707 Discussion 1

707 Discussion January 02, 707 Discussion Terms and their relation to professional practice Definition of Terms Data refers to facts that are collected with an aim of conducting analysis or using it for referencing. Information, however, defines facts that are offered about a subject or facts that an individual acquires about a subject, while knowledge is an awareness that a person acquires through experience. Such awareness may relate to facts or skills and can be acquired through educational experience. Wisdom refers to the ability to have good judgment and is a product of knowledge and experience. Relations of the Terms to Professional Practice and use to Influence Patient OutcomesEvidence based practice and leadership are examples that relate the terms to professional practice and patient outcome. In evidence based practice, data and information develops knowledge for better practice and accumulates wisdom for rational decision-making. Data, information, and knowledge also contribute to wisdom in leadership for situational decision making towards effective influence into desired patient outcomes. Computer literacy and information literacyComputer literacy is the knowledge of and ability to use computer and its associated technology for communication and for development and application of knowledge (Robinson, 2008). Information literacy, however, is the capacity to identify, analyze, manage, and utilize information to meet emerging needs (Lanning, 2014). The two illiteracies therefore define knowledge of an object and ability to utilize the knowledge. Information literacy is however diverse and includes computer literacy. Level of a professional’s computer and information literacy is directly proportional to ability to plan for or offer care to patients, interact with employees, and educate clients and family members because of associated knowledge that the literacy offers and capacities that a professional gain for professional and social practice. ReferencesLanning, S. (2014). Reference and instructional services for information literacy skills in school libraries. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO. Robinson, H. (2008). Emergent computer literacy: A developmental perspective. New York, NY: Routledge.