Are the Australian Universities Well Regulated to Maintain Equal Standards between Local and International Students

According to the findings of Forbes-Mewett (2007, pp.1), a study that involved interviewing 200 international students, the exclusion of the international students from school committees such as the Vice-Chancellors’ Committee is one of the factors that affects the education system in Australia because it falls short in upholding a consistent and caring environment for international students. Additionally, variation in cultural practices such as new environment and social groups poses a great challenge to the academic progress as well as the integration of the international students in Australia. In support of this claim, the use of questionnaires by Wang and Cross in 2005 in collecting information about the Chinese experience in Australia showed that cultural integration, as well as social cohesion, influenced their overall performance in the universities (Cross 2006, pp.156).

The result of the research carried out by many researchers including Coates and his colleagues (2013, pp.5) shows that the standard of education in Australia is good. The survey study that was conducted by Coates and his colleagues show that many international students pursue their education in Australia now, more so than in the earlier years because of changes that have been enacted by the government. According to Meyer (2012, pp.3), this has significantly affected the progress of local graduates because it has contributed to the emergence of a Nitwit Nation instead of a clever country. In addition to this, overreliance on the imported workforce in the universities has led to a decline in a number of local staff in Australian universities. Additionally, the result of Coates’ study shows that Australian universities have many teachers who employ technology to enhance their teaching (Coates 2013, pp.9). It is due to these factors that the number of international students seeking education in Australia is increasing significantly.