A Journalist Working in a Conflict or RiskRelated Area in National or International Context

Greste later joined a local media house right after completing his studies and later transferred to other various media houses (ABC, 2014). His international career, however, kicked off in Bosnia, S. Africa and afterward moved to Mexico where he spent some time before heading to Afghanistan under BBC flagship (ABC, 2014). His career in conflict regions started back then in Afghanistan where his assignment was to cover the invasion of the U.S troops.
Since the Year 2004, Greste’s base was in Kenya, first in Mombasa as a freelance journalist (BBC, 2015). His cover story in Somalia, a region highly known for the Islamic militia dubbed “Alshabab” (BBC, 2015). These terrorists are part of the large al-Qaida group liable for numerous attacks, especially in Kenya and Somalia. The account posted in the Al-Jazeera blogs conveying political transition in Somalia depicts the brave journalist fearing nothing even in the midst of war. Similarly, he produced articles like “The land of anarchy” in the same land of Somalia amidst the abduction threats eminent from working in highly terrorists concentrated areas (BBC, 2015).
Despite being present when his fellow journalist died in Mogadishu (Somali’s capital) from a gunshot wound, this did not deter him to work as a foreign correspondent (ABC, 2014). After this, he returned to the same war-torn state to document events of hostilities engrossed nation under the BBC (ABC, 2014). Additionally, during his service for Aljazeera based in Nairobi Kenya, he also covered the Sudanese conflicts due to ethnicity that saw ten thousands of residents flee their homes (Greste, 2012). The place was so dangerous but still, Peter had to cover the story so that at least people out there could know what was going on in Sudan.