Cases of the contract

The agreement is also within the form that is required by law. John missed paying his first three monthly installments. He spent much of the money on gas. He also lost money on betting. A problem arises when he tries to cancel the contract. He realized, he lacked enough money therefore not able to honor the agreement. John wants to return the car back to the salesperson on condition that he is refunded fully. Previously, the offer used to be revoked at any time before the contract ends. Basing on current terms, a contract is never revoked until it is completed. The sales person is justified to refuse the car back and his demands that John makes during the previous installments and future payments are acceptable. The unilateral contract is not modified when the deal or contract is still ongoing, something that John was not aware. The dealer will win the case and John will be forced to pay and keep the car. John, on the other hand, is to lose the case, as the court may not be able to invalidate the contract signed.
The court can enforce the part that is legal and avoid the illegal part. Here, the contract was executed by a mechanic. However, the drug smugglers have refused to execute their part. A valid contract contains elements such as, considerations that are legally sufficient, an agreement, legal capacity to enter the contract by the parties concerned and a purpose that is legal. The parties in the contract are drug smugglers, Jack and Jill. The two are involved in various smuggling activities.