Analytical Paper Assignment (Syria and Ukraine)

This paper discloses the current conflicts in Syria and Ukraine. It describes the roles of the main leading countries in these conflicts.
The past events in Syria and Ukraine prove that imperialism is no longer relevant. It is no longer easier for powerful countries to increase their power by exercising control over the rest of the world. America, for instance, prefers not to intervene in the military actions of Syria mainly because they want to maintain a neutral stance, and projects a good international policy of not meddling in the affairs of other nations.
The American foreign policy is such that it justifies military action if there is substantial evidence that the countries such as Syria and Ukraine pose a threat to world security.
The Ukrainian geopolitical realities are quite different, indicating likely risks of cold war. There is also likelihood of power rivalry.
The international law viewpoint considers Syria and Ukraine as trying to make an ambiguous case in trying to declare their sovereignty, the west thinks, yet there is a legal act that that has is valid from 60 years ago (Kristof 27). The self-determination remains inapplicable because its exercise would fragment an existing state-Ukraine. The same nation was a member of United Nations.
Such world orders are now challenged by such functional considerations as climate change, sustainability, and weapons of mass destruction-and by normative contemplation connected with equity, human rights and survival of species (Cooper p29).