African Guerrilla Wars

The word Guerrilla means ‘small war’. The tactics used in this technique of war include the small scale raids, ambushes and attacks. During ancient times, this kind of strategy was used by the smaller tribes, when fighting against a large empire. One of such examples is the struggle of Rome against the Spanish tribes, for over a period of one century.
It was proposed in this theory that depending upon the circumstances, there may be shifting between these phases, in either direction. Moreover, these phases may not take place uniformly all over the country.
In a classic three-phased Maoist model, there is the description of a strong unified guerrilla group, having a clear objective and viewpoint. While in some of the contemporary fragmented guerrilla warfare, this pattern may not be followed at all. These may include
It is now necessary now that the guerrillas include only the rural fighter, helped by the cross-border sanctuaries, as in Vietnam. but they now include the vast networks of people bound by the religion and ethnicity, stretched anywhere across the globe.
Guerrilla warfare is quite different from the small unit warfare tactics, like those used in the screening or in recon operations, which are typical of the conventional forces. It should also be kept at a different place from the activities of the robbers, pirates or bandits. This is because, such groups may use tactics similar to guerrilla warfare, but the primary purpose of their efforts is not political, instead it is purely directed towards the material gain.
While in case of the local regime, they can be successful by means of terror strikes, sabotage and a combination of forces to depose their local enemies in a conventional battle. These tactics can be helpful by simultaneously dropping the morale of the enemy and raising the morale of guerrillas.
Many times these tactics have proven to be so successful, that even a very small force can hold off a very large and much better-equipped enemy for a long time. The examples of this are Russia’s Second Chechen War and the Second Seminole War, which was fought in the swamps of Florida, United States of America.