A Change in My Life

Because of my hard work and the effort that I put in my educational endeavors, I got very good grades in my final primary school exams and qualified to enter high school. I was so happy with my achievement that I was determined to ensure that my performance would always remain high in my new educational level. With this in mind, and considering the great promise that I had in academics, I was admitted into high school.
High school turned out to be quite different from primary school and this was mainly because there were more freedoms and new people who I had to study with. Most of my old friends from primary school went on to a different school and at first. life in the new environment was quite lonely. However, after a few weeks, I was befriended by some of the most popular students in the school and this, I felt, was a great privilege. In primary school, I had never really been popular, with the little popularity that I had having been based on my academic performance. Whereas other students had concentrated on fun and what I thought were good things in life, I had concentrated on my studies and that was the reason why I was among the best. However, in high school, all this changed because, for the first time in my life, I was among the popular kids. Most of the other students looked up to me and it felt wonderful and in my mind, nothing could be better. From that time, I put my academics in the background and I instead concentrated on spending time with my new friends and having fun because that is what I thought high school was all about.
As a result of my new lifestyle, my academics began to take a beating but while this was happening, my new friends convinced me that because I was a clever guy, I could always catch up whenever I wanted.&nbsp.&nbsp.