Big 4 Writing Sample

In the past four years of my life, the most challenging experience that I have had to face was the time when I was required to write a 20-page chapter for a dissertation about the Declaration of Independence of the United States. The task was challenging enough for me because it required my full intellectual attention to that particular academic discourse. Within a span of two weeks, I had to accomplish the most tedious task of researching primary documents for the dissertation chapter that I had to contribute. The initial stage of research and documentation took me almost a week to accomplish due to the compelled verification of reliability and availability of the sources that I had to use for the academic paper. Upon obtaining the sources, I had to paraphrase each to avoid the most heinous academic crime of plagiarism. Thereafter, the most dragging and tiring parts emerged after the research process that I have conducted. The writing process of the paper was one of the most tiring stages of the whole project. Factors such as the coherence of the sentences and the paragraphs, the direct statement of arguments and the supporting statements that should always follow and the most basic grammar and usage that gives the academic paper its definitive quality were all taken into proper consideration. It took me the entire week to revise and edit the chapter that I have prepared for the dissertation. Writing in such a way that any layman could understand your publication is one of the most daunting challenges in the fields of academic discourse. One must always remember that being too verbose and being over academic in a particular research will not merit the writer good for he risks himself of being misunderstood by the general audience who will read and inevitably, criticize his work. Although those two weeks of my life seemed to be stressful and tiresome, the experience of it as a whole was a fruitful one for me. Academically, I was able to exercise my skills in writing a discursive document that will definitely help future scholars to understand the history of the United States. Also, I was able to enrich my knowledge about the specific pieces of information involved within the tedious research process for the mentioned topic. More importantly, I learned how to balance my time as a researcher. I was able to accomplish the task in the most favourable manner that will not compromise my reputation as a researcher and, most probably, a historian.