Analysis of online community

But it is vital that all of us ask this from ourselves. Is this all really for the ‘good’? Should we keep allowing eradication of family and moral values in the name of technology? It is time we start considering the real issues that we face from technology. In this paper we will discuss Facebook and why how much popular it is among the young generation of today. We will also discuss the problems social networking in general and Facebook in particular is causing to the society. Facebook is posing great danger to human society and is destroying the youth by engaging them in futile activities and hindering intellectual development of younger generation.The internet age has provided the world with newer activities. It has contributed to a change in daily life. People prefer to use internet technology to communicate with each other instead of meeting people in person. Now the generation that has been born in the age of technology generally prefers to communicate through internet. This generation is also technology oriented therefore they want to make their lives easier. Companies have made use of this technology to cater to this market. Many online games and social networking sites have come up in order to provide entertainment to the people that are technology oriented.In this wave of internet activities many social networking sites have also come up and the most famous social networking site of today is Facebook. The social networking site has 700 million users worldwide (Paul para 1). This number shows how popular the networking site is throughout the world. It has attracted people through its unique feature. People can upload and share pictures, and the status sharing feature is particularly famous among the young people. It has actually given the young generation everything they wanted. They can talk to their friends share pictures and upload videos. It has actually catered to the demands of the younger generation and