Evolutionary Psychology and Attraction

Sociobiology, with its focus on biological accounts of evident social facts, has developed into evolutionary psychology, with its stress on the process of the evolution of the brain, and the extent of influence of people’s desire to survive and to multiply their genes into the next generations to their present behavior and conduct (ibid).Sociobiology or […]

Biology Practical on Cells

The final magnification of the details of specimen under observation is the product of both the eye-piece, and objective lenses (Caprette, 2005).For one to be able to note the details of the specimen, staining is necessary. Different substances will absorb light differently, thus transmit light in different proportions. The difference in light transmission through the […]

Evolutionary Psychology and Attraction

Sociobiology, with its focus on biological accounts of evident social facts, has developed into evolutionary psychology, with its stress on the process of the evolution of the brain, and the extent of influence of people’s desire to survive and to multiply their genes into the next generations to their present behavior and conduct (ibid).Sociobiology or […]

Biology Practical on Cells

The final magnification of the details of specimen under observation is the product of both the eye-piece, and objective lenses (Caprette, 2005).For one to be able to note the details of the specimen, staining is necessary. Different substances will absorb light differently, thus transmit light in different proportions. The difference in light transmission through the […]


RELIGION AND SCIENCE: IMPORTANT TERMSConflict thesis—The thesis that science and religion have experienced a long history of conflict or warfare.[1] Also known as the “military metaphor” for or the “warfare model” of the relationship between science and religion.[2]Natural Philosophy—The name for science in the ancient, medieval, and early modern periods; the branch of philosophy that […]


Dr. Tracy LamontJefferson Healthcare1245 Prince StreetPhiladelphia, PA 10190Dear Dr. Lamont:Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Innovations in Biotechnology Conference running from May 10 to May 12 this year in Dallas, Texas. I have enclosed an information sheet that provides details about the conference and the program topics.As you may know, the Innovations in […]


BIOL 102: Lab 7Yeast FermentationPRE-LAB ASSIGNMENT: Students are expected to read pages 1-2 before coming to the lab to complete the experiments.Print this entire lab packet and bring it to the laboratory.  Please provide a FULL lab report for this experiment following the “Lab Report Guidelines”.  Please note that this lab report WILL include a […]


Answer the questions below completely and fully. This requires a minimum of two substantive paragraphs for each answer with a minimum total of 300 words for the combined paragraphs (not including the references). Use learning resources and outside academic references (not Wikipedia!) to answer the questions completely. Support your answers with source credits (citations and […]

Wendy Lewis 1

Review the Trauma Case Study for Maryam.Write a 750-word essay answering the following questions.Your number one goal is to make sure she is safe.Provide appropriate support for your answers by citing the current version of the DSM.1. What are the key assessment issues to consider?2. Do you think this is a crisis situation? Why or […]

Plant biology

In the current state of the country, local agriculture is an more important now than ever. Some of the postings are about this – you should read those. Write a short paper (1-2 pages) about why local agriculture is important and why we need to support local agriculture. Upload the paper here16/05/20205biology


Answer each of the questions clearly and thoroughly, using specific examples from course content to illustrate your points and your understanding of important concepts. You can expect to write at least one and probably two paragraphs (maybe three—but not more than that) for each response. It is open book so my expectations are related to […]

Plant biology

Anything to do with plants! Examples: History and Use of Echinacea; How to make and use raised beds; Fermentation as a means of preserving plants; Bonsai; Uses of Hemp; Medicinal Herbs; etc.13/05/20205biology

Human Relations Legal

1. Explain the confidentiality rules of defense attorneys, and some situations where they may be able to disclose confidential information.2. Compare the potential conflicts of interest of defense attorneys and those of prosecutors.3. List and describe the functions of jury consultants and why they are criticized.4. Describe the different factors that are acceptable and unacceptable […]

HSA 515 Week 1

In the discussion preparation this week, you were asked to evaluate the degree and quality of care established within 18th-century U.S. hospitals, as compared to the level of care seen in today’s hospitals. In addition, you should analyze the basic sources of law—common law, statutory law, and administrative law—and identify which one is most prevalent […]

NUR ll

1) Clinical Question – Formulate a clinical question using the PICOT format.P: Patient Population I: Intervention or area on Interest C: Comparison intervention or group O: Outcome T: Time Ex: “In acute care hospitals (patient population), how does having a rapid response team (intervention) compared with not having a response team (comparison) affect the number […]

Data Collection Instrument

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Assignment on security architecture and design

Annotated BibliographySearch the web (Google Scholar) and find 6 peer-reviewed articles published since 2015 that relate to the topic of security architecture and design and construct an annotated bibliography. If you have never written an annotated bibliography, please use the link below for guidance. https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/common_writing_assignments/annotated_bibliographies/annotated_bibliography_samples.html*************************************************************************************Make sure to follow APA style. Please make sure your submission […]

Need Essay corrected for assignment

wrote an essay and the teacher picked it apart like crazy. I need it fixed to what he is asking please. The files provided are the essay and the essay that was graded by the teacher and has what needs to be fixed about it. Theres a rubric to follow. You can add to the […]

BIOL101 Assignment 3 ***DUE ON SUNDAY 02/10/19***

Individual Assignment 3 InstructionsThe global community is plagued by increasing incidence of leukemia; non-Hodgkin lymphoma; lung, colorectal, breast, pancreatic, prostate, liver, ovarian, and esophageal cancers. Other types of cancer exist but are less frequent. What is the scientific community doing to attempt to eliminate the most common forms of cancer that are ravaging society?1. Read […]

Bodhi day

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Summary 3 assignment

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Discussion2 Biology

“Phytoplankton, Chemosynthesis, and Mitochondria”For your primary post, please respond to one of the following three topics with a post of at least 125 words that addresses each point given in the instructions. Also, please reply to at least one fellow student on any topic.Topic 1 : The phytoplankton that brought Earth to life. Review the […]

Nurse Educator Philosophy Statement

Assessment InstructionsFor this assessment, develop your own nurse educator philosophy statement. Identify your beliefs and values regarding the adult learner, learning environment, and teaching strategies and applicable learning theories that you will use as an educator. Address how this philosophy will guide you in the tripartite roles of a nurse educator—how it will guide your […]


Dissemination of EBP and research, such as presenting results at a conference or writing an article for a journal, is an important part of professional practice. Identify one professional journal and one nursing or health care conference where you might present your project. Discuss why each of your choices is the best option for you […]


University of Phoenix Material  Cultural and Diversity Characteristics MapReflect on the characteristics that make up your own cultural diversity.Select eight types of sources that have influenced your personal culture, such as: History Geography Biology Environment Education Language Religion Family Gender Economic class Personal experience Nationality or government Societal customs, traditions, or relationshipsWrite a source in each […]

The Current Status of the Sexual Strategies Theory

Darwin used the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’ for natural selection. But the article points out that natural selection is not necessarily survival selection. Survival is only important as it is part of the reproduction process. Darwin made some observations that didn’t seem to be about survival, for example, brilliant plumage of a bird that […]

Relationship among Religion Biology and Science

The paper is going to handle three main religions common in the world mainly Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. ChristianityDifferent geographical regions have diverse cultures and beliefs which are characterized as conflicting, in harmony or even with little interaction. Religion and science explain the natural laws and the universe using different methodologies. Science is mainly based […]

Cultural Variation Considerations and Implications by Dov Cohen

Similar environments can produce quite different social systems, while similar cultures may exist in different environments. Examining cultural variations in terms of game theory, dynamic systems theory, evolutionary biology, political science and economics, Cohen argues (p.451) that constant interactions and adjustments of actors within a social system may lead to multiple social patterns or equilibriums, […]

Infectious disease Botulism

Edward Schantz isolated a neurotoxin that the bacteria produced. Between 1949 and 1950, it was found that the toxin, called as BoNT A blocked the neuromuscular transmissions by obstructing the flow of acetylcholine from the motor nerve terminals. Why should we learn about Botulism? Botulism toxin is indeed, one of the deadliest and most toxic […]

The Human Brain and the Continuum of Peak Experience

I also dismiss the claim held by some scientists of the reductionist school that asserts heightened religious experience as pathological. Instead, I further argue that humans, based on interdisciplinary research and analysis are unconsciously compelled by the very evolutionary structure and biochemistry of the brain to consciously create myths and religious narratives, and finally to […]

Cloning What is It and How Can It Help Society

Today the technology is being discussed far and wide for its benefits as well as its ethics. It is an issue of controversy for many of them particularly the religious groups. This paper discusses the benefits and the future of this technology.In order to understand how exactly the process of cloning is carried out, it […]

Ancylostomiasis (hookworm infections)

This phenomenon is as a result of factors such as poverty and poor sanitation, which are ranked among the key factors, which lead to the high prevalence of hookworm infections in the developing world. To date, efforts in reducing mobility as a result of hookworm infections have been directed towards massive deworming of school going […]

The Five Kingdom and Three Domain Classification System

Hard sciences like biology are especially dependent on proper division, i.e., classification. Due to the immense complexity and variety of biological organisms, including bacteria, classifying kingdoms of them based on similar properties is paramount to our understanding of the diversity and evolution of life. Therefore, we can assess organisms at the highest system-domain – kingdoms […]

Forensic Nursing

The students learned while on job, mostly in healthcare facilities through observation and knowledge acquisition from experienced nurses (Burgess, Berger Boersma, 2004). The fundamental nursing program of study focuses on firm psychological and physical science base. This essential base comprises human anatomy and physiology, behavioral sciences, biology, nursing arts, theory and general humanities. In the […]

The Importance and Implication of Early Attachment to Childrens Social and Emotional Competence

In particular, understanding of attachment’s internal working models can enhance understanding of the dynamics and processes of teaching and learning. When the teacher-student relationship is bolstered, the prospect of students for successful learning is enhanced (Bishop, 2008). Proposals for practice are put forth. Primarily, the genius of John Bowlby (1988) was to assemble a range […]

Work Experience Report

As a biomedical scientist we work in the most important area of healthcare. It is our job to carry out laboratory tests and techniques that can help doctors diagnose diseases through laboratory testing and tissue sampling on affected laboratory mice or animals. The nature of the work involves evaluating the effectiveness of treatments or discovering […]

Genetic drift

Main Issue that would be investigated An in-depth analysis of the concept of evolution tends to throw up several indications. It is undoubtedly truethat evolutionary process introduces new genetic information through mutation. This is done by us on a regular basis to alter specific characteristics of plants and even domesticated animals to satisfy our specific […]


EVALUATION OF VARIOUS HUMAN DISEASES AND DISORDERS Evaluation of Various Human Diseases and Disorders Response to Sarah’s Post Sarah Ellis post on the revelation of the MRI, damaged areas were of the white matter in the region is correct as following the prescription of the disease. Impulses Prevention from the brain to the body illustrates […]


Some of the information requires to be translated into taste, sound, touch and smell. This is why this system is important since it performs these actions. The system also controls body nerves The three systems are responsible in the communication of the body parts. Without one part, one path of relaying body signals will be […]

Social Welfare in America

Social Welfare in America The plight of poverty still lacks in the heart of America, satire revoking thatit is among the richest nations world wide. The policies under which the welfare programs represented have not tried to offer opportunities for the poor people in various sectors of work. One of the policies is the Social […]

Interpretations of Entropy

On the other hand, Shannon considers positive information that is produced in message transmission as entropy. Conversely, there is one more interpretation given to the term which is very much opposed to the former. Brillouin associates entropy with a deficiency of information. This can also be stated as uncertainty and doubt and something which cannot […]

DNA is the most important for life

This essay argues the DNA is the most important molecule for life. Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is a nucleic molecule that functions as one of the most central aspects of living organisms. Contained within DNA are the fundamental aspects of all living things. in these regards, DNA functions as a sort of encyclopedic instruction manual […]

Plasmid analysis

The blue plasmid DNA did not contain any of the restriction sites for Hind III or Sac I. Introduction Plasmids are the extra chromosomal DNA molecules which are mostly double –stranded, circular and covalently closed molecules, varying in size from 1 kb to 200 kb. (Sambrook and Russell 2001). They are found in many bacterial […]

Biology for General Ed

Biology for General Education Introduction Biology is basically the study of life. (Carter, 2004) Since living things around us exists in the form of plants, animals, or insects. the study of biology branched out to other related subject such as: botany, zoology, and entomology.As a biologist, being a good observer is one of the most […]

Science Questions

Living systems in a region may contain wetlands, prairies, coral reefs, rainforests, tundra, or the canopy of an old growth forest. Ecosystem services would comprise the capability of nature to assimilate waste, turn sunlight into edible plants, and create oxygen.With in this natural source we can be able to come up of a natural income. […]

Personal College Admission

Personal College Admission The high school senior year is the time when more focused thought is normally given on what additional knowledge and skill sets are desirable, and where to acquire them from. I have given serious thought to this, ending up in the decision to acquire more knowledge and skills in physical therapy to […]

Measures of Dispersion

Measure of Dispersion Question Source: Harris amp. Taylor 2009] Scenario: A group of patients enrolling for a trial had a normal distribution for weight. The mean weight of the patients was 80 kg. For this group, the standard deviation (SD) was calculated to be 5 kg.a) Calculate the value for 1 SD below the mean […]

Biology and Deviance

Alcoholism and Genetic Link Alcoholism is a behavior with both environmental and genetic association. Many researchers have demonstrated a genetic link with alcoholism but still no one is able to identify the exact gene responsible for development of this behavior. This paper summarizes one research by Subhash Pandey and other colleagues regarding association of one […]


Q1. Define the term Posttranslational modifications and give at least two examples of different types of posttranslational modifications. Synthesisof protein molecules occur through the process of translation which is a m-RNA mediated mechanism. The process encompasses various enzymatic methods in order to certify that proteins formed in the process of translation are accurate, with proper […]

Bill Clinton The 42nd American President

Virginia Dell Cassidy studied nursing in New Orleans to fend for her and her son, immediately after her son William was born. She left the baby in her parents’ home in Hope, Arkansas. Her parents, Eldridge and Edith Cassidy, had a grocery store in Hope which gave credit to blacks and whites alike, even if […]

Darwin’s Black Box The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution

Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution The book Darwin’s black box is penned by an American author and biochemist Michael Behe. After the publication, this book has been the center of all attention and became part of hot debates and discussions across the country because some of the topics and statements made by […]

Love without Sex

Sex without LoveSome gay people share that they had different feelings from an early age, such as having crushes on people of the same sex then later related these feelings as being gay or bisexual later.Defining sexuality can be difficult, but it may help think about Arm Scharlet’s description of sexuality as the expression of […]

Biology genetic

Probability of Genetics This paper focuses on the possibility of genetics and the definitions of words such as ‘Sample Space’ (SA) and probability of genetics. Various experiments are to be conducted to enable an order to regulate the likelihood of either a coin or a dice. Therefore, by the end of the research one should […]

Philosophy Assignment 6

This is a book report and analysis of different books of different It is important to highlight that these books are used in the doing of comparisons to draw the actual truths on some facts that are quite vivid in the readings. Chapter 7 Voyages Of DiscoveryIt is important to highlight that in this chapter […]

Applied molecular biology

LYMPHOMA DIAGNOSTICS TECHNIQUES al Affiliation) Problem of Interest Lymphoma diagnostics. Many people die of the disease called non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas. The most common type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas (NHL), out of the many subtypes, is the diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). This death rate can be reduced by employing various methods stated below.Why the Problem ExistsIt is […]

Biology question to be answered

Ecosystem Interactions Hey, my friend, I can explain to you the topic discussed in previous that you missed. First. Interspecies interactions refer to the ways in which populations from different species interact with each other. Here are some of the examples. mutualism refers to an interaction in which organisms of various species interact and benefit […]

Book Report on Intelligent Design by William A Dembski

I. and Speaker: Intelligent Design by William A. Dembski II. Summary: William Dembski tries to combine science with the belief an intelligent being created the universe, but then left it to evolve on its own. The author believes that the universe could not have come about through the Big Bang Theory, due to the complexity […]

Marine Biology Sharks

They drink up to 90 pounds of their mothers milk on a daily basis, and it is said to contain 50%-60% fat content.Humpback whales flippers are approximated to be a third of their body length. As noted earlier, their heads are broad and appear flat when viewed from above, each containing a cylindrical knob with […]

Macromolecule Research Project Overview

Health: Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Proteins Macromolecules, biological molecules, or organic molecules like carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins are three of the basic molecules that sustain living organisms for its energy and amino acid supplies (Miller amp. Levine 2003). The commonality among these molecules is in its backbone element which is carbon. Carbohydrates or sugars are organic […]

Nervous Innervations of the Lower Teeth

Either swelling in the pulp or the exposure of the dentine (Wetherell 144) may cause tooth pain. In the present case, my friend’s pain may be because of dental caries, fractured fillings, or even a cracked cusp. This leads to the dentine root surface to be exposed which makes him experience pain when either a […]

Biological Resources

Biological Resources Introduction A biological resource is a living landform like animals, plants, water sources and other natural constituents of the planet earth. These resources are important and useful in various ways. Biology is a field of study that covers all aspects of life and nature. Therefore, biological resources are vital and essential for the […]

Biology Unit 5 DB

The Pitcher Plant: A Carnivorous Angiosperm with Modified Leaves Section Number of The Pitcher Plant The Sarracenia purpurea, commonly known as Pitcher Plant, is an angiosperm with modified leaf. It is a perennial carnivorous herb. The evergreen leaves of the pitcher plant are modified into the shape of pitchers, and arranged in a rosette formation. […]

Answering Questions

Question All amino acids within a protein are either polar charged or polarly uncharged. Answer A. TRUE B. FALSE 2 points Question 2 Acetic acid gives vinegar its sour taste. Which functional group has acidic properties and would release hydrogen ions in an aqueous (water) solution? Answer A.-OH B.-NH2 C.-SH D.-COOH 3 points Question 3 […]

How Does Divergence Lead To Reproductive Isolation? What Are Some Ways That Divergence Leads To Reproductive

Question how does divergence lead to reproductive isolation? What are some ways that divergence leads to reproductive isolation? Reproductive isolation is when different species live in the same area but some characteristics of individuals keep them from interbreeding. I wanted to know how divergences leads to this type of mechanism and what are some disadvantages/advantages. […]

Lycosidae ( wolf spider)

The orthognath chelicerae is considered to be the pleiomorphic condition of all spiders. Most of the currently existing spiders belong to the suborder opisthteles, characterized by the absence of segmentation of abdomen and nervous system. It is made up of the 1) baboon spiders and its allies (Mygalomorphae) and 2) Aranaeomorphae, which is referred to […]

Anthropogenic Factors of Global Warming

Many of the side effects considered to be the direct result of global warming are a rise in sea water levels and in the warming temperature of the planet. Melting ice caps have contributed both to the quantity of water contained in the ocean basins and the slowing of ocean currents which affects water temperatures […]

WalMart Effect by Charles Fishman

According to the expert analysis, as Wal-Mart is the main company on the planet, they are a huge buyer and seller of merchandise. This gives Wal-Mart the benefit of huge economies of scale, which they enlarge to lower prices. Because of the size of the retailer, this puts Wal-Mart into a position of a monopsonist […]

Biology Cuddlefish and Camouflage

Cuttlefish have a short life span and a high growth rate. They are active swimmers with a predatory lifestyle, feeding largely on crabs, prawns, and fish. Cuttlefish possess eight forward-reaching arms specialized to grasp the prey after it has been captured using an additional pair of elongated tentacles (Chaddha, 2007) with a single suction cup […]

Analysis of Methamphetamine Epidemic

It is evident from the documentary that the effects of methamphetamines are deep and heart-breaking. They destroy families and reduce individuals to meth-chasers. Even the biology of the drug’s functioning is particularly disturbing. its ability to destroy brain cells makes everything else in the user’s life seem meaningless. Meth eventually becomes the only thing that […]

Biology of food

Genes are required to direct the production of functional molecules. also known as proteins. A process known as gene expression does this. Gene expression consists of two steps: transcription, and translation. Gene information is necessary in the production of proteins. Transcription is the first step done to get the information out of storage. The information […]

A Dialogue Over Marijuana And Its Characteristics

So I reached my classroom, drew a marijuana leaf, for class 11 students they thought in their current affairs class they would be discussing biology. However, they were soon proved wrong to their utter surprise. I stood firm to the ground and raised the following question to the students:Who here thinks that Marijuana should be […]

How our Understanding of Genetics Has Changed Over Time

How our Understanding of Genetics has Changed Over Time Genetics as a field of science has come quite far from being a crude belief system that tries to explain why children resemble their parents, and explained through the assumptions by early Greek scholars with regards to the mixing of the vital forces of a man […]

Anthropology as Branch of Social Science

Love (a) Anthropology is that branch of social science which deals with the social aspect of humans, the cultures, customs, and beliefs of humans throughout history. It is a Greek word which means to be study of mankind literally.(b) The four sub fields of anthropology are socio-cultural anthropology, archeology, linguistic anthropology and physical anthropology. The […]

Biological Races in Humans

Module Potential Essay Question Question Race is not biologically real because human beings are not born with racial awareness. We become knowledgeable about race as we grow, depending on experiences. Race is ascribed to biology because it can be explained biologically. Genes are passed down from generation to generation, often forming a pattern that can […]

Fathers Impact

Father’s ImpactAnyone has admired another person in one’s life, either for a short time or for the duration of a lifetime. The characteristics, commitment or success strategy of the admired person has an influence upon other individuals. The person that I admired most who has a great impact upon me is my father. My father […]

Corporate Responsibility and Product Safety Monsanto

Monsanto is a US-based company that produces many seed brands for non food crops like corn and cotton, along with food crops like vegetables such as potatoes. The company specializes in the manufacture of genetically engineered (GE) seed as well as other agriculture support products such as herbicide glyphosate product, etc.According to its official website, […]

Bachelors Degree in Biology

It is my greatest hope to become enrolled with George Washington to work towards achieving my greatest goal of obtaining a bachelors degree in Biology. I strongly believe that the rich tradition and high quality of education this school has to offer will provide me with the opportunities and education necessary to help move forward […]

Why are Relationships Difficult

It was argued that men and women are different biologically (or naturally), and it is inherent in them, so to speak, to be different from one another, therefore, it is all but natural for their relationships with each other to have so many problems and/or difficulties. However, with the women liberation movement came the idea […]

The Origin of Mitochondria

3 750 Running head: THE ORIGINS OF MITOCHONDRIA The Origins of Mitochondria The origins of mitochondria remain an important object of professional interest. Dozens of researchers explored the origins of mitochondria and their implications for future research. This paper provides a brief summary of the article Microsporidia, Amitochondrial Protists, Possess a 70-kDa Heat Shock Protein […]

Biological Weapons Could Smallpox Be Used as a Weapon

4 1000 Smallpox was proved to be the most lethal of all viruses that could be used as a biological weapon and hence a study on the use and impacts of smallpox virus has been presented through the study. Introduction: Biological weapons can be understood to be such microorganisms, that if can be placed in […]

What are we learning about the origins of man

3 750 What are we learning about the origins of man Your First Number Month day, year What are we learning about the origins of man Man’s origins have long been a source of questioning study, with every generation a new approach is formulated or old approaches are built upon. The ability to decode strands […]

Personhood and Severely Invalid Persons

These debates would be linked to the position of severely invalid persons like persons with Acute Dementia in the ward I did my practical work in. Questions to be addressed include, who are they? What is their position in the society? And what moral and ethical obligations do health professionals like nurses owe to such […]

In what ways do sociobiological theorists explain criminal behaviour

Order 441686 Topic: In what ways do socio-biological theorists explain criminal behaviour? BiologicalPositivism is an extremely wide subject area, as wide as the scope of criminal behaviour is! Many researchers are doing overtime to find out the causes of criminal behaviour. Consensus is there amongst the researchers that biological basis of criminality exists, and this […]

NT in Review (Biology)

For it is evident that man has been trying to explain the world around him for almost as long as he appeared on earth. We do not know whether there exist other species with similar proclivity, but with humans this need is evident. Despite warnings of dire consequences, Adam did pluck the fruit of knowledge […]

A Strong Passion for Medicine

Unit Ever since I was a small child, I had a strong passion for medicine. It was clear to me that only time and finances stood in my way of becoming a doctor. While my age mates were playing with ordinary toys, I often played with a laboratory kit. My parents were immigrants from Vietnam, […]

Cognitive Science and Behavior Analysis Operant Conditioning

Reinforcing a behavior strengthens it will the opposite weakens and eventually extinguishes it (Palmer &amp. Donahoe, 1992). Although the Darwinism hypothesis has had a fair share of followers, operant conditioning has a valid non-teleological explanation of the diversity of life. Although there are many factors that interplay to affect behavior, the reinforced actions are more […]

Sensitivity to climate change for two reptiles at the Mojave

Sensitivity To Climate Change For Two Reptiles At The Mojave An elevated temperature combined with the experienced prolonged droughts over the years seems to push the desert reptiles beyond their psychological limits in as much as their survival is concerned. C.W. Barrows in his journal, “Sensitivity to climate change for two reptiles at the Mojavee […]

Same sex marriage shoul not be allowed

In the article, the principle issue is that same sex marriages should not be allowed since it is something that is uniquely attributed to heterosexual couples. The author uses explanations from the areas of biology, law and nature to explain his opinion.While reading the article, it was difficult to look past the bias in it. […]

An Asset to St Christopher Iba Mar Diop School of Medicine

&nbsp.When I entered the University of Houston, I have gained so many experiences such as helping people through campus-sponsored events and through the Fraternity I have joined with. With this organization, it taught be self-discipline and morale wherein I have developed over the years. I have a wealth of exposures to different places and people […]

Theory of Darwins Dangerous

It was not only the physical aspect of organism and environment that evolved, along with it is the evolution of culture and language, that helped shaped man. The dangerous idea of the title is Darwin’s discovery that natural selection, alone and unaided, is enough to explain everything we see in the living world, ourselves included.&nbsp.If […]

Autobiographical Narrative with Commentary

I remember breaking into a run and coming to a jerky halt just inches away from him. ‘Well done,’ was all he said. And then he brought out his hand from behind his back and clenched in it was a cap: my favorite team, a gift from my favorite person in the world. I can […]

Basic Tissue Processing for Routine Light Microscopy

Formaldehyde is a good immunoperoxidase technique as the tissues are fixed by cross-linkages formed by proteins and the cross-links does not harm the protein structure and the standard solution is 10% neutral buffered formalin. Glutaraldehyde is also used for fixation and the standard solution is 2% buffered glutaraldehyde. This causes deformations in protein structure and […]

Discussion 8

The Witches Discussion Question The first discussion started with Kelly Pang’s definition about the origin of the witch stereotype. Robin Evans supported the views by presenting a detailed analysis about some paintings by Hans Baldung Grien like ‘The Witches Sabbath’ and the ‘A Group of Witches’. Nicole Aydt also supported Kellys views in reference to […]

Connection Journal about Mutualism

when Due: Connection Journal about Mutualism Introduction Mutualism is a symbiotic relationship that exists between two species. The two species benefit from each other. A good example is the fungi and the plant roots. The fungi obtains food from the plant roots. In return, the plant obtains protection, nutrients and water. There are two types […]

BSc Dentistry Oral Biology

Background perspective Congenital anomalies of teeth and other organs of orofacial region are not very rare, thus the interest of researchers to these problem has never weakened. Furthermore, when new medical interventions were implemented into the dentistry (e.g. dental implants) the attention to this problem was reconditioned even amongst general public. By the assessment of […]

The Impact of Recent Technology In Breast Cancer

From the discussion it is clear that&nbsp.there are numerous causes of breast cancer, however, radiation and Heredity are the two well-known causes of breast cancer.&nbsp. Heredity described as the transmission of traits from parents to offspring through genes. According to Judith 2002, five to ten percent of breast cancer cases are caused by being born […]

The Theories of Charles Darwin the Concept of Eugenics

When looking at the basic definitions and concepts of Darwinism and eugenics, it can be seen that they are directly related in basic terms and foundational definitions with the difference relying on the biological and scientific interpretations.&nbsp. Understanding how both of these are linked together also provides a thorough understanding of how different species have […]

In this weeks lecture that membrane fluidity is a function of the kinds of fatty acids and the cholesterol content within that membrane Is there any evidence that hyperlipidemia for example could change membrane composition If that is the ca

Hyperlipidemia and Membrane Composition Lipids are an important source of energy to our body in the absence of glucose. They are stored in the body in the form fat and circulate in the form of Low, intermediate and high density lipoproteins. Hyperlipidemia is a condition in which there is an increase in the amount of […]

Carbon Dioxide as an Important Component of the Atmosphere and the Human Body

Some of the chief sources from where carbon dioxide is released include: combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas in power plants, automobiles, industrial facilities and other sources. There are certain industrial production processes also which play vital role in rising levels of carbon dioxide. These processes include: mineral production, metal production […]

Gender differences

Gender Differences In a number of societies around the world as soon as a baby is born, his or her roles are defined on the basis of the gender he or she belongs to. These roles and the rigidity with which they are followed depends on how traditional the society is. Gender roles aren’t an […]

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Running head: SOCIAL ANXIETY Social Anxiety in APA Style of Social Anxiety 2 Social anxiety is fear, uneasiness, and worry regarding social situations where one will be evaluated by others. This can be experienced at public places such as parties, or speaking in front of people. (Wikipedia, 2006.) Social anxiety is also known […]

Xylem and Phloem A Plant’s Dynamic Duo

Xylem and Phloem: A Plant’s Dynamic Duo Sap is transported through a plant’s circulatory system by the actions of the xylem and the phloem. The xylem carries mineral rich water from the roots to the rest of the plant, while the phloem carries sap, that has organic nutrients, to parts of the plant on an […]

Major market segments and trends in biotech industry

Biotechnology is a technology based on biology, especially when used in agriculture, food science, and medicine. Of the many different definitions available, the one formulated by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity is one of the broadest: "Biotechnology means any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify […]

Students Diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder A Counselors Views

Anxiety is the experience of fear which has overtaken the sense of objective’ danger. In more recent models, anxiety is understood to arise when the individual has certain beliefs about the dangerousness of situations which hold important individual meaning for that person. Once situations, events, sensations, and mental events are seen as dangerous, a complex […]

DNA Fingerprinting in Molecular Biology

Jeffreys began at the simplest, by detecting single copies of the genes and the phenomena of introns. It was this research that introduced the genuine concepts of restriction fragment length polymorphism or RFLP. (Newton, 2004, np) By this technique, it was possible to divide the DNA into smaller pieces, which in turn led to the […]

Human biology

Changes in hormone levels can create poor oocyte quality. Controlling blood levels are also determining factors used to time oocyte retrieval and increase the number of oocytes that are retrieved (2005). The three hormones that can be tested so the best time for oocyte retrieval are LH (Luteinizing Hormone), oestradiol and progesterone.An increase of LH […]

Need for Risk Assessment of Biotechnology Projects

Need for Risk Assessment of Biotechnology Projects. Development of biotechnology has led to tremendous progress in the fields of agriculture, medicine, waste management and pollution control The advancement in the genetic engineering and molecular biology have helped to develop modified or special organisms that could be used in some specific tailor made situations and applications. […]

The nature of Darwin’s Contributions to the study of evolution

Most f these masses said nothing, however, some vocally supported such persons as Charles Hodge, a Princeton theologian who preached that Darwinism was atheism.John William Dawson and Arnold Guyot, two f the last reputable nineteenth-century creationists attempted to oblige science by interpreting the days f Genesis "as ages and by correlating them with successive epochs […]

Altering Medicines

The study of the California based toxicologist indicates that seawater is found to contain pollutants such as plastic additives, flame retardants, and pharmaceutical drugs in high proportion than permitted by the authorities. These pollutants are now showing up in fish tissues as well. It also revealed that high level of female hormone called estrogen is […]

How does meiosis contribute to human genetic diversity

How Does Meiosis Contribute to Human Genetic Diversity Genetic variability among humans is essential for survival. Reproduction playsa significant role to create genetic variability in the offspring. This genetic variability helps to cope up human beings to changing environment and therefore for evolution. There are three major sources of such variations, namely, the independent assortment […]

The Concept of Animal Rights Legal and Global Efforts

Introduction The concept of animal rights asserts that animals own their right to live and that animals’ primary interests should be assigned a degree of consideration similar to that of man. The import of this definition is that animals may not be arbitrarily killed or exposed to suffering. Thesis Statement Animal rights as a concept […]

Treatment and Prevention of Hepatitis C in Adult Population

Since the transmission of HCV is similar to HIV and IDU is the primary risk factor for HCV infection, and coinfection of these two blood borne diseases cause morbidity and mortality, harm reduction approach and the strategies that addresses the social and economic harms that impact an individual, community, or society are paramount in preventing […]

“Ethics Development Understanding &amp

Application"Ethics too considers the psychophysical behavior of human beings, but always with reference to some standard of what behavior ought to be. Behavior considered in terms of a moral situation is called conduct. A psychologist who tried to use the technique of the mathematician or physicist would find that his results bore little relation to […]

Why I Want to Get Master’s Degree in Forensic Science

150881 I am graduating from Quinnipiac in May 2007 with a BS in Health Sciences and a minor in Psychology. I would like to get admissionfor Masters in Forensic Science with specialty in DNA analysis. I have taken a number of Biology and Chemistry courses in the last four years. My educational background focuses on […]

The Warming of the Earth

The Warming of the Earth The of global warming, has been intensely debated amongst many in the world community for decades. Debates in regards to the degree which global warming has been and continues to be occurring throughout the world. Regardless of individual perspective as to how the warming has occurred, the evidence is insurmountable, […]

Measurements Micropipetting and Sterile Techniques

MICROPIPETTING AND STERILE PIPETTING TECHNIQUE Index Purpose 2. Procedure 3. Result 4. Conclusion 5. References Micropipetting Practice Using Sterile TechniqueHere we discuss about two techniques named as ‘Micropipetting’ and ‘Sterile pipetting’ for laboratory experiments based on microbiology or on the micro chemical protocols and small volume of DNA has to measure with pure cultures.Purpose:Sterile technique […]

Evolution of Biology

Evolutionary Development of the Fibroblast Growth Factor The article, “Evolution of FGF Gene Family” by Oulion, Bertrand and Escriva was published in the International Journal of Evolutionary Biology in the year 2012. The article reflects on the evolutionary development and progression of the Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) family over the years. The FGF family is […]

Young Women Feminism and the Future

One philosophy is that sex is socially formed instead of being spontaneously created. This is by keeping in mind that hominids are genetic beings, where our genetic system affects who we are as men and women. Nonetheless, from a women’s libber view, there exists a composite interaction between culture and biology and genetic attributes may […]

Omnivores Dilemma (Industrial Corn)

To investigate and analyze the entire food chains of human food habits, Pollan throws an in-depth light on each of the food chains initiating from the industrial food to the final source of the final meal. The book is divided into three neat parts, bearing the titles, ‘Industrial Corn’, ‘Pastoral Grass’ and ‘Personal the Forest’. […]

Pharmacogenetics in Cancer

Various problems have been realized during the cancer therapy using the conventional chemotherapy. This is because to attain reasonable efficacy, a considerable degree of toxicity is needed and hence severe side-effects. Most oncologists are faced with the major challenge of the variability of the treatment responses as well as narrow therapeutic index for the anticancer […]

Physiological Processes Involved in our Spatial Vision

Seeing is a process which enables a person to see things of this world around him/her. To see is a natural God gifted phenomenon. One gets benefits and enjoys the environment. During this phenomenon, the patterns of light are projected on our retinas by the objects. From the scientific view, vision is a complex process. […]

Psychological Understanding of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

3750 Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may be one of the earliest recorded psychological disorders in history. Symptoms that resemble the affliction were noted in Ancient Greece as an effect of battle, and examples of these symptoms can be found throughout recorded history in similar war-related situations. However, the actual designation of PTSD and the development […]

Social Determinants of Health and WellBeing

There is a long list provided by the WHO of the social determinants necessary to influence the well-being and health of every individual. While some parts of this list are far from being social influences, many do indeed fall within the list of determinants in society that affect its individuals. This list includes: income, education […]

Final Exam Biology

The primary consumers will have all the energy from the sun and synthesize nutrients. These nutrients will be used by each level with little being passed to the next trophic level hence the biomass will decrease.Considering the concept of ecological efficiency, only about ten per cent of the nutrients and energy passed to a given […]

Girl Before Mirror by Pablo Picasso

Lecturer: Girl Before Mirror by Pablo Picasso The Girl Before Mirror is a painting that was done by Pablo Picasso in 1932 using a style of production that Picasso had employed at the time to bring to mind an image of Vanity similar to those that had been used in the earlier times (Lobdell and […]

Each paper is on cultural relativism on the writings provided below

82000 This fact cannot be denied that people believing in traditional healing systems will not go for biomedicine if they have firm believe in their culture and folk medicine procedures. Their beliefs should be respected and they should not be imposed that they must use the medicine that has no linkage with their culture. Even […]

The Double Helix

The double helix Double helix, as used in molecular biology, refers to pairing of dual strands of nucleic acid molecules. Examples of such strands are found in DNA molecules. In this paper, I seek to explore the role of double helix in complementary base pairing in DNA replication and the nature of the pairing.The role […]

Adoptive Children it’s in Their Genes

Until now, many of us are wondering if we inherit not only boliogical traits but personality factors as well. Some people rationalize that personality traits are learned as a consequence of interaction with people close to us like our parents, sibling ,a nd even friends. However, the article chosen sheds some light on this issue.The […]

BIOL final lab

Bioethical Issues on Mandatory DNA Fingerprint and Bisphenol A (BPA) Mandatory DNA Fingerprinting DNA fingerprinting is the genetical method that involves isolation and making of the DNA sequences mostly used in the verification of the identity of a strange person. It is common in criminal investigations to identify suspected criminals or in areas of law […]

Why do people have/want children

Why Do People Have/Want Children? The continuity of human race is driven by human reproduction.In other words, generational progress from time to time is driven by bearing children. As much as people bear children and drive the growth and development of the human race, there are different reasons why people have/want children. These reasons are […]

Strengths and Weakness as a Writer

In high school, writing involved descriptive writing, which mostly involves creating a word picture of places, people, feelings, and objects. Careful choice of points is used to express an idea to the reader, which is also a common feature in college, particularly when formulating a compare/contrast writing assignments (Wyrick, 2013). However, at college, writing is […]

Cancer and How It Develops

Cancer is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of cells, invasion of surrounding tissue and metastasis through which other locations in the body are affected. These characteristics differentiate a malignant tumor from a benign tumor which is an abnormal but localized tissue mass that can be surgically removed. Genetic abnormalities accumulate in cancerous cells and exhibits […]

Methods Section Rubric

The Absorbency of Paper Towels Partners’ s TA’s Biology Lab Report 30 September Materials and Methods The experiment sought to determine the absorbance of two types of paper towels namely premium paper towel and premium recycled paper towel. It was hypothesized that the cloth-like texture of the premium paper towel would lead to better absorbance […]

Intellectual Property Law in the UK

Margaret is currently negotiating with Leo (a Canadian inventor) to move into a partnership contract between them. It has been noted that Leo has emerged with a new idea which later led to the development of a waterproofing compound that can protect fabrics and tents. The compound developed by Leo also has the ability to […]

Skinny Models to Everyday Women

The Research proposal proves vital for the well being of all women. Just imagine Michael Angelo sculpting an Ally McBeal? Or Rembrandt painting Naomi Campbell? Or even Jane Austen portraying her female protagonist Elizabeth in beautiful gowns with nothing but bones and skin over her body? Besides saving Marble for the statue, paint, and material […]

Cancer biology

l inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS are a class of drugs that provide anti-pyretic and analgesic effects at low doses and anti-inflammatory effects at high doses. Aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen are the most popular members of this group and are used all over the world for several reasons ranging from simple body pain and fevers to […]

Articles reviews

When submitting a statement any author must provide ample supporting evidence, in absence of this the information put forward by the author can be unauthentic or unrealistic.The author of the article has conducted research to understand the force behind the cognitive skill and emotional behavior of man and animals. The author here is contemplating more […]

Why I Want to Study at Medical School

To anyone with a South Asian cultural background, the means to become wealthy and stable while being respected at the same time is by being a doctor. Choosing a career other than medicine is frowned upon. I myself had a personal experience of defying my parents’ wish to become a doctor because in my own […]

Fauna A Treasuretrove of Learning and Inspiration

Video Link: http www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RDU7fuZ3EQ Fauna: A Treasure-trove of Learning and Inspiration For thousandsof years, countless people have achieved scientific breakthroughs and even philosophical enlightenment through the observation and mimicry of different attributes of plants. The Reuters’ video exemplifies this with scientists developing a stain-, scratch-, and damage-resistant coating inspired by the slippery walls of the […]

Describe and contrast two psychological/cognitive models of consciousness with supporting evidence

PSYCHOLOGICAL/COGNITIVE MODELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS By Psychology The of the School The and where it is locatedThe DatePsychological/Cognitive Models of Consciousness: Baars vs. Edelman Bernard Baars’ Global Workspace (GW) theory and Edelman’s The Dynamic Core characterize how the brain engenders conscious mental content. Edelman supposes that re-entrant neural activity in the thalamocortical structure has an influence […]

Discussion Forum #2

Discussion Forum #2 – Do Human Races Exist? Evidently, most anthropologists feel that human races have very little meaning as biology, but the races ought to be understood as an aspect of culture. As seen in the research conducted by Jurmain, Kilgore amp. Trevathan, race varies from one context to the next (313). The same […]


AMNIOCENTESIS nbsp.Amniocentesis Amniocentesis is a procedure which involves the extraction of a small quantity of amniotic fluid from the mother’s uterus for diagnostic purposes. This amniotic fluid can be used to detect many genetic and metabolic disorders of the baby because the fluid carries cells of the baby as it circulates in and out of […]

AP Biology for Dummies

Replication takes place in the nucleus of the cell. The raw materials for the process are nucleotides, RNA primer, and enzyme DNA polymerase whereas the end product is double-stranded DNA. Translation, on the other hand, takes place in the nucleus. The raw materials are a DNA strand that acts as a template, enzyme RNA polymerase […]


I organized an American Red Cross blood drive event in which 50 people happily donated their blood. This made me realize that there are some people just like me who care and who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of complete strangers. The count of 150 lives that would be saved instilled in me […]

Inheritance Lab

Inheritance Lab Report ________________________ _________________________ Up d 5/15 Purpose To develop and apply an understandingMendelian inheritance patterns and Punnett squares.Preparation (4 points)Review the background document on inheritance and describe the concepts of dominant and recessive alleles, gametes, phenotype and genotypes. Materials and MethodsRead the Inheritance Lab Background materials. No other materials are required for this […]

HPV in women

2000 HPV in women Direct skin contact with an HPV infected person is the main way through which genital HPV occurs. The contact areas are the anal, vaginal, and oral sex. The diverse categories of HPV are responsible for the formation of genital warts on the skin. Genital warts are hard and usually rough lumps […]

Mirror for Man

Paper Due Mirror for Man In Mirror for Man, Clyde Kluckhohn, has presented his outlooks on how culture develops. Kluckhohn considers that culture is developed from a combination of human biology, laws of nature and the human nature. There are immense differences in the customs of different people all over the world. Similarly, there are […]

The Theoretician and the Experimenter

He tried to apply this concept in understanding heredity and in the future prospect of manipulating it to gain social goals. And the basic premise of his theory was that the environment of a human being had no influence on his character or intelligence (Cowan, 516). Marks has described Eugenics as an attempt to interpret, […]

Happiness and the Limits of Satisfaction

I think increased choice does not make us happy, and therefore, individual choices should not be paternalistically restricted because happiness is not the highest aim of human conduct. There are those actions which add to pleasurable activities that cannot be taken as always right. Moral virtue does not imply end of life since life can […]

Biology Model/ICT Activity and Justification Assessment Task and Rubric

The learning outcomes outlined in the Biology syllabus on enzymes seems overwhelming to a new teacher. Studying the role of enzymes in metabolism, describing their chemical composition and using a simple model to describe their specificity on substrates, not to mention investigating the effects of temperature on the enzymes would simply leave a teacher stunned […]

Master of Biology

Topic: Masters in Biology My prior ambition is to seek education in the field of Biology. To fulfill my ambition, I pursue to get admission in the university. To gain quality education has always remained inspirational for me, as it is education and knowledge that keeps the capacity of enabling a human being to excel […]

Is the Creation of Artificial Humans with Human Ability Real

The essay will evaluate the two arguments and give a personal supported opinion that is against computationalism, the reason being the impossibility of scientists to create systems similar to humans’, thus the weakness of Dennett’s argument. Dennett (1994) argues that someday, robots will be made that will be able to function just like humans do. […]

Importance of Radioisotopes and Isotopes

Some of the isotopes undergo radioactive decay over time, therefore, known as radioactive isotopes. On the other hand, those isotopes not been observed to undergo any form of decay are known as stable isotopes. In general, isotopes have similar chemical properties but different physical properties. For example, hydrogen has three different isotopes (fig 1). 1H, […]


Education Management Legal Errors Education management, legal errors As a principal there are various errors that Sam Warren commits in his line of work. 1. He commits as a principle is seen during the incident when he asks his secretary to call a local parochial school to inform them that they would not be able […]

Sterling college scholarship opportunity

nbsp.However, apart from helping me in my Christianity life, I believe Sterling College is the ideal place that can pursue my career from. I would like to study biology in this college and specialize in medicine as a cancer doctor specifically for children, which is my dream career. Since my childhood, I have always inspired […]

Applications and ethics of genetic engineering and biotechnology

Biotechnology traces its roots as early as two thousand years ago. In this depiction, commonly referred to as traditional biotechnology, practices of bread baking, alcohol brewing, food crops breeding were evident. However, the recent advancements in molecular biology have provided a new meaning to biotechnology. This is called modern biotechnology and has provided opportunities and […]

Coastal Dynamics (3 06)

BIOLOGY ASSIGNMENT NAME UNIVERSITY BIOLOGY Understand how various factors affect the Abundance of Organisms EstuariesIs the tidal mouth of a large river, where the tide meets the stream? In order… Science

Are gender differences biological or cultural?

Explain both sides of the argument. In what ways do biology and Question Are gender differences biological or cultural? Explain both sides of the argument. In what ways do biology and culture interact to create gender differences? Explain thoroughly and provide examples. Do you think biology or culture is ultimately more determinant? Why? ** Note […]

What is the difference between DNA and RNA?

This is being in regards to marine biology Com .srlson RNA mes Ribonucleic acid. Deon ribonucleic acid Sugar m the structure Ribose 1s a pentose sugar. Deoxyrihose sugar with oneless oxygen atom in contrastto RNA. Nltrogeucus bases… Science