A Course in Photography

A Course in Photography
My interest in photography developed since childhood. I used to be enthusiastic about family photographs especially due to the fact that I used to look beautiful in them. However, I used to be amazed by the functioning of a camera. I would wonder how a flash of bright light could paste our images on a piece of paper. The desire to know more about the camera made my dad to purchase one for me as birthday gift. He used to explain to me how it worked but I still could not understand. Later on in school, our science teacher taught us about the camera and video recorder among other equipment that use light. I emerged the best in that topic in the main exam, which was attributed to my undying interest in photography.
In high school, I studied with determination to qualify for a course in photography. I later attended a film school in Kuwait where I studied and acquired certificates in several courses in photography such as. Intensive Digital Filmmaking, Editing Professional Video, Advanced Editing Techniques, Color Correction and Effects, and Motion for Motion Graphic Design. I proceeded with studies in graphic design and communication in the University. I have acquired experience in photography and video editing while working in various media companies. The knowledge and experience acquired in the previous educational institutions will be significant in supporting my graduate studies in MassArt.
I have strong leadership and team building skills that enable me to learn quickly from interactions with other students. I actively participate in class and intend to continue with this practice in order to accomplish the best in my graduate studies. I have received several awards, including first prize in a photography contest in Kuwait as well as appearance in the dean’s list in high school and in the University. These attributes will be significant in the accomplishment of personal goals in studies and in future.
My decision to study at MassArt came after considering the various Universities that offer graduate studies in photography. I have researched extensively regarding these institutions and found that MassArt is above all in terms of the quality of education offered. I have encountered several professionals in photography and other disciplines who completed their graduate studies in the institution. Apart from holding high positions with good remuneration in local and international media organizations and some with their own companies, they have a strong reputation. In one casual conversation with colleagues, I learnt that various organizations locally prefer MassArt graduates for senior positions.
My goal is to complete masters in photography and secure a job in one of the local or international media organizations. This will present me with an opportunity to exercise the knowledge that I will have acquired. I will be among the best photographers so as to prove that qualifications from MassArt are superior as many professionals assert. Later on, I am hoping to acquire a license to establish my own company. I would like to become a mentor for young people who want to develop a career in photography.
I believe that MassArt is the appropriate institution to help me accomplish my goal. I never felt such a strong desire about studying in one university the way I do now. I feel privileged to present my application for graduate studies in photography to this elite and exceptional University.