Business Organisations And Their Environments

This essay stresses that the employees need to be informed of why technology is being introduced, its perceived benefits and the limitations. Then, they should be given training in how to utilize technology to enhance the work. They should also be encouraged to find innovative ways to utilize technology. Proper information flow and effective communication can reduce the incidences of resistance. This would help the organization to attain higher levels of productivity. This may require the right leadership. People do not want to challenge the tried and tested methods for fear of failure and consequent loss of job. This fear has to be eliminated by accepting mistakes as the learning process. This means the employees have to be given a free hand to learn through mistakes. Understand the internal environment is very critical to the successful implementation of technology.
This paper makes a conclusion that an organization cannot function independent of the external environment. In fact the external environment urges an organization to changes its strategy and policies, to ensure that it is able to sustain competition. The external environment becomes a cause for its competitive strategy. The external environment would include the country and the industry policies as well. But in this case, only the competition in the sector has been considered. However, just trying to beat competition through prices is not enough.