Atmosphere of Mystery and Suspense

Focusing on films that we have covered this semester, namely, The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock, The Birth of Nation by David Wark Griffings, The Night of the Hunter by Charles Laughton, Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari by Robert Wiene, Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock, Grand Illusion by Jean Renoir, Ossessione by Luchino Visconti, The Battleship Potemkin by Sergei Eisenstein, The White Ribbon by Michael Haneke, The Song of the South by Wilfred Jackson and Harve Foster and Sunrise by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau there is a usual similarity to be observed. All the films are not set in the current modern setting, so one has to consider the fact that directors by then had serious challenges to technical skills and machine support. Nevertheless, one respects their works and seek to know how they accomplished their goals. For any successful film quality of Choice of characters, choice and quality of sound, camera angles and movement should not be compromised. This is based on the fact that camera angles and sound system show the actual objective of the film, its meaning and significance. The actual setting and the actual nature of the characters is also evident in the film. It is also through these three factors we understand the emotions of the authors and the intentions of the director. Though the study did not exhibit modern technology in their development, the directors did beat the midnight oil to use techniques such as soundtrack system to explain their intentions. The sound is often measured in decibels. These are units which can be detected by a human ear when changed. Therefore, the composition of all of these factors determines the quality of the film. This paper shows an analysis of the films that exist in the society. Any director worth their professional standards understands the importance of settings in film development. This is based on the fact that the setting outline the plot and other vital aspect developed into a movie. For instance, in the film, The Birth of a Nation (1915), showcase the reconstruction era in America. An individual is able to understand how time setting influences the development. The strategic use of camera and sound explain the plot development. This is evident through the use of cameras looking down Sherman’s March. It is significant to explain the use of camera angles and placement since it opens the audience’s mind. It also creates a level of suspense through political happenings. That is why we also view the director’s choice of sound that has the VHS and DVD formats to maintain the quality of sound. The film explains the occurrence of the American civil war primarily by the Ku Klux Klan gang. It also evaluates the effects of the death of Cameron’s brother in the war. During the painful experience, uses the direction of camera angles set strategically to capture the anguish and pain of Ben Cameroon when he receives news about his hanging. On the other hand, sound cements the director’s objectives as strange mysterious sound can be heard when Ben is suffering the realization that his other family members had actually died in the war. The setting of the film actually explains that the outcome of events for instance crime punishable by murder through hanging was common in those times. The film La Grand Illusion (1937), focuses on the fate of a small group of French Soldiers after the outcome of the war. The characters were prisoners of war and were plotting an escape. The timing is during the middle of the world war II when a castle build in Western France appear in the film.