Career Development For ExOffenders

It has been a common tendency that he experienced incarceration produces the negative impact on the individual’s competitiveness in labor market, with most studies confirming that "time in prison is associated with poorer employment prospects". Broadly speaking, employment is among the crucial needs of the former prisons, as it is an integral part of their re-entry into the society after time in prison along with the strong will and willingness to learn, because having a job is a commonly accepted sign of being a useful and full-fledged member of the society. Moreover, employment is important for ex-prisoners to "maintain probation requirements" and to stay with children – for mothers who were incarcerated (Laux et al., 2011, p.161). Thus, this means that former prisoners need assistance in employment and destigmatization in order to return to normal life.
However, ex-prisoners are likely to have certain difficulties entering the labor market and complying with the contemporary trends of employment and demand. Naturally, it is stigmatization former prisoners experience, being perceived as marginal, unreliable or prone to criminal activity. On the other hand, the changing trends in the labor market might influence their competitiveness. For instance, the combined effect of a poor work history, low education, and lack of training opportunities while incarcerated does not portend a positive outlook for […] post-incarceration employment (Laux et al., 2011, p.160).