Can Corporal Punishment Be Considered Child Abuse

Now the issues which arise with these activities are the effectiveness of corporal punishment in creating a sustainable change in the behavior of children and the negative impacts of corporal punishment on the growth of mindset of the children. On usual basis corporal punishment is taken as a punishment which does not result in any injury and mostly includes beating, spanking, paddling, hitting and canning.Corporal punishment possesses its roots to a very old era and its actual history is quite uncertain. However, it is believed that in almost every age this act of training children was present. Either it is Greece, Rome, Egypt or Arab in almost every area or civilization there have been signs of corporal punishment. The most extreme example in this regard can be stated as of Sparta which used cruel punishments for children to make them physically and mentally strong.However, in eighteen century, this issue attracted some public attention as intellects started writing about this issue. The main theme which was followed in all writings was that such punishments do not create a durable positive change in the behavior of children but they impact only for a short period of time. Along with this, it was stated that such activities might lead to even negative results and unhealthy behavior in children. In short, they all advocated for the fact that aim must be rectification, not retribution. This issue caught massive attention when in 1860 a student got killed when he was brutally beaten by his master. Protests in the form of writing and physical still continue today as social organizations believe it to be an immoral practice and in certain countries, there are strict laws in this regard but even then such practices are commonly exercised in many parts of the world. In the USA in almost fifty states punishment of children is legal in homes but it is not allowed in schools and other training zones.Now debate starts from here as people see all these three types in a different manner. For example, there are different views about parental corporalpunishment as compared to the other two practices.