Ancient Hero Motifs In Thor

Though Robocop is a science fiction, it contains several characteristics of ancient hero motifs enough to place it under the category of ancient movies. Robocop movie contain elements of adventure, hero and others, as well as ending that compares and contrasts it with ancient hero motifs.
Lieutenant Murphy is the hero in this movie, and in his role, he acts in a similar manner as the hero in ancient hero motifs. The lieutenant’s obligation is to keep the city safe by getting rid of criminals thereby enhancing the welfare of community members. To accomplish this role he has an inbuilt armor, which consists of guns, flying powers, master key unlock, and computer analysis systems to take commands (Goodman 5). Moreover, children look up to him as their hero who solves crime across the city. They believe that he is real. In a similar way, the hero in ancient stories had one priority, to ensure safety of every member of the community. The hero would have powers, weapons, or techniques to accomplish this task. In ancient movies, everyone in the society looked upon this hero to solve their issues and deliver them from evil opponents.
The second factor that shows similarity between Robocop and ancient hero motifs is the opposition from enemies. In ancient stories, there is always an enemy or group of enemies opposing the hero of the story and his activities. In most cases, the enemy would be someone with bad intentions to destroy the community or misuse people in the community (Kerenyi 59). As a result, the enemy will try with all his might to destroy the hero, and at worst attempt to kill him so that the hero does not interfere with his evil activities. In a similar way, lieutenant, who is the hero of the story has enemies. In fact, his enemies are the people who turned him into half him and half machine. Though this company emerged as an organization aiming at rescuing people who have lost hope in life because no medical operation can