Charting my Marketing Coordinator People I need to connect with How I will connect Sales representativesMarketing associates Data analystsSales consultantsHR managers Public relation officersMIS coordinators Project managers In the marketing field, information asymmetry can be extremely disadvantageous to the marketing coordinator. To eliminate this, I will connect with these people through emails, phones, frontal meetings, and sustaining a working relationship with their associates. Qualities/traits I need to develop Flexibility/adaptability to diversity Accountable/ ResponsibleAn Artistic EyeA Strong EgoSagacity Perceptible Most of the qualities needed to thrive in this profession can be developed through self-realization and acceptance of the job. I will improve my personality to fit the specific needs and preferences of the industry. As a team player, will also learn and acquire other traits from my associates. Experience I need to gain I need 3 year experience in marketing, communication management, advertising, sales management, CRM, and experience in Project Management, developing practical proposals, exhibitions, and qualifications correspondences. Participation is the greatest and most effective way of gaining experience. I will plainly assume activities and processes/procedures that will augment my acquisition of the skills. I will also constantly interact with professionals in the consistent fields and possibly establish a network of friends/associates in these fields. The network of friends will be updating me on the various trends and merging issues in their sectors. Skills I need to learn Effective communication skillsLeadership and organizational skillsComputer skillsTeam building skillsTechnological skillsPersuasion skillsProficiency in resource and risk management These skills will be developed through training. For instance, attending training sessions and programs aimed at updating professional skills. Others will be gained through experience and interaction with clients and subordinates in the line of duty. Work citedMondschein, Ken. Advertising, Sales, and Marketing. New York, NY: Ferguson,2009. Print.