Biological Studies on Racial Differences

Biological Studies on Racial Differences Biological Studies on Racial Differences Question one Over the years, the notion that race represents biological differences among group of people always existed. In the film ‘’Race: The power of illusion’’ some students from different ethnic groups went for a DNA workshop to have their sample of blood taken and tested. These students wanted their mitochondrial DNA compared with each other and also with the international DNA database. The students went to look for scientific evidence that, there are DNA differences between people of different races (RACE: the Power of an Illusion). These shows that there has been an idea that race represent biological differences among people of different groups.
Scientist and Anthropologist have carried various studies to determine what causes the differences in skin color among people from different geographical regions. They went around the world collecting blood samples of people from Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Central Asia(RACE: the Power of an Illusion). These scholars have been attempting to use a surfeit of methods to demonstrate that there existed a scientific distinction between people with different skin color. The result of their research was that there was no evidence to what causes the skin color differences among people of various places around the world. Their study did not stop with DNA research. They continued to look for biological evidence to race differences and in the 20th century they found out different blood types that also did not explain biological differences in race.
Question 3
Racism is a scourge on society as a whole, not just the minorities who often suffer the direct pain of it. Society comprises people from a different racial background who are living together in the same neighborhood. Racial prejudice amounts to a major risk to peaceful coexistence among people in society. When there is racial discrimination, these people will always be fighting due to racial hatred amongst them. This hatred and violence would affect economic progress of individuals in that society since they would not feel comfortable working together. When blacks and whites fight as a result of racial discrimination, a white employer would not employee blacks in his/her firm however much qualified they are, same to black employers too would not employ whites. These would result in unemployment of a particular segment of people in the society. Unemployment always leads to various crimes that affect everyone in the society.
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