ACME Mexico City Information Systems Management Plan

the utilization of computer and mobile devices will remain in place. However, consideration will be given to other different alternatives in management information systems, which can help boost efficiency and effectiveness of the store’s level of management information systems. This has several advantages to the store. Most importantly will be the boost in the store’s efficiency and effectiveness of its core operations, which will, in turn, increase the competitiveness of the store. 5.1 Alternative A All ACME stores have an information system. However, each of the information systems for each store is suitable for individual stores. This is after modification of the information systems in order to suit the specific store. Different factors influence the choice and nature of the information system in use by a store. These include the geographical location of the store, the language of most customers, and finances, among others (Management Information Systems (1995). In the case of ACME Mexico City, when geography and language aspects are considered, it is noted that most customers are Mexicans, and these speak Spanish. Therefore, ACME Mexico City might choose to settle only on modifying the existing information system to the Mexicans, who speak Spanish. This way, communication in the store will be easier and more efficient. This is especially after considering the fact that most employees in the store are the locals, who speak Spanish. On the contrast, this kind of information system might be limited to the non-Spanish speakers in the store. 5.2 Alternative B ACME Mexico City also has the option of designing its own new management information system. This new management information system will be unique and different from the initial management information system, which the different ACME stores have adopted and customized. The new management information system will, therefore, be developed to be more efficient, effective, and modern than the initial management information system. For instance, the latest new computer and mobile devices will be purchased. These are more efficient but sophisticated. However, a totally new system will often cost more, as this will also require training of the staff on its usage (Baltzan, 2011). 5.3 Alternative C ACME Mexico City store might adopt the bid optimization tool in the design of its information system. This application will be highly advantageous to the store, as this might increase the opportunities of the store with suppliers and vendors, thus increasing the store’s competitiveness by giving it an edge over its competitors. The bid optimization tool has more strengths, which are paramount to the store. First, this is superior to the manual bidding, thus outperforms it. Secondly, this application has the ability to leverage historical data and automatically updating bids based on different days and time, among other factors. This also saves time, as it is capable of analyzing data and making bid changes on a routine basis. This application can as well be customized to uphold simplicity, which will make it easier for all staff to use it, despite their varying levels of IT competence.