Advertisement analysis for Toyota Camry the car that reads the road

02 April 2008 Advertisement Analysis for Toyota Camry: The Car that Reads the Road In line with its launch in the market, Toyota Camry’s graced the pages of Times Magazine last March 2007 highlighting its newest features. Aimed at businessmen and people from the social strata, the advertisement uses elements of visual imagery to communicate luxury and elegance. The advertisement features the silver Toyota Camry in a wide road and putting the phrase The Car that Reads the Road above it. Marketing the new Toyota Camry as "the car that reads the road," the advertisement focuses on personifying intellect by drawing the road as a book with letters and figures which the discerning and smart eyes of the car reads as it passes by.
The advertisement catches the attention of the readers by placing the Toyota Camry at the back cover page of the magazine. This way, Toyota makes sure that every subscriber can see the ad and be informed. Noting the fast paced lifestyle of managers and economists who are the main audience of Times, the advertisement is simple and direct to point by placing the picture of the car in the center of the page. When one looks at it, the line of attention is directly drawn to the image of the car without any "disturbances." What one sees instantly is a shiny silver Camry while other background details only become visible after staring for a few seconds. This placement speaks of the strategy of Toyota of understanding the lifestyle of the readers by creating an advertisement that takes their busy schedules into consideration. The information that they want to convey can be grasped instantly when a reader catch a glimpse of advertisement.
The six words accompanying the image of the car further highlights what makes it different from the other models. This Camry, as the white capital fonts state, is the car that reads the road. Reading is often connoted to intellect thus conveying the message that this model is a "smart car" which is equipped with advanced technology that enables it to "read" and understand the situation of the road and reacts to it.
The advertisement also uses color as an important element in stressing the image of luxury and elegance. Toyota skips the use of bright and shouting hues and used only the shades of sliver, black, grey, and white in order to communicate formality. It should be noted that Camry is in the upper spectrum of its products being known as Toyota’s executive car. Thus, the choice of color is to match the preference and exude the image of its market. The use of black highlights and silver highlights the authoritativeness of the prospective users while grey and white are complimentary colors which supports the primary colors utilized. Thus, when a reader looks at advertisement what becomes visible is the elegance and luxury that the Camry intends to exude.
In general, Toyota has been very successful in crafting an advertisement which appeals to its audience through the use of three important elements namely placement, words, and color. Carefully planning out these elements and putting them together yields an advertisement which shows the company’s understanding of its target market, the unique feature of its new product, and conveys the lifestyle of its intended target market.
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