Buyer Behaviour &amp

Market ResearchThe cognitive attitude consists of the positive and negative attribute that is related to the object.The effective component mainly consists of the attributes that include the emotions and the feelings that are related to the attitude of an object. The effective response has impacted the attitude in various ways.The behavioral component can be described as the attitude that comprises of the experiences and behavior of the past towards the attitude of an object. Attitudes are supported by behaviors if the influence of behavior has motivational significance for the concerned person.Attitude can be based on effective or cognitive behavior. The attitude that is based on cognitive behavior is mainly influenced by the knowledge and perception that the consumer develops by directly using and experiencing the product. There function mainly includes object appraisal which explains that people mainly classify or distinguish the object according to the punishment and the reward received by the customers. The cognitive theory can be defined as the process of improving and developing the knowledge and learning of the consumer behavior. The cognitive psychology is just the opposite of the behavioral approach. It mainly focuses on prioritizing the psychology of the internal organization. The characteristics and features of the cognitive buying behavior include experience, knowledge, understanding, and thinking of an individual and enforce or compel an individual in buying or purchasing a particular product. While purchasing the particular product the consumer is required to consider price, quality, and functionality for choosing the particular product.