off the exterior raw market. It has been destroyed about 30 % of basic industry equipment. After numerous bombing, Nagasaki and Hiroshima have been almost purely ruinous. The capital of the […]

Building Effective Networks

The success stories of networks by the Japanese Keiretsus and Korean Chaebols, international cooperative agreements, regional and economic integration, new organizational forms and structures, international collaboration and uncommon associations.Findings: The findings of the study reveal that the various forms and patterns of networks and their impact on societal and organizational functioning have enhanced the role […]