Can Politics be Removed from Redistricting

The act of redistricting is a process that requires adequate planning by the legislation body before they come up with a complete and fair form of new districts. Though the legislation body has the right and privilege to plan for the redistricting process, they are not competent enough of guaranteeing that the plan will be successful. Thus my stand concerning the matter is that politics can and should be removed from redistricting. Iowa is the single state that is capable of giving any of the nonpartisan community the right of setting up laws that governs the procedures that apply in the redistricting process. This is because in many of the known states, the procedure of the redistricting is solely carried out by the government body and also the political alone. This is in inclusion of the republicans as well as the democrats of the states. Consequently, this action is often for the benefit of the republicans and moreover for the advantage of the democrats. This is because. they use this idea to their benefit of the political interests. Subsequently, the republicans and the democrats do this to obtain a large section of their states to enlarge the district area. Moreover, this action is chiefly for them to gain sole security in the job sector. Thus in Iowa, this procedure is solely performed by a group of selection of three parties. These parties include lawyers, the governor, the secretary, and the auditor. Additionally, there are also the two main individuals who are from the popular political parties (Vork 1). This is chiefly to avoid any form of corruption and manipulation of the process that governs the redistricting procedures (Vork 1). Consequently, for the redistricting process to be in order, there are asset of states laws that the body ought to follow. There are a variety of redistricting methods that a state can employ in the process of redistricting. There is the independent body system, which involves the employment of individuals from the independent section with a few representatives from the politicians and the government. The costs and benefits of different redistricting systems Thus the benefit of this body system is that there will be no interference during the redistricting processes by the political parties (Ansolabehere, Gerber amp. Snyder 768). Second, there is the legislators system. This system utilizes the legislative body of the government. The chief cost that this body brings is the implications during the redistricting procedure. This is because the legislative body utilizes the laws set by the government body. Therefore it becomes hard for the legislators not to favor the government as well as the political parties. Although the two types of the redistricting are different, the chief goal of the process is to attain balanced and equal forms of districts without favor (Ansolabehere, Gerber amp. Snyder 770). Thus the chief benefit of the redistricting process is that the state gets the opportunity of being in the list of the government for the development process. For instance, the minority group gets to obtain the financial support from the government with ease. This further allows an equal and uniform amount of expenditure by the government for the districts from the minorities (Ansolabehere, Gerber amp. Snyder 768). Considering or not considering how certain factors may change the sort of districts drawn