Application of Business Vocabulary in Financial Articles

In the article, the writer uses the keywords Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. Baby Boomers are the children that were born in the post World War II economic boom. In the article, Keller uses the term as the oldest of the definable generational segments and further describes their propensity for being health and fashion conscious. Generation X and Generation Y are market segments that are differentiated by age, with Generation X being the older set. Keller uses the generational set as market segments and points out that the overlap between 18-34 is the fastest growing segment. The author makes no social or cultural comments on these segments.
In the article titled "Six Tips for Buying or Expanding a Business" the author offers sound advice on how to enhance a business’s chance for success. The author, Jeff Stone, takes the reader from building a solid foundation through the important aspect of making a profit. Stone also includes the intermediary steps of planning and seeking help when advantageous. The article advises the small business community on seeking investments and financing and the requirements that the financial institutions may require for success. These common sense issues include things such as creating a good brand image and keeping accurate company records. In the article Stone uses the keywords Small Business, Small Business Administration, and Business Plan.
While the legal definition of a small business may vary from state to state or be dependant upon the institution involved, it is generally defined as a business that employs a small number of people. In Stone’s article, he defines it and uses it in the context as those businesses that are of such small size they are especially vulnerable to changing conditions or lack of planning. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a government agency designed to provide a wide variety of programs for small businesses. These can include everything from planning to financing. Stone uses the term in context with the planning help that is available at the SBA. A business plan is a well thought out and long term approach for planning and running a company. The author elaborates on this definition and includes many of the aspects of a business plan such as the necessity to obtain financing and benchmarks for measuring success.
In an article published in 2002, author Jacqueline J. Kennelly argues that free trade and the associated movements towards globalization may have a negative effect on women’s health care and feminism in general. Published in Canadian Woman Studies and titled "Making Connections: Women’s Health and the Anti-Globalization Movement", the author argues the pros and cons of free trade and free trade associations and the impact of anti-globalization efforts. The author contends that the anti-globalization movement is often perceived as a white male-dominated institution and as such tends to overlook women’s issues. Much of the argument centers on the movement towards privatization of health care systems and how they diminish the health care available to women.&nbsp.