Applying for Master in Bridge of teaching

Applying for Master in Bridge of teaching It is with huge interest that I am applying for a Master in Bride of teaching. After various consultations and soul searching, I have come to the conclusion that broadening my teaching knowledge in order to advance in my teaching career and maybe teach higher grade students is best for me. This will offer me new challenges that I must strive to solve in my career. It will allow me, as well, to work in a leadership position whereas becoming a better teacher. This is what institutions need, as well as the entire education system. In addition to my university degree, I will be in a better position to apply the skills that I learnt during my undergraduate years to the masters programme to ease my success.My professional goals as an educator is to educate, inspire, learn and change. I believe that ambitious educators are the ones who enter teaching to be agents of change. There is no denying that education is one of the biggest factors that affect positive change in our society. I want to be the person who educates these students and make them agents of change in our society. Also, I want to inspire students in every aspect of their lives from problems they face at home to their own personal issues to external issues like having not faith in education. I want to educate my future students and give them adequate information that will help brighten their future. Finally, I also hope to learn from my professional new things that I will be able to pass on to others in order to also influence their learning.During my undergraduate studies, I interacted with a lot of students from different cultures a majority of them being Hispanics, who mostly speak Spanish. At first, I used to say to myself that there was no need to try and relate to people from different cultures in my university because they would not help me much, but I was wrong. I started developing friends from these other cultures and the more I knew them the more I started seeing them as equals. I even enjoyed learning to know their culture and what it took for them to reach where they are now. They taught me some new aspects of life, that as humans, we need to be social and learn to love others and appreciate them. I feel like undertaking this masters degree will make me meet more of such students and will develop each other.I have learnt that in order for humans to prosper, we need other. We should develop each other in order to prosper. During my time in university, if it was not my forming friends with people from a different culture, I would not have been writing this personal statement today wanting to further my studies in education. They positively influenced my into learning various aspects of life, which are vital to the social survival of any human being. Thanks to these people know I can enter my teaching with full confidence that I will also impact someones life.