Branding for the UK Youth Market

A degree of understanding with regard to their broad interests in relation to how they spend their money will also need to be appreciated. In particular whether there is a holistic group product awareness and market for brands like Nike or Sprite etc.
Within this research framework questions relating to how the prevention of product consumerism like tobacco and alcohol work effectively or whether campaigns for drink and smoking awareness prove ineffective for most young people.
This should conclude whether current marketing is acting responsibly, towards the needs of young people as well as what the real motivators and trends of the average young person are where branding is concerned.
This will provide a comprehensive definition of what is meant by branding and outline the general position of the current youth market in comparison to fifty years ago. This section will provide an overview and a context for the chapters ahead.
The literature review will demonstrate the types of sources that were utilised for the purposes of researching and demonstrating the findings presented within the dissertation. This will include a comprehensive analysis of all the key references that have been used to argue the points under discussion within this thesis.
As a means of setting the context withi…
issertation will use a variety of resources including text books, research papers, journals, relevant articles and web resources in order to support the arguments for discussion.
Total length for the Literature Review should represent 25% of the dissertation
As a means of setting the context within which a changing market has evolved and is still developing Bill Osgerby’s innovative Youth Media. This text explores Youth culture and the media, the ‘Fab Phenomenon’, representations, responses and effects of the media on young people. It also focuses on lifestyle, culture and identity.
The Journal of Consumer Behaviour offers a number of useful and relevant volumes that provide primary research findings, including
Uncovering the links between brand choice and personal values among young British and Spanish girls by Anne Dibley and Susan Baker.
Their paper presents empirical research relating to specific areas of branding, including how snack brands can satisfy particular young female values amongst 11-12 year-old British and Spanish consumers. Links between brand choice and personal values amongst the young are analysed and proved legitimate. particularly in relation to associations with fun, excitement and friendship.
The Art of Digital Branding By Ian Cocoran, is a very up to date text discussing the art of digital branding for the benefit of contemporary audiences. It looks at how different colour schemes, site maps and menu formats can work effectively at engaging with different people to satisfy different needs and comments on the challenges of the changing morals of youth. Similarly Matt Haig looks at the phenomena of modern methods of marketing to the young in Mobile Marketing: The Message Revolution
Which essentially discusses the powerful and direct method