The UK Legal Methods and Legal Systems

Most legal systems do not support well-argued stories on both sides, the reason is, it is not the case the physical universe supports well-argued stories on both sides of the arbitrary proposition of physical chemistry, this not only happens in law, but there is also confident in its regularity that we put lawyers under a […]

The UK Legal Methods and Legal Systems

Most legal systems do not support well-argued stories on both sides, the reason is, it is not the case the physical universe supports well-argued stories on both sides of the arbitrary proposition of physical chemistry, this not only happens in law, but there is also confident in its regularity that we put lawyers under a […]


Crystal Violet Lab Report:1. Based on your data and graphs, determine the order of the reaction in crystal violet. Explain the reasoning for your choice.2 Determine the pseudo rate constant, K’, for Trial # 1.3. Using the pseudo rate law, determine the rate of the reaction for trial # 1 after 5 minutes, 10 minutes, […]

Chemistry homework

These are a portion of the questions that are needed to be answered. If you decided to complete this assignment I will screenshot and send the remaining 9 questions.1. The equilibrium constant KP for the reaction is 203 at a certain temperature. CalculatePO2ifPNO = 0.411 atm and PNO2 = 0.385 atm.2NO2(g)⇆ 2NO(g) O2(g) PO2 = […]


⁞ Essay Writing TipsChoose either Topic 1,Topic 2, or Topic 3. To answer these topics completely, it takes a minimum of 350 words. Use the topic questions and the scoring rubric to see if your draft responds fully to all parts of the question. A complete thoughtful answer is more important than word count.⁞ Topics […]

HRMT101 wk6 paper

Virtual Teams: Making It WorkVirtual teams are composed of employees who are physically dispersed throughout the nation or around the world. They are linked by various forms of electronic technology. Face-to-face contact is usually minimal or nonexistent. Virtual teams face several challenges: time zone differences, which make quick information exchanges difficult, and cultural miscues, which […]

Cities and states have slashed spending on infrastructure—from highways to sewage systems to EnSci100 Exam 1 ReviewTwo questionsI need a 1225 word strategic analysis Attached is the information from part 1 that was previously submitted FOR EXCEPTIONAL PROFF ONLY&quot

we talked about it College chemistry 2 (1046)Web Development HomeworkFor FLOVODOH ONLY!!!!! Topic: The Music and life of Pierre Schaeffer *A brief biography of him. The paper must focus on his musical career and his compositions. How long would it take to write a paper over Political Writings? Not ratedwrite a paperCh. 1 “Know Why […]

Looking for American writer

I have a discussion question PayStructuresTextBook.pdfPayStructuresTextBook.pdfPosted: a day agoDue: 12/02/2020Budget: $20Tags: urgent englishAnswers 1The quA lity5.0 (4)5.0 (352)Chat4 hours agoPurchase the answer to view itPaystructure1.docxPlagiarismreport.pdfTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $20Bids 89The quA lityTeacher TrumahnPapersGuruDr.Qura-tul-ainProf BerryDr Ava_MiaAmerican TutorWIZARD_KIMAmanda SmithPaula HogRELIABLE PAPERSProWritingGuruProf. KaylinlopezRosie SeptemberBrooklyn Milan Doctor_EdwardElprofessoriProf SheizPremiumprofessor mitchBill_Williamswizard kimbrilliant answersabdul_rehman_Prof.MacQueenAsad UllahDrNicNgaoperfectonadia tutorRasWriterwork solutionsDr. ElahiEmily ClareCatherine OwensRESPECT WRITERGlobalTutorsANN HARRISDr shamille ClaraBeaverlyTiny ChrisGreat-WritersWorld-ClassansRohanYourstarDr Candice_2547writerlexPHD […]

Ego Integrity Presentation

Assignment DescriptionEgo Integrity PresentationImagine you are working as a charge nurse in an assisted living facility. Your unit houses twenty older adults. The residents of this unit are cognitively functional without evidence of cognitive decline. The residents are elderly and do require varying degrees of physical assistance with ADLs. Create a PowerPoint outlining strategies you […]

Safe Harbor provisions under HIPAA

Write an essay of at least 500 words discussing the Safe Harbor provisions under HIPAA.Do not copy without providing proper attribution. This paper will be evaluated through SafeAssign.Write in essay format not in outline, bulleted, numbered or other list format.Do not submit attachments.Use the five paragraph format. Each paragraph must have at least five sentences.Include […]

Decisions to support healthcare and patients 5b

Attached.questions to answer: 2,3,41,5-2 pgs long.Thank you.16FC0CCB-EB6A-438C-81A0-0C4990794D09.jpeg6102CD81-21BB-4AA5-9F14-713FC0C2D6AA.jpegPosted: 39 minutes agoDue: 19/12/2019Budget: $20Tags: asapurgent Answers 0Bids 58Mukul5078ESSAYS EXPERT PROFESSORProf. NicholasPaula HogDr Ava_MiaLilliana_Smithprofessor mitchDr R Judy MarkDr Candice_2547brilliant answersJessica LuisRey writerProf.MacQueenEmily Michaelsarapaul2013RESPECT WRITERDrNicNgaoPROF_TOMMYuniversity workProff work phd runge-kutta acerMiss ProfessorWendy Lewisimhmd.fhassan0906kim woodsJenny Boomprof avrilTerry RobertsGradeSaverAngelina Maybennetsandovaperfectojim clairephyllis youngSamann060Urgent Tutormagz64Stano 001ansRohanTopanswersUltimate GEEKYoung Kim hoodsChrisProfClytemnestraJamie Ackerprof.TimetestUmair_ArifTalentedtutorfastestwriter1Computer_Science_ExpertSaad FahimKaya ScodelarioLiza_JulietUnique TeacherSaburBAZHARAKRAM300Unique_ProfOther questions 10ASSIGNMENTCollaborative reportscreen shot1 […]

Chemistry labIodine Clock

See the file down there.IodineClock_Theory_Procedure.docxIodineClock_Calculations.docxHowtowritethelabreport.docxPosted: 2 years agoDue: 06/10/2017Budget: $80Answers 0Bids 11PrincessMary tutorThe perfect tutor01PROFESSOR_ELIUDMath_ArtMiss LynnCallie ThorneMBA_SOLUTIONTutorJuddy-PHDfarhatullahThe26thChemistjudge mikeOther questions 10see attached 2DUE: 10/27/2016 @ 12 pm est. ((two pages for $12)) **please charge the whole $12. THXS!Discusshomework helporaclePlease read (33 pages long) article and submit a 3 pages response paper on this topic.CMGT 445 APPLICATION IMPLMENTATIONBusiness EthicsLAW Week […]

Unknown and Undiluted Titration Date

Unknown and Undiluted Titration DateIntroductionDry Chelating agent is dissolved in the nanopure water to make the product that is NA2H2EDTA.2H2O, which is a standard solution. Furthermore the EDTA solution is calculated and analysis has it that, it is 0.0018+-0.00004M.hence the unknown fraction with a factor of 5 is diluted and titrated three times, the total […]

Research Paper on Methamphetamine

This paper will discuss the history and occurrence of abuse of the drug, its synthesis and characteristics of abuse, effects of its abuse as well as recommended treatments. In addition to these, the paper will give brief descriptions of the physiological characteristics of its abuse. History and Prevalence of Methamphetamine abuse Methamphetamine is a derivative […]

Argumentative and Assignment

One of these alternatives of giving remedies to diseases and ailment is referred to as homeopathy. In homeopathy, the proponents propose that when highly diluted form of infection substances are injected into the body of an ailing person with the same disease. he/she is able to realize normalcy since the highly diluted form of the […]

Research Process and Terminology

There are many research methods that once can choose in the field of criminal justice research. Most of them include the perceiving, gathering, analyzing and then carefully researching by bringing into use the scientific method, and in all these steps, the knowledge of terminology regarding the field plays an important role in fulfilling the requirements […]

Femininity in American Cinema

Femininity in American Cinema The attempt to implement some form of categorization of human characteristics and behaviors into the two seemingly distinct classes, namely feminine and masculine would be to openly rely on the currently dominant, yet often misrepresented culture of society, as well as to lay stress on the dependence of the perspectives on […]

Buffer acid and base

A strong battery acid has less than one pH while a strong base has such as drain cleaner has about 14 pH (Lynnette, 2009).On the other side pOH is a measure of the concentration of hydroxide ions, alkalinity or OH-. It measures the basicity of a solution according to the dictionary of Chemistry. pOH is […]

Decomposition of Ammonium Compound

Chemistry of Hazardous Chemicals Which of the indicators would NOT communicate to a first on-the-scene responder of the presence of a simple oxidizer?The number 6.1 as a component of a basic description of a hazardous material listed on a shipping paper2. What product is sometimes selected instead of chlorine to bleach paper pulp and produce […]

Religious and the Public Schools

It is not legally problematic for to try out various religious practices like chanting, praying, meditating or dancing for as long as it is being undertaken under the ambit of academic pursuit. It only becomes problematic when students are required or compelled to practice a particular religion or when a certain class became sectarian or […]

Materials &amp

Technology 112Question For each of the following pairs of polymers, decide which is more likely to have the greater tensile strength, and then give reasons foryour choice:(a) Lightly cross-linked polyethylene. network BakeliteA network Bakelite has a greater tensile strength than a lightly cross-linked polyethylene.1 Crosslinking hinder the re-organization of molecules during crystallization. hence, a lightly […]

Flowsheet NPropanol

Essay Chemistry Flow-sheet N-Propanol Preparation of N Propanol Figure Vapourization This process involves the inlet of benzophenone solution (Lide, 2006). We allow the inlet of glacial acetic acid in inlet A, B, C, C. Vaourization of the product takes place at the beaker to produce the propanol. Figure 2: BiomassWe use wet and dry biomass. […]

Streetcar named desire

number Stella’s Role in the play a streetcar d Desire In a large part of the play, Stella Kowalski is presented rather as an object or a mere prize to be won than as a person. However, she is actively involved in the play. It is with this that her character I highlighted and her […]

Nanomaterials in Consumer Products

Before delving deep into the topic, it is crucial that the reader understands a few concepts in relation to nanomaterials. Nanotechnology, to begin with, refers to the control of the structure and behavior of matter at the atomic or molecular level. This is done so as to create new functions of the materials, systems, or […]

Renewable energy source

Renewable Energy Source Dear (Insert , Solar energy is one of the most common and beneficial renewable energy sources. Solar energy panel technology, glowing mild and heat from the sun, is utilized using a range of ever-evolving technological innovation such as solar heating, solar photovoltaics, solar heat power, solar structure and synthetic photosynthesis. Solar technological […]

Biological and Social Theories of Evolution

A theory is an explanation or model based on observation, experimentation, and reasoning, especially one that has been tested and confirmed as a general principle helping to explain and predict natural phenomena. (Quoted in Theories are articulated and modified for the exploration of facts and realities on the foundation of deep observation, adequate evidence […]

Scientific Notation

The value is reduced to 3 x 108 in scientific notation where 8 is a power of 10 that signifies the count of zeros responsible for the number’s lengthy structure. Why are solving equations important to know in everyday life? Basically, equations consist of variables that are normally combined with constants to form a specific […]

Druq design

Drug Design for HIV Background about HIV The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was first discovered in 1985.HIV is most commonly transmitted by sexual contact and needle-sharing due to the exchange of body fluids like blood and semen. The virus damages the body’s immune system resulting in AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). A worldwide epidemic, 39.5 […]

Hum M3 Al

Module 3: Understanding Your Mind and Emotions In contrast to other approaches, Burns asserts that feelings and emotions are not the result of circumstances, events and body chemistry (generally – external factors), but rather the fruits of our attitudes and thoughts. Both negative and positive emotions and feelings are caused by negative and positive thoughts. […]

Coping with Stress Causes and Effects

Stress is a common experience. We may feel stress when we are very busy, have important deadlines to meet, or have too little time to finish all of our tasks. Often people experience stress because of problems at work or in social relationships, such as a poor evaluation by a supervisor or an argument with […]

Water clarity in lakes and reservoirs

The National Resources Defense Council asserts that an increasing number of Americans are open to the elements of tap water contamination at levels over those set by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards. According to a survey conducted in 1999 by the Water Quality Association, around sixty percent of adults consider that the quality of water […]

Ammonia Synthesis

However, with increased demand, the organic sources became were fast depleted. Air has a boundless supply of nitrogen, but this free nitrogen gas has to be fixed in order to be utilized. In 1908, Fritz Haber discovered a process for synthesizing ammonia from atmospheric nitrogen and hydrogen in a chemical process that came to be […]

Placing White Phosphorus in Proper Context

For example, phosphorus is used to manufacture phosphates which are again used to manufacture fertilizers. Therefore, white phosphorus is itself used as a source for this important material for industrial and military usage. White phosphorus may occur in nature naturally, but only in very small amounts. So the main sources of this material involve human […]

The first day at a new school or college

Looking back at my life, from since I was a child, I always thought of myself as an easy-to-approach and friendly person. This made me confident about being in new environments, as I imagined people could easily befriend me. Even when I watched movies that showed how people are bullied when they join a new […]


In this experiment, two different drugs were used to demonstrate the separation mechanism of TLC. Cocaine and benzoylecgonine are drug substances with almost the same chemical structure. Their only difference is the ester functional group for cocaine, while carboxylic functional group for benzoylecgonine (Figure 1). The migration of the drugs were Figure 1. Chemical structure […]

Memorable Childhood Experience

 Memorable Childhood Experience For months I had watched the team from my couch. I was too young to have watched Joe Montana in the 1980s, but it was impossible to escape the legend that had built up around him and the San Francisco 49ers. While Montana had been traded to the Chiefs a few […]

Basic concepts of chemical bonding

3 750 Fuel Cells Chemistry plays a vital role in the production of energy. Today, various chemical reactions are used as alternatives for fossil fuels in the generation of energy. This has been prompted by the fact that the use of fossil fuels is exhaustible and results in harmful emissions. The discovery of fuel cells […]

Organic Chemistry Isolation of Caffeine from a Tea Bag

Athletes have used it as an ergogenic aid to decrease fatigue and improve performance (Rafaela, 163). However, it is suspected of being associated with low birth weight, abortion, intrauterine growth retardation and an increased risk of premature membrane rupture. The physiological characteristics of xanthines make them compounds of interest (Branislava et al., 144).Caffeine is a […]

Paraphrasing Paragraph about Phosphene and Alkynyl Ligand

According to d-metal organometallic chemistry s, the presence of a single pair on P-atom serves as a donor, while there are empty orbitals on the P-atom, in phosphines, which can behave as “paid” acceptors, as they overlap with filled d-orbitals on 3-d metal ions. The pattern of bonding of phosphenes to d-metal comprises of an […]

Dropping in Rank and GPA

IMSA classes are rigorous college preparatory courses (AP), with all classes being taught at the honors level. Unfortunately, I had to transfer to my home school on Dec 5, 2012, 5 days before the completion of the first semester of junior year at IMSA due to health reasons. According to IMSA policy, I could not […]


Project Proposal 10 March Laboratory Preparation of Paint Using Copper Carbonate as the Pigment 1 Introduction Paint is defined as a liquid colloidal suspension that converts to a solid film after its application to a substrate (Schuerman George and Bruzan Raymond 327). It serves to protect surfaces and change their texture in addition to coloration. […]

Liquid SunshineBeneficial Fad or Human Carcinogen

Running Head: RADIUM AS THERAPEUTIC AGENT Radiums Reign as Therapeutic Agent: Its Rise and Fall in the Early 19th Century Pierre and Marie Curie discovered radium in 1898 and conducted many studies on this luminescent metal. During their research, they reported that radium might cure some forms of cancer and lesions. Many doctors soon began […]

What qualities skills and abilities must physical therapist assistants possess in order to be effective interdisciplinary team members

What qualities, skills, and abilities must physical therapist assistants possess in order to be effective interdisciplinary team members? All Allied Health Schools (2002-2008) states that PTAs must earn an associate degree in physical therapist assisting so that they may practice in their field. They suggest that before starting a PTA program the individual should obtain […]

Popular translation

Making Hydrogen Fuel-cell Cars Reality Making Hydrogen Fuel-cell Cars Reality Chemical engineering is one of the branches of engineering that deals with the physical and life sciences. Moreover, it also includes economics and mathematics in its field that transforms energy, chemicals and various materials to finished products. In this area, there are many challenges that […]

Margaret Beaufort School

33). The most notable external factor is the sector of the school. The environment depicts the people who make-up the population near the school as well as the economic activities around the school. The people determine the growth of the school and the behavior that the children get to develop. For instance, sale of drugs […]

Exponential Decay of a Transition Metal Complex Ion

Exponential Decay of a Transition Metal Complex Ion Discussion Plots: Absorbance vs. Concentration Absorbance Concentration (mg/L) 5mL 0.032 25 10mL0.0652.5015mL0.0973.75Solution A0.1315.00Standard Curve for Absorbance vs. ConcentrationFigure 1We got the standard curve equation.By using this equation, we can determine the iron concentration for each absorbance measured during the decomposition runs. For 25°C at 0 min. Concentration […]

Retention Plan for Future Radiology Employees

9 2250 The other problem is the absence of a clearly defined recruitment process, a host of hospitalist programs have failed to create a well-planned and choreographed recruitment process, leading to missed opportunities and/or a hiring mismatch (Simone, 2009). The other problem is hiring mismatch, many programs hire providers who do not fit in with […]


Affiliation Cholesterol Bromination Bromination is an example of halogenation reaction that involves addition of the bromine to an organic compound to produce organobromide compounds. During the bromination of the cholesterol, bromine atoms are added to cholesterol to get rid of the double bond by forming cholesterol dibromide. In this case, bromine, which acts as an […]

A Vital Role of Science

Finland has been ranked fifth in the global science forum. this means that the country is taking steps to ensure that science becomes part of a solution to daily problems. The country has experienced mushrooming organizations that offer competitive ground for technological advancement in various fields. mathematics, astronomy, architecture, chemistry, metallurgy, medicine and other innovative […]

Explain the importance of the liver in detoxificationexcretion and teh function of the immune digestive endocrine and cardiovascular systems and hence in hum

Each capillary then leads into a lobule. Liver tissue is collection of thousands of such lobules. These lobules are made up of hepatic cells which are the basic metabolic cells of the liver (, 2000).The liver is a complex organ. It performs over 500 different functions. Some of the functions include: to produce substances that […]

The Pharmacy

During my childhood, I often accompanied my grandmother to the pharmacy were she worked as a pharmacist. I have spent hours together watching her interacts with patients, dispensing medicines and educating them on the use of prescriptions. I used to watch her at work curiously and wanted to be a professional like her. While I […]

Disease processes

1. What is the principle behind the Prothrombin Time test (PT) Prothrombin Time test (PT) also be called the INR test (WebMD Medical Reference, 2008) is a blood test which measures the period it takes blood to clot.. The principle behind the Prothrombin Time test is that in the body, the clotting process involves a […]

J K Rowling’s Harry Potter Series

(What is a Literary Canon) The past decade witnessed some classic works from different writers but none got as much appreciation as the J.K Rowling who could undoubtedly be called as the queen of children literature of the present era. Starting her career in 1997 from her first book ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone’ […]

Age regression

and number] in format: 12 May 2002] Age Regression The goal of dermabrasion is to reduce surfaceimperfections caused by such problems as acne scars and lessening surface markings due to aging. Ms. Jones sole purpose in having this procedure performed is entirely to fight of the aging effects that are occurring on her skin. The […]

Risk Analysis qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis

Qualitative Risk Analysis is used as a tool to determine the protection level required for systems application, facilities and other assets. In qualitative analysis assets, threats, and vulnerabilities are sought out and then it establishes the probabilities of threats that might occur. Moreover the cost of losses if any, and the value of the measures […]

Chemistry of Life Admission for Pharmacy Program

Personal ment: My Chemistry of Life I have a vivid childhood memory of my little sister struggling to breathe during an asthma attack. Her medication, Decadron, eased the symptoms. I recall my mother’s concerns about the drug’s side effects. Interested and confused, I tried to understand how something so helpful could also be harmful. Her […]

The Honors College is described as a community of scholars that enrich the educational experience and allow facultystudents of all disciplines to interact in t

Personal ment The many experiences I have had during my high school education have come to represent a period of metamorphosis for me, in which I underwent tremendous personal growth and development. I truly discovered my personal identity and ultimately discovered my passion, desiring that my future be in the field of medicine. Medicine is […]

Thomas Alva Edison 20th Century Genius

Through his multiplicity of ideas and fields of interest, Edison epitomizes the Age of Pluralism. the Modern Age can almost be defined through the turning point of his inventions, for Edison has ushered in a new world of possibilities in electronics, physics, chemistry and business. This paper shall focus on a small portion of Edison’s […]

John Morgan and Pharmacy

of the John Morgan and Pharmacy Introduction John Morgan was considered to be physician, who was in the year 1725. he is also known to be the co founder of the first medical school, when America was a Colony. He was also the cofounder of College of Philadelphia. He is considered to be the first […]


The methods utilized in preparations of ceria nanoparticles and its coating on nanotubes is also reviewed.History of arsenic in field of chemistry, medicine and technology has been completely overshadowed by its role as poison in various homicides. In today’s world extension of its similar role has been widely discussed due to world wide ground water […]


Friedel-Crafts alkylation and Acylation reactions are normally in the special of the electrophilic aromatic substitution where the underlying electrophile is either a carbocation or acylium ion. The reaction is highly significant since it entail carbon-carbon bond formation thus permitting alkyl and acyl groups to be substituted onto the underlying aromatic rings. Clemmensen reduction method is […]

Chaingrowth polymerization reactions

Task: Chain Growth Polymerization Outline Chain growth polymerization is a polymerization process or technique Chain growth polymerization has the chemical equation. (-M-)N (polymer) +M (monomer) -&gt. (-M-) n+1It leads to the generation of different material composites and polymersPolystyrene is a polymer of styrene consists of adjoined identical molecules.Polythene is composed of–CH2– unitsChain growth polymerization corresponds […]

Influence Of Slope Aspects On Woodland Ecosystem Of Duhok

Studies have shown that position of a slope in an ecosystem affect the quality of organic material, soil chemistry, and nutrient cycling, largely. it affects the soil quality than even the type of bedrock beneath the soil (Yimer, Sting and Adelkadir 2006, p.95). Research that has been conducted on influence of topographical features on soils […]

Psychoanalysis and Family Therapy

While psychology may be one of the oldest learned sciences, it remains still one that is shrouded in darkness and mystery. In the past, psychiatry was chiefly being carried out with the help of theories, ideologies and concepts with no idea about their true depth. The evolution of this field led to a world of […]

Garage Sale by Janet Fox

Critical Review of "Garage Sale" There are different modes that are utilized by people for shopping. It all depends upon the preferences of specific people. Means of shopping include malls, markets and different commercial centers. A different and interesting form of shopping includes garage sales. This sale is unique and as the name indicates it […]

Analysis of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

She also helped in editing and promoting the poems written by her husband. Through this, Shelley’s skills in writing developed greatly. When she was just 18, Shelley began writing the novel Frankenstein, and it was published two years later. This has remained to be one of her most popular works. She passed away in 1853 […]

Photosynthesis (why does is matter to us)

Why Does Photosynthesis Matter To Us Photosynthesis is described as a process by which plants and some bacteria utilize the solar energy to convert carbon dioxide in to organic matter. Photosynthetic life forms have chlorophyll that is responsible for extracting solar energy used to power photosynthetic process. On this note, it is important to point […]


In the discover y of drugs, cellular and genetic factors that play a role in specific diseases are identified by scientists, chemists and pharmacologists. A search is carried out for chemical and biological substances targeting biological markers and likely to have drug-like effects.Out of the many new compounds identified during the discovery process, a few […]

Clinical Chemistry Study

The only conclusive tests recommended for establishing whether a person is infected with Hepatitis A virus is by obtaining a blood sample and then conducting serological tests on the blood sample. The tests include looking for Immunoglobulin M antibody to Hepatitis A virus and Immunoglobulin G antibody for Hepatitis A virus (Palmer, 2004).The laboratory investigations […]

Dmitri Mendeleev vs Lothar Meyer who is the father of the periodic table

Dmitri Mendeleev vs. Lothar Meyer – Who is the father of the periodic table? The periodic table is a complete displayof chemical elements that are categorically arranged in terms of atomic number, chemical properties and electron configuration (Levi 3). According to historical studies, Dmitri Mendeleev is regarded as the father of the periodic table. However, […]


In other world, in real life, a tree is made up of the main stem and the branches. The branches get support or originate from the main stem. In my example, the same situation ensue, B, C, D and E explain more about A. as you go down the tree, it is clear that branch […]

The energy flow among organisms of a food chain

Energy flow in deciduous forest Maple tree (P) Oak tree (P) Barred owl (C) Wood bearing beetle (C) (C) White tailed deer Red squirrel (C)Wood pecker (C) (C) Wood land vole (C) garter snake Long tailed weasel (C) Service berry (P) Fungi, Bacteria (D) Organisms found in the ecosystem:White tailed deer, long tailed weasel, red […]


NMR determination of Keto-Enol Equilibrium constant Introduction NMR has been very effective in organic chemistry. Indetermining Keto-Enol equilibrium constant, Proton NMR spectroscopy is used to evaluating a number of keto-mixtures. The spin-spin splitting and the chemical shift pattern are employed. The equilibrium constant is affected by both temperature and solvent. Material and methodsThe NMR spectrometer […]


Bioaccumulation Bioaccumulation Bioaccumulation is the process occurring in aquatic ecosystem wherein the chemical concentration in an organism has a higher level than that of the water due to different chemical uptakes such as dietary absorption, respiration or through dermal absorption. There are two contributing processes leading to bioaccumulation namely bioconcentration and biomagnification (Gobas et al., […]

Chemistry of Hazardous Materials

Liquid oxygen is primarily used in hospitals and for propulsion purposes. The hazardous aspect of liquid oxygen is derived from the fact that oxygen accelerates combustion. Although oxygen by itself is not flammable, it enhances burning processes. When liquid oxygen comes into contact with organic materials, it can easily trigger fires and explosions. this is […]

Process Analysis on How to Choose a College Major

This is a process analysis essay on how to choose a college major. For many who are on their last year of high school, college can be a daunting idea. There are so many things to consider like tuition fee, location and, most importantly, what major to take. It is necessary to know the proper […]

Frankinstein Book

As his knowledge in science increased, his passion to answer his questions increased also. As a result, he created a living thing secretly in the hope that someday, he will prove his studies to have been true after all and, that his critics were mere scholars who were afraid to indulge in the studies he […]

The Role of a Biomedical Scientist

As quoted by Iles, the clinical test reports demanded by a doctor are used to diagnose, monitor and screen the patient’s condition and provide appropriate treatment. Here comes the role of a biomedical scientist. He should be proficient enough to properly collect and examine the sample, carry out the appropriate lab tests and finally prepare […]

Why I Choose to Study Medicine

Why I choose to study Medicine I am applying for the MD program for High School graduates (6 years). I’m 24, an American, and may be older than mostof the applicants to the school but I have been really lucky to travel around the world. Both my parents work for the airlines (My mom is […]

A LongTerm Career in the Field of Medicine

Personal ment Having a close relationship with my father, he has inspired me to pursue a long-term career in the field of medicine. Since he works as a physician, I grew up witnessing how my father took great pain in reaching out for the needy. For this reason, I have decided to follow his footstep […]

Physician Assistants as a Filling Gap

SSN CASPA ID As she gave the woman’s hand a squeeze, having administered her a dosage of intravenous medicine, I watched days later in owe as the woman’s face transformed from a state of near hopelessness, to one of positive expectation, convinced now, more than ever I had chosen the right career path. The place […]

Music assigment

Blues after Dark a ndI remember Clifford by Benny Golson In blues after dark by Benny Golson, the physical performance incorporates the mind, body and soul as the musicians has mastered the right elements of performing on stage. As he performs, the musicians tactfully and precisely sing while on the stage, he deals with the […]

The Discovery of Double Helix

The physical sciences interrelate with each other and may burrow some concept for example in Chemistry and Biology. There is some biological invention that was informed by the Chemistry knowledge in the two researchers disagreed on the mode of communications. The invention and discovery of DNA by Watson and Crick have no difference as from […]

EntrepreneurshipStrengths and weaknesses of family businesses

Entrepreneurship- Strengths and weaknesses of family business Various forms of business patterns exist in market and are practiced throughout the world. While some are purely corporate and no kin relationship based, others are explicitly family oriented businesses where the chain of command and disciplinary authority is transferred within the family generation after generation. Such businesses […]

Description of Water Pollution Sources in Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria has a surface area of 68800 km2 hence making it the second largest lake in the world. Currently, the lake is characterized by eutrophication and low dissolved oxygen due to pollution from human activity (Scheren et al., 2000). The pollution load is mainly domestic in nature with little industrial pollution. The article tries […]

Chemistry assignment

Thus we must multiply 3 to get the integers 3 and 4, for Fe and O subscripts respectively. This is the simplest, or empirical, formula because the subscripts are the smallest integers that express ratios of atoms present in the compound. Certain elements appear to violate the rules in electron configuration. The electron configuration of […]

Trace the scientific Method in a Primary Scientific Article

Trace the scientific method in a primary scientific article due: Trace the scientific methodin a primary scientific articleThis paper is a discussion of a scientific method published in an article by the Science Daily web-site New Evidence. The study was conducted by Fumuhiko Horio and colleagues to determine if regular coffee taking minimizes the risk […]

Chemistry Paper

Chemistry al Affiliation) Nuclear Test Ban The article talks about the formation of the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty that imposed a ban for nuclear tests across the world. This was after a series of nuclear tests that lead to environmental pollution and even death. This ban ensured that there is proper handling of chemicals […]

Summary and poems

Chemistry: Summary and poems Summary Electrochemistry is a subsidiary of chemical sciences. It is ed to reactions that occur in electrified solutions with electron conductor (semiconductor or a metal) and an electrolyte. It observes at the electron transfer from the species or electrolyte solution to the electrode. Electrochemical reactions occur when a chemical reaction is […]

What is ADHD

Prof’s Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are the most common behavioral issues that children face (Furman 994). The exact origin of ADHD and ADD, and even their very existence, has been a matter of intense debate for some time now (Kirkpatrick 19), because many of the conditions are simply considered […]

Report The Elements A Very Short Introduction by Philip Ball

1250 They used to believe that these are the only four elements which are needed by the modern world scientists in creating the elements like hassium and meitnerium. Philip also writes in his book that, earlier he paid less attention and respect to the Periodic Table portrait. The Periodic Table is a famous and helpful […]

This is a pre lab for general chemistry 2

Question This is a pre lab for general chemistry 2. NAME:Pre-Lab Questionsquot;Titration of the Carbonate Buffer Systemquot;1. Write the formulas and calculate the molar masses of the two compounds you willbe using in this experiment.a) Sodium carbonateb) Sodium bicarbonate2. Write the reaction for each compound from #1 with water:getcarbonate + Bicarbonatea)rightb )Go3. What volume of […]

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Traditionally in chromatography the eluting solvent is an organic compound, such as hexane or Question 1. Traditionally in chromatography the eluting solvent is an organic compound, such as hexane or acetonitrile. Explain, in terms of green chemistry, why this experiment uses environmentally friendly compounds, such as table salt, water and isopropyl alcohol. Research an alternative […]