Applying for masters in architecture

Personal ment I am considering furthering my education by undertaking a Masters program in Architecture. I am a meticulous individual with a high sense of organization, able to resist stress and passionate about everything I do especially development of my educational and practical skills. I also love working in groups to enhance creativity from shared ideas.
Dating back to my high school days, I prioritized excellence and my exceptional ability in reading and understanding of technical drawing are proof of my diligence. My quick comprehension of technical drawing concepts and executing them perfectly in high school and university have imparted in me the impetus for pursuing Architecture to higher levels. In the past three years, I have especially been passionate about handling T-squares and drawing boards. Most important, university education in Architecture has opened newer avenues for exploring my passion in the specialty. The new exploit is the use of CAD and other software in survey and executing my architectural drawings. Nevertheless, I still aspire to have a studio where I use drawing boards and T-squares for creating models.
I have always done exceptionally well in my studies and been among the top students in my class. My good performances and passion have always inspired me to seek opportunities to improve my skills through practical skills application and to attend higher learning at every opportunity.
I have exhibited a passion, the ability to be efficient and innovative in the exploitation of knowledge learned in high school and through to undergraduate level while studying Architecture. During my University foundation, an accomplished architect once asked me my motivation for being an architect. In my response, I said that I wanted to improve the status of the world for better. Asked to elaborate further, I said that, my aim is creating easy and remarkable. The world needs doctors, and I view architects through a similar prism as doctors. Architects are, for this reason, necessary to model concept designs and spaces for utmost fulfilling of and exceeding people’s desires.
My passion in structures had begun way before I decided to pursue a career in architecture. Structures have always fascinated me, and I have always tried conceptualizing their creation from infinity to the magnificently completed structures.
It is my sincere conviction that I will get a chance in the institution to advance my skills. My confidence in my abilities and astute principals give strength to my resolve to study and be an exceptional professional. I value hard work, obedience and reverence for rules and regulations. These values ideally fit my choice as an architectural professional since the vocation is demanding and requires these values.
Considering my previous exploits, passion, and values, it is evident that I can achieve more learning at the Graduate level. In me is a burning aspiration to progress in this profession. The aspiration has made me be oriented towards success by keeping up with latest educational and practical skills. I constantly seek to improve my familiarity through wide reading to expand my knowledge. Additionally, I have exceptional communication skills that would help facilitate my engagement with people and acquire new skills.
Graduating having attained outstanding results from the institution will set me on a path of excellence in the field of architecture. Given a chance, I will achieve rapid progress in fulfilling my aspirations of being one of the finest architects.